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Did you know that Stop & Shop is one of the oldest grocery supermarkets out there? It is at least more than a hundred years old! Since Stop & Shop is only available in the US, specifically in the north-eastern part, it has a dedicated consumer base which is still growing as we speak. The supermarket store offers almost all kinds of edible products, right from cakes and vegetables to meat and milk.

If you have visited Stop & Shop at least once, then you have a chance to leave a raw feedback of your experience at It doesn’t matter if your visit was good or bad. The survey focuses on both points to help you rate your experience better!

Stop & Shop
Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop has been serving US residents for generations. Your great-great-grandfather might also have shopped at their earliest grocery store! If you regularly visit the supermarket today, then you are already a part of their ever-growing family. So why not help them out by taking the TalkToStopAndShop survey?

But why are the owners of Stop & Shop asking for help from their customers? It’s not that they don’t trust their management team. We can assure you that it’s top-notch. However, since they have over 400 different stores spread throughout the northeastern US, it’s sometimes tough to manage certain locations efficiently, especially during holiday seasons. Hence, they have decided to hear out the opinions of their customers instead via the TalkToStopAndShop survey.

Why TalkToStopAndShop Customer Satisfaction Survey:

But why should you, as a customer, go out of your way to take the survey? First off, you DON’T need to go out of your way. Just shop like you always do at your nearest Stop & Shop outlet, pay the bill, take the receipt, and check if it has a unique survey code (usually found at the bottom). If it does, then simply log on to the official TalkToStopAndShop website to leave your feedback!

The website isn’t some futuristic dashboard with a complicated set of instructions. It has a simple interface with clear instructions written on the homepage of The questions are easy to answer as long as you are honest about your experience. You only need to pick one option from the already available multiple-choice answers.

Your opinions will definitely be considered by their management team. And who knows, your suggestions may even be implemented in their store in the future! But here’s the most exciting part – every person who has taken the survey stands an equal chance to win a grand prize of $500! And that’s not all; there are 10 such $500 gift cards given out during every sweepstake period!

Win $500 Prizes in TalkToStopAndShop Survey:

Now that you know how easy it is to win $500, let us go through the basic requirements of taking the TalkToStopAndShop survey. While you will most probably be eligible to enter the sweepstakes, it is always good to know that for certain.

Survey Requirements

  • You should be a resident of either of the following US states –New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age during the time of entry to the website.
  • You should have made a purchase recently at any Stop & Shop outlet. The unique survey entry PIN on the receipt is mandatory.
  • You must have access to a laptop or computer. A smartphone will do as well. Your internet connection should be strong and stable.

Survey Restrictions

  • Anyone residing outside the five states – NY, NJ, CT, MA, or RI – will be denied entry into the TalkToStopAndShop sweepstakes. The survey is exclusive only to those places.
  • Anyone below the age of 18 will also be denied entry.
  • If you haven’t made a purchase at Stop & Shop recently, then you cannot log on to the survey. You can, on the other hand, send them your feedback via regular mail.
  • The survey entry PIN on the receipt won’t be valid if the purchase was made more than 5 days ago.
  • You are not allowed to sell or exchange the prize with anyone else. Doing so is considered illegal.
  • A person who works for or with Stop & Shop (like employees, associates, marketers etc.) is forbidden from taking the TalkToStopAndShop survey. Their immediate family is subject to the same restriction.

Survey Participation Instructions

After ascertaining that you are indeed eligible to take the survey, here’s how you could go about doing it.

  1. Enter the web address,, in the address bar of your Chrome or Firefox browser.
  2. The homepage contains all the information you will need to take the survey, including the complete range of restrictions and requirements.
  3. Choose your preferred language from English and Spanish.
  4. Enter the 20-digit TalkToStopAndShop survey entry code found at the bottom of your receipt in the text box and press Enter.
  5. The loaded page will contain a list of questions along with a set of answers for you to choose from. Pick the answer as per your experience at the Stop & Shop store, and click Submit.
  6. On the final page, enter your personal details. These will only be used to determine the winner of the $500 draw!

About Stop & Shop:

Stop & Shop was technically founded in the year 1892, close to a whopping 128 years ago! However, back then, it was just a small grocery store in Boston called Greenie Store. It was started by Solomon and Jeanie Rabinowitz, but they had to shut it down in 1908 due to financial troubles. Six years later, the Rabinowitz family again started their shop from scratch, this time calling it the Economy Grocery Stores Company.Thus, 1914 marked the official founding year of Stop & Shop. And it took them 86 more such stores and 32 years to finally change their brand name to Stop & Shop. Today, they have 415 supermarkets throughout the northeastern area of the US. Help them grow some more by taking their official survey at $500 gift cards are waiting to be picked up by 10 lucky entrants!

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421 thoughts on “ – The Official Stop & Shop Survey”

  1. I tried to call store #513 3 times. no one picked up the phone, ant the phone automatically hung up. I was overcharged $10. I wanted to know if I could have the refund taken care of in a different store, or if I had to go back to the original store.

  2. I just arrived here in Falmouth Ma., after losing my home with everything in it in Ft. Myers ,Florida . I hope you
    have good sales like in Ft. Myers.

  3. I visited Stop and Shop as I do every day. My cashier Promi was totally rude she said don’t just stand there start packing your groceries. I had all intentions of packing I needed to get my bags ready. This is the central avenue store in Jersey City New Jersey. Very upset customer!!!!

  4. Was at Stop and Shop in Hartford, CT 4/2 and was happy the way the cashier attend me. Very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable.

  5. I want to commend Yamilka for acting professionally at the Dobbs ferry stop and shop.
    she is a good asset for your company, very helpfull and patient in getting digital coupon in my phone, even showed me how to use the app for future use.
    i saw how she treat the other customer with smile. soooo pleasant and friendly.
    for a senior citizen shopping in stop and shop, she is gem, she really made my day.
    to the management,I hope you can do something special for her for being a stop and shop ambassador.

  6. Stop&shop employees; especially stop and shop cashiers are: rude, arrogant and indifferent. They ARE the most arrogant at store#526.

  7. I have shopped at Stop and Shop many times over the yrs and they have a lot of food etc.that I shop for. You do need to look for sales because some things are more expensive, but I quess all the stores now are raising their prices!!!!The stores are clean and I get in and out quickly most of the time!!! The only complaint I have is the new Clover health rewards credit cards called” Live Healthy ” which were just given to all Clover members” 2023 ” is not as great !!! The Stop and Shop store in Keyport ,NJ, must not know how to use these new cards ,because they have charged me money ,which the Aberdeen ,NJ Stop and Shop store never does !!!! Everything is covered when I go to the Aberdeen,NJ store !!!! How is that possible? So I will not shop anymore at the Keyport,NJ store !!!!

  8. I was in stop and shop in Oyster Bay ny my cashier was very helpful and fast at her job. I would go to her lane often and she is always pleasant

  9. I use the stop and shop in East Hampton, NY. Prices are competitive. Most employees are foreign & are either rude or not helpful. As if they are doing you a huge favor. Some are pleasant, but unfortunately the majority are not. Not worth speaking with a manager because the few I encounter seem to not care either way. I still enjoy the reasonable prices and selection. Thank you!

  10. I am so incredibly frustrated shopping at stop and shop in Aberdeen New Jersey. None of the digital sale items come through on my app when I scan the card I went to the service desk no help… I have the app I use the scan barcode in the app and I still can’t get the sale items, I just leave them behind because you tease people in for example with the $.99 a pound of chicken thighs. You can’t get them… I have the app I scan the bar in the app. Nothing it rings up full price nobody can help. It’s such an horrible experience always being overcharged. The only reason I go there is because it’s close to my house and every time I go there I wish I hadn’t.

  11. I shop Stop and Shop several times a week. Their employees are all friendly and helpful. I have never had a bad experience at any of the Stop and Shop stores. We are so fortunate to have Two stores in our town and one of them is less than half a mile from my house. The store is always clean and the business hrs are very good. Their dedicated store staff are always outside no matter the weather to retrieve any shopping cart left in the parking lot.

