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Raking in a revenue of a little over $38 billion, Publix has been taking great pains to ensure quality service to its customers for close to 90 years! The company primarily engages in meeting the household needs of the people via its extensive range of supermarkets. Additionally, it also dabbles in catering, real estate, and money services. A major part of its revenue comes from grocery stores and supermarkets, however.

Recently, given the growing pandemic, Publix has shifted all its services online. Yes, now you can get your groceries and other household products delivered to your doorstep with the click of a button! Even their real estate and catering services can be availed of on the internet. But do you know what else does Publix offer online? The official PublixSurvey, of course!

Ever had a bad experience at any Publix supermarket? Did their services fail to meet your expectations? Were any of your desired products out of stock? Alternatively, did you simply have an amazing experience at the outlet and wish to let the proprietors know about it? No need to wait for a long time over the phone to reach the right department for registering a complaint or applauding their efforts. Just log on to and leave your feedback whenever you want!

Apart from taking their services online, Publix recently developed its feedback portal as well. It’s a simple survey form with a series of easy to understand questions, each having multiple-choice answers for you to pick. This Publix survey focuses on the needs of the customers, right from the cleanliness of the store down to the level of service provided. Thus, all your concerns regarding the company will be properly addressed on the platform.

Why Publix Customer Satisfaction Survey:

There are several other avenues of leaving your feedback for Publix. You can ring up their customer care number, send them an email, or post your concerns via regular mail. You can even personally visit the store and approach the manager. However, none of these avenues will give you the benefits gained by taking the official PublixSurvey. Here are a few of those.

Their official website,, can be easily accessed from the confines of your home, as long as you have an internet connection and a device with a web browser. It has simple features and pleasing aesthetics, perfect for the average US consumer to understand the navigation. The website is compatible with smartphone devices, so you can even access it on the go.

The questions found on Publix Survey are easy to understand and answer. You will also be provided with choices. If your answer isn’t present in the choices, then you can note it down and elaborate on it in the comment boxes provided. Ideally, you won’t need to spend more than 10 minutes completing and submitting the survey! And we still haven’t come to the best part yet!

Right after submitting the Publix survey, you will be automatically entered into an amazing draw where you stand a chance to win a $1000 prize! And if that isn’t incentive enough for you to take the survey, we don’t know what is!

Win $1000 Gift Card in Survey:

A gist of the terms and conditions to enter the sweepstakes is as follows.

Publix Survey

Survey Requirements

  • Only those people who are 18 years of age or older can take the PublixSurvey and enter the sweepstakes.
  • The residents of only those states where Publix is active can participate in the survey. If you reside in, say, DC where there is no Publix store, then you won’t be allowed to enter.
  • You should know how to converse and write in either English or Spanish.
  • You need to own a laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone to take the survey online.
  • A Publix purchase receipt is mandatory to enter Publix Survey. If you don’t have one, then you can go the regular mail route.

Survey Restrictions

  • Since all the employees have a stake in the company, there is a chance that they would provide biased reviews. Hence, all stakeholders and associates of Publix are not allowed to take the survey.
  • Anyone who resides in a state where there is no Publix outlet cannot enter
  • Without a receipt, you will not be able to access the survey questionnaire online.
  • If you manage to win the $1000 sweepstake gift card, then you cannot sell it for cash or transfer it to anyone else. It is for your personal use at any Publix supermarket.

Survey Participation Instructions

  • Log on to the website – – and enter the homepage.
  • There, you will find two options for language: English and Spanish. Select your preferred language to proceed.
  • Refer to your latest Publix receipt for the survey invitation code, and enter it in the box provided.
  • Answer the Publix survey questions that will appear. Your responses should be honest and to the point.
  • Then, enter your personal details wherever requested. These will be used to determine the winner of the $1000 gift card.
  • Finally, submit the PublixSurvey and rest easy!

About Publix:

Publix is mostly famous for being one of the largest employee-owned businesses in the US. Only those who work at any Publix store are allowed to have a stake in the company, apart from the family of the founder, George W. Jenkins, of course! Jenkins started the first Publix store in 1930 in Winter Haven, FL. In just about 26 years, Publix reached the $1 million mark in profits! Since then, the number has only been on the rise.
Today, Publix has more than 1250 stores in different parts of the Southeastern US, including Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. They have plans to expand beyond that region, and they need your help. Head over to and do your bit for the supermarket that has served you so well so far. You could be lucky enough to win the $1000 gift card!

