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Family Dollar has been the country’s second most preferred variety and discount store for decades. It offers a number of household products, right from an exquisite clothing line down to classy home furniture. People are drawn to the store like bees to honey every month to fill up their depleting household needs. And Family Dollar has always delivered, helping customers save quite a few bucks on every purchase.

However, since the company was acquired by Dollar Tree, they had to close up several unprofitable shops due to pressure from a few investors. However, they are looking to replace those with newer and better stores with the help of your feedback! And they have opened up an exclusive survey portal for the purpose – RateFD.com!

The FD in RateFD stands for Family Dollar; thus, you only have to spend a few minutes to rate your experience at an FD outlet on RateFD.com. The rest will be taken care of by their excellent team of evaluators. Even if you received the best service of your life at Family Dollar, you can visit the website and give them a star rating, just to let them know that you appreciate their efforts.

But what if you received really bad service? Suppose that you visited the store on a busy evening, and there was no attendant around and available to help you out with your shopping. You somehow managed to find what you were looking for and headed to the cashier for the bill, but he/she was extremely impolite, only answering your questions with a nod or shake of their head. In such a case, will your feedback still be considered in the Family Dollar survey? The answer is yes! In fact, they might even go so far as to give your feedback high priority, because we know for a fact that they care!

Why Family Dollar Customer Satisfaction Survey:

But why should you spend time taking the official Family Dollar survey? The answer lies in the question itself – because the survey is official! This means that it won’t take long for your feedback to reach the right people at the company; those who have the power to act on your suggestions as soon as possible! This will, in turn, improve your experience at the store on your next visit.

Additionally, it will only take you about 10 minutes to complete the survey at RateFD.com. The interface of the website is quite user-friendly, and the pages get loaded in the blink of an eye even on your cellphone provider’s data connection. The overall design is appealing, and you will have great fun while filling up the survey form, for the questions are pretty interesting too!

And that’s just the least of it! The company is giving out daily cash prizes for taking the Family Dollar survey. Now, you have a chance of winning $1000 every time that you fill up their questionnaire! There are weekly prizes worth $1500 to be won as well!

Win $1000 Prize in www.RateFD.com Survey:

The Family Dollar team has set eligibility criteria to limit the number of entries to the survey. It’s nothing stringent, and there’s a high probability that you will qualify for it. But it is better if you go through the requirements below before taking the Family Dollar survey.


Survey Requirements

  • Family Dollar only serves the US, so it is a given that you must reside in the country to be eligible.
  • The minimum age of entry to www.RateFD.com is 18.
  • You must have a digital device, like a computer or a smartphone, with a good internet connection. There are other avenues through which you can take the survey (regular mail and such), but the online entry option is the easiest.
  • A Family Dollar receipt (the recent one) is mandatory to take the online survey.
  • A good grasp of either English or Spanish is a must. If you have understood this article so far, then you can definitely take the survey in English!

Survey Restrictions

  • People who work at the company in any capacity, or their direct relations, cannot take part in the Family Dollar survey.
  • People who reside in regions where there’s no Family Dollar branch, like Hawaii and Alaska, cannot take the survey.
  • You are not allowed to take the survey on behalf of anyone. The invitation is only valid for the said person.
  • The prizes are non-transferable, and the company won’t pay your taxes for you. You will have to do that on your own.

Survey Participation Instructions

We have only explained the easiest method of entry here: the online one!

  1. Visit the website – www.RateFD.com – on any of your devices that have a browser.
  2. Select the language that you prefer to answer the questions in. The choice is between English and Spanish.
  3. Enter these four details in the boxes provided – Offer code, Register number, Cashier number, and Transaction number. You can find them at the bottom of your receipt.
  4. Type in your age on the page that follows. This will be verified if you manage to win the prize.
  5. Finally, answer all the Family Dollar survey questions honestly, enter your personal details (name, address, etc.), and submit the form.

You will be notified after about a week if you win the $1000 prize!

About Family Dollar:

Family Dollar started off as a small store in Charlotte, NC, over 60 years ago. In about 10 years, Leon Levine, the founder, had managed to establish more than 50 stores throughout the southern US. Post that, the company kept on growing and seeping into other parts of the country, until it was finally acquired by Dollar Tree in 2015.
Today, Family Dollar boasts of more than 8000 stores in most of the major US states, with the capacity to grow even more in the coming years. With your help and feedback at https://www.RateFD.com, they may just reach the number one position in retail and variety in the US. And you might just win $1000 in the process!

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154 thoughts on “RateFD.com – The Official Family Dollar Survey Guide”

  1. New FD/Dollar Tree recently opened about 1 mile from my house. Have visited several times. Good prices, wide inventory.
    Glad to not have to drive several miles to a larger town!

  2. to whom it may concern my name is cindy anderson and i have been in your store on several occassions and bought several different items over and over again and everytime i get to the register they ring up wrong and i tell the cashier that the shelf price is different from what it rings up and they go look at the shelf with that price on it and say this is what it rings up and thats the the price thats really not right and its false advertising and not a good way to do business i spent $95.00 in your store on 1-11-2022 thats alot of money and all i asked for was to give me price your have marked on your shelf. thats wrong to do business like that .

  3. Store #04168 1617 Washington Ave. Alton Il 62002. The store is very dirty, I mentioned it to the clerk and she said nothing .Clothes on the floor in the dust. Looks like the floor has not been cleaned in months. The shelves are empty. I told the clerk that i was going to let corporate know.

