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ALDI is a German chain of departmental stores that offers groceries at a discount! It has a popular presence in several parts of the US, not just as ALDI, but also as its anglicized counterpart, Trader Joe’s. Though ALDI stores primarily sell groceries and dairy products, you can also find several other types of top-grade household essentials there. And you can buy all that at amazing discounts, which are sometimes downright ridiculous! Thus, if you want to save on your next weekly or monthly household purchases, be sure to visit ALDI’s.

And during these trying times, you don’t need to visit their physical stores. You can simply place an order online at www.ALDI.us. Your purchases will be delivered safely and securely at breakneck speed. And if you ever find a fault with the purchased products, you can always leave your feedback at www.TellALDI.us, their official survey website for US residents!

Is there a need to go out to lodge a complaint to the manager of an ALDI store at their physical outlet when you can do it at home by login to TellALDI.us? It’s the easiest way to let not just the manager of the nearest outlet know your opinion, but also the top individuals at their main US headquarters! And it doesn’t matter what your complaint is about. It can be the quality of their products or the overall cleanliness at the outlet. People monitoring TellALDI will see your concerns.

And it doesn’t even matter if you don’t have a complaint about their services. Just write that you thoroughly enjoyed shopping at the ALDI store, got great discounts on top-notch products, and received excellent service. Feel free to let them know about your experience via the TellALDI.us survey!

Why TellALDI Customer Satisfaction Survey:

To tell you the truth, www.TellALDI.us is one of the finest surveys in the market, offering great rewards for your time. Let us first discuss what makes this survey so good. The survey website has been developed by programming experts, and you will experience hardly any lag in time between opening different pages on the site. And the design on every page is pleasing to the eye, not too bright and not too light!

Coming to the main TellALDI.us survey questionnaire, each question is as simple as it can be. And since every question will have multiple-choice answers of which you just need to pick one. So simple! Trust us, it won’t take you longer than 10 minutes to finish the questionnaire and submit the survey. Furthermore, your answers won’t just be considered by the ALDI authorities, but will be implemented as well!

Finally, the reward for taking the TellALDI survey will definitely want you to take it over and over again! You will have a chance to win their exclusive gift card worth $100, one which you can redeem at any ALDI outlet!

Win $100 Gift Card in TellALDI.us Survey:

So how can you win this $100 gift card? Can you really take the survey at TellALDI.us over and over again? Not quite! Take a look at the requirements before you actually begin the feedback.


Survey Requirements

  • Only US citizens who have made a purchase at a participating ALDI outlet can enter the sweepstakes via www.TellALDI.us. You can find the list of all participating locations here. If the location that you visited wasn’t participating in the survey, then you can send in your feedback via regular mail. Your entry will still be considered for the sweepstakes.
  • The minimum age for participating in the TellALDI.us survey is 18.
  • You should have knowledge of reading and writing in either Spanish or English.
  • For online participants, a laptop, computer or smartphone is a must. And without an internet connection, you cannot access the survey website.

Survey Restrictions

  • People who are employed by ALDI, their sponsors, InMoment (survey admins), and the US Sweepstakes firm won’t be allowed to take the TellALDI survey. Even their immediate family and professional associates aren’t allowed to enter.
  • The online survey has a restriction to only those customers who have received an invitation on their bill from a participating ALDI outlet. The rest can take the survey via regular mail.
  • Only one person per survey period (one month) is allowed to enter. Thus, you cannot take the TellALDI.us survey more than once within a month.
  • The prize that you win in the sweepstakes cannot be sold for cash and is non-transferable.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Get this link copy-pasted in your browser: www.TellALDI.us – the official link for the survey.
  2. Choose the language that you prefer to give the feedback in (English or Spanish).
  3. Refer to your ALDI receipt to enter the following details: survey code, date, and time of your visit. Then click Next.
  4. The survey questionnaire will be regarding almost every part of your visit, right from the cleanliness of the surroundings to the ambience of the interiors. Answer the questions honestly and describe your experience in the optional comment boxes provided if you want.
  5. Finally, enter your details and submit the survey at TellALDI.us to participate in the $100 sweepstakes!

About ALDI:

ALDI, a worldwide supermarket chain that provides its products at a discount, was founded in 1946 in Essen, Germany, soon after the end of WWII by two brothers, Karl and Theo Albrecht. One of them (Karl) had served under the Axis powers in the war. It was an extension of their family-owned business started by their mother. 

It is often said that humanity can rise above stereotypes, and those two brothers proved it by eventually expanding their business in other (Allied) parts of the post-war world. Their success can be majorly seen in the US where over 1600 of their 11,000 stores are present! And now, they need your help to expand even further, thus completely burying the Nazi regime once and for all! 
Take the survey at www.TellALDI.us and let them know your views, while you sit and reap the benefits of their $100 gift card!

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214 thoughts on “www.TellALDI.us – The Official ALDI Survey”

  1. Since Aldi does not answer customer phone calls, how does a person talk with a manager there once you get home & you find out a product was bad?

  2. I was recently at your Massena NY store and was treated very rudely by Andrea all because I had 8 small items in a box. She said I had to take items out. All the other cashiers always take items out for me. I am a senior citizen. I worked for retail for 20 years and this is no way to treat a customer

  3. Esther, a cashier in our Duluth store is the most upbeat person, she is always smiling and often quietly humming. Also, incredibly helpful and efficient. I often think to myself that she must really love her job which says a lot about Aldi.

  4. Love seven hills ohio aldis, customer service-stock & cashier patty rushed me out of t line! I have a broken ankle ‘, made me unload all heavy packs of drinks , stock girl said didn’t carry cherry juice ‘/ I bought it last week & had to locate it myself!!! Used to have have better customer service & Knowledgeable stock people

  5. I would like to commend Jacob in 317 N. Weber Rd Bolingbrook,IL.
    He is very pleasant and always courteous whenever he deals with customers.This is the kind of employees a store could have. They worked so hard pulling the machines and get down
    and dirty stocking the shelves but when you need their help he is always very helpful no matter how busy he was.
    And also Josh , very nice manager who always lend a helping hand whenever I need products that I cannot find. He make sure his shelves are fully stocked and will honestly tell you when the product will arrive so you won’t be expecting at a wrong date .
    Both these 2 are a great asset to this store. Not only very helpful but very willing to reach out always to the customers. These are the ones that will make this store flourish.
    Kudos to Jacob and Josh for all your great efforts helping customers with their needs.
    We would love to have and keep them to make this store sustains its full stability as far it goes.

