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Who doesn’t love the products sold at Marks & Spencer! The name itself sounds pretty high class, and their products are classier still! Right from the latest fashion to traditional clothing, you can buy everything at an M&S outlet for reasonable prices. And though they are widely known for their amazing range of apparels and accessories, they also deal in foodstuffs and homeware. If you stay in the UK, then you would have come across quite a few of M&S’s food outlets open either for dining in or home delivery.

They had shut shop on the eve of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they have reopened for business now. Go check out their winter collection or buy a few homeware products this festive season. And do leave your feedback on, their survey website!

Marks and Spencer

Marks & Spencer is one of the oldest clothing retailers in the UK, first founded over 136 years ago. How have they thrived thus far? By taking feedback from their customers, of course! Back in the early days, the TellMandS feedback process was more personal. Every outlet manager used to ask the customers how their experience was. Today though, thanks to rapid advancements in technology, you can leave your feedback from the confines of your house!

The feedback process has become easier still with the official TellMandS survey. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling or just sitting at home, you can leave your feedback from your laptop or smartphone in and under 10 minutes! And whether your feedback is positive or negative, it will be taken into consideration by the survey authorities at M&S.

Why TellMandS Customer Satisfaction Survey:

You must be wondering why you should bother visiting the official website when you can just let the manager of the outlet know about your experience. That is because the online route is splattered with a number of benefits for the customer! For one, your opinions about the M&S store will be heard not only by the manager but also by the top executives of the company. Your survey answers will be circulated in several departments of M&S!

Additionally, you might have to spend several minutes, even hours, to explain your negative feedback to the manager. At, the questions of all possible answers are already crafted for your benefit. You just have to select the one that you find right for your experience. The survey pages are designed professionally and get loaded quickly, so you won’t need to spend more than 10 minutes on the website.

Finally, you will be rewarded, handsomely at that, for the time spent in taking the TellMandS survey. Every participant will be immediately entered into a draw with a chance to win the grand prize of £50!

Win £50 (or €50) Cash Prize in Survey:

Excited? So are we! Don’t get too excited though. First, check out whether or not you are eligible to take the TellMandS feedback.

Survey Requirements

  • M&S has established its presence in several countries around the world. But this survey is restricted to only the citizens of the UK.
  • The age of 18 is a minimum requirement for participation in
  • A computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a reliably smooth internet connection is mandatory.
  • The survey is only available in English. So a basic understanding of the language is a must.
  • You can take the TellMandS survey without a receipt, but the job is much easier if you have a recent M&S receipt.

Survey Restrictions

  • Regular customers are allowed to take the survey, but employees of M&S aren’t. Your family members will also be restricted from visiting
  • No two persons can take the survey from the same receipt. Entry is restricted to only one person per receipt.
  • If you haven’t recently purchased at an M&S outlet, then your old receipt won’t be valid for the survey. That is because you need to remember how your experience was to answer the questions appropriately.
  • The TellMandS prize money that you win is non-transferable.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Enter this URL in your address bar – – or simply click the link.
  2. You will need to refer to your receipt to fill out the form on the homepage. The date/time and the three unique survey codes can be found at the bottom of your M&S receipt.
  3. The survey will begin as soon as you hit the Next button. The questions therein should be answered honestly so that you and the company both can benefit from your feedback.
  4. For gaining entry into the TellMandS sweepstakes, you will need to provide your personal details. Rest assured that they will not be shared with anyone else.

The good news is that you can take the TellMandS survey as many times as you want during the sweepstakes period. A much better chance of winning the £50 cash prize!

About Marks & Spencer:

Marks & Spencer has a rich history, given that it was established way back in 1884 in Leeds, UK. We won’t be delving into the specifics, but it is interesting to note that Michael Marks, one of the two founders, was a Polish Jew who collaborated with Thomas Spencer, a pure-bred English bloke. There wasn’t much hatred for Jews or immigrants back before Hitler came into the foray, but it was a mild revolutionary collaboration nonetheless.