  4. My husband and I enjoyed finding what we needed. Family Dollar was the only place that had the foil cake pans he needed to make his peanut butter fudge. Thank you Family Dollar

  5. I like having the selection available you have in the store for various items, the prices are helpful nowdays too!

  6. Most stores have pretty good stock of merchandise, this one was an exception, Store #08660 Alsip Illinois, 12299 S Pulaki.
    The store also had and odor of used mop-water to it! Very unpleasant.
    Could do better here!
    Please do not give or sell my email address-I don’t need and avalanche of emails coming to my address–

  7. I was in store #10094, it was well stocked and organized!!
    Last 3 times it was a mess! Whoever the new manager is, he kicked butt!
    I mean everything was put away and priced correctly! Love the sleepwear!
    Spent the most money I ever had in a dollar store!! Robin

  8. the manager at this store is rude, has her employees loudly call people out when they come in the store, and she just doesnt need to be there. period. she came very close to swearing at me one day when i asked her a question about merchandise. not my problem she cant handle the store. she needs to go

  9. I am very disappointed with some of your products. I buy Wrigleys freedent gum from your store and every time its Expired hard as a rock! I have noticed most of your products are on the Brink of expiration! Then to top it off after multiple purchases I had enough took back to store for fresher gum and your staff had the nerve to treat me very disrespectful. So bottom line we will be taking our money elsewhere and will be encouraging our large family and friends to do the same,because you guys are just not fair! Please keep your coupons don’t want them! You have a nice day.

  10. I am always treaty with respect and the clerk I always see has a smile on her face and so very nice This is in Blairsville, Ga

  11. The Family Store in Las Animas, Colorado is a wonderful place. The staff always seems to enjoy being there and very well run. Management is always helpful and patient with us. They always have ICE too.

  12. We have a new Family Dollar in Dubuque, I went shopping their today before noon( 1st day of ad) they where out of 2 of the 3 items I went for before noon and no rainchecks. Not a good way to run a business

  13. Shopping @ 81432 (Ridgway, Colorado)#08703, it’s my store! I keep promising myself that the survey is important. FD has to ay more, and grant a bonus to the lady whom is sub as mgr. currently. Others are driving from Naturita, Colorado to help her. Long drive thru mean mtns,

    The only solution is paying more to your employees. Even MacDonald’s pays $15.00 to 18.00 to start per hr.
    Ltmd. population means less applicants.

  14. I went to Family Dollar Store # 12117 in Las Vegas NV. When I went in the attendant was NOT wearing his mask but it was hanging off his ears. The store entrance CLEARLY STATES THAT EVERYONE ENTERING NEEDS A MASK! There was a customer walking around without a mask as well and was not asked to leave.The store is in disarray, missing items, poorly stocked, and ONE person watching (or NOT watching) the entire store. I went there to buy some light bulbs which were stocked well, the other items I needed were NOT available. The store is “dirty”, unorganized and needs cleaning throughout. The attendant went missing for a few minutes. No where to be seen. When he came back, he had no mask on and was on his cell phone. When asked about cash back on the debit card, he said we do not have cash here at this store. Interesting, as the debit card machine clearly asked if I wanted cash back. Further, the shopping carts are NOT allowed to leave the store. Mind you. the store front to the parking lot is close but how are the handicapped (me) and the elderly supposed to get their things out to the car? I feel this store is going to be short lived. If this service and presentation continues, they will lose business.

  15. I went to your store at Federal and Evans in Denver, Colorado. The selection was pretty good and the prices mostly reasonable. However, the freezer section was rather depleted. I hope that is soon remedied.

  16. I went to the Family Dollar #06002 on a Sat Sept 3 night, I asked if the Pepsi was still on sale 3 for 11.99. The young man at the register said he didn’t know, then he said if sign is down it wasn’t on sale. I looked up sale paper and it was supposed to be on sale till the 5th. The manager wasn’t there so he couldn’t do anything about it. He apparently was very new. I can’t believe the manager takes off and leaves someone new who hasn’t been fully trained yet.

  17. I love my family dollar store in Broaddus,Tx .a they are so friendly and helpful and great prices.Thanks and God bless

  18. I just left the store. Store #09293 Muddy Branch Rd. Gaitherburg,MD. Everything was find until I was checking out . the cashier was talking on the phone and did not care about the customer. I was the 3rd person she did it to. Did ask if we found everything ok or acknowledge us. I will go back to the store,but, if she at the register I will walk out.

  19. Second time visiting Family Dollar#06482. I thought it was gonna be a better experience because I went in another time frame. For my surprise this day was worst than the first time.
    I was motivated for the good prices the sore has, but, the customer service is worst than awful. The store is crowded with products and boxes, the aisles are too narrow ,no space to walk through. The cashier upset she was called to go to her cash register(she was busy stocking merchandise) and when I asked for a price ,she reply in a bad way (Rude).
    I will never go back to that store and will advise not to go to the store only if you like to be treated like garbage. I felt so sad, bad experience.

  20. I was just in store number 01500 I have never seen such rude employees. The two young women working were throwing things and being loud and then they were extremely rude to the male cashier. There were signs up saying now hiring… I would not want to work in those kind of conditions. Those two young women need an attitude adjustment or need different jobs since they seem to hate it so much. And the male cashier was very nice and made conversation. He seems like a great worker.

