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Prestige Portraits is a photography company founded over 80 years ago. It has a healthy presence in many parts of the US and Canada. In fact, wherever there is a school or a university, you are bound to find a Prestige Portraits store nearby. It is always known to capture portraits of the highest quality. It specializes in clicking some really amazing shots of high school seniors, memories that you can cherish for a long time to come.

Your senior year is the most important year of high school, and not just academically. At the end of the year, you are going to part ways with your friends and colleagues as you search for colleges that you desire. This period of transition needs to be captured on film, and who better for the task than Prestige Portraits! Are their prices on the higher end? Take the PrestigePortraits survey and get a cool discount!

Surveys help the company assess the efficiency of its core workings via customer feedback. Thus, your opinions will actually count in this survey by Prestige Portraits, a company that has a nationwide presence. You can get up close and personal while stating your feedback, don’t hold anything back. If you didn’t like the way your portrait turned out to be, then don’t worry if you were apprehensive about letting the photographer know about it. Note it down in their official survey.

The higher-ups at Prestige Portraits are always eager to hear from you. They want to ensure that their outlets are able to satisfy the photographic needs of each and every customer. But it doesn’t mean that you should only take the PrestigePortraits survey if you have something to complain about. Feel free to fill up the questionnaire, even if your session went as smoothly as possible.

Why PrestigePortraits.com/Survey Customer Satisfaction Survey

Prestige Portraits is among the few large businesses that care about the opinions of their customers. Your honest feedback will always be considered by their top authorities, and they will implement your genuine suggestions soon after. While they may be ready and willing to trust their customers, please don’t leave any dishonest reviews. They have a team of evaluators who will cross-check your claims, ensuring that they are true.

It will only take you about 5 minutes to complete the survey. There is barely any writing involved. You need to select options from dropdown menus and checkboxes to effectively describe your experience at their outlet. And for those 5 minutes spent, you will receive a free coupon code that you can redeem for either a discount or a free portrait on your next visit! The prizes may differ slightly, but they will be mentioned on the coupon or your Prestige Portraits receipt.

How to Win Free Coupons in the PrestigePortraits Survey?

Winning the free coupons may be easy, but being eligible for the survey itself is somewhat difficult.

Survey Requirements

  • Being the US or a Canadian citizen is mandatory to take the survey.
  • 18 is the minimum age of entry into the PrestigePortraits.com/Survey portal.
  • The survey is only available in the English language since it is catered to English-speaking schools. So you need to have a good grasp of English.
  • There is no way that you can directly send a mail to Prestige Portraits with your feedback. It will not be considered by the authorities. The survey is only available online, so you should have a laptop or a smartphone with access to the internet.
  • Your email ID will be required to receive the unique coupon code. Without the ID, your feedback will be submitted, but you won’t get the prize that the coupon code offers.

Survey Restrictions

  • Do you work part-time at a nearby Prestige Portraits outlet? Then you won’t be able to take the survey. There is a set rule in place about allowing only customers to enter the portal and answer the questionnaire.
  • Without availing of their photography services at least once, you cannot take the PrestigePortraits survey. A receipt from the outlet is required to access the questionnaire.
  • The freebie or the discount on the coupon will be available to you only once during a survey period (one month). If you try to take another survey with another receipt, then you will be denied access.
  • We understand that being a high school senior, you may be strapped for cash. But don’t hope to get any by selling the validation code to someone else. It contains your personal details and can be used by you alone.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Visit the survey link – www.PrestigePortraits.com/Survey – and wait for the page to load.
  2. Select the country, state, city, and school to proceed.
  3. Choose how you accessed the survey. You will need to click “Others” if you select the link here.
  4. Since seniors aren’t usually 18, your parents may need to take the survey, so select the options accordingly.
  5. Leave your reviews by choosing the right options in the survey henceforth. They will mostly be about the kind of service you received. You may encounter a few comment boxes in between, asking you to elaborate on your answers. Please be as specific as possible.
  6. Finally, enter your personal details near the end. If you are a parent taking the survey for your kid, then you may choose to enter either your details or that of the student.
  7. You will ideally receive the free coupon code soon after submitting the PrestigePortraits survey. If not, then wait for a day or two.

About Prestige Portraits

Prestige Portraits has been in the market for over 80 years now. They have been making waves in the photography niche since the very beginning, and they have had decades of experience so far. So rest assured that your portrait will come out just the way you expect it to be, and oftentimes, it may even exceed your expectations! So take their survey at PrestigePortraits.com/Survey and get a free coupon code!

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  1. The women taking my senior pictures were so nice and friendly! They made me feel confident and ready. Very happy they took my school’s pictures.