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SmashBurger may have been established relatively recently (2007), but it rapidly grew in popularity thanks to the stellar reputation of the founders who were veterans in the F&B industry. As the name suggests, it serves ‘smashed’ burgers and sandwiches that are grill-cooked at exceptionally high heat. The restaurant serves everything from hamburgers and fries to salads and shakes. 

Feel free to place an online order in these trying times, which will be delivered to your house safely, taking the utmost precautions. And here’s the trick to get your favorite side for free: leave your SmashBurgerFeedback at and note down the unique coupon code!

Every good business, no matter how small or big it may be, craves customer feedback from time to time. It is thus that they could detect any possible flaws in their management, fix those, and continue to grow. Similar is the reason for developing the SmashBurger survey. Every outlet of the popular restaurant chain may not be perfect, but it strives to reach that mark to the best of its ability, and of course, through its customers’ SmashBurgerFeedback.

This shows that the company values the opinions of each and every one of its customers, be they regular or first-timers. Thus, you don’t need to hold anything back while taking the survey at This official online survey has been started for your benefit, so speak your heart out, let all the goodwill and ill-will you harbor toward SmashBurger pour out in your frank words!

Why SmashBurger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey:

The first thing that anyone looks for in a survey is its legitimacy. Is the survey that we are going to spend our valuable time on genuine? Will our opinions be heard by the right people? Rest assured that the survey at is perfectly legitimate since it is owned and operated by SmashBurger itself! And only the highest authorities at the company will review your suggestions and feedback, thus lending a sense of trust to customer-company relations.

And if you take a brief look at the website itself, you will come to know that it was programmed by a professional. SmashBurgerFeedback is one such survey opportunity that leaves no stone unturned to satisfy the whims of its customers. And if you are worried that your personal details will fall into the wrong hands, then don’t! The website contains the highest level of SSL encryption which can be seen in the ‘secure’ sign in its URL.

But these were just reasons that are a given when it comes to a good survey. Here’s how you, personally, will benefit from taking the SmashBurger survey. If you have honestly filled in the complete questionnaire which doesn’t take more than a few minutes, then you will receive a unique coupon code at the end, which you can redeem for free sides!

Win a Free Side in Survey:

Can just about anyone out of the 7 billion people in the world take the SmashBurger survey? No! You need to be eligible to enter the website and successfully submit the survey.

Survey Requirements

  • Since entry to the survey is only through the online portal – – you will need a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. A good internet connection is recommended.
  • Your age should be 18 or more.
  • SmashBurger has outlets in many different parts of the world, but the survey is restricted to only US residents.
  • Only those who are well-versed in English can take the SmashBurger survey.
  • A purchase receipt is mandatory since you will be asked to enter the Check number. Also, other details like the store number and the date and time of your visit will also be asked, which can only be found on your receipt.

Survey Restrictions

  • SmashBurgerFeedback registered by SmashBurger employees will immediately be rejected, and they won’t even get the freebie. That is because the survey is regarding their services, and the company doesn’t care for biased feedback. For the same reason, any investors or associates of the company are barred as well.
  • Dishonest feedback will be discarded by the evaluators and your redemption code will be pulled back. They will cross-check every entry for any possible inconsistencies.
  • If your SmashBurger receipt is older than 3 days, then it won’t register as a valid entry in the system and you won’t receive the coupon code.
  • If you try to redeem the code a month after it was generated, then the outlet won’t give you the freebie.
  • Every coupon code is unique to the person who has taken the SmashBurger survey. Thus, if you try to use a code that belongs to someone else, then you won’t receive the free side food.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Copy and paste this URL – – in your browser, or simply follow the link.
  2. The page that will be displayed will ask you for some of the details on your receipt, like store number and visit date. Enter those accordingly.
  3. The survey questionnaire is easy to answer. Just tick the appropriate boxes according to your experience at the outlet.
  4. Enter the personal details that are asked, like your email ID, to get to the free voucher screen. Here, a unique SmashBurgerFeedback code will be displayed. Note it down on your receipt and redeem the free side on your next visit by showing the code to the SmashBurger cashier.

About SmashBurger:

Two famous, vastly experienced entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry came together to give birth to SmashBurger sometime in 2007 – Tom Ryan, known for inventing the stuffed crust pizza at Pizza Hut, and Rich Schaden who once owned a Quiznos in its prime. Needless to say, their ‘smashed’ burger concept which was only popular in the Great Lakes Region at one time, became an instant hit in the rest of the US.
Today, though the restaurant chain is owned by Jollibee Foods Corporation, their burger remains equally scrumptious! So take the survey and taste one of their sides on your next visit for free!

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  1. Supplementing my last complaint about your oakbrook location. my wife cajoled me into trying your oakbrook location 1 last time today. it was 1115am so we figured it wouldn’t be crowded. we got there and was told there would be a 30 minute wait to get our food. apparently there was a large takeout order they were working on and couldn’t serve anyone til it was completed. so as they say in baseball….3 strikes and you’re out.I WILL NEVER STOP BY THIS LOCATION EVER AGAIN FOR A MEAL. whoever manages this restaurant doesn’t know what the heck they are doing. you should send them to observe your orland park location to see how it’s done. sign me DISGUSTED.