  21. I shopped at store number 10157 on County line Road in Ridgeland Mississippi. The clerk charge me twice for items because she did not put them in the bag after she rang them up. I went back in the store and had to be refunded for three items that she coded as a return which was not true. It was her error -not mine ;then I Had to sign a receipt saying I returned those items in order to get refunded my money. Very unprofessional, not paying attention what she was doing, and not bagging items correctly. This needs to be addressed. The receipt does not record the cashier at time of purchase. A customer should not have to go back over their receipt in order to be sure that they have been incorrectly charged for items. You will lose business like this!

  22. I shopped the store I Pulaski, Wisconsin yesterday. The store very dirty. The floors look like they haven’t been cleaned in a very long time. I will no longer be shopping in that store. I also shop at the store in Florence, Wisconsin. That store is very clean and organize. There is a world of difference in the two stores. Please make some improvements in the store in Pulaski for the health of all concerned.

  23. Located in the heart of beautiful downtown Ipswich, this store ended up being such a disappointment. While some staff is kind, others are incredibly standoffish. They don’t greet you and just talk to eachother or on the phone. The store is ALWAYS disorganized, and I don’t mean just a little. so much so that you cannot walk freely without stepping on things. No exaggeration I went in to the store on two separate occasions- over a week apart and there was the SAME laundry powder spilled on the floor. All over the floor. It has so much potential to be such a cute store in such a gorgeous location, but it severely neglected by staff.

  24. Bought some milk at the Raytown FD today and it was nearly twice as high as Aldi. Learned my lesson…..I’ll never go back.

  25. I was at store 07827 on 9-11-21 & at 12:21I purchased items totalling to $23.87. I gave the cashier $30.87. Usually a cashier hands a person change along w/ a receipt. She just told me she put the receipt in the bag. I was distracted & didn’t realize until I got home that I hadn’t received my change back. I called the store & left my name & number. The cashier called back & insisted I had received my change & that her drawer was not over when she cashed out. I checked the store bag & my personal one & there was no money in them.
    I go in this store a lot. I will be much more careful at the checkout counter from now on.

  26. Ran into store 489 just to get some detergent. When I checked on the shelf it looked like they were out of the one I was wanting to purchase. I started to leave and happened to glance up and there was another shelf around the corner. Store is not laid out very well.

  27. Visited Store #11104 08-25-21 middle of the afternoon. I was shopping and could hear two of the employees having a conversation. (one male, one female). The females language was awful! Every sentence was F*** this and S*** this, I believe she said that she was also the MOD on duty the night before also. The content of her conversation was all complains about her job and the store. The male employees language was fine and seemed to just be doing his job and not getting involved in the conversation.

  28. your stores are great, but very dissapointing when your ad said a&w root beer 3 for $11.00.went to 5 stores none of them had any root beer in stock.They said lot of times when a product is advertised it doesnt come in. You need to follow your ade. When you advertise a product and it doesnt come in andt hey tell me lots of times they dont get the products in. I will continue to shop at family dollar but you need tomake sure you stores get the procucts you advertise.

  29. your family dollar stores are great, and i enjoy shopping at them, the only thing I dislike is when your ad comes out and advertises a a&w root beer at 3 for $11.00 i went to 5 DIFFERENT stores to buy tis product and none of them had this item in stock. VERY DISSAPONTING

  30. Your renovating store in lakewood,Ohio on Madison Ave. Closed for 2days. All they did was move shelfs around ,bunch of bs. The floor looks like crap people are going to trip over missing tiles. Same old crap in store put new stuff in store. Manager is also rude and nasty with employees.

  31. Well, let me tell you about my recent experience at Family Dollar in Holmes, PA.
    This clerk went above and beyond the call of duty for me. After I finish this comment, I am sending a letter to the owner/manager of this store. I went in there looking for hangers. I interrupted two employees who were stocking shelves. One employee directed me to aisle 17 or 18. I went there and couldn’t find any. On my way out I picked up a couple of stupid little dollar items and as I passed by the employee, I thanked her and told her I couldn’t find any hangers. She immediately stopped what she was doing and I followed her to aisle 17. She said “we just got a shipment in; they’re in one of these containers.” There were no less than six giant black containers. She checked them all and was shocked to find they did not contain hangers. She said, “we just got them in the other day. I know they were there”. I said I only needed a couple so I’ll go elsewhere. She pointed to a bag of old/used hangers and said “take some of them if you need to.” I took four.
    She then went to ring me up and my order (!) came to $2.12. I had a five and a couple of pennies and I said “I hate to take all your change”. Every store nowadays has signs “pay in exact change”. I didn’t want to use my credit card for such a ridiculous purchase so this adorable woman named Celeteata reached into her back pocket and took out change to finish my order! I was shocked! I thanked her repeatedly. When I went to my car I noticed some nickels and dimes on the ground right next to my car door so I grabbed them and took them to her to pay my debt. I thought it was so funny that this happened! I went back to the store a couple of times to thank her but she wasn’t working. Today I lucked out and she was there. I thanked her and gave her a couple of bucks.

  32. Shopped again at my local Family Dollar today. As I have said before, Family Dollar is a really good place to shop, and the store here in Brownsville, Kentucky does not disappoint. I was cashed out with the utmost care and sincerity by the sales associates, and they deserve every word that I am saying. I hope Family Dollar continues to be around for years to come. They’re really great.

