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Converse is known for its excellent range of original shoes that are not only appealing to the eye but also immensely comfortable to the wearer! It is one of the few century-old brands that are popular among the masses even today. Feel free to check out their hot-new seasonal collection or try out the latest stock on their shelves. Every shoe enthusiast always has Converse’s classic Chuck ‘70 in their collection, but you may want to go with the Chuck Taylor All-Star range to make an offbeat statement. On the other hand, you can simply customize your own footwear however you want!

And you don’t need to visit the physical Converse store for purchase or customization. You can simply log on to their official website, – a wise decision considering the current pandemic. Wish to let them know about your purchase experience? Head over to and take their official survey!

Converse Store
Converse Store

Our team of evaluators visited several Converse outlets and took quite a few surveys before penning this article. Allow me, as a part of that team, to describe MyConverseVisit experience. I went to the store taking all the required precautions (mask, sanitizer, etc.) and was met with a courteous employee who took my temperature for safety. Thereafter, as I browsed through their collection, an assistant proactively approached me and was willing to help in any way he could.

Thoroughly satisfied with the visit, I described my experience on in great detail, which took me no longer than 20 minutes! You can take the survey even if you aren’t satisfied with your visit. Say that you found a particular set of shoes were placed in the wrong section, or that the associate was disrespectful. Note it down in the survey and give the appropriate rating. Your honest opinion will help the Converse authorities improve their services.

Why MyConverseVisit Customer Satisfaction Survey:

As a customer, it is your right to let a business know why you liked or disliked the experience. And Converse has simplified the process for you ten-fold! You don’t need to approach the manager or call up their headquarters to leave your feedback. is not only hassle-free but free of cost as well! Whatever you describe in the survey will be read by almost everyone at the company, including the CEO if your suggestion or feedback was unique and honest enough.

But how has the process been simplified, you may ask. Anyone who has a computer or a smartphone can take the survey at their leisure. The pages at will get loaded quickly regardless of the speed of your internet, and the questions therein can be easily answered by any and every customer. Plus, your valuable feedback will benefit you in the end, since the services will be improved keeping you, the customer, in mind.

And here’s an added benefit for all the survey-takers. As soon as you finish and submit the survey, you will receive an exclusive MyConverseVisit coupon code which can be redeemed at any Converse outlet on your next visit!

Win Coupon Code in Survey:

Before you take the survey, make sure that you are eligible for it. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time.

Survey Requirements

  • You can take the survey from anywhere in the world as long as you have a valid Converse receipt. Making a purchase at the outlet is a must.
  • is reserved for only those participants who are 16 years of age or older.
  • Since the survey is only available online, you should have a device with an internet connection to visit the site.
  • The survey is available in three different languages – English, Spanish, and Japanese. You need to have a sound knowledge of either of these three languages.
  • Time is the most valuable resource in this fast-paced world. Hence, Converse asks you to spend only 20 minutes on the MyConverseVisit survey.

Survey Restrictions

  • This survey is customer-centric. Hence, Converse is restricting entry to its employees. It doesn’t matter if you are an associate at a store or the CEO of the company. You won’t be allowed to take the survey.
  • A customer cannot take the survey at more than two times in 7 days. 
  • A Converse receipt older than 7 days will not be accepted by the system.
  • The validity of the free coupon code is 30 days. Thus, the code won’t be accepted by the outlet if it is older than a month.
  • You are forbidden to sell the code for cash to a third-party.
  • Nobody apart from you is allowed to use the code at a Converse store.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Visit Converse’s official survey website – – from your device.
  2. Pick your preferred language from English, Spanish, and Japanese.
  3. The first page will ask for the following details which can be found on your receipt – Store number, Date and Time of visit, Transaction ID, and Purchase amount.
  4. The main Converse questionnaire will be loaded at this point. Answer the questions honestly. You can skip certain questions if they aren’t related to your visit.
  5. Enter your email address if you wish to receive promotional messages from Converse. You can skip this step if you want.
  6. Wait for your unique MyConverseVisit coupon code to be generated. You can redeem this code for the said prize at any Converse outlet!

About Converse:

In 1908, Marquis Mills Converse started his own business, the Converse Rubber Shoe Company, after gaining a bit of finance and experience from being a manager at a popular footwear manufacturing firm. It took him eight more years to finally tap into the sports footwear market and how! By 1917, Converse had already become the go-to store for basketball athletes. And the arrival of Chuck Taylor, a popular basketball player, inspired their range of Chuck shoes that would later go on to become a big hit!

Today, after experiencing a huge downfall at the turn of the millennium (Converse completely lost hold over basketball after 2013), the company has come back with a bang! Help them grow even more by taking the survey at and get your free coupon in the process!

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