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Walgreens has been in the market for over a century, providing state-approved medicinal drugs and pills 24/7. Each store of the company stocks every kind of medicine known to man. Thus, as long as you have a prescription for an antibiotic, you will definitely get it at any Walgreens outlet. However, since Walgreens is one of the largest drug franchises in the US, it’s sometimes hard to manage every outlet for the owners. And that is where the WalgreensListen survey aids them!

A brand new initiative recently launched by Walgreens, their survey addresses all the problems that the customers have faced so far. All you have to do is answer the questions provided in the survey (they are multiple-choice, easy to answer), and help them make your nearest, most preferred store better. The Walgreens survey has been carefully crafted after conducting thorough market research, especially to improve the shopping experience of the visitors.

At this final stage, all they need is your feedback to successfully implement your insights and resolve your issues. And the company isn’t just taking your valuable comments with a pinch of salt or free of cost. Their evaluators will put each of your observations under meticulous scrutiny, forwarding any and every valid comment to the administrators for implementation. Furthermore, once you take the survey Walgreens provides, your name will be directly entered to win the grand sweepstake prize of a startling $3000!

Why WalgreensListens Customer Satisfaction Survey

As the name of the survey suggests, Walgreens listens! Each of your complaints and feedback will be personally considered and assessed by our core team of evaluators. If your answers are found to be appropriate, then they will directly submit the report to their immediate superiors who, in turn, will take the necessary steps to implement your feedback to improve the facility.

It’s a pretty transparent process, and you will be notified if, in case, your survey gets rejected for a number of reasons. Every evaluator is furnished with a predetermined set of ethics to help streamline the flow of relevant and worthwhile answers. Don’t worry! If you are perfectly honest while taking the survey, then your entry will definitely be accepted.

You only need to spend a handful few minutes of your time taking the survey. Their website loads very quickly, and you will be done with it in about 5 minutes! If your feedback is approved, you will automatically be entered for a chance to win the Walgreens survey grand prize of $3000.

How to Win in Walgreens Survey – WalgreensListens.com?

The process is very easy as long as you meet the following requirements and heed the restrictions.

Walgreens Survey

Survey Requirements:

  • An honest review is critical to our evaluation structure. Be as detailed and vivid as possible.
  • Only US residents are eligible for the $3000 sweepstake at the moment. Puerto Ricans can take the survey but won’t be entered into the grand prize.
  • You need to be a minimum of 18 years of age to take the survey.
  • You should know basic English to answer the questions.
  • The survey is only available online at www.WalgreensListens.com. Hence, you need to have a computer, laptop or smartphone at hand, along with a fast internet connection. Also, make sure that you have cookies enabled for their website.
  • Finally, as soon as you enter their website, you will be asked for a survey#, password and the time of your visit. These details will be available on your most recent receipt of purchase at Walgreens.

Survey Restrictions:

  • Since you will be asked to type in the survey# and password which are only available on your receipt, no person who hasn’t visited a Walgreens outlet will be allowed to enter the survey.
  • Any Walgreens employee or their immediate relatives are forbidden from taking the WalgreensListens survey. Their views will not be heard!
  • The $3000 check gifted to the winners can only be deposited in reputable banks. Selling the gift for direct cash is illegal.
  • Read the Walgreens terms and conditions carefully before taking the survey.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  1. Log on to WalgreensListens.com.
  2. Type your survey#, password and time of visit in the relevant boxes. This information can be found on your Walgreens bill.
  3. As soon as the actual survey questions get loaded, start answering them as per your experience. Provide descriptive comments in the relevant boxes whenever necessary.
  4. Once you finish and submit the survey, you will need to enter your personal information (name, cell #, address, etc.) on the following page so that you can be admitted into the sweepstake.
  5. Finally, sit back and relax! Your feedback, if found proper, will be implemented at your nearest Walgreen outlet as soon as possible. Furthermore, if you are selected to win the grand prize of $3000, you will be notified immediately via phone and email, and the check will be sent to your place in no time!

About Walgreens

The company was founded at the dawn of the 20th century, in 1901. It started off as a small food shop in a modest Chicago suburb to eventually expand into the second largest drugstore in the country! Charles Walgreen Sr., the original founder, created a thriving business from scratch and ruled the market for close to 40 years. He managed to establish over 600 stores in 30 states, each of which was a huge success. Even the governmental restrictions like the alcohol prohibition of 1920 and the Great Depression in the 1930s didn’t stop Mr. Walgreen Sr. from expanding his empire.

Post his death in 1939, his son and his namesake took over the reins, but Charles Jr. couldn’t manage to grow the business as efficiently as his father did. It was only after Charles III became the CEO that Walgreens slowly gained its former glory back. In the 80s and 90s, the company gobbled up major franchises in the vicinity, only to shine bright as the sun post the turn of the millennium.

The year 2007 marked one of its major achievements – opening its 6000th store in New Orleans, Louisiana. Today, Walgreens boasts of over 9000 stores in all the US states, Virgin Islands, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. However, during this vast and unfathomable expansion, the company never forgot its one important purpose – to provide excellent service to its customers!

In order to realize that purpose, it recently developed a customer satisfaction technique in the form of a www.WalgreensListens.com survey that addresses all the complaints and feedback of its valuable clients in the available regions.

So why wait! Take the WalgreensListen survey right away to better your medical purchase experience at your nearest store!

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  1. I went to take a photo at walgreen yesterday, and the employee attendance Verry good and my photos were ready in 5 minutes

  2. Would not let me complete survey —wanted to compliment a check out lady named Maxine on 3-30-21 at 10:58 at store “07664 600 s. Highway 27 -Somerset, Ky. 42501?