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Family Dollar has been the country’s second most preferred variety and discount store for decades. It offers a number of household products, right from an exquisite clothing line down to classy home furniture. People are drawn to the store like bees to honey every month to fill up their depleting household needs. And Family Dollar has always delivered, helping customers save quite a few bucks on every purchase.

However, since the company was acquired by Dollar Tree, they had to close up several unprofitable shops due to pressure from a few investors. However, they are looking to replace those with newer and better stores with the help of your feedback! And they have opened up an exclusive survey portal for the purpose – www.RateFD.com!

The FD in RateFD stands for Family Dollar; thus, you only have to spend a few minutes to rate your experience at an FD outlet on www.RateFD.com. The rest will be taken care of by their excellent team of evaluators. Even if you received the best service of your life at Family Dollar, you can visit the website and give them a star rating, just to let them know that you appreciate their efforts.

But what if you received really bad service? Suppose that you visited the store on a busy evening, and there was no attendant around and available to help you out with your shopping. You somehow managed to find what you were looking for and headed to the cashier for the bill, but he/she was extremely impolite, only answering your questions with a nod or shake of their head. In such a case, will your feedback still be considered in the Family Dollar survey? The answer is yes! In fact, they might even go so far as to give your feedback high priority, because we know for a fact that they care!

Why Family Dollar Customer Satisfaction Survey:

But why should you spend time taking the official Family Dollar survey? The answer lies in the question itself – because the survey is official! This means that it won’t take long for your feedback to reach the right people at the company; those who have the power to act on your suggestions as soon as possible! This will, in turn, improve your experience at the store on your next visit.

Additionally, it will only take you about 10 minutes to complete the survey at www.RateFD.com. The interface of the website is quite user-friendly, and the pages get loaded in the blink of an eye even on your cellphone provider’s data connection. The overall design is appealing, and you will have great fun while filling up the survey form, for the questions are pretty interesting too!

And that’s just the least of it! The company is giving out daily cash prizes for taking the Family Dollar survey. Now, you have a chance of winning $1000 every time that you fill up their questionnaire! There are weekly prizes worth $1500 to be won as well!

Win $1000 Prize in www.RateFD.com Survey:

The Family Dollar team has set eligibility criteria to limit the number of entries to the survey. It’s nothing stringent, and there’s a high probability that you will qualify for it. But it is better if you go through the requirements below before taking the Family Dollar survey.


Survey Requirements

  • Family Dollar only serves the US, so it is a given that you must reside in the country to be eligible.
  • The minimum age of entry to www.RateFD.com is 18.
  • You must have a digital device, like a computer or a smartphone, with a good internet connection. There are other avenues through which you can take the survey (regular mail and such), but the online entry option is the easiest.
  • A Family Dollar receipt (the recent one) is mandatory to take the online survey.
  • A good grasp of either English or Spanish is a must. If you have understood this article so far, then you can definitely take the survey in English!

Survey Restrictions

  • People who work at the company in any capacity, or their direct relations, cannot take part in the Family Dollar survey.
  • People who reside in regions where there’s no Family Dollar branch, like Hawaii and Alaska, cannot take the survey.
  • You are not allowed to take the survey on behalf of anyone. The invitation is only valid for the said person.
  • The prizes are non-transferable, and the company won’t pay your taxes for you. You will have to do that on your own.

Survey Participation Instructions

We have only explained the easiest method of entry here: the online one!

  1. Visit the website – www.RateFD.com – on any of your devices that have a browser.
  2. Select the language that you prefer to answer the questions in. The choice is between English and Spanish.
  3. Enter these four details in the boxes provided – Offer code, Register number, Cashier number, and Transaction number. You can find them at the bottom of your receipt.
  4. Type in your age on the page that follows. This will be verified if you manage to win the prize.
  5. Finally, answer all the Family Dollar survey questions honestly, enter your personal details (name, address, etc.), and submit the form.

You will be notified after about a week if you win the $1000 prize!

