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If you have a craving for an authentic Italian pizza, then you can never go wrong with Mazzio’s! The only problem is that they have outlets in just about 10 US states, mostly in the southeastern part. But if you stay in, say, California, then it would be well worth a visit to, say, Texas, just to taste Mazzio’s lip-smacking pizza! Once there, you can either create your pizza or pick from a range of their recommended ones. Creating your pizza is easy. Just select the size, crust, sauces, and toppings. Add extra cheese from many choices, and the cook will present you with exactly what you want!

You may find your nearest Mazzio’s resto shut down due to the pandemic, but don’t worry. You can order from another location as long as it’s not too far off from your house. And you don’t need to visit the location again to leave your feedback. Just log on to, their survey portal, and state whatever qualms you may have about their service there.

After enjoying your pizza at their outlet, you can either enter the survey website from your smartphone/tablet at the location itself or head home and take it from your computer/laptop. Your views and opinions about your visit to Mazzio’s are important for the company, so don’t take this task lightly. We would recommend that you fill the survey questionnaire soon after visiting the outlet, just so that you could remember the details of your experience and give the ratings accordingly.

And it isn’t necessary to log on to only if you received subpar service. Your positive feedback is also valuable to the company, which will help them continue in the same vein with vigor. You will have to enter a few details before you could access the main survey. Honestly answer the questions therein, type in your details, and submit the survey to end up with an exciting range of benefits!

Why Customer Satisfaction Survey?

If you love the food served at Mazzio’s and truly care about improving their services, then you won’t need a reason to take the survey. Nonetheless, consider the reasons mentioned below as added benefits! Firstly, your feedback will prove to be beneficial for the company, but you will be the one who would be reaping the benefits of your suggestions once they are implemented. Thus, though it may look like the time you spent on submitting your feedback at is to the company’s advantage, in truth, it would be you who would get a better experience on your next visit!

And it won’t take you long to complete the survey. In fact, considering that your feedback will be viewed and implemented by Mazzio’s, the time you spend on the survey will be more than worth it. To sum it up, it will hardly take you more than 15 minutes to complete the survey, and less than 5 minutes if you only give ratings without using the optional comment boxes!

However, if you still feel that you could have gotten more for spending those 5 minutes at TellMazzios, then here’s another offer crafted just for you! As soon as you submit the survey, you will receive a unique coupon code that can be redeemed at their outlet for a freebie or discount!

How to Get a Free Coupon in Survey?

Without further ado, let’s get down to the brass tacks of winning the free coupon. Survey Requirements

  • Mazzio’s outlets are present in only 10 US states, but it doesn’t mean that you have to reside in those states to take the survey. Every and only US citizen can leave their feedback on the website.
  • The TellMazzios survey page is open for people who are 18 or older.
  • Access to a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection is required to visit the website.
  • A Mazzio’s receipt is mandatory for the survey because you will need to enter the unique code from the bill.
  • You must know how to read and write in English. The survey isn’t available in any other language. Survey Restrictions

  • You cannot leave your feedback twice during a survey period (1 month).
  • TellMazzios won’t accept dishonest or biased feedback. Hence you mustn’t be associated with the company in any way. Mazzio’s employees and investors are not allowed to participate.
  • More than one person won’t be allowed to take the survey from the same receipt. The survey code, if entered twice, will be denied by the system.
  • The free Mazzio’s coupon cannot be sold for cash or transferred to anyone else. Only you are allowed to redeem it. Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Log in to Mazzio’s official survey page –
  2. Read the SMG policy and ToS before proceeding.
  3. Type in the 5-digit serial number usually found at the bottom of the Mazzio’s receipt.
  4. If it’s the correct one, then you will be immediately led to the main survey page.
  5. Give your ratings for the overall service and the individual aspects of your visit. Be honest!
  6. Enter your name and email ID to receive the free coupon code in your inbox!

Kindly note that the prize on the TellMazzios coupon may vary. It could be a free side, pizza or a discount. Refer to your Mazzio’s receipt for more details.

Mazzios Survey Guide

About Mazzio’s

Mazzio’s is a 60-year old food chain founded by Ken Selby in Tulsa Oklahoma. Did you know that Selby was a school teacher who taught students for a whole day and handled his food outlet all on his own? That’s one heck of a hardworking foodie teacher! His first outlet was called The Pizza Parlor, which was changed to Ken’s Pizza when Selby went full-time into his business. And finally, sometime in the ‘70s, he settled on the name Mazzio’s Pizza, in conjunction with Zio’s Italian Kitchen.
Today, the Mazzio’s Corporation owns over 165 outlets throughout the Southeastern US, with a capacity to grow even more. So take their survey at and help them in their expansion venture. A free coupon awaits!

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