DQFanSurvey.com – The Official Dairy Queen Fan Survey

Dairy Queen

Have you ever felt the urge to bite into a creamy cheesecake or lick a soft serve cone? During such situations, which is the first brand that comes to your mind? For most US residents, it has to be Dairy Queen! Widely known as the inventor of soft serve ice creams, DQ has grown far past that point to become the most preferred dairy, dairy products, and desserts manufacturer in the market.

Visit any DQ outlet, and you will instantly be hit with the mesmerizing aroma of fresh ice cream and sumptuous desserts, often mixed with the smell of newly …

TellCulvers.com – The Official Culver’s Survey


Who doesn’t love Culver’s huge, lip-smacking butterburgers or their frozen desserts! They are indeed one-of-a-kind, and if you haven’t tasted them yet, you should. Their cheese curds and salads are also worth the trip to the nearest outlet. However, what makes Culver’s stand out is their amazing number of dedicated regulars. The company doesn’t just believe in expanding its business but treats every customer like he/she is a part of their family.

Thus, if you have already visited a Culver’s resto, then get ready to reap the benefits of your loyalty. Every Culver’s customer gets to participate in the …

Qdobalistens Survey Guide – Win Free Chips And Salsa


Qdobalisten is a fast-food chain that provides Mexican food. To know from the customers about their food quality and service, they have requested their customers to fill the Qdobalistens survey form. This will help the customers to give out their suggestions, appreciate the good things, and point out the improvement areas. The company wants its customers to feel happy and satisfied whenever they visit its outlets. So, customer experience also matters to them the most.


To appreciate their customers for taking out time and filling the survey form, they give free chips and salsa coupons as a reward. If you …

Chipotle Feedback Survey Guide – Win Free Burritos for a Year


Customer feedback surveys are common among restaurants who use them to know the ground reality of what their customers think about their menu and overall services. Chipotle, the popular American restaurant chain, also wants to take advantage of this marketing tool. They want their customers to answer a few questions by taking the Chipotle feedback survey, which will help them get the real picture.


Accordingly, they can amend and improve their services and menu, etc. They take customer feedback seriously and value their opinions. As the customers spend their precious time to take the feedback, the company rewards them suitably …

Mariano’s Feedback Survey Guide – Win $5000 Grand Prize


Mariano’s is a leading grocery store chain in the United States of America. It appreciates each customer for shopping from them. To know more about their customers’ viewpoints and opinions, they request their customers to fill in Mariano’s feedback survey form. This survey will not only help the company but also the customers by way of an improved Marianos experience. Customer suggestions are also welcomed in the feedback survey.


Through the honest suggestions of their loyal customers who have been with them through these years, they need to expand their horizons. They aim at providing customers with a much better …

www.Portillos.com/Survey – The Official Portillo’s Survey


Portillo’s Restaurant Group, Inc., shortened to Portillo’s, is among the finest, most delicious fast casual restaurant chains in Chicago and beyond. It specializes in Chicago-style cuisine that is authentic to the core. You will find everything that screams Chicago street food, right from sumptuous hot dogs to delectable Italian beef. Apart from those two classics, you have got to try out their Char-grilled Maxwell Street Polish, an onion grilled sausage that will make you want more. Their burgers and salads aren’t to be missed either!

But like every other restaurant business, the coronavirus pandemic has hit Portillo’s quite …

www.TellALDI.us – The Official ALDI Survey

aldi food market

ALDI is a German chain of departmental stores that offers groceries at a discount! It has a popular presence in several parts of the US, not just as ALDI, but also as its anglicized counterpart, Trader Joe’s. Though ALDI stores primarily sell groceries and dairy products, you can also find several other types of top-grade household essentials there. And you can buy all that at amazing discounts, which are sometimes downright ridiculous! Thus, if you want to save on your next weekly or monthly household purchases, be sure to visit ALDI’s.

And during these trying times, you don’t need …

Marco’s Pizza Survey Guide – Win Free Food Coupon

Marcos Pizza

When you think about pizza, what comes to mind is the delicious cheese and the pepperoni. This makes us go straight to Marco’s Pizza. The goodness of the quality products and the taste are unbeatable. That is why it is one of the most renowned pizza places in America. Now a fully functioning franchise all over the country, the company has its base set up in Toledo, Ohio.

Pizza is Italian originated and without the taste, it is incomplete. This is why this Italian-American restaurant is so loved by all. The company has set up its 1000th store in …

MyOpinion.DelTaco.com – The Official Del Taco Survey

Del Taco

Del Taco is a US-based fast food restaurant chain that mostly deals in Mexican cuisine. However, over the years, it has expanded its offerings to American fast food as well. If you are a big fan of Mexican food, then you have to try out their stuffed quesadilla taco – absolutely mouthwatering to look at and tastes even better! If you are looking for something other than tacos, then try out their bean & cheese burrito, a real treat. Their prices are reasonable, and the taste will remind you of authentic Mexican street food.

In any restaurant business, …

Costa Vida/Survey – The Official Costa Vida Survey

Costa Vida

Founded in 2003, Costa Vida’s cooks are known to hail from the sun-kissed beaches of Mexico, learning the art of preparing authentic Mexican cuisine from a very young age. And they have been transferring their knowledge to curious young minds who have joined their ranks over the years. That is one of the many reasons why Costa Vida retains its amazing spicy flavor from back home. You have got to order their chips and queso, among the best in class! And the taste of their sweet pork salad is second to none.

However, with over 91 locations spread …