  6. I grew up with Aldi and will be with them until I die.

    Personal are friendly helpful and sometimes even funny . I go to the 2 Aldi stores and never been disappointed

    Just a great place to shop

  7. I like your store pricing most of the time. Some items vary in price a lot, while others like cereal are
    pretty stable. I have found the employees vary friendly and seem to put interest in the store profits
    a big consideration, I like the way all the items have price tags

  8. today I was shopping at aldis on jefferson rd in rochester,ny. the cashier Nicholas helped me find the items i couldn’t find and he packed my groceries….much appreciated by this 94 yr. old.

  9. I mistyped. I meant to say it wasn’t so much for the money but to let you know of my experience each time I went. Also, to let you know which employee I dealt with and how the experience was. It’s a shame I can’t keep letting you know just how nice your employees are at this store.

  10. If I can only enter once a month that really takes away your ability to get a good idea of how the service is even by the same customer on any given day.
    I was even filling out the survey so much for the money it was because I wanted you to know about each experience I had there. I will never fill out another survey again.

  11. I recently visited the Aldi store in Clarion. Store # 50. I had two separate orders. I was charged twice for the same product. (sugar@ $2.07)
    Wanted SOMEONE to know for when I take back my receipts.
    Which leads me to a flaw I feel ALDI has. You CAN NOT contact the store directly. I feel that is poor customer service. We live in Small Town USA, and the closest ALDI is 30 minutes away BUT I am an ALDI regular.
    When something like this happens, ( over charged) it is nice to make contact directly because I may not make it back to the store for a few days.
    Thank you for listning

  12. Kylie at store #60 15439Southern Blvd provided a very pleasant shopping experience. Her kindness and caring attitude makes shopping at this store very special. Thank you Kylie M.

  13. I really appreciate the Aldi specials you carry i.e Wild Caught Sea Bass, French Onion soups etc. I just really wonder if anyone ever wins these $100 gift cards you promote? And why is it difficult to find the exact page of filling out the survey when you type in Tellaldi.us?

  14. I wanted to let you know that I go to your store #10 in Lansdowne, Pa. weekly. I try to always go to cashier ROSE to check me out because she is very pleasant, engaging and quick. She always has a great attitude. I just thought you should know. She is a gem!

  15. I Shop At Aldi Once About Every Other Week! Everything Has Been Great Because Of Being On A Fixed Income! Thank You!

  16. The best thing about Aldi’s is that I save money! I can afford to buy produce at Aldi’s that I cannot afford to buy at other grocery stores. My Aldi’s has some access issues in that the parking lot is too small and oddly shaped so cars wind up circling around to create a traffic jam; it would be good to see that addressed.

  17. Just shopped the Clinton Twp Mi.Hayes store. I used to shop the Gaylord Mi store. Wanted to get the Specially packaged lunch meat only to find out they don’t have it. Kind of disappointing, but I found a lot of other stuff. I recommend Aldi to all my family. Quality stuff reasonably priced

  18. My favorite store 12-8-21 I locked my keys,wallet,and cell phone in my call a thoughtful employee named Nicole helped me step by step with compassion and ordered a Lyft ride on her charge card for me. Even walked me out the the car when I returned to repay her charge she would not accept payment and told me to play it forward. The deals and friendly personal are the reason I shop Aldi at Groesbeck in Clinton Twsp.

  19. My visit to Aldi on 12/06/2021 was very satisfacyory. They had what I wanted, shelves were full and organised, and they had all the items I wanted. Checkout was quick and all employees I encountered were nice and helpful and eager to please. The store is always clean and obviously kept ingood order. I love shopping there.

  20. I like the selections in the store and the non food items are interesting. Personnel is friendly. The only challenge at times is the long waiting lines, however, I am sure that is due to the lack of available labor

  21. I LOVE ALDI’S I go there every 2 weeks. It’s the only store I can go to in my area to buy vegan & organic foods on a budget. Whole Foods is too expensive. Although I was very sad to see at the location I went to there were only 2 cashiers and each line had at least 15 people or more waiting. People were starting to mumble and complain I waited in line for about 20 mins & I was not last in line, after about 10 mins of waiting another cashier came to help. One register wasn’t working and another was not open at all, with plenty of employees walking around seeming doing nothing. This is not acceptable!!! The cashier I had was very polite but the frustration was was all over his FACE!!!!! I don’t think I will come back to this location.


  23. Shopping at Aldis has really helped me stretch my monthly food budget. I’m getting the same quality produce as the name brand stores carry, but I’m not paying their higher prices, so my money goes farther. I also have tried many of the ‘ALDIS” brand foods and have found them to be as good if not better than the name brand foods. The only problem I have encountered is not being able to get some because it’s already sold out. I tried ALDIS on a whim a few years ago, and now it’s my first stop when I’m shopping.

  24. I use to shop at Aldi’s while stationed with the USA in Germany. I was so very happy to have a store close by my home .I love shopping at Aldi, the prices at much letter and it saves me $. Thank you for serving us here in the US we enjoy all the German food that we get at Aldi .

  25. I bought a fresh turkey in my new Aldi’s, Toms River, NJ. It was juicy, tender and tasty. I just bought my first “meat’ purchase and will do so again. I had to tell you how we enjoyed it.

  26. Aldi has been my go to store ever since I moved to iowa in 2009. I love their products and prices. Today I was a bit disappointed in how I felt my cashier treated me. As I prepared to pay for my purchases she shoved my cart aside. I pulled it back a bit and told her I didn’t want to be so far away from my purse. This evidently caused her to feel upset with me and she basically “blew me off” as she handed me my change. I realize that ALL Aldi employees work very hard and are pressured to work fast. However a little kindness extended from your employees goes a long way.

