Business Security: How to Detect and Prevent Industrial Espionage?

Business Security

A company’s confidential data can hold significant value for its competitors. Whether it contains trade secrets or financial, client and marketing information, it can help the competitor gain a competitive advantage by stealing it illegally or unethically. For the sake of gaining a greater market share and increased profits, you never know when your business […]

What a Career in Private Investigation Involves?

Career in Private Investigation

Hearing the words “private investigators” makes you think of all the cool action movies and it even piques your interest to become a real-life Sherlock Holme. Although in reality, there’s not as much action in the lives of private detectives as portrayed in the movies. You need to have a fine set of skills to […]

What Can Private Investigators Do?

A private investigator or an operative is an individual who is registered to a particular law enforcement body. The investigator can be generally hired by the public for investigation and coming up with solutions for different categories of crimes. The investigator may not necessarily be a police officer.Duties of a private investigator entail the following: […]