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Kentucky Fried Chicken, abbreviated to KFC, is a US-based fast-food chain that has its presence all over the world. Did you know that it is the second-largest chain on the globe? Only McDonald’s is ahead of it! As the name suggests, KFC serves fried chicken to its customers; and the variety available is immense. You might have thought that a piece of chicken that is fried is considered to be fried chicken. But visit KFC, and their menu is bound to astound you!

KFC’s most popular and healthy items are the Kentucky grilled chicken breast and the spicy crispy chicken breast. The varieties in their items include the honey BBQ bowl and the KFC famous bowl. Every restaurant also serves sides right from the regular green beans to house-side salads. And your sweet tooth can be satisfied with their ultra-famous oatmeal raisin cookies!

However, since KFC was founded over 90 years ago and it has more than 22,000 outlets, the taste of your food or the service rendered may not always be the same at every place. Hence, the company has introduced an exclusive feedback website, especially for UK residents, to leave your complaints at – www.YourKFC.co.uk.

www.YourKFC.co.uk Survey – The Official KFC Survey:

KFC has been conducting customer satisfaction surveys for quite a while, but there is something really special about this one. We will discuss it in the next section. Now, let us talk about the survey itself.

YourKFC.co.uk survey is targeted especially towards the restaurant’s UK-based customers. It is an online questionnaire that addresses all the possible problems faced by the customers. You can leave any kind of feedback on the portal, be it negative or positive. Say that you loved the food but you had to wait a long time after placing the order, then you can give the appropriate ratings to the relevant questions and mention your experience in the comment boxes.

And even if you don’t have any feedback to give, if everything about your visit to KFC was just perfect, then you can still take the YourKFC survey. Just give them high ratings and mark every question positive, and you will be good to go!

Why KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey?


Now, let us find out what makes the YourKFC.co.uk survey so special. The cool reward, of course! Every person who successfully completes and submits the survey will receive a unique discount coupon. You can exchange this coupon on your next visit to any participating KFC outlet in the UK to get 15% off on the purchase!

Additionally, you don’t need to spend hours answering the survey questions. The entire form can be filled and submitted within 10 minutes! It only consists of a few multiple-choice questions. Read each one, choose the answer that fits right in with your experience at the KFC outlet, and submit the form to receive the discount coupon.

Furthermore, it’s pretty easy to navigate through the YourKFC.co.uk website. The homepage itself gets right to the point. Copy the required information from your recent KFC receipt on the form, and start answering the questions on the main survey page. We will guide you through the entire thing in the following section.

How to Win 15% Off your Next Purchase in www.YourKFC.co.uk Survey?

It is critical to read through this section for anyone who wishes to take the survey. Know whether or not you are eligible right here!

Survey Requirements:

  • Since the website, YourKFC.co.uk, is targeted at the UK audience, only those who are citizens of the UK are eligible to participate.
  • The minimum age of entry in accordance with UK laws is 18. Anyone below this age will not be considered for the discount.
  • You will need to have a recent KFC receipt to enter the portal. It will contain all the information that you require to take the survey.
  • Kindly note that since the KFC survey is only available online, you will need to own a device with a strong internet connection. The latter will ensure a smooth transition from one survey page to another.

Survey Restrictions:

  • People who are employed by KFC in any capacity are forbidden from taking the YourKFC survey. Anyone who is closely associated with those employees, like parents or spouses, also cannot fill the questionnaire.
  • Only one customer is eligible to take part with one receipt. Even your family members will be excluded in this case.
  • The KFC receipt won’t be valid post 3 days of purchase.
  • You cannot take the survey more than twice during a survey period (one month).
  • It is a crime to sell your 15% discount coupon for cash, so don’t venture into those waters.
  • Nobody other than you can redeem the coupon, so you must be present to get the 15% discount on the next visit to KFC.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  1. Enter this URL – www.YourKFC.co.uk – in your web browser’s address bar, or simply click on the link.
  2. Keep your recent KFC receipt handy, for you will need it to enter the information below.
  3. Type the store number, order number, and date and time of your visit to the outlet. Click ‘Continue’.
  4. You will be asked for the type of order you made. Just pick one from the dropdown menu.
  5. And soon after you select the mode of payment, you will be directed to the main YourKFC.co.uk survey questionnaire.
  6. Answer the questions honestly before submitting the form.
  7. Finally, type in your personal email address to receive the 15% discount code!

About Kentucky Fried Chicken:

KFC, the brand, has been around for over 90 years. Its origins can be traced back to Sanders’ Court & Cafe when Harland Sanders first brought his unique Kentucky-style fried chicken to life. Franchising of the brand came around 22 years later, in 1952, to Sanders’ friend and colleague, Pete Harman in South Salt Lake, Utah. KFC has only been growing since then, with very few easily negotiable cutbacks.

Today, KFC is present in 150 different countries on the planet, and it is currently a subsidiary of the famous Yum! Brands. To ensure that its further expansion goes smoothly enough, they have started the customer survey at www.YourKFC.co.uk. Get a cool 15% off in return!

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