www.QuestTV.com/Feedback – The Official QuestTV FeedBack


The digital multicast TV network developed specifically for thrill-seeking US residents – Quest TV – became a huge success since its launch a couple of years ago. It primarily showcases reality series and documentaries pertaining to history, science, exploration and adventure. While it may be a pretty niche market, the audience seems to have successfully lapped it up so far. Who doesn’t love to watch a reality-based adventure now and then, especially when the themes and stories are so intriguing! Quest TV is known to air select shows which were previously aired on Discovery, History, A&E and the likes.

However, not everyone appreciates the content shown by the Quest TV network. Do you have issues with a particular show that is being aired on the channel? Do you wish that a particular show should be aired there? No matter what your problems or suggestions may be, you can now let the directors of the channel know via the QuestTV.com feedback website! The process is simple and free!

www.QuestTV.com/Feedback – The Official QuestTV Feedback

It’s not common that a major TV channel asks feedback from its audience. This is your chance to share your opinion with the Quest TV staff and make it count. And believe us, it will count! If they have gone to so much trouble to create a special QuestTV/Feedback portal, they won’t just ignore anything you have to say. They won’t hesitate one bit to take time out of their schedule to consider every feedback that comes their way; and most importantly, they WILL implement the viable suggestions!

Just take a look at the QuestTV.com feedback portal and you will know that they are dead serious about this. The website first determines how much you like/watch Quest TV. Only after that will you be able to access the main survey. And the main feedback questionnaire is comprehensive to say the least. Trust us, we have answered it! However, that doesn’t mean it will take you hours to fill the QuestTV/Feedback. You will be done in about 5 to 10 minutes!

Why Quest TV Customer Satisfaction Feedback?

Giving feedback about your favorite TV channel is not just a mentally rewarding opportunity, but also a materially awarding one. Yes, you will get a unique validation code as soon as you complete the QuestTV feedback! There is no special need for you to have credible feedback for Quest TV. It may be that you just like the shows featured on their channel and wish to applaud their efforts. It may be that you simply have a minor suggestion regarding their content. In fact, anyone who watches the channel can leave a QuestTV/Feedback!

There is just one small condition: you need to be honest! You can’t fill up the questionnaire with random things just to get the validation code. The Quest TV evaluators are always on the lookout for bogus entries. Rest assured that if your feedback is found to be genuine, then you will definitely receive the validation code. Furthermore, if your QuestTV.com feedback is found to be of value to the network and the audience, then you can expect it to be implemented immediately thereafter!

Win Validation Code in QuestTV/Feedback Step by Step Guide:

If you thought that the process of leaving a QuestTV feedback is time-consuming, then you are wrong. This is the easiest survey opportunity out there!


Feedback Requirements

  • First off, you need to be located in the United States, since Quest TV isn’t available outside the US.
  • Since their target audience is in the age range of 25 to 54, it would be ideal if you fall into that group. The evaluators won’t reject your QuestTV.com feedback outright if you are too young or too old, but they will be far too critical of your response if that is the case. Just make sure that you have an honest opinion and you will be alright!
  • You should have subscribed to the Quest TV network before leaving the feedback. The website will ask for your subscription details.
  • You should have access to the internet via a computer, tablet or smartphone since the QuestTV/Feedback is only available online.

Feedback Restrictions

  • Answers that are clearly made up and fake won’t generate the validation code for you. Always be honest with your feedback.
  • You cannot take the survey if you don’t have the Quest TV subscription.
  • You should not be an employee or an associate of the Quest TV network. If you are, then you and your immediate family are forbidden from leaving your QuestTV feedback.
  • All in all, just log on to their official feedback website, answer the questions honestly, and see if you are eligible to complete the survey.

Feedback Participation Instructions

  1. Visit this link – QuestTV com Feedback – on your web browser.
  2. On the homepage, you will be asked a series of questions pertaining to your TV watching habits. Answering them truthfully is the key here. Only then will the official feedback form be sent to you.
  3. Provide your contact details on the relevant page. This will include your name, email ID, residential address, etc. These details will be used to determine whether or not you actually have a Quest TV subscription.
  4. Once you receive the QuestTV/Feedback form in your inbox, answer the questions honestly, and submit it. A unique validation code will be generated especially for you!

About Quest TV:

Quest TV is currently entirely owned and operated by Tegna Inc. However, it was not always so. Sometime in 2017, Tegna Inc. collaborated with Cooper Media (of which the Justice Network was a part), in preparation to launch Quest TV in January 2018. A year after its launch, however, Tegna decided to acquire both Quest and Justice Network.Today, Quest TV is broadcast in over 35 states of the US, with plans to expand even further. Help them achieve their goal by leaving your feedback, good or bad, on the official QuestTV.com feedback portal. Their unique validation code is waiting for you!