  12. I love stop and shop, I hated that it moved from Harrison street, for i was in that store every day.
    I now have to take a cab to Palmer Ave, or wait for a friend to take me, The store is clean, and
    stocked. The employer’s are very nice and helpful, I know a few that worked at Harrison street,
    it’s always a pleasure to see them when i shop. keep up the great work Stop and Shop is on Point,

  13. The range of products is good. S&S brands are definitely a good value.
    The employees at our store are always helpful – they don’t just tell you where to look, they often go with you to make sure you find what you asked about.

  14. This last Tuesday, my husband and I, along with my deaf brother visited and shopped at your store #560. I was very impressed of how clean it was and well organized. I found the personnel to be very helpful and courteous.

  15. Attention STORE No. 503

    Unfortunately, your store had VERY FEW things, that were on my Shopping List, to actually there to buy!!!
    NO Seafood, Shake ‘n’ Bake,
    NO Banquet “Family Size” Sausages
    in the freezer section – – I will stop there.
    The ONE thing your store DID have was plenty of “Shopping Carts”.

  16. I love stop and shop that is where I get most of my health and beauty stuff, groceries, and after getting all that I need there is almost always a deal that helps me save also the points I save from buying at stop and shop can also get me gas at my local gas station which is something I just learned but is cool.

  17. The idea of digital coupons is the worst ever!!! I am 87 years old and shop at Stop&Shop every 2 or 3 days. I have inquired at your Service Desk how I can participate in digital coupons so I can save a few dollars on my food bill. They politely directed me to install the ap on my phone… and if you think this is easy for a senior citizen to follow, you are mistaken. Too complicated, and too many directions to follow. I understand that even if I had the said ap installed, I would still have to clip weekly coupons to present to the cashier along with my phone. I call it discrimination — whether for seniors such as myself or any others who don’t have the ap on their phone. Are these “ap users” the only people who can avail themselves of sale prices? If it’s a legitimate sale, it should be available to all.

  18. I routinely shop at Store #644. The product selection is good and register personnel are pleasant. The store has recently gone through interior re-design and it has taken awhile to become familiar with the new organization. Despite the re-design I will continue to use this store.

  19. How is Stop and Shop doing ?? My husband and I stopped in Stop and Shop in Canaan, Ct. ( store #0677) for hot dogs and rolls around 4 pm.
    I understand everyone’s short-staffed
    3 registers opened, so we went to the shortest line.
    We would have gone to self check , there was a long line of about 20 people.
    So we stayed put . Unbeknownst to us. Two of the regular registers turned off their light. The store is so dimly lit, we didn’t notice( one of the registers happened to be ours😵‍💫).
    We’ll the clerk made it very clear that she was closing her register , the way she pulled the register tape out of the machine, crumpled it up as and threw it in the basket. Another customer came up behind us and asked her if her register is closed, and she said ‘yes’.When we entered our line , she never told us she was closed.She made it very clear she was perturbed.
    So she rang up our 2 items, and I thanked her for checking us out.
    That was our experience today- how Stop & Shop is doing !

  20. I love shopping Stop and Shop it is my go to store not only for grocery, but for the beautiful affordable plants. Check out good and cashiers are polite.

  21. Best store to shop. Cannot beat the prices. The food is always fresh.
    The fruit is always so fresh. The store is always so clean. The cashiers are always friendly I been shopping at stop and shop for over 30 years and never going to change my store.

  22. just visited the Stop and Shop in Greenville RI. it’s very clean, well stocked and the self checkouts are great. there was a very nice worker who gave me a big smile as I was leaving.

  23. There are less items for sale. There are items that I used to buy , that are no longer offered. There are less cashiers and the self service machines do not work properly. They are infuriating. I used to use the gun to ring up my items and bag them. I liked that , I only needed to handle my groceries, one time. There are less people to ask , when I need directions to an item , I cannot find.

  24. I like to go to stop and shop , locations, clean, found most of what need and some, worker are helpful and polite.

  25. I filled out this survey and neglected to identify the cashier who helped me. I am always so happy when Dee is working the register. I will wait longer to have her check me out. She has been with the store for a long time and exemplifies the fine art of customer service. She is knowledgeable, courteous and proficient. Always a pleasure. I would like to have this comment section attached to my earlier submission. Dee is terrific.

  26. I shop at Stop and Shop as the store (in East Brunswick, NJ) is very clean and organized to my needs.
    This may surprise you, but hopefully not, the employees at this store are helpful and friendly.
    Your cashiers, for the most part, are friendly and make me smile.
    Yesterday’s experience was not as good at the Cashier as I gather she has been trained by the store and is now on her own. She did not help me bag my items, which I know the cashiers do not have to help bag the items, but I was still bagging my items and the cashier started on the next customer when my items were still on the counter. I had to be careful as to what I was bagging. Felt very rushed and had to keep a watchful eye on the items I was putting in my bags.

    I love Stop and Shop and it is the store I do my food shopping. But please, have more cashiers open so I don’t have to be flustered at the cashier’s station.

  27. Stop and shop where I live 1441 Richmond Ave., Staten Island, NY 10314 something needs to be done with the windowsill it looks like fungus it is disgusting it needs to be scraped sent down and repaint it besides the fact that stop and shop is price gouging

  28. Love our stop and shop! Has everything we need easy to find. The staff has some of the nicest people on it

  29. Would love to see Dukes Mayo on your shelves.
    Would love to see more variety of products.
    Would love to see meats that aren’t prepackaged. Why? No butcher…just boxes of meat and poultry being brought out.

  30. Recently I visited the Stop and Shop store in Rocky Hill, Connecticut with my 92 y/o neighbor. As I was parking the car, my neighbor went into the store to shop. When I arrived I found the kindest and most patient employee helping her find her groceries. Her name is Kaylee and she works at the customer service desk. Kudos to her for all her help and wonderful, upbeat personality. We certainly need more Kaylees around.

  31. Employees are wonderful and very helpful. However, that bein said in the last months the shelves have been sparsely stocked and some items are out of stock for months. The checkout usually is only staffed by two registers and often no packers, forcing most people to use self check out which can be frustrating to use. After months of this I only go now for a few items when passing by, I have switched my weekly grocering shoping to Market Basket which is always fully stocked with 15 registers going with packers! Sorry

  32. Picked up a $25 Outback gift card for my friend using her card. Outback this wk gives you 6 x’s the pts. Did not receive any pts!!

  33. You can’t monitor the cashier while they scan because you have to bag your groceries. (If you don’t bag them as they’re being scanned, they pile up and get crushed.) This time, the cashier double scanned an item and I was overcharged $8. Now I have to go back to the store to resolve it.

  34. Today experience shopping went pleasantly nice. Deli clerk was very friendly and so was the cashier. I was able to find all my sale and other items I needed.

  35. I am having issues with your digital coupons almost every week. I load them on Friday and sometimes they don’t work even if I go to the store several days later.

  36. Drove to your store in Edison N.J at 7am for cigarettes and bought $41.42 of food items. NO body had the key to the cigarette case! I found out there was NO mgr. or supervisor in the store that opens at 7am for business.VERY unsatisfied!!! pin# on the receipt is 0310 0714 0815 9005 0002

  37. the store appears to have less and less in stock which at times is difficult as you make a list and when you get to the store the items you need are not in tock.

    I must say the staff is ALWAYS very helpful

    it is not an easy task to enter the sweepstakes

  38. the store appears to have less and less in stock which at times is difficult as you make a list and when you get to the store the items you need are not in tock.

    I must say the staff is ALWAYS very helpful

  39. Store and bathrooms were very dirty need to improve cleanliness

  40. I am a loyal customer to stop and shop, I like all the brands, customer service, pharmacy, and the organic food corner, so far all my shopping from stop and shop , all my family members use stop and shop pharmacy. Great store,

  41. I like the stop and shop rewards program. I hope to win the $500 gift cards. I have been shopping there probably the last 3 years or since they opened in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.
    Eve Meegan

  42. Unfortunately Stop & Shop was not well stocked today! They were completely out of stock on several items that were supposed to be on sale today!

  43. very difficult to get online for entering the $500 contest. ; sites would not open Is this really available?

