TalktoHannaford Survey – Take Part And Win Rewards


The customer satisfaction surveys are serving as perfect tools to help companies know their customers’ suggestions and opinions and improve based on the survey insights. These surveys also tell the customers how valuable their suggestions are and enhance credibility.  With surveys, companies aim to become more aware of the customers’ experience and the ground reality.  […]

Difference in the Home Buying Process between Japan and the US

Home Buying Process

If you’re thinking of buying property in Japan, you’ll be pleased to know that the buying process is almost similar to buying real estate in the US. However, there are a few differences you need to be aware of to make the whole process straightforward. Major differences in the home buying process between the two […]

GetGo Survey Guide

GetGo Cafe + Market, simply called GetGo, is a well-known convenience store with several outlets in the Eastern part of the US. Like its full name suggests, every GetGo store doesn’t just have a supermarket but also houses a cafe on its premises. The cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and its menu includes everything […]

Chili’s Survey Guide

Chili’s Survey

Chili’s Grill & Bar is a world-famous chain of restaurants based in Texas, US. Its exteriors are distinctive with their red and green colors, and the interior ambiance is simply top-class. And we get started with the food they serve – absolutely delicious! Chili’s sides, salads, and desserts are astonishingly sumptuous. Try out their Caribbean […]

Postal Experience POS Survey


The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the official, federal avenue for US citizens to send snail mails, packages, etc. anywhere within the country. While the general history of regular post dates far back to the first century, its birth in America could be traced to the 18th century. However, it had held a relatively […]