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Who doesn’t love Culver’s huge, lip-smacking butterburgers or their frozen desserts! They are indeed one-of-a-kind, and if you haven’t tasted them yet, you should. Their cheese curds and salads are also worth the trip to the nearest outlet. However, what makes Culver’s stand out is their amazing number of dedicated regulars. The company doesn’t just believe in expanding its business but treats every customer like he/she is a part of their family.

Thus, if you have already visited a Culver’s resto, then get ready to reap the benefits of your loyalty. Every Culver’s customer gets to participate in the official survey and win the spectacular free prize that comes with it!


Culver’s is a very old local American fast-food chain of restaurants that also deals in franchising. It has hundreds of outlets under its name, mostly located in The Midwest. The TellCulvers official survey enables its management board to better organize its numerous locations. You cannot expect a countable few people to keep an eye on the activities of every single outlet after all!

You, as a customer, simply have to log on to the website,, and fill out the 10-minute questionnaire. In order to answer those questions efficiently, you should have visited a Culver’s resto very recently. After meeting the required eligibility criteria and submitting the survey, your responses will be recorded and assessed by the right people, and you can expect the desired result in the shortest possible time!

Why TellCulvers Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Your survey response won’t just lie unattended in a huge pile on the evaluator’s desk. It will be carefully assessed for any possible inconsistencies and sent to the proper authorities for further clarification. The process is as quick as it can be, and the results will be delivered quicker still!

Thus, during your visit, if you found that one of the attendants was impolite, then the appropriate action will be taken against him/her mere days from recording your experience in the TellCulvers survey! And did you know that the Culver’s team receives thousands of responses every month from all around the US? That doesn’t hamper their assessment skills one bit. Their innovative evaluation strategies ensure that the right pile of survey responses reaches the CEO’s desk as soon as possible.

Furthermore, Culver’s understands that you are taking time off your busy schedule to take the TellCulvers survey, and they will treat your feedback as such. And like a cherry on top, they are also offering free prizes to the survey takers. The prize may range from a single dish to frozen custard, and anything in between!

Win Free Prizes in Survey:

You don’t need to be a VIP to gain entry into Anyone who has visited a Culver’s outlet can take the survey, with a few prerequisites. Check out the entire range of prerequisites on their official website. The brief version is as follows,

Survey Requirements

  • Everyone from teens to middle-aged adults can take the TellCulvers survey, as long as they aren’t below 13 years of age.
  • Since Culver’s outlets are only present in the US, you need to be a legal resident of the country to access the website.
  • The survey is available in two languages – English and Spanish. Thus, you need to be able to understand either of these to complete it successfully.
  • You can answer the survey questions over the phone or the internet. In the case of the latter, you should have a stable connection and a personal computer or laptop. You can even take it on your smartphone.
  • A recent visit to any Culver’s restaurant is mandatory. You will need the entry code printed on your receipt to access TellCulvers.

Survey Restrictions

  • You cannot take the survey more than 5 times a month. Providing false details to get additional survey tickets is illegal and may result in jail time.
  • People who are associated with any aspect of Culver’s, like employees or affiliates, are prohibited to take the TellCulvers survey.
  • A receipt older than 2 days will not be valid for the purpose. Thus, it is recommended that you access the questionnaire soon after visiting the outlet.
  • The prize that you receive cannot be sold for cash. It also cannot be exchanged for some other item.
  • You won’t be able to use the gift coupon beyond 30 days of receiving it.
  • Using the same TellCulvers survey entry code twice is prohibited. The system will automatically reject this.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Click the link to their official survey website – You will be immediately directed to the survey website.
  2. The homepage will ask for two pieces of information, namely the survey code and the TRN number. The survey code can be found at the bottom of the receipt, whereas the TRN number is present right at the top.
  3. Enter the details and click the ‘Start’ button. The well-crafted TellCulvers questionnaire will be loaded. Answer the questions honestly, based on your experience at the outlet. Don’t hold anything back!
  4. Once you submit the questionnaire, a unique coupon code will be generated. Make sure that you note it down.

On your next visit to Culver’s, present this coupon code along with your receipt at the counter. The employee will give you the item that is mentioned on your receipt for free!

About Culver’s:

Culver’s (called Culver’s Franchising System, Inc. in business circles) is a reputable chain of fast-food restaurants based in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. The very first Culver’s outlet was founded and managed by a family of four, namely George and Ruth Culver, their son Craig and his wife Lea Culver.

The Culver family was already dabbling in the restaurant business since 1961. They were proprietors of A&W off Phillips Boulevard in Sauk City, later becoming proud owners of The Farm Kitchen at Devil’s Lake. Eventually, they decided to sell all their restaurants, aiming to start their own fast-food franchise. And thus, the first Culver’s in Sauk City came to be in 1984!

Today, there are over 750 Culver’s outlets in the US, most of which are concentrated in the Midwest. If you love their fast food cuisine and frozen desserts, then don’t forget to take the survey at, and get an exciting freebie in return!

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  1. I love the quality that you serve. I am a true fan of your custard it is difficult for me to drive past without stopping for a cone or burger.
    I stopped there yesterday for a malt and ordered 2large malts and burgers and fries. When they handed the food out the window to me we received 2 regular malts. They said that is what I ordered, but it wasn’t. Your employees are not listening to the customers. My husband was upset that he didn’t get his large malt and was a crabby old man the rest of the day. He loves his culvers malts.