  44. In the hectic rush at S&S I experienced a breath of fresh air. All the employees were very nice, but Sara really impressed me at the register. She was not the cashier but noticed I had a big order and came over to help bag. She was noticeably very cheerful and helpful. Something about her really put a nice spin on shopping in a crowded store during the Thanksgiving madness. S&S should be very proud to have her. Sara is a keeper!
    I hope S&S does something special for her . She deserves a nice little bonus and maybe even a raise. the store was the North Kingston Branch. I went to the service desk to tell them what a great employee she was, but she said it would be more meaningful if I sent an online review. I hope this helps.

  45. Today, everyone was friendly. Everyone was helpful. The guy in training in the deli did a great job. I bag my own groceries but usually I do, nobody either wanted to, or they were busy.

  46. The SNS in Bellmore is steadily improving. Today pre-Thanksgiving there was noticeably more staff on the floor and at the registers. There was even someone doing line management. Out of stocks on basics remain a problem and are inconsistent week to week which points to ordering versus supply chain issues.
    The deli department has never operated well for several years. It takes all of 2 minutes in the store before you hear ” manager to the deli department”. At some point management must address this issue once and for all.
    Lastly, there’s very little store manager presence on the floor actively participating and leading the team by example. This would be a good start… Perhaps the District Mgr or Regional Mgr should do surprise visits like a customer to see what we see as customers. Fyi Merrick SNS is worse. Good luck this holiday season.

  47. I visited Middletown, CT store 11/21/21 and received exemplary service. My wife was not well and while struggling to complete self checkout, an observant employee named Joe, stepped in and went above and beyond in assisting. I asked i asked him for name of his manager to express gratitude. Although he felt “just doing job,” I insisted and was given the name Dante, who was not in at the time. Please pass on our kudos. 👏

  48. The thing I like the best is the store is very close to my house. There are other stores that cost less but time is precious to me. With the price of gas getting higher every day I also like the gas points. Living on the cape gas is more expensive than off cape.

  49. “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways,” Elizabeth Browning) I always feel welcome as I come in the store. I’m greeted with smiles and those that are willing to help me find what I want. If an employee cannot help me, he calls someone that can, Love your fresh fruit and vegetables. Enjoy the food from the hot food department… favorite is the hot BBQ chicken.

  50. I read some of the comments under mine. I am not sure where some of them shop but I shop in Feeding Hills Mass. The Associates are wonderful, the cashiers are polite and will follow thru with any question I have. The stock level is somewhat sad in certain isles but if your watch the news you know why. The store is so clean and well run it is just a great place to shop in. I am a regular customer at least three times a week because I like fresh meat and veggies. A real asset to the area.

  51. I go there three times a week for the last 17 years. Really love your produce always fresh. Unfortunately prices have gone up and I just had my biggest bill that I ever spent there.But I understand it’s going on everywhere unfortunately. Still enjoy your store.

  52. I have a suggestion for how you train cashiers. Please include all fruits and vegetables, insure the cashiers can identify all fruits and vegetables. Today for the fifth time I purchased a common vegetable “yellow onions” I was charged for shallots. BIG difference in look and price. I’m almost ready to drive to Barrington to shop at the Shaw Market. Please educate your cashiers!!

  53. Ishrat is my favorite Go To cashier. She is always friendly and helpful. If time is critical for your shopping visit, Ishrat is the cashier that you want to use. I’ll wait for her on Sunday mornings, even if the adjoining cashiers are available.

  54. I’ve been a regular shopper at the Stop and Shop in Hamden, CT for decades. I’ve never gone online to comment. But, the cashier I had today truly deserves special recognition. Tavon had an outstanding system. He was not only quick and efficient, he did the job with such excellence and skill like no other. I could go on about the details, but suffice it to say, he has the brain of an engineer, a skilled problem solver and a wonderful personality. Please recognize his excellence and attention to detail. It’s rare to see these days.

  55. Stop and Shop Forestville is my go to store. Over the last couple of months, shelfs are bare and many items not available. Prices up and the new staff is rude. When a customer says hello the decent thing to do it say hello or hi back. This has been happening too many times with new cashiers to count. The new cashiers need retraining. The pharmacy staff is top notch and the best anywhere. The store is very clean.

  56. Marizthelle prepared my drink in the Starbucks inside the NHP Stop & Shop and she was so nice and helpful. The drink was equally outstanding. Please recognize Marizthelle for excellent and outstanding customer service.

  57. TERRIBLE! After clipping all of my personal discounts not one came on. Now I have to go back and deal with customer service. Do I have to print them out every time? Do you hope we will just let it pass?

  58. Katelynn at your Forest Avenue store in Glen Cove, NY is a treasure !!! She helped me and someone who shops for me navigate the new App. She really knows her stuff !!

  59. I find the empty shelves gain very disheartening. The prices once again are higher than they need to be. I can buy the water 6 pack at Walmart for far less than you are charging. Same with yogurt. My question is why should I continue at Stop and Shop?

    The robot is nothing but a bother and there is nothing he can provide for me. The distance from my home to the store is the only thing that I will be using the store for and that is in an emergency only.

    I would rather a quick trip to Plymouth and save the money!

  60. The rewards program is too confusing. Carsluzzi’s cashier asks if you want to use your points and they add the rewards to your bill. I never know it the stop and shop rewards get into the bill.

  61. I used my stop&shop rewards card 10/29/21, and 1 of the items on my list was not deducted (CLG MX FRS PST12) $6.49. I should of paid $4.99 as indicated on the price tag.

  62. Stop and shop has the best produce and sales in our area. I used to shop at Big y until I moved to east longmeadow mass. where we have one about 5 minutes away . I stopped there once and have been going there since we moved in. Personell very pleasant and helpfull and the prices are reasonable.
    been very happy shopping there.

  63. I shop at the Dumont, NJ store #828. I would like to suggest that you put a carriage corral near the front of the parking lot across from the handicap spaces. More times then not I have to get out of my car and move carriages to park! They use to be one there a few treats ago but “corporate” decided to move them.

  64. The person that was at the slef cash out was very Rude he don’t know his job and I don’t think you need people like them to work there

  65. Your Stop and Shop in Andover is so mismanaged, empty shelves, lacking in stock. Have some wonderful employees but you management is sub par. We call it our local convenience store. perhaps you need to take a walk through Market Basket. Town deerves better than what we’re getting!

  66. Purchased rolls from bread isle and saw date was 3 days expired. Took them back and got some static from cashier (Sara) at the courtesy counter. Got refund but not happy with static over rerfund.

  67. I was at your store on 10/15/21 i had a bad experience with your digital coupons.Why is it that you had to change your way fo shopping it’s very difficult for us senior citizens to shop this way.I had a bad experience on that day but the help were very nice to me I’m 80 years old not everyone has an i phone, why can’t everybody just have one price for everything on sale for everyone it would be so much easier especially for us senior citizens had the key chain forever which is so much easier. thank you for having the survey

  68. I like how the stop and shop is set up I just had a little problems finding a couple things I was looking for and the associate was very helpful.

  69. I shop at the new dorp store weekly. Today I tried to return my bottles and slipped on the wet floor in the bottle room & almost fell. The lady already there said she slipped also. Plus the glass bottle return was nonfunctional. I reported to the desk , maintainence paged twice, no one came. Josephine finally took my bottles and I waited at courtesy desk for my $. The wet floor was an accident waiting to happen. I have experience in this type of matter as I was a witness to a fall in this stopnshop and had to give a deposition to lawyers.

  70. My experiences at stop and shop has been very good during the Covid 19 by allowing seniors a early 6 Am shopping time I can get most items at that time of day.

  71. Your question is how are we doing? My answer is not so great. The hand dryer in the men’s room at the store # 529 located at 2425 Palmer Road New Rochelle, has not worked in a month. I have spoken with your customer service people on several occasions and today to the manager. He stated he has been asking for a repair for weeks. It does not reflect very well on how you manage your stores if you cannot get a hand dryer fixed in a month. Perhaps it would also be wise to install more than one, so if one broke your valued customers would still be able to dry their hands after using the bathroom.

