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Papa Murphy’s, simply called Papa or Murphy’s these days, is one of the largest take-and-bake pizzerias in the US and Canada. Foodies have savored their handpicked and handmade pizzas, prepared fresh from scratch, for many years. If you haven’t tried out the Big Murphy’s Stuffed Pizza yet, then you are missing out on something lip-smackingly delicious! And their prices are reasonable too, better than many other pizzerias out there.

You can always place an order online if you don’t wish to go out during these tough times. Every Papa Murphy’s outlet is known to follow safety precautions right down to a T. And your pizza will be delivered, securely packed and sanitized, within the given time. And what’s more! They have also brought their feedback procedure on the internet. The website is called, and it’s the coolest survey site in the market!

The official PapaSurvey serves just one purpose: listening to what the customer has to say about their services. It’s the exclusive space for consumers where all your concerns will be heard by the right people, all your valid suggestions will be considered by the owners, and all your applause will fall on the right ears. Take it from us – there is no other platform like Papa survey out there!

Do you think that the pizza you recently purchased was not fresh enough? Do you have any suggestions for a new kind of pizza? Do you just wish to let them know how much you loved their product? The Papa Murphys survey can help you do all this, and then some. And if that is not reason enough to take the survey, then here are a few more.

Why Papa Customer Satisfaction Survey:

As the name of the subtopic suggests, it is a customer satisfaction survey, wherein the satisfaction level of the customer, that is you, will be assessed by the best evaluators in the trade. All your reasons for liking/disliking the food, ambiance, cleanliness, services, etc. of the store will be critically analyzed by PapaSurvey experts, which will eventually help them in improving the overall quality of their services. And when their services are improved, your experience will be refined ten-fold!

That being said, their website,, is designed by expert hands. It has visually appealing web-pages that will make you feel good while taking the survey. The questionnaire is simple enough for any layman to answer. All they are asking for is your honest response. Just let them know why you loved or hated the place, and they will do everything in their power to make your experience better the next time around!

Those were the benefits that any consumer should deserve. Now we come to the part where you get an extra monetary benefit for your time spent in taking the Papa survey. As soon as you submit the questionnaire, you will be provided with a unique coupon code which you can redeem at any Papa Murphy’s outlet for a $3 discount!

Win $3 OFF Any Pizza in Survey:

There isn’t an overly unreasonable eligibility criteria for taking the Papa Murphys survey. But the following norms are strictly followed by the authorities.

Survey Requirements

  • You must have easy access to the internet in order to take the survey online. Taking the survey on any device, like smartphone or tablet, is acceptable.
  • You should be able to read and write in English or Spanish. If you can understand what is being said here, then you can definitely take the PapaSurvey!
  • For online entry, you should have eaten at Papa’s outlet recently. You will need the receipt for entering the unique survey code on the website.
  • The receipt should not be more than 3 days old. We recommend that you take the Papa survey soon after visiting the outlet.

Survey Restrictions

  • Anyone below the age of 18 is forbidden to take the survey.
  • The Papa Murphys survey is restricted to people residing in only those places where there is an outlet present.
  • Employees of Papa Murphy’s or their investors and associates are not allowed to take the survey.
  • The survey code on the receipt that is more than 3 days old will not be accepted by the system.
  • The redemption code worth $3 that you win after submitting the questionnaire can only be used to get a discount at a Papa Murphy’s outlet. You cannot sell it for cash or transfer it to someone you know.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Enter the web address – – on your smartphone’s browser.
  2. You will be asked to enter the location number of the outlet visited, along with the date of your visit. These details can be found on your Papa Murphy’s receipt.
  3. Type in the unique survey code on the next page (also found on your receipt).
  4. Answer the Papa Murphys survey questionnaire as honestly as you can. Don’t leave out a single answer. Also, write a short comment in the box provided at the end of the survey.
  5. After submitting the survey, a unique Papa survey redemption code will be generated exclusively for you! Note it down on your receipt and show it at the counter on your next visit to avail of the discount.

About Papa Murphy’s:

Papa Murphy’s is a delicious blend of two extraordinary take-and-bake pizzerias of the ‘80s, namely the Papa Aldo’s pizza chain founded in 1981 and Murphy’s Pizza which was started in 1984. Terry Collins, an ambitious entrepreneur, purchased both these chains in 1995 and merged them to give rise to Papa Murphy’s. The brand was later sold to MTY Food Group, owner of the famous Pinkberry, for a whopping $190 million!
Today, Papa Murphy’s has over 1300 outlets throughout the US and Canada, with a promise to expand into the eastern countries very soon. Help them achieve their goal fruitfully by taking the survey at Get a $3 discount in the process!

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