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One of the fastest-growing regional fast-food restaurants in the US, Bojangles has been serving their offbeat cuisine to customers for 44 years! The restaurant offers almost all kinds of fast food items, right from bacon and sausage to country ham and eggs. But its most popular items have to be the lip-smacking biscuit sandwiches and the Cajun-seasoned fried chicken. However, you may wish to avoid these two if you are health conscious. Pick their Breast chicken dinner or Grilled chicken salad instead, which are equally delicious.

However, you may be understandably insecure about visiting Bojangles in these hard times. You can always place an order on their official website – – and enjoy the food in the confines of your house. And if you didn’t find the service to your liking, leave your feedback on the TalkToBo survey website.

When Bojangles was first established in 1977, they used to gather customer feedback verbally and record it in a notebook. But today, due to the rapid advancements in technology, you don’t even need to visit the premises to leave your feedback. Just take the BojanglesListens survey online and sit back as your opinions are implemented by the authorities! 

Did you notice any anomaly during your visit, like an unclean floor or a rude employee? Mention that anomaly in detail over the survey website. The authorities will consider your TalkToBo feedback, cross-check your claims with other surveys and CCTVs, and take the necessary action to resolve the issue. Even if you don’t have anything constructive to say, you can take the survey just for the additional perks!

Why Customer Satisfaction Survey?

So what are these additional perks that we just mentioned? The basic perk is the implementation of your valid suggestions and feedback. Soon after you submit the Bojangles survey form, you can expect to get your feedback implemented in about a week. Thus, if you tend to visit Bojangles every day, then you may need to have some patience before you can expect the results of your survey submission.

Another important benefit of taking the survey online is the ease with which you can complete it. There are options to submit the survey, like a direct phone call or snail mail, but the former takes a while to get connected because several customers tend to call every single day. And the latter is slower still in comparison. On the other hand, submits your concerns within 10 minutes; that’s how fast it is!

However, the most important perk of leaving your feedback online is the free Bojangles biscuit that you will receive post submission of the form! Spending just under 10 minutes to get a free biscuit in return isn’t a bad deal at all! The choice is entirely up to you.

How to Win Free Biscuit in TalkToBo Survey?

Not everyone who has visited a Bojangles outlet can take the survey. Only those people who fulfill the following requirements are eligible.

Bojangles Survey Requirements

  • Since Bojangles is a regional restaurant, it would be ideal if you are a resident of the state in which an outlet is present. However, anyone else can leave their BojanglesListens feedback as long as they are US citizens.
  • The US law permits only those people who are 18 or older to take surveys.
  • If you are taking the online survey, then you need to have a laptop or a smartphone with an internet connection. Those old-world cellphones won’t work in this case.
  • A Bojangles receipt is mandatory to leave your feedback online. However, you don’t need to have a survey code printed therein. accepts other information from the receipt as well.
  • You need to have a personal email ID to win the free biscuits. They will be sent to your inbox in the form of a validation code.

Bojangles Survey Restrictions

  • Biased reviews aren’t accepted by the Bojangles authorities, due to which the employees of the company are restricted from accessing the Bojangles survey. To avoid more such feedback, the family members of the employees also cannot enter the portal.
  • More than one person cannot take the survey with the same code or receipt.
  • The Bojangles receipt will be valid for only 7 days. The duration may change, so check with the cashier when he/she hands over the receipt.
  • The TalkToBo free biscuits code received at the end of the survey cannot be transferred to anyone else, nor is it redeemable for cash.
  • The validation code cannot be redeemed at a Bojangles outlet if it is over 30 days old.

Bojangles Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Log on to the website – or Both the URLs will lead you to the same page.
  2. The homepage will get right to the point. You can change the language of the questionnaire if you want from English to Spanish. 
  3. Enter the details asked for from your receipt, like the Bojangles number, date, time, and check number. Click the ‘My receipt has a 19-digit code’ to gain direct access.
  4. The main survey questionnaire will address all the issues that you may have faced at the outlet. Rate each question according to the nature of your visit.
  5. Submit your details, like name and email ID to receive your unique Bojangles survey validation code! Redeem it at any of the taking part outlets for a free biscuit.
Bojangles Survey

About Bojangles

Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas started the first Bojangles restaurant in 1977 in Charlotte, NC to compete with the existing fast-food chains that sold generic food. It was initially named Bojangles’ with an apostrophe. They made their menu region-specific so that the locals could enjoy the cuisine without hassle. Fulk sold his business to Horn & Hardart, after which the chain grew rapidly, increasing to over 300 restaurants in a decade!

It was only recently, in August 2020, that Bojangles’ officially removed the apostrophe while collaborating with a new entrepreneur, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Today, their outlet number has risen to over 750, and they are seeking customer feedback on to help them grow further. So take the survey and take home a free biscuit in return!

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9 thoughts on “ – The Official Bojangles Survey”

  1. Bought your country ham biscuit combo with extra ham on today 8/1/23, check #30115 at Store #1346 850 Moore’s Ferry Rd Skippers, VA.
    The service was fast. Only one thing my extra ham was not on the biscuit and the piece that was there was hard. I live in Gaston, NC and did not feel like driving back to Virginia. I was really hungry and tired. Hope the service is better next time😞

  2. I was at store #0780 kings rd . For the 1st time in quite a while I was greeted with a smile & very friendly server. In fact, everyone i came across smiled & said hello. The service was fast, food was very good, & restraunt was very clean. No one was standing around on their phones doing nothing- everyone was working & very pleasant! I thought to myself; heck of a crew here now!
    Thank u all for a job well done! (And noticed!)
    Andrea Arp
    5/8/23 1:35pm

  3. Absolutely love Bojangles and have gone there for many years either inside or drive through and the service has always been great and all the food is excellent.

  4. I just purchased an eight piece box of chicken with biscuits in Taylorsville NC and I was very disappointed!!!! The chicken was NOT fresh at all. More like it had been cooked early his morning or overcooked! and this was at 3:44 pm!

    Very Disappointed,
    Vanessa Martin

  5. Bought your country ham biscuits 4/13/23, check #2018, at Store #445, 7047 South Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28217.

    The service was fast and the 2 ham biscuits were hot off the grill and delicious.

  6. We LOVE THIS PLACE BUT ON SOME DAYS THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRI BLE we ordered went to window and had to ask for everything twice pulled off had to go back the forgot ouR drink and acted so rude about it ! AND STILL NO STRAW I’m sorry but these girls need to get outta here because normally they have a great staff!!! IT REALKY ISNT HARD TO ASK YOUR CUSTOMER IF THEY NEED ANYTHING I STEAD OF ME HAVING TO TELL YOU EVERY THING.

  7. Normally, when ordering breakfast the condiments, salt ,pepper, butter are dropped in the bag after the order is placed in the bag. Today , someone felt it was best to dump packets of salt , pepper and butter directly over my food. Nasty dont you think. Check # 30076