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Schnucks is one of the few good brands of supermarkets that have been active for decades on end. It’s the go-to store for almost every household in the Midwest. The brand itself is trusted by hundreds of thousands of US citizens, since the products that they offer are of the topmost quality. Right from basic homeware down to rare medicines, Schnucks has it all! And they haven’t stopped at the quality of things; they take care of the quality of their services as well. Here’s how!

For such a vast supermarket chain that serves the entire Midwest, it’s tough to keep track of the goings-on at every store that they own. That’s why they have started seeking help from customers to improve their services via tell Schnucks.com, their official survey portal.

TellSchnucks Survey

Schnucks ensures that each customer survey is carefully assessed by their best team of evaluators. Once you take the survey, each of your answers will be meticulously analyzed to make sure that they are accurate and true. Only then will your suggestions be implemented at the relevant store. Thus, as long as you are honest while taking the survey, you can rest assured that you will have a better experience during your next visit to your nearest store. And this is the most accessible, most obvious prize that you will get for your efforts for taking the survey!

The additional benefit is the chance to win the $300 gift card which can be redeemed at any Schnucks outlet. Yes! A whopping $300 worth of purchases to be made all for free!

Why Tell Schnucks.com Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Schnucks is one of the handful few supermarket brands that are still running strong. In fact, it absolutely rules the St. Louis metro grocery market and is THE preferred store for many of the Midwest residents. However, like any other business, they also need help to grow further and expand their reach. And the only way to do that is to let regular customers tell Schnucks exactly how to improve.

That is where the survey comes into the picture! The creators of the tell Schnucks survey have painstakingly scoured and recorded each and every problem faced by the regular Schnucks visitors. The questions are mostly multiple-choice, but there are a few comment boxes scattered throughout the survey to aid the customers in elaborating on their answers. And once you answer the questions, apart from getting your valid suggestions implemented, you might also win the grand prize of $300!

How to Win Gift Card in TellSchnucks.com Survey?

It’s a pretty easy process as long as you follow the requirements mentioned below,

www Tell Schnucks Survey

Survey Requirements:

  • Honesty in answering the questions is all that Schnucks require at the moment. As long as you take their privacy policy seriously, you will be well on your way to winning the gift card.
  • Making a purchase at any Schnucks store is mandatory. That is because in order to enter the survey you need to enter the unique 12-digit code which is only available on a valid receipt.
  • The survey isn’t available on offline portals. You can only take it online at www.TellSchnucks.com. Hence, make sure that you have a device that can access the website, like a computer, tablet, laptop etc.
  • The minimum age for entering the survey portal is 18. Anyone below the said age will not be allowed to take it.
  • You should know at least a little bit of English to take the survey, since Schnucks stores are only available in the US at the moment.

Survey Restrictions:

  • Any person even remotely associated with Schnucks, like an employee, manager, shareholder or even a partner, is forbidden from taking the survey. If any employee tries to take it, his/her name will be immediately flagged by their database. Also, their immediate relatives cannot enter.
  • No teenager below 18 years will be allowed to enter tellSchnucks. Providing false details on the website will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • The website won’t load for those who haven’t accepted ‘cookie’ transfer for the same. This is needed for the Schnucks evaluators to access your personal information for the sweepstake.
  • You can find the complete range of restrictions here.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  • Click this link to access the survey – tell Schnucks survey.
  • Proceed to the actual survey by clicking the ‘Begin Survey’ button, after going through the basic requirements put forward by the CEO, of course!
  • Enter the unique 12-digit survey # from your most recent receipt in the relevant box.
  • Once the survey begins, check the proper answer boxes as per the experience that you received at the store. Feel free to describe the negatives or positives in the comment boxes provided below some of the questions.
  • After completing the survey, enter your personal information on the following page to register for the sweepstake of $300. The info will include your name, email ID, residential address, cell number etc.

That’s it! You will receive a notification via email and/or direct mail if your answers have been approved by their evaluators. They will also notify you once your suggestions have been implemented at the relevant store. Additionally, if you are lucky enough to win the grand prize of $300, they will keep trying to reach you by any means possible until you reply and accept the gift card!

About Schnucks

The supermarket chain, official known as Schnuck Markets, Inc., was founded in 1939, right before the start of World War II! The war, however, barely had any effect on their business, since it was initially located in a remote part of St. Louis, Missouri. It was only a couple of years before the WW II ended, soon after the unfortunate Pearl Harbor massacre, that the owners opened a major retail store in the city. Thereafter, Schnucks experienced unfathomable growth.

Their first huge supermarket was launched in 1952 in Brentwood – another one of St. Louis’ suburbs. It marked their meteoric rise into other states in the vicinity, like Tennessee, Iowa, Indiana etc. Post the 70s, they started acquiring other small businesses like Bettendorf-Rapp. Eventually, after the turn of the millennium, Schnucks had managed to rule the entire market in St. Louis. In fact, in the 2010s, the chain became the most preferred weekly/monthly market for most of the Midwest residents.

Today, Schnucks owns over 110 stores in five Midwest states, with plans to expand beyond the region. In 2017, this family-owned company began a home delivery system that immediately managed to break most of the Instacart records. Furthermore, their range of pharmacies and delis has become the most favored outlets of the locals. And the charitable organizations that they support are aplenty!

So why not make a bit of charity of your own, as customers! And it’s not exactly a donation if you’re spending just 5 minutes of your time to take the tellSchnucks survey to stand a chance to win $300! So, log on to TellSchnucks.com right away!

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7 thoughts on “www.TellSchnucks.com – Tell Schnucks Survey”

  1. I love this Schnucks! Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. It makes shopping here enjoyable.

  2. We enjoy our Schnucks store at Kehrs Mill and Clarkson. It has a hometown feel because the staff like
    Erma and Greg are always helpful and friendly.

  3. I’ve lived here for 10 years and I know there’s more people than I can even imagine that had enters into these sweepstakes I wish without giving names of course that they would give the winners in the particular areas that the receipt is coming from of course not names but just the area like I live in Oakville because I just wonder after so long are they really giving out cards

  4. I shop at the Maplewood Schnucks, I have noticed that ALL the checkers are patient and kind. Most importantly, they work fast and move the lines. Are Schnoupons still available? I see there is and ad above for them, I thought that was over.

  5. Lines were long in checkout (Saturday am), so we chose “self-serve”. Naturally, we had a little difficulty with items that didn’t have scan bars. The associate came right away to help us and was kind and patient. We were “in and out” in a short time. Appreciate Schnucks way of doing business during this virus.

  6. I went to the Schnucks at Lindbergh and Clayton Road. The cashier, Karen was so patient with me because I put my credit card in the wrong way and we had to start over again. Karen was so kind and patient.