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45 thoughts on “www.QuestTV.com/Feedback – The Official QuestTV FeedBack”

  1. thank you for changing your line up in Las Vegas NV. that hardcore pawn was the pits I actually stopped watching Quest because of the poor lineup you had.

  2. Dump Hardcore Pawn
    Tired of all the loud mouth pissed off people
    That they throw out every show.

  3. Noticed lately you crank the volume for the commercials then volume back down for the show. Such bullshit and mental manipulation. Don’t say you don’t because sat and had a nice chat online with others while watching and all noticed. That really is bullshit that you feel you have to do that. Won’t be watching you anymore and conveying that thought around. Might as well be money hungry\greed like cable tv. Disappointment and hope you go under for selling out.

  4. Hi
    I live in UK
    I want to congratulate Quest tv on the excellent production and overall content of the recent coverage of The Open English snooker championship 2021.

    It’s was refreshing and very professional, simply the best coverage of a snooker tournament I’ve ever seen.

    Thank you
    Bob Blake

  5. 8.5 quest stooped working in my area.what happened??i like the doomsday preparers, larry the cable guy,did the sponcers stop???

  6. I love the channel, but…..
    Your advertisements (for upcoming shows, for your own channel, and with your voiceover) are broadcast byat least TWICE THE VOLUME!!!!!!! of the shows themselves. They are disruptive, obnoxious and because they are commercials (selling more Quest watching for upcoming shows to the viewers), THEY ARE ILLEGAL! As of a few years ago, legislation prohibits commercials from broadcasting at higher levels than the show itself. I cannot remember the legislation by code number, but if anyone contacts the FCC, I guarantee they have the book and verse down pat, and you will be heavily fined! Let’s fix this error ahead of the mess, and get back to programming.

    Also, same commercials every few minutes. What the heck?

  7. The survey won’t come up on the computer. And I want to tell you how much I enjoy the Ice Road Truckers. I would get up at 10 at night until midnight to watch it and now it’s on opposite the 70’s show in the afternoon . So I go back and forth. I get up at 3 a.m. to work, but I would get up whenever to watch this show. I love it.

  8. doomsday preppers is the best one and i think that ice road truckers is very boring add more survival shows and ADD LARRY THE CABLE GUY

  9. You broadcast programs on Quest that haven’t been broadcast for 5 or 6 years like American Restoration, Shipping Wars and Storage Wars Texas; why?

  10. I love Quest TV! It may sound strange given that I am a 60 year old woman with no particular skills other than office work, but I love American Restoration. Specifically featuring Rick’s Restoration. Storage Wars:Texas is another favorite. I don’t like Cajun Pawn Stars and absolutely HATE Doomsday Preppers. I don’t like to see that kind of paranoia encouraged. Too close to White Supremacy culture/idiocy. Which brings up the fact that there is no cultural diversity on your network. I haven’t seen Back Road Pickers in a while and I miss Marty and BamBam. And of course the best show of all is Brojects! Such a fun show to watch and they remind me of my nephews.

  11. Dooms day preppers is a terrible show I wont watch it. Youkon gold is stupid you need more scif shows or something besides brojects . ice road is good and Appalachian outlaws. Put moutain men on or more survival shows please take doomsday preppers off

  12. Love ice road truckers, shipping wars, and the show’s that talk about the past. Don’t care for a lot of the same commercials

  13. WHY is this station showing the same shows that have been on for 2 yrs. Or more??? Same shows different time slots!!! I see a list of all kinds of other shows… And u put on DOOMSDAY CRAP!!! Food manufacturing shows. Come on!! I used to watch quest all day long… Now. Hardly ever!!!

  14. Too many reruns. How about showing something like American Pickers, Duck Dynasty, Jackson Barett Car Auctions. Show some newer Storage Wars. Take off Iceroad Truckers, Yucon Gold and modern marvels. We love Larry The Cable Guy.

    1. I’d fill out the viewer feedback survey if I could find it. Many of your programs are really excellent; many of your programs are incredibly stupid. I frequently learn all sorts of things on modern marvels. It would be nice if you’d update some of the older modern marvels.

  15. We love quest. Awesome shows. Just toooo many reruns. Watching the same shows for the last 3 years. Come one quest, there are thousands of shows out there you can bring on the air. Please

  16. You are currently running a promotion for what seems to be daytime talk shows geared towards women. I have no problem with that but, the volume on these promos is two to three times louder than any programming or advertisements. PLEASE turn it down. Thank you.

  17. Hi. I live in Boise. I really love Quest. I could watch it all the time. Unfortunately there are so many reruns it just gets old. The reruns are played over and over.