  72. I love the store but recently you got rid of the little brown baskets to carry a couple of items now I got to grab THE Carriages. and We pay 10 cent for the brown paper bags which are crappy. If you have items in there don’;t hold on to the handles they break all too easy.

  73. I am really frustrated with all the changes of late at the Stop and Shop in Old Saybrook, and am disappointed that you are no longer carrying crossword and word search puzzle books. I have to wonder if you are trying to “keep up with the Joneses”. I think you should simply set your own standard and make others keep up with you.

    On the good side, I appreciate Gail and Annie and Amy and Sean and all the others striving so hard to provide good service.

  74. Great store selection of different products. I love the fact they have some spanish products which I love and can’t find in other stores like Goya dough for empanadas.

  75. Love the savings and courteous and professional staff. You should clone Tyjah at the Rosrdale store. Keep up the good work. I have been a customer at stop and shop for at least 30 years. I started out as a customer and Eastham Massachusetts and couldn’t wait for you to get to New York.

  76. I am a fairly new customer at Stop and Shop. I have been shopping at Shop Rite for years. Since the next closest Shop Rite closed it seems all their customers are coming to where I shop, and the store and parking lot are overly busy. I decided to try Stop and Shop. So far I have been very satisfied with Stop and Shop. The employees are all very helpful and considerate. I will continue to shop at Stop and Shop and I would love to win $500.00. Thank you

  77. Many of my family and friends are not stop and shop customers as they feel prices are too high. I love Stop and Shop! It is always clean easy to navigate and many variations of items! The workers/staff are extremely pleasant actually enjoying their job and always ask if you need Assistance locating items. I had a cashier today in the South Setauket store that was sooooo warm and friendly and that is what gave me the intuitive to comment. Her name is Emily and I’m sure she doesn’t even know my name however she is a star employee in my opinion!

  78. Hi
    I am 71 years old like most people my age I have a flip phone a computer but no printer I liked it when we could check coupons on line and it would go to your card now you have to have a smart phone which I don’t additionally my stop and shop card fell apart and I tried to get one at the store and they said II couldn’t had to go on line and order one I mean REALLY

    I do like shopping at stop and shop but I can’t use the coupons and I can’t even get a new card this is really not fair to the elderly and the poor

  79. Visited the Farmingdale, NY store. Many shelves are bare and almost empty. This is my third visit that I have noticed. Today I stopped in for fat free half and half and there was none at all. Very frustrating.

  80. I enjoy shopping at Stop and Shop. It is convenient and they always have the brands that we love.
    The store is clean, and prices are resonable

  81. The line of 12 items or less should be supervised. I made the line today behind a lady who had 100 items in her car. This doesn’t help with efficiency.

  82. Well, where do I start? First of all the self checkout registers are a disaster. If you breathe too hard they lock up and need “assistance!!!” Whoever designed these new machines has NEVER shopped before.
    Second: it seems you are pushing out brand names for your own brand. Many products I can get elsewhere, you have discontinued which makes me shop at Big Y often.
    Third: your vegetables have a shelf life of an hour. By the time I get home they are already going bad. I. bought a huge package of celery (date good) and in three days some were mushy and brown.

    I don’t think you are doing a very good job at all.

  83. This is the StopandShop on 1441 Richmond in Staten Island Nzu- 718-698-1138
    I just want to say that the The self-service check out it’s always extremely extremely dirty I always have to ask if they can clean it they get upset I asked them if they could clean the keyboard so I can put in my Stop & Shop phone number and they get upset also the window seals it look like it’s growing fungus it is absolutely absolutely disgusting this store is not well taken care of- The scales at the produce department are absolutely gross- no one goes around to do the cleanup something needs to be done especially the window seals they look absolutely disgusting disgusting disgusting— these are my comments

  84. There was a very limited selection of steak and other meats. What they did have was VERY overpriced, just like the rest of the store. At check out I did not have my own bags with me so I asked for bags. My finger went through the bottom of the first paper bag when I tried to open it so I took another. I filled that bag and had a few other things left so the cashier bags it – 2 – 2 liter bottles of soda and some other things. When I went to lift it into my cart of course the handle broke. Why don’t you fight to bring back plastic bags or give out stronger paper bags. Not only are they weak but they cost $0.10 each. Ridiculous! Prices are higher than ever and you have less employees. Doesn’t seem right.

  85. Why does the Weekly Ad advertise fresh flounder for $8.99 a pound but when I go into buy at the fish counter it is $9.99 pound. It was not an item that was for sale only three days. Why do you have to have Digital coupons? It has become a nightmare to go and do my weekly shopping at Stop & Shop. You no more send your weekly flyers to our homes so we have to go on line and look to see what is on sale for the week. I would think it would be so very simple to advertise what you have on sale for the week and that’s it. No digital coupons, no three day only items, make it easy for everyone.

  86. I have been shopping in the South Orange store since it opened, lately the shelves are not always stocked, if you are out of an item it seems like it takes forever for the item to be back in stock, for example Lactaid Ice Cream has been out of stock for weeks, it seems like I always leave the store not getting everything I need which forces me to go to ShopRite which is not as convenient but there shelves are always stocked. Although I have to say all of the employees are extremely pleasant and helpful, that is one of the reasons I continue to shop there, but if this problem continues I will be forced to shop elsewhere, especially since there will be a new supermarket moving into Maplewood Center.

  87. East Meadow, NY store has the biggest collection of incompetent, rude and dishonest people masquerading as a mgmt team. They are completely ignorant of store policies and app functions. They are aware of pricing and app malfunctions but do nothing to warn customers.
    This could easily be viewed as THEFT.

  88. My husband ordered a custom cake for my 70th birthday. We have always gotten our cakes from you because we love them. This time he ordered the cake with buttercream frosting because I can’t stand whipped cream. Well when we went to serve the cake to our guest low and behold you screwed up the order.
    It was suppose to be a white cake with lemon filling and buttercream frosting. What we got was white with lemon filling and whipped cream frosting. This is the second time in all the years I’ve gotten the wrong order. There won’t be a 3 time I will go elsewhere for my cakes from now on. How does this happen????

  89. Stop and shop in dumont, nj associates ARE UNCOMPLIANG WITH MASKS. meat dept.poorly managed, supply is often low, spoke to poor attitude associate 9/4/21 about weekend sale item, ” all that we have to sell is out in meat case, don’t know what to tell you”. Cashier unable to open plastic bag to bag groceries (although a bagger stood there just talking and not even paying attention to cashier struggle) cashier LICKED her fingers to separate and open plastic bag for groceries!! Shelves offer lack clear or sale marking labels, one shelf in pasta freezer has black marker pen indicating $2.99 under several items in error of item price. Please your store needs a price kiosk , so your price conscience can assist self, rather than grocery buying customers wait for price/sale item assistance till after associate is done handling Lottery buying customers!!

  90. I have been shopping in the crossbay store even before stop and shop took over. There is a definite improvement , I love the produce department. But what makes me most comfortable is the staff. They are so friendly.

  91. I ONLY shop at the ‘American Legion Highway’ Stop and shop. I love the atmosphere and customer service there. The cashier I had (Eugene) on Saturday, like all the others, were accommodating and friendly. And I don’t remember ever not finding what I was looking for either.

  92. I wish they would bring back the express lane with a check-out team member instead of having to go through self-checkout.

  93. I would like to thank Associate SHEMEKUA in the Floral Department for her Outstanding Customer Service. She is a True Asset to Stop and Shop.

  94. Tarrytown stop and shop Monday, September 6th.
    The girl helping out at the self-service checkout had no mask and and while walking over to me sneezed, when I asked why no mask she said I don’t need a mask im fully vaccinated. She can still be a carrier.
    Totally ridiculous.

  95. Totally shocked in the Meriden Broad Street store when I unwrapped sliced watermelon I purchased and found it covered in complete earthen dirt! Don’t the watermelons get washed before being sliced into for health and safety reasons not to transfer dirt and germs to the flesh of the product that otherwise would or could make a person ill ??? I can not understand why they aren’t . This is one stop and shop that i consider to be dirty considering Wallingfords store, Glastonbury and other Stop and Shops. WHY ?? Disappointed and hoping I wont get sick.