  27. I like Aldi fruits and vegetables.
    Many cashiers are very friendly and accomodating. Only one seemed not to be as he she and another made a customer put their groceries back. I understood that it was simply because he was taking too much of one item and they needed the item for other customers. This customer didn’t speak English and so he didn’t understand, poor fellow.

    The frozen chicken fillets are delicious and I really appreciate the cat food at an unbelievable bargain price.

    This month was the first month I have ever shopped at Aldi. I had heard about it. The prices are so affordable!

    I also like the very clean environment.

    Thank you.

  28. What I love most about Aldi is the selection of gluten free foods and the taste and quality of these foods, especially the reads and bagels. I also like that our store is fairly small, quick to get around and fast check out. The store is kept clean and neat.

  29. Went to store #41 today. Normally it seems to be a well run place. Today it was not. I buy the cases of water. 16.9 ounce bottles. Today the cases were stacked higher than me. I’m 6’2″.
    It was difficult to get one without standing on the bottles next to it. Somebody was not thinking. When I checked out the cashier threw one case on the upper part of the cart and I heard it burst. Hard to load a busted case into my truck.
    Lastly, y’all….. get rid of the f- ing masks!

  30. Always a pleasant shopping experience. Although prices have risen everywhere, including Aldi, I am still saving money by shopping there.

  31. I bought a bone in turkey breast to make for my husband & I with our son for tonight’s dinner, to my dismay it was totally missing the gravy packets which say they are included on the front of the wrapping. The gravy is one of the main things my men enjoy most. Although the meat itself is good, i am very disappointed that not even one packet was packaged inside. The worst part is this- this is not the first time this has happened! Last year I also had one that had no gravy packets in it either….

  32. I buy all products that I need and can find at Aldi. The store is clean, clerks are friendly and helpful. I love that most of your prices have changed very little dispite what I hear or read on the news. Thanks

  33. I have been to many Aldis and the one in Clifton Park NY is awful. I have live d here for 9 months and the shelves are never stocked the ones that are are messy and the cashiers, most of them need a shower. At least wash your hair, You need to check this store out.

  34. why don’t you “Aldi” get a web sit that’s easy to get too. This is crap bouncing around, my time is worth something.

  35. Evendale Aldi is my favorite store! I can run in and run out. Get what I want usually and everyone is super nice!

  36. love to shop at aldi because of the prices, good customer service and fresh produce.

    i will recommend any one to shop there.

  37. Lowest prices for most items. Quality is good on most items except on produce at certain times. Out of stock items at various times. Service is good.

    Would like easier access to contact store or home office.

  38. I’d like to say how much our community appreciates our Aldis,store #11 21481 Perry st in Big Rapids,Mi,it is allways well stocked and very clean.The prices and selection are awesome.I especially like all the new organic and healthy products at a fair price.The manager is a nice guy as are all the employees.The produce section has a great variety and the quality is also very good.They did an amazing job remodeling this summer and the store is even better. Keep up the great work Aldis we really appreciate you !!!!

  39. When I go shopping at Aldi’s I find something new that fits into my budget and is delicious ! The store is clean and I love Aldi’s Almond milk!!

  40. Aldi’s is the greatest grocery store around. We were so Blessed when they came to our location. They have the best produce available. Their prices is good on their meats and actually on about every they sale. It is a one stope grocery store

  41. Enjoy Aldi and WILL come back every time. Today, saw the tragedy of need to increase prices. Not complaining. But was puzzled when store tags posted showing multiple prices, the higher price always taken. Brought home cream posted at1.79, but charged 2.35 and left the grahm cracker crust that was posted in two different aisle – 1.95 and 2.15. This was not right and clerk said he would report it, but did me no good.

  42. Aldi,s employees are great people. They actually take the time to help the customers. I enjoy shopping and saving at Aldi,s



  45. aldis is a very nice, clean and friendly store i enjoy shopping there at least 3 times aweek, they are very sheldon out of things that i need, i retired from walmart 2 years ago after 25 years of service, but i enjoy ALDI much more and the clerks always havetime to say hi
    , robert keith, ludinton, mich

  46. I really enjoy shopping at our local Aldi in Batavia, N.Y. Your prices are great and your produce is fresh and affordable.The staff is amazing too, today the cashier (female) was closing her checkout and going on her break and she saw a elderly lady struggling with her bags, she loaded all the bags in the shopping cart and took them to the elderly lady’s car,put them in her trunk and returned the shopping cart and handed her the quarter. That, was so good to witness in todays world !!

  47. I love shopping at Aldi’s one of the few things that I miss since I moved back home to take care of a ailing parent. I shop there now when certain situations put me in the area when I need groceries. I love the amount of groceries that I obtain with the amount paid

  48. I appreciate the fact that ALDI places its locations in areas where income levels vary, sometimes dramatically.
    Our local store, in Medina, New York, is depended on by many low income families who may not otherwise be able to afford healthy choices for them. The prices are so reasonable. The fresh foods are always fresh and a variety available. the Staff in this store are always cheerful and well trained. I witnessed a stock man assist a young mother, without being asked, to help take her two full cartloads to her car and ask to help her unload if she needed too. that is customer service in a day that so many business’ do not provide it.

  49. We love shopping at your store
    We like fresh Vegatables and Great Quality products. Majority of our
    Food is from Aldi’s.

  50. why can’t i enter the aldi $100 survey? i put in all the info, date, time of day. press enter and it won’t let me get past that first page???

  51. Aldi Southport is a very friendly store where the staff are always willing to help.
    They are always busy keeping the store topped up and kept clean.
    Nick on the till was very polite and friendly, asking if I had got everything I needed.

  52. Upon visiting Aldi’s Supermarket I take pride in shopping for food for my family. I have visited Aldi’s stores in different areas and always appreciate the value of Aldi’s products. I look forward shopping at Aldi’s because I also save while being satisfied with giving my family great quality foods. I have joy in taking this survey to let the Aldi’s Supermarkets know I am truly thankful for their introduction to our neighbor hoods/communities. I wish Aldi’s continue to provide their greatness to families who appreciate them as well as like myself. On September 25, 2021,Raf/Sec #754413 my cashier person was Elizabeth, she were great as well.

