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Safeway may be over a century old, but it has been rapidly evolving with the times. It was one of the first stores to begin a self-serving concept where the customers could walk through the aisles and pick the required items themselves (a modern-day supermarket)! Currently, the shelves of every Safeway outlet are lined with a variety of products, right from bakery and dairy items to medicines and lottery tickets. And if you are hosting a party at your house, then you can also find snacks and liquor in the store.

Owing to the pandemic, they have started a grocery delivery service. Just select the required items on their website and either get them delivered to your home or arrange for a curbside pickup. And if you wish to leave your feedback for their services, you can head over to the www.Safeway.com survey portal and write about your experience.

Ever wondered how Safeway has managed to maintain the quality of its services so far, even though it has close to 1300 outlets around the country? That is because they take constant feedback from their customers. For them, every customer feedback, no matter how good or bad, is critical. So much so that even the smallest of anomalies that they observed at a particular store will be taken care of in no time!

You might think that it would be a tedious process to leave your feedback at the www.Safeway.com survey. It’s exactly the opposite! The questions are fun to answer, and they are always to the point. And if any of your issues are not addressed by the questions, then you can describe them in the comment boxes provided. And even if you had the worst experience of your life at Safeway, which is highly unlikely, your feedback will be taken into careful consideration by the authorities, resulting in strict and prompt action thereafter.

Why Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Is the expectation of prompt action against the outlet the only benefit of leaving your feedback at www.Safeway.com/Survey? Not in the least! While you can always expect some or the other response from their end, there are several other perks of taking the survey online.

For instance, as mentioned earlier, it is quite fun to fill in the questionnaire. You have to play the part of a critic, and trust us, criticizing something is always an enjoyable prospect! Rate several facets of your visit, right from the cleanliness of the store to the employee interaction. Also, it will only take you about 10 minutes to complete and submit the Safeway survey!

But the most appealing part is the chance to win the $100 gift card! As soon as you submit the survey, you will be considered for the sweepstakes, the prize value of which is up to $100!

How to Win $100 Gift in Safeway.com Survey?

Is it as easy as it looks to win this exciting gift card? Yes, and no. First, you need to be eligible to take the survey.

Safeway Survey Requirements

  • Since Safeway outlets are present in only select US states, you must be a resident of those states to take the survey.
  • According to the law, you must be at least 18 years of age to enter https://www.Safeway.com/Survey.
  • Your English must be fluent. If it’s not, then you should at least be fluent in Spanish.
  • A Safeway receipt is required to take the online survey. If you don’t have one, then you can send in your feedback via regular mail.
  • For online entry, the following two things are mandatory – access to a computer or laptop and an internet connection.

Safeway Survey Restrictions

  • Safeway employees or the company’s partners and associates, along with the employees of the survey sponsors and their associates, are barred from taking the Safeway survey. If you are one of those, then your family also cannot take it.
  • You cannot take the survey twice during a sweepstakes period.
  • The survey code on your receipt won’t be valid if it’s well past 7 days from purchase.
  • Two people aren’t allowed to fill in their feedback via the same receipt.
  • The $100 prize won is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Safeway Survey Participation Instructions

Safeway Survey
  1. This is the official website link to the survey – Safeway.com/Survey.
  2. Once the homepage gets loaded, you will find several boxes therein. They are for the 16-digit survey code which is located at the bottom of your Safeway receipt. You will also need to type in your email ID to access the questionnaire.
  3. If all the details are correct, then you will be led to the main survey page. Here, you will find questions about your visit to the outlet. Answer them honestly and submit the form.
  4. At this point, additional personal information will be asked for, like your name, address, etc. These will be used solely to deliver your Safeway survey $100 gift card if you manage to win!

Remember that only genuine feedback will be accepted by the authorities. They have ways to cross-check your claims, and if found fake, then your gift card may be put on hold.

About Safeway

Safeway, officially known as Safeway Inc., is a US supermarket chain founded by S. M. Skaggs in 1915 in the beautiful countryside of American Falls, ID. Skaggs abhorred the then reigning system of credit, and so began his store where cash would be paid right at the counter before taking the goods home. He also started the system of self-service instead of the employees bringing the items to the customer. A few years later, his son, B. M. Skaggs, took over the business and expanded it into several other parts of the country.
Today, though Safeway is owned by private equity investors, it keeps its old-world charm and top quality of services. They have 1300 outlets mostly in the Western US, with some of them scattered throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Take the survey at Safeway.com/Survey and help them expand even more, while you hope to win the $100 prize!

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