  33. I am a Family Dollar shopper from Brownsville, Ky. The Family Dollar in my area is a wonderful place to shop at, and I am highly confident that surrounding Family Dollar outlets are just as great. The cashiers are very friendly, and the prices are extremely helpful to my everyday shopping. I am very happy with Family Dollar, and I hope they continue their great work.

  34. I go to walk into your store, there is a sign requiring EVERYONE to wear a mask. The cashier has a mask , but it is below her chin. I ask does everyone have to wear a mask. she responded yes. As I moved up and down the isile she continued to turn away from the register with her mask off. When I walked up to check out she pulled up her mask. NOBODY really wants to wear these mask. However if it is required for me then YOUR employers should wear them PROPERLY!! With a Dollar General less then a 1/4 mile further, I believe I will go there.

  35. I just wanted to let your company know that I stopped into your store#11886 at 4040 S. Meridian in Wichita Ks and was very please with the service I received and the cleanliness of the store. I’ve been in several stores in my town and this was by far the cleanest and friendliest. Kudo’s to that staff.

  36. Family Dollar Supervisor Melvin Green located at Store 11449 (939 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY) is not fit to be a Supervisor. On Saturday 8/21/21 I sent my son to the store to buy laundry soap and he gave him the wrong change. $19 less to be exact. When the child inquired, he called him a liar. My child called me from the store and in 5 minutes I went to stores. Melvin Green when asked about the incident, he did not have the show any interest in trying to resolve it. He told me that he has better things to do, and did not have the time waste. This was in front of several customers. I asked him for his name and he spelt it out disrespectfully. I have never felt so humiliated like this in a neighborhood store. I will appreciate if someone can get in touch with me regarding this matter.

  37. I had been searching for Lysol Power Foam Bathroom Cleaner for quite a while. On 8/20/21 at approximately 10:30am I was shopping at the Family Dollar (Store# 12510) located at 6690 Hwy 85 Riverdale, GA. While walking into the section of the store that has the cleaning products, I saw the six cans of Lysol Power Foam on the shelf. I scoop up all six can and proceeded to the register to pay for them. There were at least three customer in front of me. While standing in line I notice there were a total of four associates behind the counter. Two males, one was the store manager, and two females. The female that was on the register closest to the entrance door was the only person ringing up the customers. The manager and the other female and male associate was huddle together talking and laughing to each other we all stood in line. Finally after a while the manager had the other female associate to start ringing up the rest of us customers in line. There was no real sense of urgency to check-out the customers in line by the manager and the other two associates. The manager ask everyone in line how was they paying “cash or card”. The two customers in front of me was stated they were paying with cash. I stated I was paying with a card, so the manager told me come around in front of the other two waiting customers so I could get checked out. As soon as I started putting my cans of Lysol Power Foam on the counter, the female associate that stood next to the manager hesitated for a moment before she started to ring up my items. She look at me with a mean look ask me with a rude tone, “Is this all that was on the shelf”. I responded, “Yes”. She replied again with a rude tone, “So you took all of them that was on the shelf”. By this time I ask her, “Why are you asking me that in that tone of voice”. Keep in mind she was doing this in front of the manager and other customers in line waiting to check out. The manager responded with, “Because you only supposed to buy two”. I responded, “Well that’s all you all had to say. You didn’t have to question me like that. That’s very unprofessional”. The whole time this is happening the female associate was rolling her eyes at me (the customer). For the manager to allow this type of behavior to take place in his presence says a lot about the manager. Obviously he don’t understand that the store needs customer’s spending money in order for him and that rude female associate to receive a paycheck. Clearly this female associate got an attitude problem that needs to be addressed, but I doubt seriously if this manager will that. Furthermore, if the manager wanted customers to only purchase a certain limit of an item, than he needs to have that posted in the store for the customer to see. There was nothing posted stating the limit on the amount you can purchase. What happen to a sale is a sale. Sales numbers are a key factor in retail. This is something the manager should know and perhaps pass down to the associates. The level of unprofessionalism, attitude, and customer no-service displayed in this location is bad for business. This kind of behavior left uncheck can affect the overall store performance and can have a snowball effect.

  38. I love our Family Dollar located on Highway 138 in Conyers, GA. The store seems to always be conveniently located near residential areas making it easy to find and shop for many household needs. It is my “GO TO” store for sure. Thanks for the great prices…it makes life easy for so many!

  39. I just went to Store #05573 at 1720 Sam Rittenberg Blvd., Charleston, S.C.. This was a very bad experience for me there. The casher had a hand made sign hanging up “NO CASH BACK”. I asked it the other register gave cash back and her reply was “we have an ATM over there”. So what I took away from this last trip to this location is, we will keep your change to make money off you for someone or make money off you on the ATM. This is another way to run off customers by acting like there is a change storage. This just play people to fall into another misguided scenario. Needless to say I will never use your stores again.

  40. I just came from Family Dollar store#03283 where I made a purchase. Before I got to the counter the Cashier ASHLEY went outside and smoked a cigarette, drank a soda, and ate chips. I finally after 5 minutes went to the door to ask if she was still working.

  41. We just left the store in Tinley Park, Il and asked the manager where certain items were located.

    She proceeded to state that “I think it is in aisle such and such. I would think that someone in her

    position should know where items are located .It is frustrating because we shop there frequently

  42. The store in Barbourville, Ky. is an excellent place to shop. The manager works a lot and is always kind and helpful to me when I shop there. Her name is Sharon Murphy. The cashiers greet customers when they enter the store. I especially like the store because if there is a problem in locating an item they are there to help me. Sharon is a dedicated manager to the store.