    Thank you,
    Sharon Rolle

  53. The workers and service was very good. I always shop at the Aldi’s store in Lehigh Acres, Florida once a week. I happen to be in Bonita Springs at a tool warehouse and notice that their was a Aldi’s next door. I finished shopping at a tool warehouse and instead of going home to Lehigh Acres to purchase my weekly groceries, I decided to enter the Bonita Springs, Aldi. As I was following my shopping list, I began to select the items that I always purchase at the Lehigh Acres store. I noticed most of the products were between 50 to 70 cents higher that I have been purchase and some of the advertised prices in the flyer were higher for one store to another. I noticed that my grocery bill was at least $10 higher from the Bonita Springs Aldi when compared to the Lehigh Acres Aldi. I will never purchase any groceries from the Bonita Springs store ever again. I know it is only $10 but the cashier stated because this store is in a better area that the prices are higher.

  54. I shop at your Lady Lake, FL store, and I just want to tell you that your employees are extremely kind, polite, and welcoming. Vicky is the girl who checked me out, and I’d like her to be recognized as a super employee!

  55. I shop at Aldi Stanley Co Durham.Nice and clean. Checkout people very pleasant. Only one fault is I have to go to other shops to complete my shopping list.

  56. Nice and clean. Checkout people very pleasant. Only one fault is I have to go to other shops to complete my shopping list.

  57. I went into the Jamestown store and bought some chicken breasts which said they would change the price at the register. It did not. I am not a happy shopper.

  58. somehow got billed 9.95 for 73/27 Fresh Chub which i did not have in my cart and did not even know what it was until i googled it—i did not even have any fish products in my cart

  59. The store was well stocked, the prices were excellent, the employees were friendly and very helpful. I hated to leave and come home. I rate store # 58 a 9+.

  60. Wish we would of had an ALDI years ago, this is my number one store and to be honest don’t know how we survived before ALDI came to Texas and I find it amazing that everyone doesn’t shop there, I tell people about the store all the time and tell them they need to go, we have two driving distance one in Burleson and one in Mansfield on Matlock road store #55 and it’s my favorite, love the size and layout of the store and all the employees are so nice and friendly it’s been a blessing for us thank you so much for coming to Texas and I’ll keep telling everyone I know about your store.

  61. The cashier(Male)
    1) did not acknowledge me OR the two customers immediately behind me
    2) rang up and processed my purchases AND those of the customer immediately behind me
    3) haphazardly handled the my purchases and those of the customer immediately behind me
    4)chastised me/the customer immediately behind me/both for not putting the belt dividers between our orders
    5) in rescanning/reprocessing my order ,scanned TWICE one of the items(OJ if it matters..and to me it DID)

    This comedy of errors took place at the ALDIs location at 4604 Kenmore Ave., Store # 65 in Alexandria, VA at 2:48PM 13September2021

  62. I have gone to two different Aldi’s stores specifically to buy oyster crackers. Aldi’s oyster crackers are the best in the whole world!! However, they are not to be found! What is going on? I would think we are just coming onto the chili and soup season and they would be readily available. Can I get some help with this?

  63. i really like aldi #13 store. nice and clean and stocked well. it is great that when i go there the products are in the same place. i don’t have to hunt and hunt for them. i think walmart changes theirs around every couple weeks. that is very aggravating.

  64. I love Aldis and always shop there first. Unfortunately as some items are seasonal I have to finish at another store. dg. I have been buying their beets in a can but could not find the other day. I was told they were seasonal and had to go across the street to HEB to purchase. Why would beets in a can be seasonal?
    As I like uncured meats I am happy to buy uncured ham, bacon and lunchmeat at reasonable prices. I also find the fish and chicken to be reasonably priced.

    I only go to other stores when I cannot find what I am looking for, and I am so happy that Aldis came to Houston and I tell all my friends to shop there.

  65. I love your store and the great prices.. I live in Tazewell, Va area and do not have a Aldi’s here . When I have to go out of town to visit family, I always stop at Aldi’s but wish that we had one closer. I would be there every week. I hope in the near future that you would expand and put some in the Tazewell or Bluefield, VA area. Please open a store in Tazewell, Va.
    Thank you.

  66. I love Aldi’s stores! When the company moved into our area a few years ago I was skeptical in thinking it would be a second-rate store that sold overstock items. To my pleasant surprise it has become my store of choice, as I am able to shop my entire shopping order at a very competitive price.

    Today I again was in Aldi’s for items I needed to make dinner. I was able to get everything I needed, and the cashier was helpful and polite. I always come out of Aldi’s thinking I am lucky to have this store so conveniently located near me.

  67. I shop at Aldi store # 58in Atlanta GA. frequently and have always had a good experience. Once I had an accident with a gallon of milk and an employee assured there was no problem much to my relief. Keep up the good work.👍

  68. Sadly I had a very embarrassing shopping experience at your Virginia, MN store #95 on 8-11-21 because of
    your employee, Nels. I was standing outside your refrigerated storage area looking for assistance. I DID NOT ENTER THAT AREA. The swinging doors had been left wide open and I glanced inside from outside the door looking for an employee, Suddenly, Nels appeared from the front and launched a very angry, aggressive, loud verbal assault repeatedly (at least six times) accusing me of entering that area. Again I did not! Nels did not back down until my Husband walked up. He witnessed some of Nels behavior and was as appalled as I was. This one is on you Aldi. This individual obviously has not been properly screened or trained. Our shopping experience at Aldi has always been positive and we recognize Nels is an exception, however you need to quickly and seriously address this event with Nels.

  69. I visited Elvis in Stow OH. August 8
    a Evelyn was my cashier.
    5998 463\069/007/019 1:52pm
    I know you have heard it many time. Shopping in your stores bring smiles from everyone. Even down to the quarters …… Your employees and your cashiers are ALWAYS in great humor and in their greeting.
    This is what makes Aldis so great! No carts banging around in parking lots ….

