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Cafe Rio Mexican Grill may be headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, but it is quite famous in various other parts of the United States as well. It is one of the few fast-casual restaurant chains in the country that provides authentic Mexican cuisine. Try out their Sweet Pork Barbacoa for Burrito if you don’t believe us. You will feel like you are enjoying the vast expanse of the Mexican plains while sitting on an old, rickety reclining chair in the scorching heat while savoring the delicacy. But before diving into the main course, you may want to consider having their Chicken Tortilla Soup. Absolutely delicious!

However, since Cafe Rio has a little more than 130 locations throughout the US, it is often hard for the authorities to keep track of the food and service quality at each outlet. That is where the CafeRioListens survey comes into the picture. This is your opportunity as a customer to make a change in the workings of the company without much effort.

Without much effort means that you, the customer, can leave your feedback without hassle. But the Cafe Rio authorities will need to take great efforts in implementing your feedback. Thus, taking the survey will help them improve their services, but it will also help you in receiving a better service on your next visit. The requirements of the survey are few, but honesty while answering the questions is paramount.

If you liked their service but still marked the relevant question in the negative, then it won’t be fair to Cafe Rio. They will obviously cross-check your answers with CCTVs and stuff to ascertain their validity, so your dishonest responses will be eventually rejected. That said, if you are perfectly honest throughout the CafeRioListens questionnaire, then you will be well rewarded for the same.

Why CafeRioListens Customer Satisfaction Survey

So how exactly will you be rewarded for taking the survey? Are the benefits worth spending 10 minutes of your time answering those questions? They definitely are! Any suggestions that you leave for improvement and any feedback that you give will be taken into careful consideration by the authorities of Cafe Rio. After meticulous evaluation, once your feedback is found to be genuine, they won’t hesitate one bit in implementing it right away!

Plus, since the survey questions mostly contain multiple choices, with a few optional comment boxes in between, you can get the task done in and under 10 minutes. And those 10 minutes spent will not only gain you improved service on your next visit but also a free coupon code! This coupon code could contain anything, right from free chips and queso to amazing discounts on your next orders.

How to Win a Free Coupon Code in Cafe Rio Survey?

The prizes on the coupon code may vary, but the rules of attaining it remains the same.

Survey Requirements

  • Only US residents, preferably from the states of UT, AZ, CO, ID, WA, VA, CA, MT, WY, NV, and MD, are eligible to participate in the survey.
  • You should be at least 18 years of age to enter the survey portal.
  • You will need a valid Cafe Rio receipt (the recent one) to participate, for you should enter a unique store ID and Check number to access the questionnaire.
  • The official survey of Cafe Rio is only available in English and Spanish. So you will need to know how to read and write in either of those two languages.

Survey Restrictions

  • You should not be associated with Cafe Rio in any way. If you are an employee or a close relative of an employee, then you are not allowed to take the customer satisfaction survey.
  • You cannot take the CafeRioListens survey without a valid and recent receipt from the outlet.
  • If the Cafe Rio receipt is more than 3 days old, then its details won’t be accepted by the survey system.
  • The coupon/validation code received after submitting the questionnaire cannot be redeemed beyond 30 days from the date of issue.
  • The prize on the code is non-transferable since it will contain your personal details. Its value cannot be exchanged for cash either.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Enter the official survey portal through this link –
  2. The homepage will contain almost all the information that you need to access the questionnaire. You may change the language to Spanish from English by clicking the relevant link at the bottom.
  3. The details that you need to fill from the receipt are shown in an illustration in the top right corner of the page. Enter the 3-digit store number, check number, and the date and time of your visit. Then hit the “Start” button.
  4. You will find the main survey questionnaire now. The questions will mostly be about the cleanliness of the premises, staff interaction, food quality, etc. You will also be provided with a range of options for each question. Simply pick the right options according to your experience to proceed with the survey.
  5. Recheck your answers once, ensure that there are no inconsistencies. Then submit the survey.
  6. Your unique coupon code will be generated at this point. Print it out or make a note of it somewhere. You will need it to redeem the free prize on your next visit to Cafe Rio.

The prizes in the Cafe Rio survey coupon code may differ. You may get free chips and queso, free sides, or a discount on your receipt. The value of each of these freebies is more or less the same.


A St. George, UT-based couple, Steve and Tricia Stanley, founded Cafe Rio Mexican Grill in 1997. In about seven successful years by which time they had six different outlets, they transferred their ownership to another couple, Bob and Kathleen Nilsen, and Spencer Hill.
Today, Cafe Rio has over 135 locations in 11 states, with plans to open 12 more outlets by the end of the year. Help them in their expansion by taking the survey at A free coupon code awaits!

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