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Regal Cinemas has been around for over three decades, fulfilling the movie needs of US residents with flair and luxury. There are movie theaters and then there is Regal, always coming up with unique ways to make the movie-watching experience of the audience as lush and comfortable as possible.

But how do they know exactly what the audiences need? Do they go around asking questions of whoever enters their theaters? Do they hand out pamphlets and forms for taking their feedback? Not quite! We have grown beyond traditional methods of collecting feedback, and so has Regal. They have developed, their official survey website, for this very purpose.

Regal Cinema
Regal Cinema

How does this website work? Will our feedback and suggestions be heard? Is the TalkToRegal survey completely legit? Do they even care about what we have to say? All your questions and concerns will be answered below. Read on!

Talk to Regal is a superb initiative taken by the present owners and the management team of Regal Cinemas. The website,, is the result of this initiative, and if you log on to it, you can see for yourself how much they have worked on it. The reason for creating this website is simple. They want to know what their audience thinks about their services!

Let us say that you recently visited a Regal theater to check out a movie. The auditorium was full, and you strode toward your seat only to find that it was already occupied. You compare tickets with that customer and realize that both your seat numbers are the same. You call the hall attendant and explain the issue, but he doesn’t do anything about it. After much persuasion, he tells you to sit in a vacant seat in some far corner. What can you do about it?

Right then and there, you can log on to and describe your experience in the survey form. The necessary action will be taken immediately thereafter, and you may also be compensated for your trouble!

Why Talk To Regal Customer Satisfaction Survey:

First off, it’s the official survey portal of the company. Thus, you can rest assured that your complaints will reach the right ears in the shortest possible time! Secondly, the URL of the website is easy to remember – – so you can access it from anywhere as long as you have a smartphone or laptop with a strong internet connection. 

Navigation over the portal is easy enough for a layman; so much so that you can get it perfectly right on the first try itself! Once you submit your survey, it will be under meticulous review (to determine whether or not it’s genuine). Then, it will be sent to the proper authorities for further evaluation. You can definitely expect the implementation of your feedback and/or suggestions thereafter!

Finally, the time that you took to leave the feedback won’t go unrewarded. Your name will be entered into their sweepstakes, with a chance to win a $100 gift card!

Win $100 Prize in Survey:

The process of winning the $100 gift card is easy. You just need to talk to Regal! But there are a few requirements and restrictions for the entrants.

Survey Requirements

  • As mentioned earlier, the basic requirement for taking the survey is a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with strong internet connectivity.
  • only gives entry to US residents. Tourists or student visa holders are not eligible for the same.
  • A minimum age of 18 is a must. You will be asked to enter your birth date in the survey form. And it will be verified later.
  • The TalkToRegal survey is available in only two languages – English and Spanish.
  • You should have recently visited Regal Cinemas to take the survey online. Proof of purchase is mandatory for the website.

Survey Restrictions

  • You cannot take the survey if you reside anywhere outside the US. Also, the survey is unavailable in Hawaii, Maine, Alaska and Puerto Rico where it is restricted by law.
  • If you work at Regal in any capacity, including managers, board of directors, or CEO, then you cannot take part in Talk To Regal. Even those who have a stake in their company won’t be allowed unless otherwise specified.
  • The gift card that you win cannot be redeemed for cash. It is only to be used at a Regal outlet.

If you don’t have a recent receipt of purchase, then you can participate in the sweepstakes via regular mail. It’s a long and tedious process, but it is acceptable.

Survey Participation Instructions

Here, we will only talk about entering the sweepstakes online.

  1. Log on to and select your language of choice. The options are English and Spanish.
  2. Type in your email ID in the relevant box and press Enter.
  3. The page that follows will ask for the survey access code. It can be found on your most recent Regal receipt.
  4. The main survey page will be displayed. Answer the questions genuinely, as far as you can remember about your visit.
  5. Enter your personal details and submit the survey. It’s that simple!

Please note that it will take them about a week to display the results of the TalkToRegal survey draw.

About Regal:

Regal Cinemas first set down its roots in Titusville, Florida, back in 1989. CEO Mike Campbell set up its headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee, and oversaw all its operations from there. Since the theater in FL was better than most other theaters around, it rapidly started gaining popularity. One thing led to another and in the early to mid-’90s, Regal had acquired quite a few other minor theaters in the vicinity. Its major merger was in 1998 when it acquired Act III Theaters. The Regal brand has only been growing ever since, barring a few minor setbacks.
Today, Regal has its presence in over 570 locations throughout the US. It is growing further still, but it needs your help to do that. Fill up the survey at and take home a $100 prize if you are lucky!

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