  70. I went into Aldi at New Malden, I live in banstead area when I got home I realized that I was charged for the same thing twice … not happy, maybe I should have checked the receipt before I left the store…

  71. We just LOVE ALDI! It has been our primary store to shop in now for the past couple of years. Two comments:

    1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back your Gluten Free Pretzel sticks! I was told today they were discontinued since I haven’t been able to buy them for months. They are by far the best tasting gluten free pretzel ever!

    2. Open a store in Denver, Colorado please. A family member just moved there and is heartbroken ALDI is not there.

    Keep up the good work!

    Thank you.

  72. I have been an Aldies customer fo over 40 years. No one can beat their prices. They are never out of stock like Walmart. People that work there are also so helpful and polite. I especially love their brand. Aldies is my favorite store. Also it is always clean and fun to shop there.

  73. Aldi in Wall Township, NJ is a beautifully maintained store which is clean, organized and convenient.
    All of the employees are helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. The produce is always fresh, displayed beautifully and organized. The store smells clean and fresh and it makes shopping a joy !

  74. thanks for being in our community. I have been shopping at Aldi since you came to Gainesville, Ga. you have good products at affordable prices. your produce is beyond compare for the price. your milk keeps a couple days longer than the milk from other stores. I like the prices on your nuts and snack foods also, now I can afford to indulge again.

  75. 99.5 %. 👍👍👍 stores r clean
    Employees r. helpful
    99 % ot the time I’ll find what I’m lookun. For
    Three things on my list. Leav with. Five. ❤️👍🌷🇺🇸
    First coutomer in your 1st store in minnesota

  76. On 7/23/21 I went to my local Aldi store looking for a specific item. I could not find it. An employee, Scotty, was stocking frozen food, the only one I saw at that moment, and I asked him where to find the item I was seeking. He called his manager to inquire where to find it and then took me to that aisle. There were none of the item so he again called his supervisor who stated that he felt sure that they were sold out but to check one other place. Again Scotty took me to that location and helped me look. Sadly, there were none to be found. Scotty apologized for the fact they were sold out. Scotty then returned to his previous task. He was very helpful, very polite, very friendly. It is always a pleasure to have employees such as Scotty provide assistance. This is my first interaction with an Aldi employee except for the personnel at the check out counter and I was very pleased with the interaction. I hope that this will provide a plus sign on Scotty’s next evaluation. This occurred at the Salisbury, Maryland Aldi store.

  77. the receipt says “No purchase necessary”, however, on the instructions for the survey, it states that you must have made a purchase.

  78. First the store is neat and clean. Inviting. Items well placed and easy access. Prices tend to be at or below below most other stores I shop. The stores do offer monatery savings over other stores. Highly recommended.

  79. Everything I need can be found at ALDIS…..No need to shop at any other . store.The only thing I miss is the baloney lunchmeat….don’ know why you don’t stock it anymore at the Hermitage Pa. store Checking out is a pleasure….speedy and clerks are so kind and helpful….they really enjoy working at ALDIS. Don’t know what I would do without having a .store handy to me…..I couldn’t afford to shop anywhere else. I’m 90 living on social security and still able to go to ALDIS by myself. It’s good to know that they will deliver whenever the day comes that I can’t get there…..DON’T EVER CLOSE THE STORE!!!!…….THANKS…Olga Heikkinen

  80. I have never had a bad experience at any of the Aldi stores. I was first introduced to this store way back in 1992 in Monroe WI. We bought groceries almost every 2 weeks since. Where I live now. There is a store on the far west side of town. Hoping they build another on the east side to give Festivals and Piggly Wiggly. A run for there money. Aldis has fresh produce where others do not.
    Always very friendly people. (FUNNY) Even the managers will talk to me. And also. Help me. Yes I’m 6’5″ tall but I’m in a wheelchair. I can stand braced. But can’t walk without support. And then only very short distance. The only bad product I had was pancake mix years ago. Which I said something about it the next time we went and they gave me the money back. Other stores don’t do that. I love how you stand behind your product.

  81. I shop @ aldis every wk, the prices are cheaper then majority of grocery stores in my area Store #59,is clean,the workers are couteous,helpful,and the products are superior, on produce,fresh veggies and frozen, fruits, meat.poltry.fish, and you have the best in german delicasies,special and imported items. and organic foods,and healthy foods are the best, and all other products in the store are soo good,you want to buy more and more products and the price comes cheaper I always save money here. Afriendly atmosphere,good management,helping the customers. I solely reccomend this store,its a pleasue to shop here,and they do take and can order certain items,and there is a good communication with management and the customers, Ilove Aldis,its my favorate,keep bringing us better and healther foods. I would love to get the gift card.

  82. Shopped at Aldi’s today to buy a few items and they always have what I want and need for a very good price. The clerks are nice and friendly and are always willing to help you find what you want. I shop at Aldi’s at least once a week.

  83. Taking the survey for Aldi’s to see if I can win a $100.00 gift card. I went to Aldi’s today, July 8th, 2021 to buy a few groceries and I always have a good experience. The clerks who work there are always helpful and friendly if you need something or can’t find something. Aldi’s is very reasonable that most grocery stores. I like it and it is a great place to buy my groceries!

  84. My regular grocery store is Aldi in Flemington NJ. That is the only store I buy my groceries from. Love the staff. Can not point one but all are just wonderful, friendly members, which makes my shopping even more fun!
    Only one thing that I was not satisfied – only this time- was the mangos. We love mango so much, we bought four dozens last time, to share with friends and family and for us. But they did not have the taste we normally have enjoyed all these time. The price was very good, so went over board. Otherwise we do not have any problem any time.
    Thank you so much for coming to Flemington!

  85. We go every four to six weeks. Excellent fruits and vegetables, especially the avocados, The prices fit our budget, especially the breakfast cereals, and many other items that fit also the dietary regimen we have.

  86. Love your store. Bought a Rollator for my husband and then bought another for my sister. Always there are good finds.

