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Charleys Philly Steaks, often shortened to Charleys, is an international chain of restaurants based in the US that serves some of the best cheesesteaks that the country has to offer! True to the name of the restaurant, it serves a top-notch, lip-smackingly delicious Philly cheesesteak at a reasonable price. For vegetarians, their Veggie Delight is a must-try, filled with some of the most scrumptious stuff that you can ever imagine!

Place an order at your convenience or visit your nearest outlet as soon as possible, because right now, they are giving away free vouchers that can be redeemed for fries or drinks! All you need to do is take the TellCharleys survey to get the unique code.

So what is this survey all about, you may ask. The official survey found at assesses the experience of every customer that has visited their outlet and has taken the survey. Thus, if you have recently visited Charleys Philly Steaks and liked or disliked their services, then you can easily fill up the TellCharleys questionnaire in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t matter what your feedback is about, as long as it is honest.

Suppose that you found one of their food items to be of poor quality. As far as we know, it hasn’t happened yet, but there’s a possibility that it might happen. That is where the TellCharleys survey can help you out. Fill in the questionnaire and your feedback will certainly be taken into consideration!

Why TellCharleys Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Charleys has been serving steak lovers with utmost dedication for over 34 years. Since the day that the business was founded, they have been improving their ambiance, cleanliness, work ethics, and even their recipes! is your chance, as a customer, to help them back. It doesn’t matter if you are criticizing their services or complimenting their efforts, all they need is to hear from you. Their evaluators and personnel are ready and waiting for your answers!

Additionally, unlike other surveys that are often extra-long and take several hours to complete, the survey can be finished within 10 minutes! The instructions are clearly written on every page, and you can take it in 10 different languages! Nonetheless, we will help you out with the navigation of the website in the next section. But before that, let’s get to the most exciting part of the survey.

Every TellCharleys participant will get a free coupon at the end of the survey! This coupon code can be redeemed for a delicious freebie (fries or drinks or both, depending upon the prize therein)! You just need to make sure that you have filled in all the questions asked honestly.

Win Free Coupon in Survey:

There are certain strict rules and regulations to participate in the survey at Let us check out if you qualify.

Survey Requirements

  • Citizens of only those countries where a Charleys Philly Steaks outlet is present can participate in the survey. For instance, if you are a resident of India where there is no Charleys outlet, then you cannot take the survey.
  • Every entrant must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must own a personal laptop or a computer to take the survey. A smartphone with a good internet connection will also do the trick.
  • The questionnaire is available in over 10 different languages, right from something as universal as English to something as obscure as Persian. Take your pick!
  • A valid and recent Charleys receipt is mandatory to answer the questions honestly. It is proof that you have indeed visited the outlet before leaving feedback.

Survey Restrictions

  • Valid residents who work at any Charleys Philly Steaks outlet are not allowed to leave their TellCharleys feedback. Let’s face it, what will they leave their feedback about in a customer-centric survey? And to help avoid biased opinions, investors and associates of Charleys and their immediate family members are also barred from taking the survey.
  • Any Charleys receipt that is more than 3 days old will not be considered for the questionnaire.
  • Charleys’ employees have a right to refuse any coupon code that is more than 30 days old. However, if your code is below the set number of days, then they must give you the freebie.
  • You cannot transfer the TellCharleys coupon code to your friends or colleagues. You also cannot sell it for cash.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Log on to the website – – from your smart device.
  2. If you stay outside the US or Canada, then you will have to manually enter the details of your visit from your receipt. On the other hand, US or Canadian residents simply need to select the appropriate options.
  3. Once the main questionnaire gets loaded, take your time in answering each question honestly. Select from the multiple choices given according to your experience at the outlet.
  4. Finally, submit the TellCharleys survey to receive your unique coupon code! Redeem it at your nearest outlet as soon as possible to enjoy the free fries or drinks.

About Charleys Philly Steaks:

Charleys Philly Steaks was founded by its namesake, Charley Shin, an aspiring entrepreneur at Ohio State University. His mother used to run a thriving restaurant in Columbus, OH, which Charley sold during his tenure at OSU to realize his dream of cooking and serving a Philadelphia cheesesteak. His first resto was called Charley’s, and his kitchen faced the street, unlike other restaurants, inviting the passersby in with the delicious aroma. He later changed the name to Charleys Philly Steaks but kept the grill as it was in every outlet. 
Today, there are around 600 Charleys locations all around the world, with the major part of it concentrated in the US and Canada. Thus, no matter where you are located, take the survey at and make your feedback count. A free coupon awaits!

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  1. Sandwich was not worth $10.00 customer service was horrible was not told about earning rewards when I told him he took a cup and dropped it on the counter didnt even say thank you didn’t give me my recipe very rude I would never go back there and will tell everyone about the service at the deervalley store