  96. I find shopping at the Norwell Stop & Shop to be better every time I go in. It gets easier now that the store was changed around and they are celebrating a Grand Opening. It is very pleasant and so clean. I like the idea that I can by the beer I might need, too! Although I find the wine I regularly by is much higher, I have purchased some beer there. It is all I would need in getting everything I need. Thank you for being where you are because you are close to my home!

  97. Hi! I am puzzled why a store such as Stop and Shop has planed quite invasive plants as part of the landscape. Please..the invasive ornamental grass is high where drivers may not see young children walking and that grass is very invasive as is the barberry. WE already have a bad problem with the phragmite across from the location that is killing our native plants. I would like to see the store be a model for other businesses and plant more natives that benefit the ecosystem.

  98. I live nor of Boston in a small town called Swampscott. Our Stop and Shop is technically in Salem, MA. I have been a loyal and engaged customer for over half a century. Stop and Shop, whether here or in my original hometown in Connecticut, has always felt like the “community or neighborhood grocery store.”

    One aspect I particularly appreciate is that Stop and Shop always had room for disabled people to secure jobs.
    Last week, I went through an aisle with Franklin as the cashier and Matthew as the bagger, It was apparent that Matthew was somewhat compromised and he was working twice as hard to be cordial, competent and useful. Franklin was amazing. I imagine he is high school age. He helped Matthew in every way and showed him how to do certain packing. There was so much caring and respect. Thank you, Stop and Shop!

  99. I went to stop & shop tonight to purchas some muffins. I bought them a week ago from the bakery and the price was 4 for $5.00 if I selected different varieties. A prepackaged of 4 muffins was $4.99. Tonight I purchased 4 muffins that I selected myself and the price range up at $7.96!!! That is a big jump from a week ago and the prepackaged ones were still priced at $4.99. I realize everything is going up but I was not willing to pay that much and will look for muffins elsewhere. I just had to mention that I was not very happy with that price increase.

  100. I have been a shopper for quite some time–long enough that many of the employees know my name. Never have I ever seen a cleaner store at the Jersey Shore. I look forward to seeing “Marty” when I shop!

  101. I love shopping at Stop ad Shop. The produce isle is always so fresh and I love the muffins. Great place to shop. The prices are great.

  102. I love shopping at Stop ad Shop. The produce isle is always so fresh and I love the muffins. Great place to shop.

  103. I am very disappointed in your choice of Philadelphia flavored cream cheese. For the whole summer I have not been able to have a choice. Over all I think the stock in your store has been poor and produce are also not always so fresh. I’ve been a costumer for over 40 years and I’m starting to look around at other stores.

  104. we shop at store #5 @19 howley st in peabody, ma. your employees are very cordial and competent but i wish your product variety was more available. many items are either sold-out or haven’t been put up yet. also, one normal register is not enough. we tryed the self-checkout and it was not enjoyable. not only was it forced, such as items on the floor or the bag on the wrong side of the terminal and that woman’s voice ringing in my head, but we could not apply our tele# to get our rewards. we wrote to the company and recev’ them about a month later.
    we continue to shop at s and s because we really do love that money off the gas.

  105. The orderly stocked shelves = less stress shopping and someone is always nearby if I need help. Cleanliness is important and noticeable. Checkout is pleasant. Why shop anywhere else?

  106. love their variety of fruits, vegetables and snacks! they are very helpful to find something for you!

  107. I love Stop and Shop! A loyal customer of 25 years and have not yet found better service and product. Always my favorite place to shop!

  108. Stop and shop is a go to option for groceries. Staff is always helpful. One thing to improve— stocks are sometimes low, and fresh flowers were out of stock.

  109. Stop and shop is a go to option for groceries. Staff is helpful enough. One thing to improve— sometime stocks are low, and fresh flowers are out of stock too.

  110. I shop at stop and shop weekly. at the present time they are re arranging everything in the store. This makes shopping much more difficult and I feel that this is done purposely. If we cannot find things then we have to go upp and down each aisle an may end up buying more. also I am not happy with the way to cash in our earned points. I am 85 years old and wheras before I could use it by simply swiping it for discounts on gas I can no longer do that..what is required now is confusing to me and I suspect to many senior citizens

  111. Stop and Shop continues to be reasonably priced, clean & well stocked. Even though there are less cashiers with long lines, checkout moved fast in the express lane.

  112. I like how the flower shop is arranged. It is so pretty, I browse through every time I go in, and usually find something special to bring home. I get all my arrangements for birthdays, or any special occasions.

  113. Stop & Shop has always been my go to store not just for groceries but for all my prescriptions.
    I have always been treated well and find it to be an easy store to shop in.

  114. Great selection of food items, very helpful employees when you have a question .Also always willing to help search for an item you can’t locate.

  115. I enjoy shopping at Stopandshop for the following reasons. The produce is fresh and there are always bargains on your meats. The store is clean and the employees are very helpful. I can always find my needs and the store is arranged perfectly.

  116. Store # 512, Everyone in the store are very friendly and when ever I need help there is always someone their to help me .

  117. Stop and shop is conveniently located and I shop there often. You have placed self service registers in the store and I will never use one, I am not a Stop and Shop employee and have no aspirations to become a cashier (SHAME ON YOU). About once a week I purchase a cooked chicken at the deli department (my dog and I love them). You have increased the price from $5.99 to $6.99, I still consider this to be a good value since I usually can get 2 to 3 meals out of one. What I do find despicable is the fact that you also offer chickens with a taste of honey for $1.00 more then you place all the chickens with tie price facing away from the customers with a sign that clearly reads $6.99. Now if someone prefers a taste of honey (for a dollar more) and is unaware of the price difference chances are they wont even notice unless they check the receipt. You got me once with this one, now I check the price each time. I would like to think that this is some sort of oversite but it sure looks deliberately set up.

  118. I like shopping at stop and shop find it to be a quality food market with good staffing and affordable prices.

  119. I love my local Stop & Shop and shop there regularly.
    (1) I feel digital discounts buying Breyers Ice Cream or butter, etc. is discriminatory as I am an older person and do not find using the digital discount on Stop & Shop cite easy or convenient. I end up paying the extra $1.00 or whatever to avoid bothering with the digital discount.

    (2) For most of the year buying frozen chopped onions came from China. I stopped buying Chinese chopped onions and looked for other options in other local grocery stores. Nothing against China, but it seemed too far to buy something that can be had closer to home.

  120. I shop Stop and Shop! I really love the SAVORY magazine! I get lots of ideas and have tried quite a few of the recipes! (and share the ones I like!) Thanks again!

  121. If there is a sale on products they are often gone in the first day without replacement or substitution. Rain checks should be available and noted on empty shelves.

    Doorways often become congested by entering shoppers for various reasons blocking others from safely entering. Please don’t contribute to that log jam by putting products too near the entries.

    Good selection of products and I especially appreciate the fruit bin in the back so shoppers can get a bargain

  122. I love shopping at your store, you are located near my home and everyone there are friendly and helpful.

  123. I love shopping at your store however I find on med day you only have one or two cashiers open
    And that force me to go to the self checkout
    Which always have something wrong with it it’s only cash or only cards .

  124. went to stop and shop. in Revere Ma 02151 store #11. 7/03/2021 slip # 0703 1224 0061 1001 0095
    asked for supplies to be put in a usable type bag. they said they DON’T have them. the flimsy paper bags that you use are useless. All they do is rip open and spill all your groceries all over the road. Me and family are now shopping at Market Basket in Revere ma 02151. nice people with a good manners. You lost about 20 people in my family over lousy bags. NOT COMING BACK. fIX YOUR PROBLEM

  125. Store is like ” don’t stop keep shopping . Its excellent shopping center where you can find all fruits and vegetables including International items . and If I don’t find any specific item help is available all the time ‘
    I never got out empty hands . always I find my stuff in very short time . well organized


  127. Your web sites are difficult to use, there are too many, navigation is especially confusing for the go rewards, you do not advertise that the points earned cannot be used for 24 hours after you claim them, and points should not expire.