About Family Dollar:

Family Dollar started off as a small store in Charlotte, NC, over 60 years ago. In about 10 years, Leon Levine, the founder, had managed to establish more than 50 stores throughout the southern US. Post that, the company kept on growing and seeping into other parts of the country, until it was finally acquired by Dollar Tree in 2015.
Today, Family Dollar boasts of more than 8000 stores in most of the major US states, with the capacity to grow even more in the coming years. With your help and feedback at www.RateFD.com, they may just reach the number one position in retail and variety in the US. And you might just win $1000 in the process!

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53 thoughts on “www.RateFD.com – The Official Family Dollar Survey”

  1. Love the Store….. Almost in my back yard…..I shop there often…..I always come out with a lot more then I went in for!!!

  2. Just stopped at store #07507 at 1038 Bethania Rural Hall Hall Rd in Rural Hall, North Carolina. The young man who was working at the checkout was on the telephone speaking about personal matters during the entire process. He did not greet me nor looked directly at me and simply held the receipt out to me as he turned to walk away for me when he was done. There might be an opportunity for better training here.


  4. everything w needed was available. everything was reasonably priced. we were thanked for coming and invited to come back soon.

  5. This is not the first time visiting this store, and as usual, this store is a dump! Dirty floors, broken merchandise laying on the floor, empty carts sitting in the middle of isles. Employees just walking around doing basically nothing. That is NOT the way to run a store!!

  6. The new store layout makes the place seem larger. Great selection and friendly cashier. Thanks.

  7. Store looks really nice and the shelves were stocked. Great place to shop. Glad to have the new store in our town.

  8. store was okay,cashier was not at register,took a few minutes to come up never apologized for the wait, was not at all friendly never said a word the entire time,acted as if we were bothering her Making her work,need to clean house and start over with employees that need a job!n8nn7nnn We were there at 14:59 on 5/31/2021 storeNumber 01637 at 202 N. first street Copperas Cove Tx 76522,did not see a name but horrible attitude and no customer service skills

  9. you need to get more cat food in your store,the shelves are empty and my cats hungryyyy!… we in scottsville,kentucky

  10. Store #11606 Needs attention. It is relatively new and usually a good store to pick up a quick item or two. Today was a total disappointment. There were more people working there than there were customers. There was only one girl working one register. A line formed while there were three other employees just loitering behind the counter not even attempting to open another register. One was sitting on a back counter with his legs dangling scrolling through his phone. I picked up two clearance items and specifically told the cashier they were discounted but she charged me full price anyway…I didn’t notice the error until I left and didn’t feel it was worth my time to return to the store. This is unacceptable and unprofessional at any store. The manager needs to do a better job of being aware of what is going on at this location! So very disappointed in this FD store!

  11. There’s a white female at store #02295 in Marion, Arkansas that needs customer service and people skills. She talked crazy to this man because he was returning some merchandise and threatened me by telling me that someone would come for me. She had tattoos on her inside forearms.

  12. STORE 02703


  13. Very very rude for cashier to speak in Spanish when I was asking her about an item
    This continually happens at this store. English is still the primary language.

  14. The day time female manager needs some management training
    Recently I made a couple visits, very loud, swearing in front of customers
    and on the phone speaking very loud about part time and full time employees.
    When i was looking for some paper plates, this poor new employee was really working her tail off filling shelves and I thought she was going to bust in tears


  15. There were alot of empty shelves in this store 11230. Looks they are having trouble stocking in this store, big time?

  16. when u check–assoc. on phone–she taps fake nail on counter for u to put things on courter–never stops talking on phone, then gives u a good hell look. fake eye lashs and all. thank god dollar generald is on the other side of highway. and i like family dollar but i wont go back. store 312530

  17. Service is great at the Fanily Dollar I live by at 5711 W. 63rd Street Chicago, Illinois 60638. i shop there quite often. It is very convenient when I need something in a hurry and dont have the car to get there…..it is in walking distance.

  18. I shopped at Family Dollars today store #06772. There were 6 little items that I purchased and did not get, When I got home I checked the bag and items #095045000085 and 095045000054 @ .50 each were missing. Since it was only $3. I tried calling the store phone number several times option number 1 and number 3. No one answer the phone. Because I walk with a cane it did not make any sense for me to walk the 2.5 block to complain about the missing items that total $3.