  87. Went to new store in Buck horn. First time. Very clean and prices for what I bought were very good.

  88. I recently was shopping at one of the Your stores and was confronted with a very rude and unfriendly cashier. I think more time and effort should be brought forth with the training and teaching people before just hiring anyone but then again with the direction our nation is headed I am guessing it’s luck to find someone that actually wants to work so there is always that….

  89. We need an Aldia store in the Arkansas City, Ks area. There is a perfect spot in a high traffic area with a fairly new building available now. We only have Walmart and Dillon/Kroger stores in our area and I have heard so many people say , “Boy I sure wish we had an Aldia’s store”. Nearest Aldia’s is Ponca City, OK ( which is the worst Aldia’s I have shopped at) or Derby. Arkansas City is a town of 10, 000 people and Winfield is 11 north with 12,000 and has the same choices to shop. Please check us out!

  90. Had a problem today with a return at store 6 in fort Myers Fla: I returned several boxes of non expedItion boxes of pAsta your brAnd expiring 2022 and two containers of chocolate covered almonds never opened all were infested with bugs. I go to ladies twice a wk or more n this manager would not give me a store credit. First time this happened so I threw it all in their waste can outside n very overwhelming over this. Manager grilled me about it. It was at least 25.00 0f groceries unopened n bad. I had no receipt but they were from this store. Please respond. Cause ladies was always good about returns n etc

  91. My early memory of Aldi’s comes from the late 70’s. Telling my age, serving in the military. I’ve got to see most of the world and all 50 states. Seeing a new Aldi’s in a place that the current community did not know about, I was a old Aldi’s pro. Seeing the new improvements and new items. As I grew Aldi’s grew too. Keep up the great work and great prices.

  92. Aldi on 3250 East fayette st Baltimore MD store # 30 employee are so rud , cashier are so rud they are not profesional i go to buy stuff every two day but now dont go to that store , People look like don’t wants to do they job

  93. We love shopping at Aldi’s, and my husband loves your Fit&Active Vitality Cereal with Red Berries. We both do…and it digests well. Our question is this. Could you please consider increasing the amount of cereal/strawberries in the box. Currently, it weighs in at 11.2 oz, and that’s pretty light weight, so we have to purchase two at a time. We realize that it’s probably still a bargain, but we’d rather pay more for one box that will last one of us a week. Perhaps others would too. 18-24 oz?

    I wasn’t able to take your survey because I couldn’t find the five digit number required to get past the first page. It did not appear at the end of the receipt or anywhere else. There was a five-digit number for texting ALDI, and that number was 97211. I tried to use that number and it was rejected each time (I don’t give up easily!!) ‘ The only numbers on the receipt were: #1237 464/071/006/002 06/21/21 05:01PM . Thank you.

  94. I purchased 12 bottles of Gatorade on sale today at the Aldi’s in Bolingbrook, IL! The sale price was .89

    1. My receipt shows I was charged.98 instead of .89. I purchased 12 bottles. Dont go to Aldi’s that often plus I’m on a walking cane due to recent knee surgery. It was frustrating to have to return my cart to get my quarter back.

  95. I frequently shop at Aldi’s in the Rochester, NY area. A couple of days ago I was shopping at the Aldi’s in Farmington, NY, where I have shopped many times. The products and the prices are excellent, and the service is always very good. The entire staff has always been verty helpful. I would like to give a special commendation to Rachel E., who was working at the checkout the day I was there. She was very efficient,
    and very courteous and pleasant.

    Thank you.

  96. I have been an Aldi shopper for a long time. I like the smaller store because I have walking issues. The food items are fresh, the store brands are top quality and the prices save me money to buy other things in the non-food aisle. I like doing my weekly shopping in one place. I don’t mind bagging my own groceries because I know where everything is when I get home to put them away. Thanks Aldi!!! And, I thank Brandon Taylor for his help today!!!

  97. I am a Aldi fan.Go shopping there every Wednesday. I’ve converted my daughter son and daughter in law to shop Aldi
    My daughter uses your on line shopping 😊

  98. I love shopping at Aldi’s. I shop there every other Saturday. Your employees are very polite and helpful. I like the money that I have.


  100. I try to do your survey but after I put in the information I just get a little circle like my computer is trying to get in.

  101. young man named KEN AT ALDI AVON IN JUNE 10..WAS OUTSTANDING.I forgot my wallet, he said he would ring up, save items for me, and I could go get wallet and pay when I returned.I had milk, cheese salad, and he was smart enough to put in cooler for me.HE IS AWESOME.
    PLEASE PLEASE embaress him in front of peers for doing a outstanding job of customer service.

  102. I shop at Aldi every week for the best bargains and surprise items each week on sale.I like the variety,freshness and new merchandise.

  103. I like the variety of so many items. beside food items. I bought 2 pair of the warmest leggings ever. I get cold at times living in FL. They save turning heat on.
    The produce is high quality as is their entire store.
    Shopping there is always a fun and money saving shopping.
    Their return policy is unsurpassed and was quite a surprise, no questions asked. Love it.


  104. I tried to choose English, but nothing happens and I can’t seem to enter this survey or sweepstakes .

  105. The money I spend in food in Aldi would be like almost double in another food chain. Being a senior citizen depending only on my social security check I need to stretch it in order to make it. Better still, I just found out that I could order on line and it will be curse side pick up, now I don’t have to depend solely on Walmart. This is a happy senior citizen. Thanks

  106. Shop at Aldi mostly for their produce which is much better than other chains in the area. Prices are very reasonable and like the wide isles. However, sometimes it is hard to move around especially when they are stocking the shelves. Not sure if this is done all day long but maybe it can be done when the volume of customers is lower. Otherwise, great place to grocery shop!

  107. I like all the Aldi stores here in Des Moines, IA! We have 3; 1 on NE 14th, 1 on SE 14th, 1 in the vacinity of 86th & Douglas; each store is laid out a little different from each other, & I like it!
    The Walmart stores I visit R the same way; keeps things interesting! I buy my cheese products shells & cheese, & a few other products @ Aldi because they’re cheaper than some of the regular grocery stores are!! What can I say!!