In the early 1900s, the two founders mostly focused on expanding their business within the country. It wasn’t until 1973 that M&S ventured into uncharted territory – Canada. The company didn’t see much success there, but they never gave up hope. It was in French and Belgian cities sometime in 1975 that they tasted a bit of international success, and since then, they have been growing evermore!

As of 2019, they had over 1400 locations in several different countries, but the coronavirus hit their business hard. Help them up to their former glory by taking the survey at and win a £50 cash prize in the process!

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17 thoughts on “ – The Official M&S Survey”

  1. I was served by Sarah this afternoon as I had made an appointment for a bra fitting. This cheerful lady met me on time and within a short space of time I was at the counter paying for 3 bras ( 2 are on order) plus 2 packs if ladies pants. I am really pleased with both my purchases and the service provided…. it’s always a good experience shopping at my local M&S branch in Plymouth. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sue who works at M & S check out on Friday 28th May 2012 was respectful, Kind, Caring Well mannered and very nice to talk too. She was also funny too and not a lot of check out personals are like that.

  3. I was served by Pinelopi at fenchchurch street branch today(26\05\21). She is always very helpful, friendly and very professional. This young lady is an asset to M\S. I am a M\S customer for 45 years.

  4. Hi , I called into your Broughton branch M&S foodhall today Wednesday 19th May. All the staff looked busy and looked as though they all had an important job to do and I really did not like to stop them and ask for a product that I could not see on the shelf. I got the attention of Tracie who immediately stopped what she was doing and went to the rear of the shop and came back with my item. I then went to the tills and it was quite busy and then from not only getting my items Tracie got onto a till to serve customers in front of me. I was then served and have to say nothing was no trouble for Tracie. I do use the shop quite regularly but this is the first time I’ve asked for any help and must praise has to how efficiently I was served. Nothing was any trouble. Thank you Tracie.

  5. Was served today by a two very smart extremely pleasant young ladies today who made our visit to M & S so welcome after months of being imprisoned in our home with this dreadful virus named – Jolie and Joanne thank you both we went on to spend more money on new clothes in-store after a pleasant coffee break best wishes Margaret and Mick

  6. I was served by Helen on 13/05/21 who is always very helpful whether she is serving on the food or the fashion
    department. She speaks softly and with a big friendly smile and she always makes my shopping in Marks and Spencer an enjoyable experience. Thank you Helen.

  7. I was served by Rachel in Cambridge and found her very helpful,on a rather stressful day,and friendly.

  8. Excellent service was given to day when in the Guisborough store Saturday 8th may 2021.I was served by
    Lorrdine she even got me the zesty buns that were on offer that I was not aware of.

  9. My first outing since lockdown a year ago was a happy one in our M & S in Bury St Edmunds being served at the till by a very friendly assistant. She had time for me, and helped with the awkward little pull along. Wished me well and I was very happy to have met with her.

  10. Shopped at my favourite local store yesterday, good quality foods, place clean and bright and good management. I like the freshness and the taste of the food there. Served by Kelly and Mohamed. Both are always friendly and helpful, not mood swinging types and nothing are too much for them. These staff qualities are good for attracting customers, especially older generation. They need help and smiling faces.

    Unfortunately, my Spark bonus vouchers were not accepted although the valid date until November 2021, as well as my Spark card. Both Kelly and Mohamed couldn’t help in this way. Perhaps, the head office can do something. However, Kelly help me to get my free treat for one of my grandchild. That is very nice. Without her help, I will miss my treat as usual because I do not receive any communication since I have my Spark card for over a year. In fact, I will never know I will have a treat if I don’t put on a thick skin to ask.

  11. Service today 10/10.all staff very friendly helpful.organisation efficient and orderly.served by brenda today very helpful and cheerful manner make shopping pleasant experience.

  12. Friendly and efficient service from foods section, especially from Evangaline in the Truro, Cornwall Store.
    I always come away feeling satisfied in every respect

  13. I have tried to link to your sight go through the whole proses click and it will not go through left a day and no luck looks like I am not the only one