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Subway, one of the largest and fastest-growing fast-food chains in the world, has been serving their delicious submarine sandwiches to numerous customers globally for over 55 years! You can either customize your sandwich ingredients or pick from some of their sumptuous in-house items. We heavily recommend the Spicy Italian sub with pepperoni and cheese and layers of tomatoes and lettuce – a must-try if it’s your first visit to a Subway outlet. And if you have had your fill of subs and wish to eat something else, you can go for their pizzas or salads. However, subway pizzas are only available at certain select locations.

But you don’t need to physically visit those outlets during this growing COVID-19 pandemic. You can simply place a to-go-order! And while you are there, don’t forget to leave your SubwayListens feedback as well. Their official survey website is

Feedback is both important for a customer and for a seller to take. Succinct sound feedback not only helps any business to improve their services but also lets the customer experience those improved services. That is one of the reasons why Subway developed the SubwayListens survey. The other reason why the survey was formed is that Subway considers every customer a part of their family. And it is critical to listen to what a family member has to say!

SubwayListens pays attention to every kind of feedback, whether it’s good or bad, and takes the necessary action to fulfill the demands of its customers. Even if you do not have any feedback to give, you can still take the survey at just to appreciate their efforts! Your opinions won’t go unnoticed, and you will receive the reward for the survey!

Why SubwayListens Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Apart from the numerous benefits that you can reap after taking the survey at, there are three main reasons why you should submit it:

  1. It’s the official Subway survey.
  2. It’s amazingly easy to fill in.
  3. Free cookies will wait for you at the end!

Being the official survey of the entire Subway organization in the US, guarantees you that your opinions will be heard by the right people at their company. If you found the outlet downright disgusting and its low-quality food, then your feedback won’t just be there on the pile. The evaluators will physically assess that outlet and confirm your claims before taking the appropriate action against it.

And it’s not like you have to describe your experience in great detail in the SubwayListens survey. There will be a series of multiple-choice questions for you to answer, each about a particular area of their service. Just pick the answers according to your experience and submit the survey! On average, it takes 10 minutes to complete the entire questionnaire.

And for those 10 minutes of completing SubwayListens feedback, you will get their cookies for free on your next visit. It cannot get more exciting than that!

Win Free Cookies in Survey:

It may be easy to take the SubwayListens survey, but it’s not simple to gain entry into it. The eligibility criteria are strict, that’s why kindly go through the requirements below before entering the portal.


Survey Requirements

  • You should be a citizen of the US, residing in any of the 50 states.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to enter There is no use hiding your age because it will be verified later.
  • You should have visited and placed an order at a Subway outlet in the past 5 days. You will be asked to enter the details found on your receipt.
  • You should have access to a laptop or a computer to log in to the SubwayListens portal. A smartphone or a tablet will also do, but a strong internet connection is a must.

Survey Restrictions

  • Employees and staff members of Subway, including its board of directors or the CEO, cannot participate in the survey. Those who are associated with the promotion of the survey or the company’s products also cannot enter
  • If the Subway receipt is more than 5 days old, then the details you enter will be rejected by the system. You will have to visit the outlet again to take the survey.
  • You cannot submit the survey more than once during a month.
  • The free cookie code that you receive at the end of the survey can only be redeemed by you. It is non-transferable. You cannot sell it for cash either.
  • The free cookie code is valid for only 30 days since the date you took the SubwayListens survey.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Head over to the official Subway survey website –
  2. The survey is only available in English, so you won’t find the option to change the language here.
  3. On the homepage, you will have to enter your details like name, address, and email.
  4. Upon submitting those, you will have to refer to your receipt to enter the details, such as store number and date of visit.
  5. If all the required fields are filled in, then you will be led to the Subway questionnaire. Honesty is the best policy here, for your answers will be cross-checked for authenticity later.
  6. Finally, after you submit the SubwayListens questionnaire, a unique validation code will be generated. You can use this code to get the free cookie at any Subway outlet!

About Subway:

You might know that Subway was founded in 1965 by Fred DeLuca, but do you know that his friend, Peter Buck, financed the operation? Back then, it was called Pete’s Super Submarines. Three years later, the name was officially changed to Subway. However, it wasn’t until 1984 that the company became international with its first restaurant in Bahrain. And since 2007, Subway has been one of the top-ranked fast-food chains globally according to several experts.

Today, the company is owned by the DeLuca family with over 40,000 locations around the world. Since coronavirus hit the globe, this number has been decreasing, so they need your help to pull them back up again. Take the survey at and win a free cookie in the process!

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  1. Nuevamente pasé una experiencia algo desagradable en éste Subway, pues volvieron a indicarme que iban a cobrarme por tomates extras cuando les pedí 3 rajitas como indican todas las promociones escritas, visuales, internet, pósters, anuncios de T.V., etc. También quisieron quitarle jamones/ingredientes a uno de mis wrap, luego de preparado, a lo que yo me negué, rotundamente, por ser una práctica no aséptica!! Jan, creo que es su nombre, el que preparó mis 3 wraps fué muy amable y servicial; sin embargo, mí experiencia con el demás personal no puedo decir que fué igual.

  2. I live near the ocean love Aldi’s stores when I lived in Baltimore I shopped every week , every time I make a trip to Baltimore I stop and pickup groceries to bring home now I travel thirty -plus miles to Salisbury to shop at Aldi’s hoping you build a store closer to the beach.