  128. just moved from s,weymouth to wayland, shopping at the natick store……..the store is very clean, modern and convenient. being partially disabled, there is always a riding cart all charged and ready to go. i look forward to having this store my #1 place to shop…………ed k

  129. I go to Stop and Shop regularly. The store is huge and a lot of choices. I like to shop there
    for sale items.

  130. Found the Stop&Shop store in Greenfield Ma to be very friendly the staff very helpful. I wish all the other stories were just as friendly. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  131. I always shop at Stop & Shop. The stores are bright and clean. The staff is very helpful, especially in the West Haven, CT store.

  132. Good store too shop, I have been shopping there for almost 10 years every week,great place to work, just love my grocery and also shopping for my clients they’re love my shopping there

  133. You have to know HOW to shop at a Stop & Shop Store. Their prices are generally more than their competitors,
    but sometimes you can do very well. One thing that is consistent, their vegetables are almost always fresher & of better quality than those of their competition. Like I said at the beginning, “you have to know HOW to shop at a Stop & Shop Store. I am an expert & I know their cycle of when they are or will be selling different products at the lower prices.

  134. What does it take to have (always open) an isle for a few items 10 or fewer deferent items.
    I had to wait in a line with a person who had almost two carts of stuff to be checked out, They could have had more registers open, but No the management is too, cheap. They used to have handy cap kids that would bag, but not anymore, Why not?

  135. The self check out has become very slow and annoying to use because for no apparent reason the system stops working and an attendant needs to restart the scanner. Item is properly scanned and set to the left as instructed, but fail. This issue occurred multiply times with us, and almost everyone nearby was experiencing similar issues. The attendant was polite, but running around helping almost everyone. Please resolve. Thank you-

  136. I have shopped at Stop and Shop for many years. I especially like the Framingham, Ma store on Old Connecticut Path. The Hudson store is very clean and organized.

  137. I had a large order on 06/12 & wanted you to know what a good experience checking out was. Deborah was my cashier and she was friendly, helpful and efficient. I always have a good experience with your staff but this was above and beyond. Joey was our packer and he did a great job! packing the groceries. I even stopped a the help desk to tell them about my service. Thank you all very much.

  138. The newly renovated stop and shop in Southampton, NY is a huge improvement!! I love the wider aisles and it is much better organized!!!
    The employees are very helpful and polite!! Kristina was especially helpful yesterday with a great sense of humor!!!

  139. I would like to send a shout out to the young lady who helped me this morning in the flower department of the North Kingstown Stop & Shop. I believe her name is Alyssa or Alicia. She was extraordinarily helpful, competent and kind. You need more employees like her. She often works in the customer service desk but today she came over to the flower department when I was there at 8 o’clock in the morning to help out.

  140. I know staffing is difficult and fully stalking the shelves is challenging. I try to be patient

  141. I have shopped S&S for several years since back in MA. I appreciate not only their service while shopping, but also their investment to local communities (such as COAs).

  142. Stop and Shop has been my store for over 35 years. Your customer service representatives are always helpful and informative. I have had wonderful experiences with your representatives in all the departments that I shop. It is a very convenient location to my home which is important to me, It is also a plus to have weekly coupons sent to my e-mail address. Beats having to cut coupons all the time.

  143. Shipped today at store#564 and had such a nice helpful young man as cashier. His name was Andrew. Just wanted to say what a nice experience it was

  144. I am trying to enter the stop and shop survey to enter for the $500 prize. It used to be simple to do!!!
    Keeps coming up PCH.

  145. Clean and well run location. Employees are always friendly and courteous. Always have plenty of coupon flyers and carts available. A very convenient location for me.

  146. I shop at Stop and Shop for several important reasons: fresh vegetables and organic choices, dairy products contain no hormones and are clearly dated for expiration, meats, poultry, fish properly packaged and the counters are immaculate. Deli section help is phenomenal, pleasant and courteous and they carry Boars Head Brand of deli meats which are superior to what the other supermarkets carry. Also and animportant feature of the Stop and Shop stores is their Flower/Plant department. So easy to pick up gifts for ailing neighbors, family and friends. The staff is always willing to put together a bouquet tastefully and the savings are superior than using a local florist. All in all, for a supermarket chain, Stop and Shop offers their customers unequalled service and quality with substantial coupon savings weekly.

  147. The Stop and Shop in Greenwich is one of my very favorite stores to shop. Very friendly and helpful staff as well as a fully stocked store with much variety. One of the most helpful staff members at checkout is Dana!

  148. i just spent 20 minutes doing your survey and after all that i could not submit it!!! Kept saying i entered something wrong. I am sure i know my name address phone# and email address thank you for wasting my time sure i had little chance of winning but to spend the time answering all the questions and unable to submit just want to know how many others had the same problem


  150. Very friendly and helpful employees along with great product selection ,clean stores ,excellent price value.

  151. I’ve shopped here for many years. The customer service is stellar and prices are great! I love to see how much I’ve saved each week❣️Thanks for having everything I need!

  152. Easy to shop, staff members are friendly and helpful, prices are competitive, items are easy to find.

  153. Absolutely love the amesbury massachusetts location. The employees are terrific. Always offering help. Always smiling. And overall the store is always clean and stocked.

  154. Stop and Shop has always been my go to store. If you want everything on your list you go there first. I absolutely love their Nature’s Promise line!

  155. Stop and Shop is my go to store. If you want everything on your list that’s where you go first. It’s clean and I absolutely love my Nature’s Promise choices.

  156. Love stop and shop every thing I need always find in this super market, and it also have great deals

  157. rte.3 coventry,r.i. is the worst store to shop at , pleasecall tony at 401-826-1353 i will let you know why.

  158. I love the Stop & Shop the location is great for us. The selections are great, the store always looks clean. And their return policy is wonderful

  159. I like the clean, wide open aisles and the big choice of foods. The price isn’t bad either!

  160. Cashier did not appear to understand English and never looked me in the eye. Also ditch the robot!

  161. A great place to shop, well stocked with prices very competitive with other grocery chains. Even better than Costco with main items.

  162. It is a good place we’re I can shop a fresh produce and the employees are very friendly with the customers

  163. Stop and Shop is a great store. During the height of the pandemic I appreciated how you had someone at your entrances to watch for mask wearing, and most of your cashier’s and baggers are still wearing them, as am I. Stop and Shop produce is fresh and blemish-free. Your fish department has a good variety as does your meat, dairy aisles and bakery.
    The only I hate is that darned Robot!! It actually walks toward people and is just plain freaky!!

  164. I’m sorry to have read all the negative comments. Perhaps you should live in Monroe Twp. Thursday was the first time I was able to return to the store since the Pandemic. I was impressed with the cleanliness, orderliness, and courtesy of the associates including the robot. Most items were available (please bring back Knorr’s vegetable bouilion). It felt good to be out. Thank you Melanie for being polite and thoughtful.

  165. On 5/28/21 I purchased some bananas and two Pepperidge farm cakes. Hanging from the ceiling was “Bananas, 49c a pound. One the shelf where they were, a sign said bananas 59 c a pound. At the freezer, it said the cakes were on sale for $3.34, marked down from $3.69. Every item rang up at the WRONG price — not the sale price. I spoke up and did get the sale prices. BUT, if I hadn’t been paying attention, I would not have gotten the sale price. Your store would have cheated me. once on bananas and twice on each cake. I rarely shop at your store and probably won’t again.

  166. Mostly I go to stop and shop for my groceries shopping and it close my to my home…plus the rewards card are great help with saving compair to other store.

  167. It’s alright wish hadn’t ran out of stock on an item that was on sale just started yesterday

  168. My name is John and I don’t think I will be shopping at your store anymore. I use to take advantage of self- checkout and breeze through with little or no trouble. I just left your store in Teaticket MA and needed constant help from a very patient employee. Your new system couldn’t be worse! I think I needed help with 90% of my items. You never have enough help at non-self-checkout so I’m forced to use self service. It’s too agravating an experience. I feel really bad for your employees, doesn’t seem like there too pleased with your new system either! I can avoid this nuissance by shopping at nearby Shaws or Windfall Market.

