How Travel Businesses Can Securely Handle Customer Data?

Customer Data

Every business needs to have a solid reputation in the industry to make sure they keep attracting customers for increased market share and revenue. This is even more important for service-related businesses such as travel and tourism companies.   Keeping their customers’ personal and financial data secure is their top priority. This can be done by […]

Business Security: How to Detect and Prevent Industrial Espionage?

Business Security

A company’s confidential data can hold significant value for its competitors. Whether it contains trade secrets or financial, client and marketing information, it can help the competitor gain a competitive advantage by stealing it illegally or unethically. For the sake of gaining a greater market share and increased profits, you never know when your business […]

How to reduce manual handling injuries in the workplace?

manual handling injuries

Every year, approximately thousands of workers suffer from back pains and injuries caused by manual handling.  Manual handling refers to activities that involve bodily stress while moving various objects by hand. Some examples of these include load lifting, pulling, pushing, packing, heavy machine operation, etc. These work tasks can put immense pressure on the employee’s […]

Difference in the Home Buying Process between Japan and the US

Home Buying Process

If you’re thinking of buying property in Japan, you’ll be pleased to know that the buying process is almost similar to buying real estate in the US. However, there are a few differences you need to be aware of to make the whole process straightforward. Major differences in the home buying process between the two […]

How Celebs and Influencers Get Social Media Followers

How Celebs and Influencers Get Social Media Followers

Becoming big on social media doesn’t come easily. Do you ever wonder how all those stars and influencers reach millions of followers and what their secret to success is? You can now follow the steps of celebs and influencers, grow your follower count and monetize your brand through platforms like FameLink. The tactics below aren’t […]