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It has been 83 immensely successful years for the Tractor Supply Company (TSCO), and it is still going strong! It is, in fact, one of the largest retail stores in the US that sell all farming and gardening related goods. Pick any TSCO outlet of your choice, and you are bound to find everything you need there, right from trailers and lawn supplies to heating and welding equipment. They also stock clothing and footwear specific to gardening and farming. And if you are out of food or luxuries for your pets, then you can always head to your nearest TSCO for whatever you need!

The Tractor Supply authorities understand if you are hesitant to visit their physical outlet in these hard times. The COVID-19 cases are on a meteoric rise after all. Hence, you can now book your products online and pick them up curbside without hassle. And you can also leave your TellTractorSupply feedback online to appreciate their efforts!

You can never be more careful when heading out of the house on an errand or two in these dreadful times. But TSCO has simplified the process for you! Apart from ordering stuff online, you can also leave your feedback about their services on their official survey website. There, you can Tell Tractor Supply how you feel about their products, employee ethics, cleanliness on the premises, virus preventive measures and so much more! And you can also rate your overall visit in-store accordingly.

However, your feedback doesn’t always have to be negative to take the survey. You can fill in the questionnaire and give TSCO excellent ratings if you found your visit to be more than satisfactory. No matter how good or bad your visit was, your TellTractorSupply feedback will always help the authorities to make their outlet a better place for the customers to shop at. But a better shopping experience is just one of the perks of taking the survey!

Why TellTractorSupply.com Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Let us first explore the possibilities soon after you take the survey. Once your feedback has been submitted, the system will let a TSCO evaluator know about it. He/she will check the form for any possible inconsistencies, factual or logical, and forward it to the appropriate department for further review. The issues that you faced at the outlet will then be sent to the authorities after cross-checking those with other Tell Tractor Supply survey forms. Finally, the authorities will take the right action against the outlet to improve its services.

If you faced no issues whatsoever at the store, then your feedback will be forwarded to personnel on-site so that they could take heart from it. And filling up the survey form is easy. We have described it in the next section, but you can also take the survey on your own. It is simple to navigate through the website and easier still to fill in the required details. But as they say, the best is yet to come!

As soon as you submit your TellTractorSupply feedback, your name will be entered into a draw that offers a ridiculous amount on the prize! One lucky winner every month will get a grand prize of a staggering $2500! It will be in the form of a gift card that can be redeemed at any TSCO store.

How to Win $2500 in Tell Tractor Supply Survey?

The prize money may be ludicrous, but the terms and conditions for participation aren’t that far out.

Tractor Supply Survey Requirements

  • Though TSCO has stores in Canada, they are independently operated by another company. Hence, this survey is only available to US residents.
  • You need to be at least 18 years old to take the survey at TellTractorSupply.com.
  • A good grasp of English or Spanish is mandatory to effectively answer the questionnaire.
  • You need to own a laptop or a smartphone for this purpose. However, you can also send them a snail mail or answer the questions over a phone call and take the survey.
  • Purchasing at a TSCO outlet isn’t mandatory, but the survey code mentioned on the receipt will be required to leave your feedback online.

Tractor Supply Survey Restrictions

  • The employees of TSCO and the survey sponsor, Mercury Promotions and Fulfillment, including their immediate family members and the companies that they are associated with, will not be able to participate in the TellTractorSupply survey.
  • You cannot take the online survey if you don’t have a valid TSCO receipt. Feel free to explore other avenues in that case.
  • Kindly note the validity of the receipt. It is usually 3 days, post which you won’t be eligible to participate, but the duration is subject to change.
  • The $2500 gift card that you win is also bound by certain limitations and restrictions, the entirety of which you can check here. In short, the card cannot be sold or transferred to a third party unless you have specific instructions from the authorities. It also cannot be redeemed for a cash prize.

Tractor Supply Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Open www.TellTractorSupply.com.
  2. Change the language if you want and type in your survey code.
  3. Answer the survey questions according to your TSCO visit.
  4. Select your age and gender and enter your other details.
  5. Submit the survey and wait for about 6-8 weeks for the announcement of the winners of the $2500 prize!

About Tractor Supply:

Did you know that the brick-and-mortar store of Tractor Supply was established a year after the business was founded? In 1938, they conducted their business for tractor parts via regular mail, and from its profits, they developed the first TSCO outlet in 1939 in Minot, ND. It is currently based in Brentwood, TN, and it has been featured in several reputable business magazines over the years.
Today, there are over 1800 TSCO outlets in 49 US states, with the number being always on the rise. Just on the eve of the pandemic, they started their 24/7 animal facts department in the country. So why not take the survey at TellTractorSupply.com and let them know how you feel about their services? You could be the lucky winner of the $2500 prize!

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