  169. I love shopping at Stop & Shop and have been for many, many years. It’s a wonderful store with so many good fresh produce choices. I also love S & S bakery products, card aisle and party goods. Meats and frozen foods are the best too with lots of selections. I even like the floral and gardening area.

  170. Well if I win the money I most likely will be spending it at Big Y. My Stop & Shop really doesn’t exist anymore. I have been trying to get used to the “new” set up, but nothing seems to have any sense left to it for set up on the aisles. But today I went to get 1/2 lb. of Tuna salad, and was told sorry we don’t do that anymore. You have to buy the prepackaged 1 lb. buckets. And there is no other salads at the deli…..does not feel like my home store anymore….

  171. I think the store in Medford is displayed very well except for the one way signs. Most of the time I have a small
    order so I use the do it yourself lanes. Today I used the normal lanes as I had veggies and it was quicker
    to have your cashier process the order.

    Keep up the good work and be well.

  172. I’ve been shopping at shop n stop for 5years cash loyal customer . Makes me so upset that they cannot provide bags , only to Welfare customer I’m a hard worker and this is how they treat loyal cash paying customer . So dissatisfied with this .

  173. Love my Stop & Shop. Neve had a problem with food products or the workers. Always have polite and courteous employees.

  174. Please go back to plastic bags paper bags break in the parking lot. Plastic bags also have handles to make it more enjoyable to shop. Other stores are using plastic why can’t stop and shop. Trees are used to make paper bags you are taking trees away from the environment that helps the oxygen in the air. I also see your customers come out of the bathrooms with there own carry bags they bring from home. THIS IS GROSS!!! These people are shopping with bags that were in a bacteria filled bathroom.

  175. I love my Stop and Shop store in my area. Everything over there i just right. It’s a big store, you can find anything about food. It’s a very clean place too. The employees and customer service are very respectful and they helps a lot. More important thing the prices are just right for the quality of the goods. So Stop and Shop is my first food Supermarket. Thank you Stop and Shop!

  176. Store #539 in Glendale Queens NY has to be the most disorganized store. I have been shopping there since it opened in 2011. The past 3 years it has gone down hill in quality and appearance. This store has changed from a local supermarket to a ORGANIC KOSHER market. I usually shop on Monday morning and every Monday the aisles are filled with pallets of items to pack out. The shelves are always empty. It doesn’t matter what time or what day you are there. The produce has become an organic dept., therefore leaving a family to spend twice as much to feed them. I like to purchase BAI watermelon water. Well, for some reason they only have 10 bottles to stock but 40 bottles of BAI Coconut Pineapple water. This is not just once in a while BUT every week. I have spoke to the manger many times about this. Nothing is ever changed. Someone is not checking what is really selling. This past month the store has been advertising PEEPS on sale for EASTER. The past 2 weeks they were 2 for $3. Today I went to the manger . He was rude and could care less about what was going on. He was on his phone. I asked about the PEEPS and his answer was ” WE RAN OUT” He never put his phone down. I then explained showing him the flyer and his answer was “WE RAN OUT” I tried to tell him that this has been advertised for 2 weeks but he did not care. kept talking on his phone. Throughout the month of March I have watched the HOLIDAY aisle start with ST. PATRICK’S DAY to PASSOVER. Every week the HOLIDAY aisle became more PASSOVER. Now as we enter the most Holiest of Catholic holidays there is STILL NO Easter items in the HOLIDAY aisle. You can find them at the check out aisles. This store has become a KOSHER Market for the month. This store is in a CATHOLIC community. All I want to do is but my family some PEEPS. This store needs a new manger who respects his costumers and community.

  177. I enjoy shopping there on my way home from seeing my aunt in the nursing home so if I need something I walk on through and pick up what I need and go home it’s convenient for me even though it’s a bit pricey on meats and a few other items I always look for great sales for things I need or want I would like it to be a store I can always cone too since there is going to be a new compare store opening in Lynn closer if the prices of meats come down a bit I don’t want to change stores yet compare cater to more Spanish and is pricey too I still find I can find the items I look for at Stop&shop it is also closer to me then Market basket

  178. Ilik stop and shop is very good and very nice and clene very good food thanks for all people work together in stop in shop

  179. I have been shopping here for several years.No matter who you ask for help,its done with a smile.

  180. Stop and Shop my first impression of the Supermarket is orderly and not a crowded place. A place where you can shop with not worrying of time and space. I run to the supermarket with any of little things to buy such as cooking or baking stuff or what so ever like snacks at the middle of the night before store closing. The easiest way to go with just a half mile away from where I live. The number one concern also at midnight are police visibility so its a secure feeling about the place too.


  182. SS have everything and always put things on sale specifically meats which are really good unlike other meat stores they cheat like color meats but inside not good.

  183. I agree where is the survey? But really want to slam the Burnett Blvd, Poughkeepsie, NY store #540 for the horrible ladies room. No hot water, air blower that has no hot air and only enough air to match the amount of air that I can blow thru my own big mouth, and never any paper towels and I have to touch that dirty contagious door handle to get out. Great covid cleanliness.

  184. I shop at STOP & SHOP store #526,at least once a week, and it is a great store. I have one small complaint,for some reason ,they never have THOMAS MULTIGRAIN ENGLISH MUFFINS, just the LIGHT multigrain muffins,which i donot like. I asked about this, and i was told,this store ,is not on the venders list for the regular multigrain english muffins. This leaves me, having to go to another store to get this product.

  185. Very happy with the Stop and Shop in Abington Mass. Love using the scanner. Makes shopping so much easier and faster. They are a great store with very nice and helpful staff

  186. I’ve been shopping at Stop & Shop for many years. It is always clean, has alot of brands and different varities of all types of food to choose from. The store employees are always friendly and willing to help you find what you need. The cashiers are always friendly and so are the deli workers. I don’t like shopping any where else.

  187. store #449 on 449 portion rd in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY. is the biggest fraud on its cust0mers.Items marked on sale Like the BBQ chicken which say $5.99 when you get to the register its 6.99.Next BoGO items, when you get home you see you paid for all Items or at the least not the price it says. some pre sliced cold cuts look like they were thrown in a bag not caring how it looks to the customer. Next the meat depart Mt,many times the workers cutting meat does not wear a mask. In this store the meat department don’t care about covis-19 or its customers, however store is well stocked and clean. Gary in deli needs to train his workers on how to properly package pre sliced cold cuts .Mr.Borello get your house in order. ]

  188. I love Stop and Shop. The employees in the store I shop in are wonderful. They are courteous and always willing to help.
    The store is always clean. The produce is fresh and the deli department is one of my favorite spots to shop. A great bunch of workers in that department.
    I love the self checkout. Not only are the workers wonderful in that area even the customers are courteous.
    STOP and SHOP on Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  189. Love shopping there.The selection is great,great weekly sales on my favorite productsand most of all…the friendliest,nicest people work there!

  190. I shop at the local Litchfield and Torrington, CT Stop/Shop stores. The Torrington stores are larger, have wider aisles, more merchandise selection, less expensive, and feature brighter lighting. All stores offer sanitizing lotion and wipes. Occasionally, a representative will be wiping down the carts and helping customers getting their carts from the rack. Aisles are marked for one-way traffic which is helpful. When I have asked for assistance getting my groceries to my car or asking for help when I pull up to the curb, I have been accommodated. One suggestion: have groceries waiting outside the exit door (identified with a card – picture of a product or number which matches the one the customer is given) with an attendant so that the groceries are loaded into the customer’s car when you pull up . This is helpful in bad weather, helpful to those customers who walk with a cane, those with small children and eliminates runaway carts in the parking lot. All stores have a canopy upon exit, so customers are out of the weather and protected until you step off the curb.

  191. I love Stop and Shop. The employees are all very helpful and polite, even when I had a big problem with my Stop and Shop card no longer working. The store is clean and well managed withe Covid attention. The help is more than nice to put aside an item, and even calls me when a sandwich, which we love, is in the store (lobster).