  43. I like Family Dollar Store a lot. But I was wandering why you guys start the $5 store coupon only on Saturday.
    I appreciate the coupons. Thanks!

  44. Really enjoy shopping at our local Family Dollar (Store #10009). The ladies are very customer oriented, friendly, and caring for their shoppers. One is always greeted when entering the store. Family Dollar is now my go-to shopping place here in our small town. I appreciate the fact the store is NOT cluttered to where it is difficult to mover around. It is always neat and clean … even when product has come in and being stocked onto the shelves.

    “Thank You”, Ladies, for making your store a great place to shop!! 🙂 🙂

  45. Had an emergency with my vehicle today 8-13-2021. Stopped at Sore #07306 30 US Highway 158, Roanoke Rapids, NC. 252-507-6042. THE NASTIEST STORE I HAVE EVER VISITED IN MY LIFE. If not for my vehicle running hot and needing water right away, I would have left this store and went somewhere else. I know times are taxing due to COVID-19, but this store is an ugly slam to the FAMILY DOLLAR CHAIN. I have visited many, but this is just the most disgusting store I have ever visited, do not plan to visit this store again.

  46. Staff at store #02354 was friendly. I do a lot of shopping at family dollar. Although this time i only purchased a could packs of candy bars. It’s very convenient. And not expensive at all. However this store on this day could have been a little cleaner.

  47. this FD is a FD/DT. the most unorganized FD i have ever been in. On top of that, all the things we go to DT (dollar tree) to normally get cannot be found except for the FD brand of that item at DOUBLE or more price. Big mistake to combine the two.

  48. HI on Aug.11,2021 I was in the store shopping which I do once or twice per week there it is located at 3943 Franklin Turnpike Danville Va. Store# 03200 I always get good service at this store but on this day the lady that waited on me Named Cheryl on her tag was really disrespectful to me. I was going to purchase a scatter rug for my bedroom and it was on the shelf for 10.00 and rung up as 14.00 dollars. I explained to her that it stated 10.00 on the shelf and it was other like it in on the shelf with it. She immediately asked do you want it or not and I stated if it was 10.00 like it said. She did not go look or send another employee to check. I have always shopped at this store and was really disappointed in my service today.

  49. I was in your Store #10287 8/6/21 The employees were very nice and helpful the store looked wonderful everything in order and very clean All of your employees care you can tell by how great the store looks I am very glad this store is in my neighborhood they always help me find things I am looking for. They know I don’t have much time because my husband is in a wheelchair waiting me in the van I want to thank them for everything they do for me

  50. Shopping at FD is just plain smart. Many name brands are available for much less than other places and the selection is remarkable. I have been recently shopping for our churches Christmas charity for children and get many of the items of school products, hygiene items, and small toys at FD which means I can get more for more children which thrills me to no end.

  51. Today, 8/6/21, 6:18, I visited the Family Dollar, at 6555 Greene St., Philadelphia, PA 19119. Upon entering the store, I proceeded to aisle #1 to purchase 10 gallons of distilled water. Seeing the water was on the top shelf, I realized that I was not able to reach it. I, therefore, asked the Associate at the register, an extremely polite young gentleman, if there was anyone to retrieve the water. He politely responded that someone would, as he was the only Associate, and asked me to wait, as the Manager was in a room and he could not leave the register. I proceeded to aisle #1 to wait for the Manager. She arrived, stared at me, seemingly annoyed regarding my request and never addressed me or asked what my need was. She simply stared at me. I explained that the water I wanted to purchase was on the top shelf, and asked her to retrieve 6 of the gallons for me. She stood on top of a box of water, began to snatch the gallon sizes, including the gallons that had crushed tops. I politely requested that she not select those as they appeared damaged. She seemingly annoyed, hastily snatched and slammed the 6 gallons on a lower shelf, even though my cart was in reach, but I digress. I thanked her and proceeded to complete my search for paper products and then check out. The other associate apparently was on his break sitting outside, which left her to service me. I stood in line and waited as she was on her phone. She looked up, arrogantly asked, “Are you ready?’ I responded “Yes” and asked her why was she so disrespectful and hostile. She became even more hostile and loudly stated as 2 other customers were in line, “You don’t get to tell me that I am disrespectful.” I responded, “You are and seem annoyed that you are servicing me.” She again repeated, “You don’t get to tell me that I am disrespectful.” She then asked me who was I. I responded that I was her elder. She went on to say that you elders need to learn to respect us.” Seeing her anger at that point, I felt threatened and said no more. This Associate exhibited a kind of unwarranted anger and has no business dealing with the public as her demeanor, unprofessionalism, and inability to accept criticism are definitely not the kind of skills, fit for dealing with the public. In reality, she actualIy both startled and frightened me. I have shopped at many Dollar Stores and have found 99% of the Associates and Managers are always and more than willing to assist. I must admit that this is the first time in my entire life, ever having experienced the kind of rudeness, annoyance, and unprofessionalism that I experienced with this Associate. She needs to be retrained in order to meet the requirements of good public relations, sales, and management. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

  52. This family dollar store just keeps getting better and better . Great people who work there and the store is growing and the new floors look amazing. Keep up the good work.