  19. I have read most of the comments that’s posted and is happy to say that I don’t have anything negative to say about my Dollar General, store #00367. The manager is nice and helpful and know the products and their locations in the store, as well as the other employees. I feel welcome when I enter the store because they greet you with a hello or such. I visit this store often and it is in walking distance, and I have the time to say anything negative about it. It is clean and organized. This store is convenient!

  20. ASM Pam was very friendly as was Doris on the register. The two of them made this an enjoyable visit.

  21. I used to love to go to Family Dollar by my house. Store #10333 4301 Moss St. Lafayette, La. But ever since ya”ll updated the store (which by the way is super nice looking) the new employees are horrible. I have tried 5 times since the new look and nothing has changed. There is NO customer service. They don’t recognize customers as they come in, they don’t even get off their phones when checking out a customer. I feel like I am inconvincing them by being there. So my solution is just not to shop there any more.

  22. The Governor of the State of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has declared the State open 100% for business AND REMOVED the mask mandate; WHY you still requiring them in your store?
    Isn’t your store located in the State of Florida? ENOUGH with the ridiculous mask bullshit!
    Worldwide 99.98% have recovered from covid! The CDC admitted in an open letter on their website that their “death numbers were incorrect” and that only 6% of the 500k deaths CLAIMED were actually covid related! ENOUGH!

  23. I shop Family Dollar regularly and like the variety of products and the prices. The stores I go to are usually clean and they have regular, steady, workers who know the store and are very helpful.

  24. Have shopped at store 03110 many times and every time the same cashier is very rude,uninviting,detached.Never even takes the time to say hello before ringing up your merchandise.Needs a lot more customer service training.


  26. I am amazed the Family Dollar located in Princeton, WV is able to maintain its store to such a perfect state of neatness and cleanliness. I know the staff there is limited and has been since I have been in the area which will be 3 years in September. I am also amazed at the variety of household items that the store keeps in stock which other stores do not. I just saw vehicle glue the other day which I needed, and I would have had to search several large stores to find this item. I am disabled and unable to walk in large stores anymore like Walmart, and many of my friends are also happy that this store is walking distance away. Many have to ride the bus to Walmart, and being disabled with canes and pushing carts make shopping there almost impossible. Where I live, very few people are able to drive, as well. Let me also mention, I know the Manager has taught the staff here not only how to stock, but how to wait on customers when they are ready to check out. I have never had to wait in a line without someone else checking me out quickly as possible. Yes, we are grateful for this nice store so close to us. Keep up the good work!

  27. Visited store #08997. Great manager! But that lady on the register!! OMG! So rude! Detached, & unprofessional.

  28. The new staff u have working are rude and uninviting. There are currently a few older staff that are nice. Retraining is needed, ASAP.

  29. I was at family dollaron dec.1 2020. There was a line forming down the asile and we had one register open.
    The employees was just walking around during nothing,it was a mess at that store for about one hour or more.
    The location was 995 Blue hill ave.Dorchester ma. The truck deliver on monday, and the shelves was almost
    emptied, the employees have no knowledge what your stores carries. I have been too the store many times
    looking for to go plates they come 10 per pack. I will stay away for a while until service get better.

  30. Visited your store #11153 11/13/2020 at 2:00PM 11/13/2020. Sign on door said masks required for entry. One of the employees had a mask pulled down around her neck. The store was not crowded, but at least two patrons had no mask at all. They were not asked to leave. Maybe because one of the patrons was wearing a gun. You can do what you want, but until the IQ level within your stores increases to a suitable level, I won’t be returning, and I will dissuade everyone I know from going in stores with low IQ levels, such as this store.

    1. Get a life Pal. If “YOU” want to wear a mask then wear a mask. Don’t expect others to follow your brain-washed, lower than normal I.Q. This is still America and people have a choice. DON’T PUSH YOUR IGNORANT, SMALL MINDED, NAZI-STYLE IDEALISM ON EVERYONE ELSE. In addition, if you are wearing a mask then “YOU ARE SAFE”. RIGHT! Maybe you should try reading and educating yourself on a subject like “history” before having a verbal melt-down.