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Press Ganey is a market research company in the health care sector, ensuring that every patient gets the best kind of care for their health anomaly or disease. It is your go-to hub for determining the right kind of hospital or clinic based on hundreds of thousands of reviews by other patients. Did you know that its Medical Practice Survey of 2017 had the highest number of participants in the United States? Thus, you can rest assured that its surveys are credible and genuine, and it provides the best results for your research.

However, sometimes, a market research and survey company needs to be surveyed as well. Evaluating a survey firm may seem mind-bending, but it is perfectly natural for the company itself. Hence, they have come up with the official Press Ganey survey that targets the efficiency of its numerous healthcare surveys.

This is a unique opportunity for you to review a market research company itself. Did you find their surveys too generic for your tastes? Weren’t they specific about the services provided by a particular healthcare company? Did they cover all the points about your health assessment and stay at the hospital? The questions in this survey will mostly be based on these lines. Remember that it is a commendable effort on the part of Press Ganey to analyze their own market research services. So be honest in your reviews.

However, your feedback doesn’t always have to be negative. If your experience with any of their company surveys was perfectly satisfactory, then definitely leave a stellar review. Press Ganey can take heart from your glaringly positive feedback and continue in the same vein for years to come.

Why Press Ganey Survey Customer Satisfaction Survey

The answer to this question is easy. Since it is an official survey by Press Ganey to evaluate its survey evaluation processes, it is infinitely interesting in itself. Who doesn’t want to assess a company that assesses the workings of other businesses! This is, indeed, a unique opportunity for you to transform the face of a market research company for the better. In the end, you will get to experience an improved set of surveys for evaluating your healthcare needs.

If that is not a good reason in itself, then consider the time that you need to spend on the survey – no more than 10 minutes! That’s less than half of what you would spend on any of the healthcare surveys by Press Ganey! Plus, there is a free coupon offered by the company for participation, one that gives you a surprise gift when you take any of their medical surveys thereafter.

How to Win a Surprise Gift in Survey?

You need to be eligible to participate in the survey before you can hope to win the surprise gift.

Survey Requirements

  • Press Ganey doesn’t have any country constraints. The survey can be taken from anywhere in the world.
  • Your age should be no less than 18 to enter the Press Ganey survey portal. That is because you need to understand the basics of market research to be able to contribute your thoughts.
  • You must have taken any of the healthcare surveys offered by Press Ganey at least once. A unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be generated at the end of those surveys that will gain you access to the official company survey.
  • The company survey is only available in English, so you need to be proficient in the language.
  • Since all Press Ganey’s surveys are available online, their company assessment survey is accessible online too. You will need a device like computer or tablet to access the survey, along with a strong internet connection.
  • Your personal email address will be required near the end.

Survey Restrictions

  • People who are employed by Press Ganey Associates in any capacity are barred from taking the survey. This customer satisfaction survey is only available for people who participate in their regular healthcare surveys.
  • Unlike other surveys, this one cannot be taken more than once during a survey period. So even if you have multiple PINs from entering various healthcare surveys, the official company survey can only be taken one time.
  • The free coupon code that you receive post survey completion won’t be valid for more than a month. So you need to take the next medical survey as soon as possible to avail of the surprise gift.
  • After winning the gift, you are not allowed to transfer it to a third party. Only you can use it.
  • It cannot be exchanged for a cash prize either.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Enter the official survey website through this link –
  2. On the homepage, you will be asked for the unique 16-digit PIN from one of your previous surveys. Type it in the box.
  3. Don’t look for any language change options. You won’t find any, for the survey is only available in English.
  4. Once the survey gets loaded, be sure to mark every question according to your experience on the other healthcare survey. Was it comprehensive enough? Did it target all your problems with the client company? Do you think it needs some improvement in terms of word phrasing and question formation? Were the pages loaded quickly enough for you to complete the survey in a short time?
  5. Type in your personal details near the end of the survey. If you have already logged in to their server, then this step won’t show up.
  6. Note down the coupon code that is displayed at this point. You will need it to get the surprise gift while taking any other Press Ganey survey in the future.

About Press Ganey

Press Ganey Associates develops and distributes patient satisfaction surveys throughout the US. Founded in 1985 by two reputable professors, Irwin Press and Rod Ganey, at the University of Notre Dame, the company is currently based in South Bend, IN, and has an employee-base of over 2500. If you like taking their healthcare surveys, then you will certainly love the survey at, where you can get a surprise gift!

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