  53. I, love family dollar.. I always find the best deals there. the, prices are great.. I have no complaints about the service there at all. I always find whatever I am looking for. The employees there are always very friendly. I have never had a bad experience at the Southgate location at all. Thank, you, for the great service and unbeatable prices.

  54. Store # 00988 182 Buchanan Trail STE 165, McConnellsburg, PA 17233

    This store consistently has terrible employees, including ones that have been in positions of leadership. Every time I shop here I say it will be my last. What they talk about around customers is very unprofessional.

    The store has recently had a remodel which is a big improvement, now if they would hire people who take pride in their jobs would be a plus.

  55. Since 2012 , I moved right around corner and I can’t even think of how many times I shopped here . I liked it that I could call in and do survey. Now want me to down load browse iI don’t want to say how excellent service was at family doller and get into drawing I have never won in 9 years go to store 3-5 times a week. I wonder is they a way to do survey’s without download browser?

  56. I love my local family dollar store # 00729 @ cocoa Florida but they might need to remodel if they don’t have a bathroom

  57. stopped off to buy school supplies – the store was very dirty, aisles were full of boxes very messy.

    store #10019 3211 S.13th Lincoln Nebraska

  58. Store #11230 This store does not restock their supplies very well. A lot of empty spaces. Alot of items I could not find anymore and had to go to another store to get what I needed. Must be hard on employees as every time you go into the store, they have new employees?

  59. Store #06928
    6337 north Broad St
    This store is slowly turning pack to the way it use to be a mess, for the last four weeks you have to have exact change to purchase items, if you don’t it’s a problem with purchasing, shelf’s we’re getting stacked, but it seems this is becoming and issue again, wonder if this is happening in all your stores or just the ones in African predominately areas, we need these type of stores to exist in our community for those who can’t travel far to larger stores, please address this issue because its becoming a hindrance. Concern seniors

  60. employees at the Family’s Dollar store in Hoschton, Ga have always been pleasant and helpful. Recently, your associate, Samantha went out of her way to assist me. Please let her know that she is appreciated.

  61. I have been to 2 family dollar stores today and did not find what I was looking for on the shelf. Store #02582 on south main street wilkes barre pa, and the one on carey avenue in wilkes barre. I can tell when I go to the one on south main street the floor was very dirty and sticky the one time i was there. The parking lot was in need of a broom. Both, I was at today did not have what I was looking for stocked, I think you should have someone on after closing, to sweep and stock everything.

  62. I shopped at the Family Dollar store #10764 at 1520 S. Nevada Ave in Colorado Springs on 7.20.21 to purchase a few things that I forgot to bring West. The clerk was the friendliest, most helpful employee that I have ever met in my three score and ten years on this Earth. And I noticed that he was that way with everyone that he encountered. I think he took a little money out of his own pocket when a customer came up a little short. (I hope that that’s not against the rules!) It did not matter if they were black or white, young or old — he found a way to interact with them and make their day a little brighter. I don’t think that I have ever shopped in that store before, but I wish that I had had even one employee that was as positively encouraging to be around. I don’t know his name but he was a tall, young black man. He will go far with his perspective on life.

  63. I like to do my shopping at Family Dollar. They have a good selection the staff is helpful if needed. The store is clean so what else needs to be said….its a good store.

  64. I have been shopping at different Family Dollar stores through the years, mainly the Family Dollar Store in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. I made some purchases the 7/15/2021 the big difference was they had sold out of everything almost and they didn’t stock back up. I barely found some items I needed but not all.

  65. Sirs: Store number 07893 on 780 S Nova Road is the ABSOLUTE WORST DESIGNED PARKING LOT IN THE HISTORY OF PAVEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am wheelchair disabled and have been for 35 years but this store is completely NON ACCESSIBLE BY WHEELCHAIR IN THE FRONT OF THE STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I parked up front like normal. I had to wheel at least 100 feet around to the side of the building just to wheel up the 1 handicapped ramp in the store’s parking lot. 99% of every other store name and configuration have 2 handicapped spots right in front with ramps for easy access to everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At Family Dollar, DISABLED PEOPLE HAVE TO PARK IN THE FUCKING BACK????? I thought this country had erased this line in the 1960’s with the civil rights act!!!!!! If you are handicapped, DO NOT GO TO FAMILY DOLLAR ON 780 S. Nova Rd Ormond Beach, FL 32174!!!! You can barely get in the store.

  66. I was a customer at Family Dollar on Cherry Road Rock Hill SC . I had the worst experience with Joe the cashier. He was rude and threw the scanner and after I finished, I said have a nice day, his response was, ” I will in 3 sec ” making it plain that it was after I left. I have spent tons of money there and always been treated very well by the staff. This guy really was so rude and threw that scanner toward me. It landed on the counter.

  67. I would like to let u know that your store i have been going to for years. And your store saved me money which i did not have thru the virus. God bless your company and i told alot of people to go to family dollar. Patty dwyer

  68. I found everything I wanted and bought a 60 minute Trax phone card. When I got home I tried to enter the pin number and do the transaction but after trying several times I had to go back to store (Which is not to far) and ask the cashier for help as I ran into a problem I had not encountered before. She was very helpful and helped me get my added minutes and time on my phone. I was so relieved! The store is #11476 and that happened within the last hour.