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126 thoughts on “ – The Official Publix Survey”

  1. I’ve been shopping at Publix since moving to Florida 1978. I’ve watched the stores grow and accommodate their customers. Always well stocked, excellent produce too. Extremely clean and their employees are the best. Always feel good when checking out, even I spent lots of money there. I’m definitely a Publix shopper forever!

  2. One of the cleanest grocery stores I have shopped in. Fruits and vegetables always look fresh. The fish department is excellent. The bakery is superb and it is a pleasure to shop there. Problem finding a product, always someone there to answer and help you if necessary.

  3. I just moved to Fleming Island, Florida in April of 2021. I have great experiences in the past many years visiting my cousin who shopped at Publix. Therefore I made Publix my “go to” grocery store when I moved here. I am so pleased with the huge variety of choices they offer, the terrific help of the employees when I needed assistance and the fast checkout when done. I was especially impressed with the offer to take my groceries out to my car!
    I love Publix

  4. I mostly shop at Publix at Heron Creek (0792) because the people there are friendly, courteous and very helpful when you need to find something. They take you right to it or if they can’t find it they look it up on their phone.
    I don’t ever have a hassle if I have to return something and I don’t have to worry about them charging me a higher price for an item that is different from the price on the shelf.
    I had to keep track of the prices in the stores up North when I lived there!

    The only thing I don’t like is when an item I buy regularly is no longer sold! Sometimes they can order it special but most of the time it’s no longer available to Publix!

  5. It is always a pleasure to shop at Publix.
    They have the best choices, Good Specials and the friendliest Associates.

  6. best place to shop clean , good prices, classy, if they dont have what you want they will get it. fruit is the best!

  7. Publix is my favorite store i always shop there the store is always sooo clean and the staff are wonderful and I’m glad your right around the corner.

  8. I am very happy with my Publix store. The people working are friendly and helpful. The store is very clean and easy to find what need. If I can’t I just need to ask and they are more than willing to take me to the item. I wouldn’t think of shopping anywhere else. The prices are also good.

  9. I usually have no problems finding what I need in the store but when I do need assistance its readily available.
    I guess my one complaint would be the EXPRESS CHECK OUT. Just yesturday I was in that lane and the patrons in front if me were thirty somethings who had the belt full of groceries which when checked out filled the cart completely. Why isn’t something done to correct these situations which happen very frequently. In most cases, as I observe, is because the regular lanes are backed up and they appear to be impatient or possible just plain rude.

  10. We as a family go to Publix because we know we will get what we went for and more The prices are going up everywhere so we go to Publix for the good customer service. Clean stores. And BOGO. Really helps our budget.

    1. Publix has the friendliest employees of any store in my little town. They greet you and assist as needed and check out is always a pleasure. Always enjoyable shopping experience from walking in to walking out!

  11. Publix is where I shop because of quality and respectful people and bogo. Also there is always someone to help you

  12. I am always satisfied with the service and selection of all of the products. Although, we love Peter Pan Honey Roast CRUNCHY Peanut butter and it has been unavailable at the Port Saint John Florida and Cocoa Florida stores (this store is on SR 524). We contacted Peter Pan and they told us that it being produced and is available. It is up to each individual store to order. There is a card in the location stating that it is unavailable due to a lack of production. We don’t understand the problem but are hopeful that Publix will rectify this and that we will soon be able to enjoy this treat once again. We are in our 60’s and it’s just one little thing that we truly enjoy. Do hope that you are able to help. Overall, we are very happy with Publix and do all of our shopping there as the quality of your food exceeds all of your competitors! Thank you for all of your efforts to “Making shopping a Pleasure”!

  13. I have been very pleased with Publix at every visit. They are very courteous and offer help. Their attitude is very positive.

  14. I love Publix! It is very clean , organized, the people are friendly and helpful and the young boys that help if you are looking for something on any isle are very respectful and you don’t see that much anymore these days.

  15. Buenas tardes , me gusta comprar en Publix porque sus productos son certificados y están frescos con presencia y buena calidad , la atención del personal de trabajo es excelente , atentos y educados , brinda la información al cliente que debe saber y los precios compiten con los demás mercados , las ofertas semanales son buenas y te ayudan ahorrar dineros , es un equipo muy profecional , tienen un buen servicio de parqueos y en algunos son techados , han proporcionado y colaborado con las vacunas del COVID 19 en este aspecto han estado a la vanguardia, tienen un buen horario para el público , excelente en el aspecto de la higiene y limpieza , hago mis compra en Publix porque comprar en Publix es un placer

  16. The Publix in my neighborhood at Courtyard Shops in Wellington is such a pleasure. There isn’t ever a time that I’m not asked on any given day if I need help, did I find what I was looking for or let us know if you need help. Ever single employee is such a welcoming pleasure, and it’s genuine. They care!!!!