  108. The variety of food is priced reasonably and of the best quality. The personnel is wonderful and knowledgeable and also friendly. I know where to get everything I need when I am in a hurry. Everything is clean and well organized.

  109. I always enjoy my visits to Aldi’s !!
    All employees are happy to help. !!
    I always leaves Aldi’s with a smile on my face.
    Love the fruits= & vegetable isles and especially love the Avocadoes.

  110. Was not able to take the survey; there wasn’t anything to click on to get to the actual survey.
    Thanks for your store in Shelby, N. C. I am your customer once or twice a week. My husband feeds our many birds your bread (chipped up). The birds love the bread better than bird seed. Would love to know how to buy your bread that is expired. Please let me know.
    Love your produce and buy every week. You haven’t put blueberries on special in a long time. I keep looking! Because I eat blueberries every day in my oatmeal or cereal, I wait to buy your discounted blueberries and freeze them. Your sweet potatoes are a hit, also cabbage, lettuce and tomatoes. I buy your oatmeal and ‘cheerios’ cereal, also not-refined sugar, olive oil and spray, vanilla extract and some spices. My doctor asked me to drink the pure cranberry juice, so I buy yours quite often, even though the price is high. Like your ‘1000’ toilet tissue to use at my sink in bathroom. I appreciate your tin foil and saran wrap and napkins.
    Wish you would sell the combination carton of Almond and Coconut , unsweetened, similar to the plain Almond. Your different brand is too expensive. Also wish you would sell ice cream that is not so sweet. My husband has been eating too many sweets and his sugar is too high, so doctor told him to cut out concentrated sweets.
    Thank you, Aldi, for coming to Shelby, N. C. Boiling Springs would be a great place for you to build a store!

  111. I love the selection of organic produce, healthy breads and almond milk – nice to be able to purchase healthy food at reasonable cost. Also love the special items like frozen avocado from time to time. Thank you for making this available to your customers.

  112. Store Not ALLWAYS consistent,
    try Basil other than just cilantro/ Arugula not mixed with spinach like you used to have/ Garlick other than from China /Whole tomatoes in cans other just crushed/ More Lamb choices more often/Black eyed beans, never there/Too many Pizzas NOT ENOUGH Seafood in your freezer (this much better when first opened.
    Poor Pasta selection.

    (just trying to help)

  113. Got an invitation to participate at my local ALDI. Never could find out where to go to find the needed form.

  114. Aldi’s is a must stop each week. Vegetables are the best, breads and meat rate highly also. Never a problem!

  115. When had a family to fed, I always made a weekly trip to Aldis. Now I go at least once a month. I know I will always find a great selection of foods and other products. I buy a lot of meat and other frozen items , bring them home and fill my freezer, to share with family and friends. Meats are good quality and selection is great and I always find special items for gifts. At 80 I still remain a active member of society and enjoy my shopping trip. The staff is always helpful and friendly. While visiting my brother in California we would go to Trader Joes. grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the selection of organic food. I swould recommend Aldi’s to all my family and friends. Thanks

  116. I love the fresh produce and unique special purchases they offer. Like the prices and store associates are always friendly and helpful.

  117. Love the selection of products and especially the prices. I’m there a lot and do almost 90% of our grocery shopping there. Love the organic brands and the unique seasonal and ethnic foods available. The Specialty Brand vanilla and chocolate ice cream is the best I’ve ever had. Amazing. Beer and wine selection is great and the prices are the best.
    Bring us so more Trader Joe’s items especially the produce and cheese and you guys will rule the food market. Thanks

  118. Quality products at reasonable prices and location to my home is great so less I spend on gas. I changed my name brand for many of your bran and was satisfied .

  119. I in joy shopping at ALDI because the prices are better & they have everything you need too. They are going to open another store after May I have heard on Harvard but the location is a very busy area for traffic & there will be alot of accidents in the location. I hope there will be a better location or idea for a new store.

  120. a great place to shop. employes are all friendly and helpful. prices generally very good. products are good.

  121. Aldi employees at this store are always, always very helpful and courteous. I have been shopping at this store for about 13 years. I have been to other Aldi stores as well. If you have been here you know it can get very busy very quickly and the employees always are very courteous and helpful. So put that together with good products, and fair prices and it is a great place to shop.

  122. This is the third time in as many months, that I purchased the seedless red grapes. I do this every week. Yet, again, this is the third time that the grapes are full of seeds and I have thrown them into the woods behind my residence. I love Aldi and have kept each and every receipt just to see how much, by adding up them and its well over a thousand dollars and I shop for only myself. The thin sliced cold cuts, the cheeses, the spinach dips, meats, all are exceptional. I just felt it was necessary to inform you of this. I have Diverticulosis and cannot have seeds, so this is a concern. The name on the bag of grapes is Jack’s Salute.

  123. I live in Shelbyville, IN and really appreciate and like the newly revamped Aldi. My parents suggested shopping at Aldi many years ago and I sometimes make a trip once a week for those items that are good quality and less expensive. Personnel are always courteous and helpful and I know several of them by their first name.

    Aldi is the greatest thing next to sliced bread (which by the way is always fresh in your store).

    Gayle Henderson

  124. Being a senior on a fixed income I have to pinch my pennies to get affordable items. Aldi’s is about only store around that I can go to get good prices for 50 dollar snap allow. An help with food pantry.

  125. We stop at Aldi’s at least once a week. The prices on almost everything are quite a bit lower then the big grocery stores. I am so glad they opened a store here.


  127. Aldi has the best products and the nicest people working in their stores. prices can’t be beat and selections are very good and the helves are always well stocked. Even in these trying times. They are close by and are easy to get to with plentry of parking.

  128. You can get more more for your money shopping at Aldis The help is always pleasant and more than willing to help you.

  129. The prices are good, They have good produce the store is kept clean check out is quick. The store brands are very good.

  130. I enjoy shopping at Aldi, because the prices are great, the produce is always fresh, and the clerks are very friendly. The store is usually very clean.