  69. Store # 10524. 9306 W Greenfield ave. Milwaukee wi.
    I usually don’t go to this store for milk. But my husband was not feeling well so I ran there. Looking at milk I saw a tag said 2.79 for gallon of 2% milk. Milk was right above the tag. No sign saying 3.55. I go to check out my bill is 3.55 all I got was milk. After paying I question the cashier. His comment to me was aldi’s milk is cheaper. I said but the tag say 2.79. He continues to help the next customer. I ask again. I go see the tag and say to him you need to check. He does nothing and does not offer to check or get some one to check. I worked in retail for 36 years. So I was very pleasant about it, but I guess he did not care. I guess I will go the extra few blocks to the dollar tree or maybe to cvs. Won’t be shopping there any more.

  70. Store 12455, Theodore, AL

    Store just opened a few months ago. I walked in and shelves looked extremely empty. I did find the dog food I needed. Store is understaffed. The cashier (real nice employee) was the only employee in the store!!! That’s NOT safe. I checked the Reader Display. Almost completely empty! I’m sure Foster Grant wonders about the sales at this store.

  71. Store 03058 Grand Bay, AL, Cashier was very polite and professional. She has customer service. I have one concern at this store for which I use to be a vendor for Foster Grant before March 2020 when Pandemic hit . All Reps were laid off. Before that, My Reader’s and Sunglasse’s displays s were required to be full. Today, I counted over 90 empty pegs on the Reader Glasses display and over 75 empty slots on the Sunglasses display. I don’t know who is suppose to restock the displays, but I’m sure Foster Grant is wondering why their sales are down. By the way, I usually always find what I want at this Family Dollar. All of the employees at this store are always so welcoming and show customer service. Thanks for listening.

  72. Family Dollar @ 1426 Old Hwy 13 in Mamou, Louisiana Store # 04249, I visited this store yesterday, it was dirty but that is nothing new, no checkout person for at least 7-8 minutes, had to wait, no apology, the only words that the checkout clerk said was the amount that I owed, this is so sad, NO customer service what so ever HORRIBLE

  73. The clerk(male) that checked me out was very rude and not pleasant. I could barely hear him when he spoke. Never greeted me, never thanked me and never offered any assistance. This was at the Lake Placid, Fl store#01362. After leaving I vowed I’d never return. I’m sure all the clerks are not like that but he definitely needs some training.

  74. I went to the Family Dollar located in Memphis, TN. 6550 Mt. Moriah Road Store#08691. Store should be closed down ASAP!!! The store is NEVER stocked up, all employees are RUDE. This is ridiculous!!!! Store is always out of tissue, paper towels, name brand washing detergent, soap, and bug spray. Why did you all remodel store? It is not stocked, the parking lot/ outside is always dirty. If you all are not going to sale other brands besides Family Dollar brand let the public know. Long as I got breath in my money I WILL NOT SPEND MY MONEY WITH FAMILY DOLLAR ANY MORE!!!! Putting up all these Family Dollar stores in black neighborhoods and don’t even keep the store up!!! I know that Family Dollar and Dollar Tree are the same. I know for a fact you keep your stores up that are located in white areas. Its a DAMN SHAME; I have to go all the way to Poplar and Exter Road just to go to a stocked store( Yes this store is in a white uppity area.) Hire people that care or shut that location DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Love the Store….. Almost in my back yard…..I shop there often…..I always come out with a lot more then I went in for!!!

  76. Just stopped at store #07507 at 1038 Bethania Rural Hall Hall Rd in Rural Hall, North Carolina. The young man who was working at the checkout was on the telephone speaking about personal matters during the entire process. He did not greet me nor looked directly at me and simply held the receipt out to me as he turned to walk away for me when he was done. There might be an opportunity for better training here.


  78. everything w needed was available. everything was reasonably priced. we were thanked for coming and invited to come back soon.

  79. This is not the first time visiting this store, and as usual, this store is a dump! Dirty floors, broken merchandise laying on the floor, empty carts sitting in the middle of isles. Employees just walking around doing basically nothing. That is NOT the way to run a store!!

  80. The new store layout makes the place seem larger. Great selection and friendly cashier. Thanks.

  81. Store looks really nice and the shelves were stocked. Great place to shop. Glad to have the new store in our town.

  82. store was okay,cashier was not at register,took a few minutes to come up never apologized for the wait, was not at all friendly never said a word the entire time,acted as if we were bothering her Making her work,need to clean house and start over with employees that need a job!n8nn7nnn We were there at 14:59 on 5/31/2021 storeNumber 01637 at 202 N. first street Copperas Cove Tx 76522,did not see a name but horrible attitude and no customer service skills

  83. you need to get more cat food in your store,the shelves are empty and my cats hungryyyy!… we in scottsville,kentucky

  84. Store #11606 Needs attention. It is relatively new and usually a good store to pick up a quick item or two. Today was a total disappointment. There were more people working there than there were customers. There was only one girl working one register. A line formed while there were three other employees just loitering behind the counter not even attempting to open another register. One was sitting on a back counter with his legs dangling scrolling through his phone. I picked up two clearance items and specifically told the cashier they were discounted but she charged me full price anyway…I didn’t notice the error until I left and didn’t feel it was worth my time to return to the store. This is unacceptable and unprofessional at any store. The manager needs to do a better job of being aware of what is going on at this location! So very disappointed in this FD store!

  85. There’s a white female at store #02295 in Marion, Arkansas that needs customer service and people skills. She talked crazy to this man because he was returning some merchandise and threatened me by telling me that someone would come for me. She had tattoos on her inside forearms.