  192. I LOVE the “The Savory” magazine! I am 77 years old and have cooked my entire life. I have found in these issues so many great recipes and with the Covid-19 being restricted to eat home every day, it is wonderful to hear my husband’s praise of my cooking! Thank you, Stop and Shop!!

  193. Stop and Shop has been my grocery store of choice for over 50 years. I love the quality of the food and can always find what I am looking for. The staff is always very helpful and friendly.. They have been especially helpful during the Covid-19 Virus. The store is always very clean. I love Stop and Shop!

  194. During this pandemic you cashier was not wearing a mask and have dirty gloves on, I don’t feel save shopping @ ur store, if you can please looking into this, it’s a very serious matter. Your cashier name is cosmay, she was also rude.

  195. Stop & Shop is the closet supermarket near me. I love this supermarket. I like the sales. I love the products.

  196. Stop & Shop is the closest supermarket near me but I find there are never enough cashiers working. I can usually find everything that I am looking for and the store is kept very clean.

  197. I love going to Stop@ Shop in @150 New Park Ave .Hartford Conn.06106.The produce has down size,and I would like to see the Deli come back only because the expiration date for the deli is gone and the customers r not seeing that.I have been a fan for this store since the early 60 s when Stop @ Shop was located in Hartford on Albany Ave @ Garden street.Hartford.


  199. I wish that when you advertise sale items they would actually be available and appropriately priced. You staff are all so helpful and cheerful. It makes a scarey situation tolerable!!!

  200. We enjoy shopping at Stop & shop. The product lanes are clearly defined,so it is very easy to navigate around the store. The cashiers are very helpful. Today our cashier, Marie, explained how the Go program works.

  201. I have shopped at stop n shop for many years and it has always been a pleasant experience. The cleanliness ,organization and pricing is excellent. Above all, the personnel is friendly and always eager to assist. Thank you.

  202. I like Stop & Shop because they always have great fresh produce and, fish and meat products. Their Staff is always helpful as well. Carts are always sanitized and I really feel safe when I shop there.I don’t think I’ve ever gone there and not found what was on my shopping list.It’s also very convenient for me to get there as it’s only 5 minutes from my home.

  203. As a frequent and dedicated customer to Stop & Shop since it’s been in our local area of Glendale, NY, I have yet to recall ever being offered a “senior citizen” discount. One of the other local supermarkets nearby have always offered a discount to seniors once a week (Wednesdays). Offering discounts on shopping conveniently in midweek makes it easier for seniors and alleviates crowds and congestion for those who only shop on the weekend. I realize you have just initiated the GO Points Program but some seniors are not able to take added advantage of such discounts since they do not utilized a personal computer at home or a smart phone/tablet.

    I always find your staff to be more than helpful and accommodating especially Rosie who frequently works in Customer Service area. She is a pleasure.

  204. My Wife and I have been shopping at Stop and Shop, Neptune city for 12 years and it is always a pleasure and relaxed atmosphere each and every time we go there. The Staff is always a pleasure to deal with, the staff in the deli always remembers who we are and always has a great helpful attitude. We believe the prices to be ery competitive and I have yet gone under $35.00 in savings each week we visit. I have gone as high as $90.00 in weekly savings with coupons and your specials. Josephine and Priscilla are the best when you cash out, and because my wife is in a wheelchair, always ask if we need help to the car. Go to the Neptune city Stop and Shop and get treated like Family!!!

  205. I just want to talk about one of your Cashiers. buy me using the pin that was given to me, witch is 1108-1014-2891-7011-0003 This young Lady was very courteous and helpful to me as I finished shoping.,, She Helped me bag my Groceries, and place them in my cart, very thankful for her help,..

  206. I went to 2 STop and SHOp today because I had Shaws competive coupons I want to used it tn your store , but THE manager told me they dont take competitive coupons . when I go to STOP and SHOP online that says it does take them .
    I was denied in DEDham stop and shop
    and stop and shop on tremont street IN BOSTon mass.
    I guest you lied TO customers .

  207. we really enjoy the natures promise brand from stop and shop. i found the store to be clean and well stocked.

  208. I have found your meats and their prices excellent especially when there is a sale. The last few months though I have found some shelves are unusually sparse. I understand in the beginning the run on toilet paper etc., but can vegetables? I also have noticed there are many items which I previously brought under the store’s brand are gone or in limited supply e.g. Stop & Shop spaghetti sauce. I just find the shelves and freezer sections are not stocked like before. It’s aggravating to have to go to another grocery store to buy the items I couldn’t find at Stop & Shop. Market Basket’s shelves are always well stocked although this store is on the other side of city where Stop Shop is much closer to my home. If I know I want to stock up on many items, I’ll travel to Market Basket because I know they will have the items I want. The Dartmouth St New Bedford store is very clean, staff is friendly but shelves need to be stocked better.

  209. The quality of your produce is unacceptable, The summer fruits are soft and grow hair on them. Gross. The packaged meats are not what they once were. Your prices are outrageous and it’s because the annoying robot needs to be paid for. I am done shopping at stop an shop.
    Dave’s Market is my choice, always fresh. Their fruit does not grow fur on it or mold.

  210. I have been going to this location since it has opened.I have been very happy with the service and the people and there helpfulness when a question was asked of them. All have been wearing masks and have not heard any complaining on their part,it has been a pleasure to shop at this store.

  211. I h ave gotten to know so many of the people who work in the Fairfield,Ct. store over the years.They are great,so nice and friendly .It just shows me that they love their jobs!! Everyone , be safe!

  212. 我们多次遇到收银员没有按标明的优惠价收费,要到服务台询问。由于语言不通,给双方都带来麻烦,请你们加强这方面管理。谢谢!其他都很满意!(We have repeatedly encountered cashiers who do not charge the discounted price indicated and have to ask at the service desk. Due to the language barrier, this is causing problems for both parties, please strengthen your management in this regard. Thank you! Everything else is satisfactory!)

  213. I like Stop & Shop and during the summer there were store associates who directed you to a cashier, which we found very useful instead of waiting in one particular line. The last few times we were there, they stop doing that and lines are once again very long.

  214. Normally, I go to S/S on Glen Ridge (down the street ..Blind Brook High School, near Glenville Firehouse). How -ever, I was @ACME on US1 & remembered yogurts were on sale(last day today) Much bigger than S/S Glen- ville, CT. SO very convenient, near Library, Dunkin Donuts, gas, Board of Ed Bdg (w/ track below it, near park). Cashier was pleasant, though coudn’t see if she were available behind other cashier/register.; self-scheckout had adjacent line. Plenty of sanitizing wipes. Also, I appreciate recycling bins are outdoors. Better safe than sorry in this day & age. Very nice selection in the store & pumpkins/plants displayed outdoors 🧅🍂🍁👍👍

  215. I like how neat and clean Stop and Shop are. I also like the wide isles and roomy produce department. The employees are friendly and helpful.

  216. I have shopped at your Miller Place location since it opened in the 90’s I realize that we are in the midst of a global pandemic. However, i find it frustrating that I have yet to find a single can of Lysol disinfectant spray or a comperable ite. I shop in the ealry hours since I am a senior citizen. What can you do to help me?

  217. My husband and I shop at Stop and Shop on a regular basic. We like you fresh produce and large selection of other grocery items. We travel 25 minutes to get there.
    One thing on the down side, you do not sanitize your grocery carts like the Big Y. They have someone there to do every cart before you take it. That is our only complaint.

  218. At the age of 95, we look for ease of shopping, good quality foods and good pricing. I find all there. The only thing, now caused by the CoronaVirus, is the checkout lines. I usually a few item I need, the bill almost always is about $40. I am there two or more times a week. The lines still bother me. I WOULD SUGGEST – ONE OF THE SELF CHECK OUT BE DEDICATED TO SHOPPERS WITH 10 ITEMS OR LESS. HAVE A STORE HELPER THERE TO AVOID DELAYS AND HAVE A LOT MORE HAPPY CUSTOMERS.

    1. Exemplary service for over 30 years that I have shopped there.
      My dad ran Grand Union so I know what service to customer means.
      Even PeaPod service, now S&S, is completely awesome to me.