  131. My wife stopped after work today to get two bags of salad kits each one I have a dollar off bottom at the register brought them home and realized that they didn’t take the dollars off because it expire ration date what do we do about getting our money back

  132. I like shopping for produce and baking ingredients at Aldi as they are the most reasonable of any store in Sioux Falls, SD. The store at 85th and Minnesota Ave. is clean, has wide aisles and easy access to products. Checkout is quick and efficient–I will gladly pay the 25 cent cart fee and bag my own for the savings!
    Today Frank was my check out guy–he is always friendly, fast, knowledgeable, and informative.

  133. store was very busy there were 3 lines open went quick at check out however no one to clean floor that had smashed cheery s

  134. Enjoy shopping at Aldi, close to my home. First spotted Aldi while in Germany. Happy to see it open in Laguna Hills, CA. Good meat products, Fresh veggie and fruits. Great selection of wines. Also the suprises’s of so many miscellaneous items for home use.

  135. I am not sure about this reply. I am replying to myself. Hahahhahahahaha! I just enjoy Aldi so much, I talk to my friends about it, and I always get gift cards now, to go shopping at Aldi.

  136. I did not get to give my comment last month of January, so here I am again. Aldi opened a new store in Poway, and I was so excited because the one in Mira Mesa is away from other stores that I need to go to as well. This one in Poway is around every other best market places for me. It is small, but it gave me really good deals! Unbelievable how cheap they price some items that I really use on daily basis. Then even the meat, is fresh and cheaper. I finally fill up my ref and freezer to my heart contents. Last Christmas, I did all my shopping at Aldi for my grandchildren and friends, because I can afford it, when I buy them from Aldi.

  137. I found Aldi for the first time, when I retired. Being on SSI, I need to be careful with my spending, even for grocery. I was so impressed. The store was not really big, in Mira Mesa, San Diego, California, but with sufficient enough to fill your basket for the whole week use. SInce then, I look for Aldi wherever I go. I t ruly enjoy their products, produce and none perishable items too.

  138. My Aldi experience at the Baum Blvd store in Pittsburgh is so pleasant. The manager is kind to the customers and takes care of her staff. She is full of positive energy and a terrific leader. A leader has a servant heart and I see this in her. I don’t know her name but I must find. out. I feel badly about that…. Also, the young lady was very helpful with carrying 2 large plants and placing them carefully in my cart. I love that all of the checkout people attempt to place the fragile items on the seat . I just wanted you to know what a great job they do for our community.

  139. When I was introduced to Aldi, it was the best Invitation I could have received. Their is always an abundance of fresh produce with a variety of fresh vegetables. I am thankful that I am conventionally located between three different stores. Customer service is outstanding. If you have never been before, please arrange a time to check them out.

  140. Aldi is a nice clean place to shop. Well stocked and low prices. Great employees who check you out quickly.

  141. Like the products and prices. Like the way you handle the shopping cart problem. Like the organized shopping aisles, indicating proper way to enter each one. Like the personnel’s helpfulness. Like bringing my own bags to carry out my purchases. Like the cleanliness of the store and the restroom. Very pleased to shop here. Glad my daughter gave me a gift card to introduce me to ALDI.

  142. I love the Aldi store close to where I live. Since I am handicapped, an Aldi employee always goes to help me finding the product(s) I love. I was a German once and look forward to German items.

  143. I shopped at aldi and found their prices to be reasonable and affordable.
    Their restroom was very clean and the employees there are helpful when
    I have a question.

  144. Like always, my time shopping @ Aldi was productive and reasonably priced. As was discussed earlier, you always do not find the Major Brands there, but the substitutes are good quality and well worth the price. On occasion you may find Campbells soups, Prego spaghetti sauce and General Mills breakfast cereals, if that is what you are used to, but I have found your house brands to be just fine. When you are watching your budget on a fixed income, this store is perfect for you. The cart system is great, and sometimes people will stop on the way back returning their carts to save steps and leave you with a greeting as they give you their cart. No stray carts in the parking lot dinging cars and requiring extra labor to return! Great idea! Employees I have seen are always friendly and constantly moving to open a new register or keep the shelves stocked. I’ve been shopping Aldi since I retired 3 years ago and will continue. Did I mention the great Guarantee? It looks like you can’t go wrong shopping @ Aldi.

  145. I shop in Aldi about once a week. The service is very fast, the help very friendly. The store is always clean and the prices are better than in many other stores. I was kind of disappointed that our store in Kpt., Tn. didn’t
    carry any GLUEHWEIN in Dec. of 2020. I am German and like my GLUEHWEIN at christmas.

  146. I love going to your store every week cause of all the great employees & the food you get for me.It’s soooooooooo easy to shop the lines of food. Everything is so clean and well stocked you don’t have to ask for anything. I’m proud of the store I go to. I know everyone that works there and love sharing my homemade goodies when I bake them.

  147. Please Please open a store in Glendale, AZ – I am from Illinois and was so happy to see that 2 stores have opened but would love it to be closer to me here in Glendale, Love your products, esp. the veggie and fruit section. Both stores were so clean and bright and the help was very friendly. JUST COME TO GLENDALE!!

  148. great prices for seniors who are on a small income.
    products come and go so if you see buy it then also bring your own bag is great
    our store is close and
    is always clean.

  149. I like the prices, but when I went in the store at 27 and Yankee Hill in Lincoln, NE on Dec. 28, 2020, I was disgusted by the filthy cart wipe holder next to an overflowing trash can and wipes all over the floor. Stock was low on some things. The bananas are in boxes low to the ground and either over-ripe or green. The checkers are always friendly, but I feel very rushed and usually there are long lines but go quickly. I hate the cart system and have never used that. Bring your own sacks. If it weren’t for your prices, I probably would stay away. Good luck finding the same products again and again.

  150. I really like your products but I live too far away to go shopping every week. Why don’t you have a store in Suffern, New York ? We need an Aldi in Suffern…

  151. I like to shop at Aldi The prices are fair and the merchandise is good. I’m German I like the seasonal items. thank you for bringing them to the US.