  86. STORE 02703


  87. Very very rude for cashier to speak in Spanish when I was asking her about an item
    This continually happens at this store. English is still the primary language.

  88. The day time female manager needs some management training
    Recently I made a couple visits, very loud, swearing in front of customers
    and on the phone speaking very loud about part time and full time employees.
    When i was looking for some paper plates, this poor new employee was really working her tail off filling shelves and I thought she was going to bust in tears


  89. There were alot of empty shelves in this store 11230. Looks they are having trouble stocking in this store, big time?

  90. when u check–assoc. on phone–she taps fake nail on counter for u to put things on courter–never stops talking on phone, then gives u a good hell look. fake eye lashs and all. thank god dollar generald is on the other side of highway. and i like family dollar but i wont go back. store 312530

  91. Service is great at the Fanily Dollar I live by at 5711 W. 63rd Street Chicago, Illinois 60638. i shop there quite often. It is very convenient when I need something in a hurry and dont have the car to get there…..it is in walking distance.

  92. I shopped at Family Dollars today store #06772. There were 6 little items that I purchased and did not get, When I got home I checked the bag and items #095045000085 and 095045000054 @ .50 each were missing. Since it was only $3. I tried calling the store phone number several times option number 1 and number 3. No one answer the phone. Because I walk with a cane it did not make any sense for me to walk the 2.5 block to complain about the missing items that total $3.

  93. I have read most of the comments that’s posted and is happy to say that I don’t have anything negative to say about my Dollar General, store #00367. The manager is nice and helpful and know the products and their locations in the store, as well as the other employees. I feel welcome when I enter the store because they greet you with a hello or such. I visit this store often and it is in walking distance, and I have the time to say anything negative about it. It is clean and organized. This store is convenient!

  94. ASM Pam was very friendly as was Doris on the register. The two of them made this an enjoyable visit.

  95. I used to love to go to Family Dollar by my house. Store #10333 4301 Moss St. Lafayette, La. But ever since ya”ll updated the store (which by the way is super nice looking) the new employees are horrible. I have tried 5 times since the new look and nothing has changed. There is NO customer service. They don’t recognize customers as they come in, they don’t even get off their phones when checking out a customer. I feel like I am inconvincing them by being there. So my solution is just not to shop there any more.

  96. The Governor of the State of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has declared the State open 100% for business AND REMOVED the mask mandate; WHY you still requiring them in your store?
    Isn’t your store located in the State of Florida? ENOUGH with the ridiculous mask bullshit!
    Worldwide 99.98% have recovered from covid! The CDC admitted in an open letter on their website that their “death numbers were incorrect” and that only 6% of the 500k deaths CLAIMED were actually covid related! ENOUGH!

  97. I shop Family Dollar regularly and like the variety of products and the prices. The stores I go to are usually clean and they have regular, steady, workers who know the store and are very helpful.

  98. Have shopped at store 03110 many times and every time the same cashier is very rude,uninviting,detached.Never even takes the time to say hello before ringing up your merchandise.Needs a lot more customer service training.


  100. I am amazed the Family Dollar located in Princeton, WV is able to maintain its store to such a perfect state of neatness and cleanliness. I know the staff there is limited and has been since I have been in the area which will be 3 years in September. I am also amazed at the variety of household items that the store keeps in stock which other stores do not. I just saw vehicle glue the other day which I needed, and I would have had to search several large stores to find this item. I am disabled and unable to walk in large stores anymore like Walmart, and many of my friends are also happy that this store is walking distance away. Many have to ride the bus to Walmart, and being disabled with canes and pushing carts make shopping there almost impossible. Where I live, very few people are able to drive, as well. Let me also mention, I know the Manager has taught the staff here not only how to stock, but how to wait on customers when they are ready to check out. I have never had to wait in a line without someone else checking me out quickly as possible. Yes, we are grateful for this nice store so close to us. Keep up the good work!

  101. Visited store #08997. Great manager! But that lady on the register!! OMG! So rude! Detached, & unprofessional.

  102. The new staff u have working are rude and uninviting. There are currently a few older staff that are nice. Retraining is needed, ASAP.

  103. I was at family dollaron dec.1 2020. There was a line forming down the asile and we had one register open.
    The employees was just walking around during nothing,it was a mess at that store for about one hour or more.
    The location was 995 Blue hill ave.Dorchester ma. The truck deliver on monday, and the shelves was almost
    emptied, the employees have no knowledge what your stores carries. I have been too the store many times
    looking for to go plates they come 10 per pack. I will stay away for a while until service get better.

  104. Visited your store #11153 11/13/2020 at 2:00PM 11/13/2020. Sign on door said masks required for entry. One of the employees had a mask pulled down around her neck. The store was not crowded, but at least two patrons had no mask at all. They were not asked to leave. Maybe because one of the patrons was wearing a gun. You can do what you want, but until the IQ level within your stores increases to a suitable level, I won’t be returning, and I will dissuade everyone I know from going in stores with low IQ levels, such as this store.

    1. Get a life Pal. If “YOU” want to wear a mask then wear a mask. Don’t expect others to follow your brain-washed, lower than normal I.Q. This is still America and people have a choice. DON’T PUSH YOUR IGNORANT, SMALL MINDED, NAZI-STYLE IDEALISM ON EVERYONE ELSE. In addition, if you are wearing a mask then “YOU ARE SAFE”. RIGHT! Maybe you should try reading and educating yourself on a subject like “history” before having a verbal melt-down.