www.Safeway.com/Survey – The Official Safeway Survey


Safeway may be over a century old, but it has been rapidly evolving with the times. It was one of the first stores to begin a self-serving concept where the customers could walk through the aisles and pick the required items themselves (a modern-day supermarket)! Currently, the shelves of every Safeway outlet are lined with […]

www.TellToTalwine.com – The Official Total Wine Survey

Total Wine

Total Wine is the one-stop-shop for alcohol lovers in the US. Founded in 1991, it has established its presence in almost every region of the country. Each of their outlets stocks all the popular spirits for the regular drinker, along with some of the rarest of wines for the connoisseur. Right from a $20 bottle […]

CheddarsFeedback.com – The Official Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Survey

Cheddars Restaurant

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, simply known as Cheddar’s, is a US-based restaurant chain that has been serving avid foodies for more than 40 years. They offer everything, right from breakfast to dinner, throughout the year. Though the name of the restaurant is based on the popular cheese variant, you can find a few non-cheese items on […]

www.PretzelTalk.com – The Official Auntie Anne’s Survey

Auntie Anne’s

Love pretzels? Then you are bound to love Auntie Anne’s, a one-of-a-kind shop that deals exclusively in those delicious knotted bagels. Every pretzel enthusiast should give Auntie Anne’s a visit at least once; their freshly baked pretzels will keep you coming back for more! The Jalapeno pretzel is a must-have for first-timers. However, you can […]

MarshallsFeedback Survey – www.MarshallsFeedback.com

Marshalls Feedback Survey

Marshalls Survey is offering you an opportunity to get rewarded for providing your honest feedback about the chain of off-price department stores. Owned by TJX Companies, Marshalls aims to use the survey findings to enhance your shopping experience. You can participate in the survey by visiting www.MarshallsFeedback.com. Alternatively, you can search for marshalls feedback com […]