  17. Publix tiene un servició al cliente muy profesional y atento. Los empleados siempre están pendiente si alguien necesita ayuda. Maniyer están pendiente todas las preguntas que tengan los customer. Es un buen supermercado organizado y limpios,profesional.

  18. We always find what we need on shelves or get some help from the friendly employees. Like the displays of sale items and buy a lot of those. Publix is our main store and they’re all convenient.

  19. i always buy organic and it is always fresh and service is out of this world it is truly a first class service

  20. I have shopped at Publix for a long time. The staff is vert polite and friendly. They are always willing to help anyone. My only thing that I would comment on is the fact that the shelfs are not as full a they use to. I know this is because of the virus we have in our nation. All in all I give Publix a 100% in my shopping experience.

  21. I LOVE Publix stores; however, my store which is 0015, managed by Don Lucas, continues to be disappointing in that for many months, as recently as today, there are so few cashiers open and it causes customers to back up trying to check out. This has been on going for a long time; I’ve even spoken to mgmt about it but to date, it still has not changed. It is frustrating. And it’s not that I’m in a hurry; but mgmt should be strolling throughout the store to see where there are issues and handle them accordingly. I, the customer, should not have to tell them that they need more lanes open. Mgmt should be more observant and on top of things better than they have been for so long at this store.

  22. I can’t get on your 1000 gift card survey.i tried everything. And I’ve done this a dozen times already. Something is wrong

  23. Thank God you do NOT have self serve check outs. I feel they are very impersonal and inconvenient. Please do not change this. Seems so many others are making an overwhelming change to this forcing me to shop elsewhere. I hate bagging my own groceries.

  24. My local Publix is always clean and neat, Isles are wide and accessible. So many stores are a jumbled mess forcing you to wander through every isle and then I forget what I came for. Staff is usually very friendly and helpful

  25. Every time I go to Publix, I have a pleasant experience. Today was no exception. Staff are always courteous and very friendly. Shelves are stocked. When leaving I saw the manager emptying the trash cans outside. Nice to know that at any level including management, folks are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

  26. My local Publix employees are very courteous and helpful. Even though I have been shopping at Publix for more than 25 years, the abundance of products and product placement sometimes requires help to locate them. I always get good help from the staff.

  27. We moved to Florida from Ohio and I was concerned about having to start over in finding a grocery store that I could feel comfortable with the service and quality of items I buy. I did try other stores, but it took very little time before Publix was the only one I went to. They have so many choices of items to choose from and every store is clean and you are treated like you are the only one in the store if you need any information.The packers are always happy to help you out with your groceries if you desire that. Not to mention the bogos. Yes, Publix is the best.

  28. I am at Publix approximately (6) days a week (atleast!)
    I usually know wear the product I am seeking is.
    But if I can’t remember, an employee “pops” up & walks me to what I am searching for.
    Everyone is very courteous.

  29. I find the staff at Publix always friendly and helpful. If you need to return an idem they always take it back without any questions. I also like the buy one and get one free. I do all my shopping at Publix because with the buy one and get one free, it saves me alot of money. I recommend Publix to all my friends.

  30. I love walking into Publix. It’s so clean, there is always a team member to help assist with finding items. The carts also are well maintained. 5 Stars!!!!

  31. I tried to submit my entry … but it went to PCH. Com its a Publishing that ask me to order!!!!

  32. I was at Publix earlier and was impressed as usual by the store and the workers. As I turned the corner the manager was stocking shelves. every was great and I love all the buy 1 get1 deals.

  33. Publix is my one-stop go-to. Selection is great and always fresh. Management and personnel helpful and friendly. Lucky to have one conveniently located in my neighborhood.

  34. Never! Publix has superb customer care. When I ask an employee where something is they actually take me there. When I check out the bagger takes my groceries out to my car.

  35. Publix es una de las favoritas. Siempre productos frescos y buen trato. Y sobretodo muy organizada.

  36. Always a pleasure shopping at Publix. Personnel are great and always helpful. Never a chance I won’t find what I want. Network of stores locally is fantasticc and very convenient.

  37. Always great shopping at Publix. Been doing it for 30 years. Stock and personnel are mre than you could aask for.

  38. Publix is a great place to find everything you need i found everything i was looking for and much more Publix is an amazing place and i plan to go back a lot more.

