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Since the 1950s, Sonic has been serving drive-in customers to the best of its ability. You may know about carhops, but have you heard of carhops on roller skates? Sonic was one of the first drive-in stalls to have implemented the technique. Today, skating carhops are synonymous with the brand itself!

Additionally, did you know that there are over 3600 Sonic outlets in the whole of the US? Back in the 50s, it was easy to manage the select few establishments that existed, but keeping an eye on each of the 3600 outlets is a tough ask for the current owners. This has led to the development of a feedback portal called TalkToSonic. It enables any and every Sonic customer, regular or first-timer, to leave their feedback about the level of service received at any outlet.

The website is easy to access and is user-friendly. As the name suggests, you can directly talk to Sonic about the issues that you faced at the outlet, or simply compliment them on the marvelous services rendered. The survey questions are that diverse and the response, that quick!

The survey portal is to-the-point and can be accessed with the click of a button. All you need to do is enter your ID number found on your most recent receipt. The questions have been crafted by market research experts, so you can rest assured that all your issues and concerns will be addressed in the survey itself. However, if your complaint is not mentioned among the questions (a rare happenstance), you can simply elaborate on it in the comments section found right below the survey.

The survey-takers at understand how valuable your time is. Hence, though it may take you less than 10 minutes to complete the survey, the authorities will ensure that your feedback is implemented as quickly as possible. You will also get a free cup of their most popular drink – Route 44 – the next time that you visit their drive-in!

Why Talk To Sonic Customer Satisfaction Survey:

If you are a regular Sonic customer, then you must take the survey. You may find their services really good at the moment, but help them deliver the best possible service by participating in the survey. We are humans who always crave for more after all; nothing wrong in that! Mention what you like or don’t like about their outlet, and everything in between. If you have any suggestions that will help improve their services, feel free to add them in the comments section.

If it’s your first time visiting a Sonic drive-in, then don’t hesitate to access the survey portal. They are eager to hear from their long-standing as well as first-time customers! The authorities won’t differentiate while giving away the free slushes.

Also, you don’t have to worry about your valuable feedback getting discarded. Each survey form submitted will be meticulously analyzed by their proficient evaluators. All the useful suggestions and concerns will be implemented and taken care of, respectively, in the shortest possible time! And you will receive the validation code for redeeming your free drink immediately after taking the survey!

Win Gift in Survey:

Now that you know all that the talktosonic survey offers, let us get down to brass tacks. How exactly can you go about winning that free Route 44 slush?

Survey Requirements:

  • Firstly, you need to be a legal US resident to be eligible for the survey. Also, you should be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • You should have made a purchase from Sonic in the last 14 days. The most recent receipt will be required to take the survey.
  • You need to have a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone at hand along with a reliable internet connection to access the Talk To Sonic website.
  • Presently, the survey is available only in English and Spanish since Sonic stores are only accessible in the US. Once they go global, you can expect several other languages included in the survey.

Survey Restrictions:

  • Are you an employee of Sonic? Do you own stakes at the company? Are you a family member of an employee or stakeholder? If yes, then you cannot participate in the survey. Even the company’s owner is forbidden to enter the survey website.
  • The receipt used to take the survey should be no more than 14 days old.
  • The validation code that you get at the end of the survey can be redeemed for a free drink within 60 days. Also, it cannot be used twice. Since the code is unique, its second use will immediately be flagged by their database.
  • It is illegal to sell the code for cash.
  • Forged, automated or influenced feedback will not be accepted.

Survey Participation Instructions:

The process of taking the TalkToSonic survey isn’t that difficult. You only need to follow the steps mentioned below,

  1. Visit this website – – by clicking the link or copy/pasting it in your laptop browser.
  2. You will be asked to enter an ID number on the homepage. You can find it right at the bottom of your most recent Sonic bill.
  3. Click the ‘Start’ button. If the ID number is correct, the survey page will be displayed.
  4. Answer the questions on the page honestly and submit your feedback.
  5. On the page that follows, you will find a unique validation code. Note it down. You can use this code for getting a free drink on your next visit to a Sonic outlet.

That is all you have to do! No personal details are required since the gift is based on the validation code itself.

About Sonic Drive:

The company was founded by Troy N. Smith Sr., a WWII veteran, sometime after the war. It was initially called Top Hat, a name that existed on the restaurant premises that he had purchased. However, it was only in the late 1950s that Troy Sr. realized that Top Hat was already trademarked by another company. After consulting with his partner, Charles Pappe, Troy Sr. changed the name to Sonic (an intelligent move considering their then slogan, ‘Service with the speed of sound’).

Its origins may have been that of a regular fast food restaurant, but the founders later changed Sonic’s primary services to drive-ins. They trained their employees to ride roller skates to deliver the orders quickly and efficiently. When Sonic’s original founders met their deaths sometime before the dawn of the 70s, the number of outlets kept on rising by the year. In fact, by 1978, they had reached the 1000 mark!Today, there are close to 3606 registered Sonic restaurants in over 45 states. The franchise was even featured high in QSR Magazine’s yearly ranking since 2011. So don’t wait long before entering the survey. Help your favorite drive-in to drive more sales!

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