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Donatos is one of the oldest pizzerias in the US, almost as old as the uber-popular Domino’s! And though it may not be as huge as its competitor, Donatos may just give Domino’s a run for its money if only the quality of pizza were in question. It is not without excellent reason that the pizzeria has a healthy fan following despite its low popularity level. Just give their Mariachi Chicken pizza a try, and you will know why! Alternatively, you can create your pizza just the way you want it, and it will be served to you in the shortest possible time.

However, Donatos was one of the worst-hit businesses during the pandemic. So if you love their pizzas, then do visit your nearest location to show your support. And they would appreciate it if you would leave your feedback at, their official survey portal. It will help them improve their services, if there is any improvement required that is!

Donatos takes pride in its services and the quality of the pizza served. Thus, you can almost always expect the best from their end. Almost! There may be times when the services at a particular outlet may fall short of the mark. They have close to 200 restaurants which are pretty tough to manage, especially during peak hours. Hence, they are seeking help from customers to help them out with management. However, they aren’t asking you to manage the restaurant for them! Just let them know how your experience was in the Donatos Cares survey.

They accept both positive and negative feedback. While they take heart from a positive survey, they specially lookout for the negative ones which are a means for them to improve their services. Hence, don’t think twice before taking the survey, regardless of the nature of the service you received, and reap its benefits!

Why Customer Satisfaction Survey?

While the company may lookout for any negative feedback regarding their services, you, as a customer, can look out for improvements! For once they receive negative feedback, they won’t waste time correcting it, taking the appropriate action against the perpetrators, then be they an employee or a manager. This shows that in the literal sense, DonatosCares!

One of the best parts of taking the survey has to be their well-developed website. It’s bound to be an ultra-smooth experience for you! Programmed by the top developers in the trade, the survey portal starts with an attractive homepage that leads you to an even more appealing and simple questionnaire. On average, customers tend to finish the survey in about 10 minutes!

However, the Donatos Cares survey is best-known for its alluring range of prizes. You stand a chance to either win the top prize worth $500, or one of the several weekly prizes each amounting to $25! A meager 10 minutes of your time for a chance to win such great prizes is more than worth it.

How to Win $500 or $25 Donatos Pizza Gift Cards in DonatosCares Survey?

This is the most important section of the survey-taking process. Every requirement and restriction mentioned below MUST be fulfilled to be eligible.

DonatosCares Survey Requirements

  • Only US citizens are allowed to take the survey with a few exceptions. Residents of FL, Arizona, NY, and Rhode Island aren’t allowed to enter.
  • only accepts citizens who are 18 years of age or older.
  • Weekly entries should be made during the set period, and so should the monthly ones. If you don’t manage to win in the former, then you will need to enter again the following week. But non-winning monthly entries will be rolled over to the next month.
  • A laptop/computer/smartphone with the internet is required.
  • English and Spanish are the required languages for entry. If you don’t know either of these, then you cannot participate.
  • A Donatos receipt is a mandatory requirement.

DonatosCares Survey Restrictions

  • Donatos employees, whether experienced or freshmen are forbidden from participating in the Donatos Cares survey. The associates or investors of the company – anyone who has even the smallest stake – cannot enter the portal.
  • Do check your state and local laws before participating, for it’s illegal to take the survey in certain regions.
  • Direct mail-in entries do not require a Donatos receipt, but the online survey does. Without the code on the receipt, you won’t be able to access the questionnaire.
  • The survey prize, be it the $500 one or the $25 one, cannot be sold to anyone. It can only be redeemed at a participating Donatos outlet. In essence, the gift cards are non-transferable.

DonatosCares Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Head over their official survey website –
  2. Select the ‘Spanish’ option if you’re more comfortable in giving the survey in that language.
  3. Manually enter the 16-digit survey code found at the bottom of your Donatos receipt. It is only present on recent receipts that are ideally less than 7 days old.
  4. If the code is accurate, then you will be transferred to the main survey page. Rate each question according to the nature of the service received. Honesty will matter a lot here.
  5. Enter your details to participate in the draw, weekly or monthly as per the status on your receipt.

You only need to wait for about a week or so post the DonatosCares survey period for the results to be announced. There will be one prize worth $25 to be won each week, and one $500 prize each month!


About Donatos

Donatos was founded in Gahanna, OH by an Ohio State student named Jim Grote in 1963. It’s tough to wait for your graduation results to dive into the business world after all! And Grote’s daredevilry paid off as he opened the first franchised location about 28 years later. And the business reached its peak when in 1999, McDonald’s, a well-established corporation then, attempted to purchase Donatos. However, Grote managed to win back his shares soon after, and he led the business the way he wanted to.

Today, Donatos operates 200 restaurants in 10 US states, with an official survey portal,, under its wing! So leave your feedback there for a chance to win $25 or $500!

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2 thoughts on “DonatosCares – The Official Donatos Survey”

  1. I had not been at Donatos for almost a year. I am so glad we stopped. The pizza was excellent and the service was speedy and they were very polite.
    It will not be long before I return to this store.