  39. I often and with pleasure visit Publix.
    Firstly: I always feel free and comfortable there, cleanliness and order every here.
    Secondly: I find everything that I need there. The emloyess are very attentive and respectful to me and their customers.
    Thirdly: Publix is located next to the House and it is very convenient for me and all the etderly residents of this House.
    Thank you very much for taking care of us!!!
    We wish you great success!!!

  40. I feel at home whenever I visit Publix because of the hospitality by staff and the quality of all the available items.

  41. He comprado en publix ,la calidad de los productos son muy buenos. Por ejemplo las frutas y verduras son frescas con relación a otros supermercados.

  42. Publix store’s, a great place to shop, it’s clean, friendly, and their always willing to help. You can’t ask for anything more.

  43. The Publix on University Drive is one of the nicest , and cleanest Publix I have ever been to. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and go out of their way to make sure I have the products that I am looking for. They will leave what they are doing to help me find the aisle that I am looking for, and even will go in the back to see if the produce is not out but may be back there.

  44. Publix es mi lugar favorito por la calidad de los productos y profesionalidad de sus trabajadores hacia el consumidor


  46. Tengo muchos años comprando en publix ,la calidad de los productos son muy buenos. Por ejemplo las frutas y verduras son frescas con relación a otros supermercados.

  47. Upon leaving the store my cashier
    Karline, really made my day with her smile and outgoing personality,not only with me but also with other customers.

  48. Strang to have to go through so many pages and pay for download “drivers” after I had taken the survey a couple months ago. Not getting to the survey in a reasonble time.

  49. We love publix I shop at publix ofteni just love the freshness of the food I love the Seafood crabs and 🦐 taste so nice and fresh

  50. Fue el lugar preferido de mi madre y basado en eso ha sido el mio tambien, siempre he dicho que las madres siempre tienen la razon

  51. I Love to shop Publix always have great customer service never had a disappointing experience until today the customer service at store 1109 location 5855 w Oakland Park Blvd Lauderhill Fl was awful the young lady was just rude for no reason

  52. Love our local Publix at Country Club Corners. We have been shopping there since it was opened. Great staff and specialty departments. Love their BOGO’s.

  53. Publix is the best supermarket that I know. I love to shop in this store. I can always find what I am looking for. Always a great store to shop in.

  54. Publix is a bit expensive, but is always clean, almost always has what I want, and has employees who are friendly, helpful and respectful.

  55. I have shopped at our Oak Valley Publix for the last 24 years, it’s the cleanest supermarket in our area, the deli is great, they serve excellent sub sandwiches and have some fine deli meats to take home for sandwiches and all of the employees are extremely helpful, they are in the process of building a new one right beside the old one and I can’t wait for it to open.

  56. I shop at different Publix all the time. I am sorry to say one of the Publix has not kept up in taking care of
    the fresh products section. I have seen spoiled fruit and vegetables on the shelf.
    But all the other Publix keep up with everything and very help when you ask for where items you want
    are .


  58. I have been shopping at Publix for about 50 years so I guess that tells you how satisfied I have been with Publix. The stores are clean, your employees are more than helpful. If I were to have a complaint at 5’2 I have a difficult reaching the items on the top shelf particularly if in a glass container. I also find as you bring in more private label and test new products many products I have used over the years are disappearing from the shelves, but I guess that is progress.

  59. I always enjoy shopping at Publix stores they have all the items i use and it is a nice clean store and the employees are friendly and they are there if you need help finding an item or other assistance.

  60. 12/27/2020 Upon trying to start the survey today It responded with the following message
    The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.
    So I cannot do the survey – would appreciate it if someone could fix the issue.

  61. My compliments to Publix for cleanliness and available products. We use a lot of low sodium and low fat products and your store is the only place where I have found sodium free bouillon which I use to season vegetables and even make cream of chicken soup, etc.
    Thank you!
    We travel about 70 miles to our nearest Publix and I stock up on certain items when we go.

  62. Publix has the very Best Food Grocery Store that I have ever been to. The very best Help Staff Helpful-kind-courteous. The stores are very Clean and well stocked.Please continue to hire the same High Quality staff that You do.

  63. Durante toda la Vida he comprado en Publix Supermarket, desde 1976 Publix de la 27 ave. Sw.Publix Le june Sw.. Publix Ponce de Leon .Publix * 8st.y 137 ave sw. , Publix 107 ave.Sw-40 st. Publix 56st sw – 137 ave.

  64. I haven’t been able to find hunts diced tomato spicy, I use it to make my chilly sauce. Also I like Newman’s own
    light italian salad dressing & haven’t been able to find it .

      1. I love shopping at Publix. I first experienced Publix while visiting our son and his family in Lithia FL. I was so excited when you came to Colonial Heights, VA.