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Bruegger’s is a Luxembourg-based chain of restaurants that serves freshly baked bagels of all kinds. They are especially popular for the bagel sandwich, where the bagel is sliced into two pieces horizontally and filled with sandwich ingredients. Pick any bagel sandwich on the menu and you will be good to go! However, if you are looking for a healthier option, then you can build your own sandwich. 

Alternatively, you can try out their cold sandwiches where Thai Peanut Chicken comes as the most recommended of the lot. And if you are fed up for bagels and sandwiches, then you can always go for their muffins, salads and soups. And it’s not just the food that Bruegger’s is known for, but for their top-class services as well. Thus, if you encountered a subpar service during your visit, then TalkToBrueggers about your experience on their survey website.

Bruegger’s is one of the few fast-casual restaurants in the country that genuinely care about their customers. The company is constantly gathering feedback from its customers, verbally as well as via the online portal. And since they actually care about your views, your feedback will definitely be taken into meticulous consideration by the authorities. So make sure that you voice your opinions unabashedly in the TalkToBrueggers survey form.

But your feedback doesn’t always have to be negative. Constructive negative feedback is certainly appreciated, but letting them know about their high points will help them work on their drawbacks with a smile on their faces. So be sure to rate the questions in the survey form honestly, giving them low and high ratings wherever they deserve those.

Why Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Why should you take the survey at Firstly, it is the official feedback website of Bruegger’s, so you can expect quick and prompt action for your suggestions from their end. Once your survey is submitted, it will be checked for any errors by the quality team and forwarded to the right people at the company. Thus, if you are a regular at Bruegger’s, then you can expect the implementation of your feedback on your next visit itself!

Secondly, you can describe your visit in the survey form in great detail if you want, but it is not mandatory to do so. The questionnaire is pretty descriptive and so are the choices offered. Just pick the option that best describes your visit and you can get the Brueggers survey completed in and under 10 minutes!

Furthermore, you will receive a unique Bruegger’s validation code in your inbox as soon as you submit the survey. The prize in the code will depend upon what is mentioned on your receipt. It’s usually a bagel or a sandwich, oftentimes even a discount. But on rare occasions, they also offer an exciting freebie!

How to Win Validation Code in TalkToBrueggers Survey?

Does every survey participant receive the code? Yes. Can anyone take part in the survey? No. Here are the requirements.

Brueggers Survey Requirements

  • Bruegger’s has outlets only in the US. But since the current owners have their presence in Canada and Puerto Rico as well, citizens of only these countries are allowed to participate.
  • grants access only to adults (18 years or older).
  • You must know how to read and write in English, including those who reside in Puerto Rico.
  • Since it’s an online survey, a net connection is mandatory, along with a device with a browser to access the website.
  • You should have a recent Bruegger’s receipt in order to participate in the survey.

Brueggers Survey Restrictions

  • Those who are employed by Bruegger’s or the survey sponsors (SMG) in any capacity won’t be allowed to take the Brueggers survey. You also should not be a family member of the employee.
  • You cannot access the online survey without a receipt, because the 14-digit code (found only on the receipt) would be required to enter.
  • The Bruegger’s receipt should not be more than 7 days old.
  • The validation code for the Bruegger’s freebie will not be valid after a month. So redeem it as soon as you receive it.
  • You are not allowed to sell or transfer the validation code in any way. It should only be redeemed for the said freebie or discount.
  • This offer isn’t applicable for home delivery. It is only valid for an in-store visit.

Brueggers Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Copy and paste this link in your browser – – or simply click on it.
  2. On the homepage, you will need to enter the 14-digit survey code. It is usually located in the middle of your Bruegger’s receipt.
  3. Submit the code to begin the official survey questionnaire. The questions will generally ask you to rate a particular aspect of your visit (services, food quality etc.). You can elaborate on your ratings in the comment boxes below the questions.
  4. Enter your name, address, email ID etc. to receive your TalkToBrueggers validation code. Check the box if you wish to also receive promotional emails from the company, and submit the survey.
  5. Wait for the code to get generated and redeem it on your next visit!

About Bruegger’s

Bruegger’s has always been in popular demand since its inception in Troy, NY in 1983. For 13 long years, the original owners, Nordahl Brue (the namesake) and Mike Dressell laid the foundations for the company’s future. And in 1996, they sold a part of their stocks to Quality Dining, a reputable franchise. However, the franchise turned out to be not so reputable, after which they had to buy back their shares at a loss.

But the founders eventually made a profit as the company changed hands quite a few times before settling for JAB Holding. Today, Bruegger’s has over 250 locations in several parts of the US, and they need your help to expand further during this pandemic. Make your contribution by taking the survey at, and get a free validation code in return!

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