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Five Guys Burgers and Fries is a fast-casual restaurant chain based in Lorton, VA. Best known for its delicious hamburgers and hot dogs, Five Guys has managed to spread its business to several other parts of the world since its inception in 1986. After all, it’s not an easy feat to get 1500 outlets, local and international, up and running within about 35 years. It’s all thanks to the unique, freshly prepared taste of their food. 
Visiting the resto for the first time? Order a bacon cheeseburger and see what we mean to yourself! If you don’t appreciate the taste, then feel free to lodge a complaint against that particular outlet. The most beneficial path to take in a case like that will be to fill up the FiveGuys com survey questionnaire. This simple survey comes with a range of advantages.

Before we get to its numerous advantages, let’s take a look at what the survey contains. It has been designed specifically to cater to the customers of Five Guys. It consists of a series of multiple-choice questions that you need to answer. However, before answering those, you should have visited Five Guys resto at least once within the past week.

You need to assess the premises properly, check whether they are clean. Is the food quality up to the mark? Does the service provided by the staff meet your regular standards? If not, then don’t hesitate to provide negative feedback in the FiveGuys survey. Instead, if the service, ambiance, and food were especially good, then be sure to tick all the checkboxes positive in the questionnaire. Either way, your valuable feedback will help in improving or boosting their morale.

Why FiveGuys com Survey Customer Satisfaction Survey

Any customer satisfaction survey comes with a range of inherent benefits, and the Five Guys one has a much better advantage. The company is giving away 10 prizes to the participants, each worth $25! They will be in the form of gift cards that can be exclusively redeemed at any Five Guys outlet. Thus, you can effectively have your favorite hamburger free of cost the next time that you visit their restaurant after taking the survey!

Another major benefit of entering the www.FiveGuys.com/Survey website and filling up their questionnaire is the possibility of beholding your valuable suggestions come to life. Your feedback, be it good or bad, is important for the higher authorities of Five Guys. They need it to improve their customer experience, thus, in turn, increasing their sales. And you don’t have to spend hours filling up the questionnaire. It can be finished and submitted within just about 10 minutes!

How to Win $25 in FiveGuys Survey?

There are a list of rules and requirements you need to follow before taking the survey and winning the $25 prize.

Survey Requirements:

  • Five Guys may have an international presence, but this survey is only available to the residents of the US. Also, if you are located in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, or Guam, then you won’t be able to take the survey.
  • The FiveGuys com survey is only accessible to adults 18 years or older.
  • You should ideally take the survey within a week of your visit so that you can remember everything about it. But it is all right if you submit the questionnaire within about 30 days.
  • To take the survey online, you will need a proof of visit like a receipt. For mail entries, no proof is required.

Survey Restrictions:

  • People who are employed by Five Guys, as regular staff or management-level employees, aren’t allowed to take the survey. If you are directly related to that employee (wife, husband, child, parent), own some stake in the company, or are an associate, then you are restricted from taking the survey as well.
  • More than one person cannot take the FiveGuys survey with the same receipt or survey code.
  • If you have visited the Five Guys outlet multiple times during the month, then you cannot answer the questionnaire more than once every day.
  • Managed to win the $25 prize? Lucky you! But you cannot exchange the gift card for cash.
  • The prize is also non-transferable to a third party.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  1. Click this link – www.FiveGuys.com/Survey – to access their official survey website.
  2. Read their privacy policy and FAQs by selecting the relevant links before proceeding.
  3. Enter the store number, date of visit, and transaction ID in the given boxes. These details are available on your most recent Five Guys receipt.
  4. You will be led to the main survey questionnaire. Answer the questions honestly and double-check your feedback before submitting the form.
  5. At this point, you can choose whether to enter the $25 sweepstakes. If you are uncomfortable sharing your personal details like name, contact number, address, etc., then you can skip it. But if you choose to enter, then know that your personal information will only be used for the purpose of determining the sweepstakes winners. You won’t receive any marketing calls or such from their end.
  6. Wait for about a week or two posts during the FiveGuys com survey period (one month) for the winners to be announced. Don’t hesitate to visit your nearest Five Guys to redeem your prize right away if you turn out to be the winner!

About Five Guys

Five Guys Enterprises LLC, simply known as Five Guys, was founded in 1986 by Janie and Jerry Murrell. The company was named so because the founding couple had four sons, and together with Jerry, they became Five Guys. Incidentally, Janie and Jerry conceived the fifth son after two years post the company’s inception, and today, while the couple may have retired, Five Guys is still run by five guys – the five Murrell sons!
The brand has a healthy presence in nearly 20 different countries around the world, but it plans to expand its reach, and it needs your help in doing so. Take the survey at www.FiveGuys.com/Survey and aid them on their way to greatness, as you get a cool $25 gift card in return!

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