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ALDI is a German chain of departmental stores that offers groceries at a discount! It has a popular presence in several parts of the US, not just as ALDI, but also as its anglicized counterpart, Trader Joe’s. Though ALDI stores primarily sell groceries and dairy products, you can also find several other types of top-grade household essentials there. And you can buy all that at amazing discounts, which are sometimes downright ridiculous! Thus, if you want to save on your next weekly or monthly household purchases, be sure to visit ALDI’s.

And during these trying times, you don’t need to visit their physical stores. You can simply place an order online at www.ALDI.us. Your purchases will be delivered safely and securely at breakneck speed. And if you ever find a fault with the purchased products, you can always leave your feedback at www.TellALDI.us, their official survey website for US residents!


Is there a need to go out to lodge a complaint to the manager of an ALDI store at their physical outlet when you can do it at home by login to TellALDI.us? It’s the easiest way to let not just the manager of the nearest outlet know your opinion, but also the top individuals at their main US headquarters! And it doesn’t matter what your complaint is about. It can be the quality of their products or the overall cleanliness at the outlet. People monitoring TellALDI will see your concerns.

And it doesn’t even matter if you don’t have a complaint about their services. Just write that you thoroughly enjoyed shopping at the ALDI store, got great discounts on top-notch products, and received excellent service. Feel free to let them know about your experience via the TellALDI.us survey!

Why TellALDI Customer Satisfaction Survey:

To tell you the truth, www.TellALDI.us is one of the finest surveys in the market, offering great rewards for your time. Let us first discuss what makes this survey so good. The survey website has been developed by programming experts, and you will experience hardly any lag in time between opening different pages on the site. And the design on every page is pleasing to the eye, not too bright and not too light!

Coming to the main TellALDI.us survey questionnaire, each question is as simple as it can be. And since every question will have multiple-choice answers of which you just need to pick one. So simple! Trust us, it won’t take you longer than 10 minutes to finish the questionnaire and submit the survey. Furthermore, your answers won’t just be considered by the ALDI authorities, but will be implemented as well!

Finally, the reward for taking the TellALDI survey will definitely want you to take it over and over again! You will have a chance to win their exclusive gift card worth $100, one which you can redeem at any ALDI outlet!

Win $100 Gift Card in TellALDI.us Survey:

So how can you win this $100 gift card? Can you really take the survey at TellALDI.us over and over again? Not quite! Take a look at the requirements before you actually begin the feedback.


Survey Requirements

  • Only US citizens who have made a purchase at a participating ALDI outlet can enter the sweepstakes via www.TellALDI.us. You can find the list of all participating locations here. If the location that you visited wasn’t participating in the survey, then you can send in your feedback via regular mail. Your entry will still be considered for the sweepstakes.
  • The minimum age for participating in the TellALDI.us survey is 18.
  • You should have knowledge of reading and writing in either Spanish or English.
  • For online participants, a laptop, computer or smartphone is a must. And without an internet connection, you cannot access the survey website.

Survey Restrictions

  • People who are employed by ALDI, their sponsors, InMoment (survey admins), and the US Sweepstakes firm won’t be allowed to take the TellALDI survey. Even their immediate family and professional associates aren’t allowed to enter.
  • The online survey has a restriction to only those customers who have received an invitation on their bill from a participating ALDI outlet. The rest can take the survey via regular mail.
  • Only one person per survey period (one month) is allowed to enter. Thus, you cannot take the TellALDI.us survey more than once within a month.
  • The prize that you win in the sweepstakes cannot be sold for cash and is non-transferable.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Get this link copy-pasted in your browser: www.TellALDI.us – the official link for the survey.
  2. Choose the language that you prefer to give the feedback in (English or Spanish).
  3. Refer to your ALDI receipt to enter the following details: survey code, date, and time of your visit. Then click Next.
  4. The survey questionnaire will be regarding almost every part of your visit, right from the cleanliness of the surroundings to the ambience of the interiors. Answer the questions honestly and describe your experience in the optional comment boxes provided if you want.
  5. Finally, enter your details and submit the survey at TellALDI.us to participate in the $100 sweepstakes!

About ALDI:

ALDI, a worldwide supermarket chain that provides its products at a discount, was founded in 1946 in Essen, Germany, soon after the end of WWII by two brothers, Karl and Theo Albrecht. One of them (Karl) had served under the Axis powers in the war. It was an extension of their family-owned business started by their mother. 

It is often said that humanity can rise above stereotypes, and those two brothers proved it by eventually expanding their business in other (Allied) parts of the post-war world. Their success can be majorly seen in the US where over 1600 of their 11,000 stores are present! And now, they need your help to expand even further, thus completely burying the Nazi regime once and for all! 
Take the survey at www.TellALDI.us and let them know your views, while you sit and reap the benefits of their $100 gift card!

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11 thoughts on “www.TellALDI.us – The Official ALDI Survey”

  1. I like to shop at Aldi The prices are fair and the merchandise is good. I’m German I like the seasonal items. thank you for bringing them to the US.

  2. I really like your products but I live too far away to go shopping every week. Why don’t you have a store in Suffern, New York ? We need an Aldi in Suffern…

  3. I like the prices, but when I went in the store at 27 and Yankee Hill in Lincoln, NE on Dec. 28, 2020, I was disgusted by the filthy cart wipe holder next to an overflowing trash can and wipes all over the floor. Stock was low on some things. The bananas are in boxes low to the ground and either over-ripe or green. The checkers are always friendly, but I feel very rushed and usually there are long lines but go quickly. I hate the cart system and have never used that. Bring your own sacks. If it weren’t for your prices, I probably would stay away. Good luck finding the same products again and again.

  4. great prices for seniors who are on a small income.
    products come and go so if you see buy it then also bring your own bag is great
    our store is close and
    is always clean.

  5. Please Please open a store in Glendale, AZ – I am from Illinois and was so happy to see that 2 stores have opened but would love it to be closer to me here in Glendale, Love your products, esp. the veggie and fruit section. Both stores were so clean and bright and the help was very friendly. JUST COME TO GLENDALE!!

  6. I love going to your store every week cause of all the great employees & the food you get for me.It’s soooooooooo easy to shop the lines of food. Everything is so clean and well stocked you don’t have to ask for anything. I’m proud of the store I go to. I know everyone that works there and love sharing my homemade goodies when I bake them.

  7. I shop in Aldi about once a week. The service is very fast, the help very friendly. The store is always clean and the prices are better than in many other stores. I was kind of disappointed that our store in Kpt., Tn. didn’t
    carry any GLUEHWEIN in Dec. of 2020. I am German and like my GLUEHWEIN at christmas.

  8. Like always, my time shopping @ Aldi was productive and reasonably priced. As was discussed earlier, you always do not find the Major Brands there, but the substitutes are good quality and well worth the price. On occasion you may find Campbells soups, Prego spaghetti sauce and General Mills breakfast cereals, if that is what you are used to, but I have found your house brands to be just fine. When you are watching your budget on a fixed income, this store is perfect for you. The cart system is great, and sometimes people will stop on the way back returning their carts to save steps and leave you with a greeting as they give you their cart. No stray carts in the parking lot dinging cars and requiring extra labor to return! Great idea! Employees I have seen are always friendly and constantly moving to open a new register or keep the shelves stocked. I’ve been shopping Aldi since I retired 3 years ago and will continue. Did I mention the great Guarantee? It looks like you can’t go wrong shopping @ Aldi.

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