Popeyes Menu

Popeyes Menu with Prices

Whenever you think of having fried chicken, only two names come to mind. One is KFC whereas the other has to be Popeyes! After all, Popeyes is indeed the second largest quick service chicken franchise in the US. Whenever you pass a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen outlet on the street, the savory smell of freshly fried […]

Does GameStop Price Match?

GameStop Price Match

GameStop is officially the largest video game retailer on the planet! It features over 5500 stores in several parts of the world, with most of them located in its home country, the US. GameStop offers video games of all kinds, right from the exclusive PS4 varieties to the multiple console-friendly counterparts. They are also the […]

BwwListens.com – The Official Buffalo Wild Wings Survey

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is your one-stop-shop for having food and drinks while sitting back and enjoying a sports game on their numerous TV sets. You get everything at BWW, right from appetizers to customized lunch combos. All you have to do is place the order and sit at a spot from where your desired ball […]

www.TellHappyStar.com – The Official Hardee’s Carl’s Jr. Survey

Hardee’s® Carl’s Jr.®

Carl’s Jr., the popular chain of fast-food restaurants, has been around for several decades. The brand had already become popular on international waters when its parent company, CKE Holdings, acquired another long-standing food chain, Hardee’s. They opened a number of other franchises soon after with a combination of another couple of food chains. Given the […]

www.Arbys.com/Survey – Arby’s Survey – Official Guest Experience Survey [$1,000-1,500]


Arby’s, the sandwich shops company, recognizes that to be successful they need to promote the loyalty and satisfaction of its customers. To support that they established ways to openly communicate with them. The best one so far is the Arby’s survey – www.arbys.com/survey If you complete the survey, you’ll help the company to get better […]