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Total Wine is the one-stop-shop for alcohol lovers in the US. Founded in 1991, it has established its presence in almost every region of the country. Each of their outlets stocks all the popular spirits for the regular drinker, along with some of the rarest of wines for the connoisseur. Right from a $20 bottle of bourbon to a priceless cask of single malt, Total Wine has it all! 

You can pick your poison of choice from wines, vodkas, scotch, bourbon, Irish, and even Mexican whiskeys, make the payment at the counter, and add the bottle to your collection. They also offer an excellent range of beer and cigars! And since the services at Total Wine are top-notch, they would like to know about your experience at their outlet via TellTotalWine.com, their feedback portal. Let them know if their services match your expectations!

Total Wine prides itself not only on the variety and quality of liquor that they provide but also on their services. Hence, they are constantly on the lookout for even a teensy drop in any aspect of their services. So don’t hesitate to TellTotalWine if your answer to any of the following questions is in the affirmative. 

  • Did you find that certain wines weren’t displayed in the proper section on the aisles? 
  • Were there pieces of broken bottles just lying in the corridors? 
  • Did the tasting department refuse to offer you a sip to your liking?
  • Was the ambiance of a particular outlet not as good as the other?
  • Did you find any other anomaly on the premises during your visit?

Even if your answer to all the above questions was a resounding ‘NO’, feel free to take the survey at TellTotalWine.com just to let them know what a great job they are doing!


Why TellTotalWine Customer Satisfaction Survey?

At this point, it might have occurred to you that your feedback will only benefit the authorities of Total Wine. What would you gain from spending your valuable time on the survey? A minimum of three things!

  1. Your valuable input on www.TellTotalWine.com will be heard and put into action by the authorities.
  2. Your opinions regarding their outlet, no matter how blunt, will be considered.
  3. You will be entered into the daily sweepstakes with a chance to win $1000!

If your input is implemented by the authorities, you will be the one to benefit from it. For instance, if you mentioned that the premises were unclean, then it will be you who will be able to experience a cleaner shopping environment on your next visit! And be as straightforward as you can. Plus, there will be a daily draw for the TellTotalWine.com $1000 prize. So you will have a much better chance of winning since hardly anyone would be taking the survey every single day.

How To Win $1000 in TellTotalWine.com Survey?

Is it easy to submit the survey? Yes. Can anyone in the world participate? No! Here are the rules.

Total Wine Survey Requirements

  • Only the residents of the US, UK, Canada, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, and Korea can take the survey at www.TellTotalWine.com.
  • You must be of the legal drinking age in your country or region to participate.
  • Owning a device with an internet connection is necessary for taking the survey online.
  • You should have a survey invitation with you. The invite is usually found on your Total Wine receipt, but it can also be a direct invitation from the sponsor or by other means.
  • You should know the English language (read and write).

Total Wine Survey Restrictions

  • The TellTotalWine feedback cannot be left by the employees of the survey sponsor or Total Wine. If you are in any way related to such an individual, then you may also be forbidden from taking the survey.
  • You cannot participate in the sweepstakes without a valid invitation.
  • Your invitation should not be past the due date. It is usually valid for 3 days, but the validity may differ at times. Check it!
  • You can either mail your feedback or take the survey online at TellTotalWine.com. There is no other entry method available.
  • You cannot enter the sweepstakes without providing your details. Don’t worry! They will only be used to determine the winners.

Go through the entire range of restrictions here.

Total Wine Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Head over to the official survey website – www.TellTotalWine.com.
  2. Read the instructions and select whether or not you were provided with a receipt.
  3. If you were, then enter the store number, visit date, ticket number, and register number. If you weren’t, then enter your state, city, and location, along with the visit date.
  4. Read the instructions again and click Next.
  5. Rate your overall experience at Total Wine to proceed with the main questionnaire.
  6. Answer the questions therein honestly and submit your details to participate in the sweepstakes. That’s it!

There are two types of TellTotalWine sweepstakes – daily and weekly. There will be only one prize winner for the daily draw, who will win the grand prize of $1000. For the weekly sweepstakes, 3 winners will be announced, each winning $500. The kind of sweepstakes that you are entered into will be mentioned in your invitation.

About Total Wine

The foundations of Total Wine can be traced back to 1985 when two brothers, David and Robert Trone, opened beer stores in Pittsburgh, PA. It was in 1991 that they started selling all kinds of liquor in a store in Claymont, Delaware under the name Liquor World, thus making it the founding year of Total Wine. Eight years later after expanding their business throughout the East Coast, they acquired Total Beverage in DC, eventually changing their name to Total Wine.

Today, the company has over 200 outlets in several parts of the US, making it one of the largest liquor sellers in the country. They kept their business up and running through the COVID-19 pandemic by setting up online stores in the states where it was permissible. Take their online survey at https://www.TellTotalWine.com to win $1000, and add some expensive wines to your collection!

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4 thoughts on “www.TellToTalwine.com – The Official Total Wine Survey”

  1. Hello,

    This survey was harder to find than I thought. Ticket: 703367, Store:1114, Register:2, 2/10/2022
    Anyway, I spoke to Robert Slabaugh about whisky and wine, both of which he was well informed to great detail. He was very helpful with answering my questions. I will seek him out again when I return.

  2. Amber, one of your Employees checked me out just today and she was so helpful and sweet, she made me feel like we’ve known each other for years!! She was knowledgeable and efficient!

  3. Store 909 – E Colonial Orlando
    A regular customer for a few years. Then in January 2021 as I entered the Store a young Lady behind the Counter looked up and greeted me with a “Good Morning” I was so pleasantly surprised I approached the young Lady and said “You are the FIRST Employee ever to greet me – Thank You” It might have been that purchase or the next, then always 24 Yuengling lager and 24 Black and Tan when retrieving a Bottle of Black and Tan from the box found the Bottle to be empty with the glass bottom cracked. Inspecting the box showed NO stain so it was empty when being placed in the box at their Brewery. Photographed bottle and box and sent to Yuengling. Response – They do NOT deal with Customers only Wholesalers etc and offered me a yuengling sweat shirt!
    I confirmed to them I will NEVER buy another Yuengling product
    Not happy I took said bottle and box to Total Wine and who should be there to handle my problem – the same young lady who had previously greeted me. She handled everything very politely and efficiently and whilst talking to her I mentioned that she was the first Person ever to greet me as I entered the Store.
    She Thanked me and I left the Store a happy customer.
    The young ladies name I understand is Courtney Schell – an outstanding individual and an asset to her Employers
    Thank You Courtney
    Graham Cook -Retired Exec – International Corporation