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In recent years, the business heads at Savers have put extra attention on learning more about what their customers think of their services and products. This is crucial for every company to meet market expectations. Due to this, the company conducts the Saverslistens survey. The main motto of this program is to learn what the customers speculate and what are the positives and negatives of their business according to them. 

As a survey reward, you will be able to win $2 on a purchase of $5 or more by completing the survey. If you want to take the Savers Survey specifically, read the survey rules, eligibility requirements, and steps to take the survey in this survey guide. 

Why Saverslistens Customer Satisfaction Survey?

  • It won’t take too much time to participate and complete the Savers customer satisfaction survey. You just need to spend about eight to ten minutes on the survey. 
  • Being a shopper at Savers, why let go of this amazing opportunity to win savers survey rewards.
  • It is very easy to take the Saverslistens survey since the rules and regulations are easy to adhere to.
  • In case you are not satisfied with one of their services or want to see a new collection being added to their product range, you can put comments in the survey. These answers will be reviewed by the management, and they might fulfill your request. 
  • If any staff member at the Savers thrift superstore has behaved badly with you, the survey will be the best option for raising a complaint. 
  • Apart from getting a prize, you can contribute towards fulfilling your expectations from Savers while helping in the company’s profitability.  

How to Win $2 off in Saverslistens Survey? 

Survey Requirements 

For taking part in the survey, you will need three major things, which are:

  • A proper purchase receipt from any Savers store location within the same country. If you don’t have a purchase bill or the time has expired, you can use the survey invitation card.
  • You will also need a computer and unrestricted internet since the survey is conducted online.
  • You also should have enough understanding of English or Spanish since these are the only two language options you will be given at the time of taking part in the survey.
  • Also, you must be 18 years or above. 

Survey Restrictions 

  • An employee of Savers or any employee family member cannot participate in the survey.
  • For the online survey, you need to make a purchase in the shop; only then will you be able to participate in the Saverslistens survey.
  • If you have the purchase receipt, you need to participate in the survey within seven days from the shopping. Once this period is over, you won’t be allowed to take part.
  • You need to be a resident of the USA with a valid address.
  • For participating in the survey, you need to be at least 18 years old or more. If the purchase receipt or the Saverslistens com survey invitation card is in your name and you aren’t 18 years yet, an elder will be able to take part on your behalf, but the reward will be for one person only.
  • Every month, you can take part in the survey once. Anyone else living at the same address won’t be allowed to enter the survey for the said month.
  • For redeeming the prize of this customer survey, you will have to carry both the purchase receipt / the invitation card along with the validation code you will receive to redeem the reward during future purchases. 

Survey Participation Instructions 

  1. Go to the official website of the store i.e. for taking part in the survey. 
  2. Once you are in the portal, you can change the language to Spanish if you want. By default, the language is English. You can select Spanish from the link below as required.
  3. Next, you need to enter the 19-digit Saverslistens survey code on the receipt. Make sure you enter all the digits correctly. 
  4. If you want to enter the survey with the invitation card, you need to enter the four-digit code along with the date and time of your latest visit. 
  5. Next, click Start to begin the survey. 
  6. First, they will ask if you donated at the store. Once answered, click Next.
  7. The next few questions are about the experience at the donation center.
  8. Next, the questions are about the availability of products, price, cleanliness, check out process, employee behavior, staff assistance, quality of merchandise, the problem faced during the survey. Once answered, click Next.
  9. They also ask about the likelihood of your next visit and if you will recommend them to others. Once answered, click Next.
  10. Next, you can provide a description of why you chose a specific rating.
  11. You will also be asked about the departments you visited. Click the checkboxes suitably and click, Next.
  12. You will then be asked about your experience in those departments.
  13. They will also ask if the staff told you about Savers Club Membership plans. Reply suitably and click Next.
  14. A few more questions and you will be on the page where you need to give your gender, age, and postal code details.
  15. Next, provide your name and email address.
  16. The last survey screen would display the Thank You Code. Need to bring the receipt with Thank You code within 90 days of the visit to avail discount. 

About Savers

Savers is one of the largest thrift store chains operating throughout the US, Australia, and Canada. So far, it has opened over 300 store locations in these countries and has diversified its product ranges extensively. Being a thrift store business, prices are very minimal, which is why Savers is loved by almost everyone.

Their mission is to purchase used products and recycle or resell them to minimize the landfills and make it easier for people to get their desired items at low prices. They want to bring revolution in the way we shop and make sure neither humans nor the environment suffers. 

Phone number: 800-259-0004

Email ID:

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