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Chick-fil-A has been in the market for over 74 years, making it one of the oldest fast-food restaurant chains in the country. It is also one of the largest! Even today, their original chicken sandwich with pickles is loved by everyone who has tried it. The company started off solely as a fast food resto, but these days, they offer lunch and dinner cuisine as well. You can either visit the nearest restaurant or order-in whenever you are hungry.

And guess what! They are giving away free food to their loyal customers! All you have to do is record your MyCFAVisit experience at and get a unique voucher to avail the free food! More on this below.

Ever felt that the chicken sandwich you just had wasn’t as delicious as the previous one? Do you have a complaint about employee tardiness but no one around is willing to listen? Approach the top-level Chick-fil-A management directly via, the official MyCFAVisit survey, and let them know your concerns right away!

There are no middle-men here, no one to hinder your genuine enquiry or complaint from reaching the right ears. Your survey answers, however, will go through a round or two of strict evaluation by experts who will check your feedback for honesty and consistency. Thus, as long as you have recorded the actual experience of your visit, you won’t have to worry about your MyCFAVisit feedback sitting on the reject pile.

Why MyCFAVisit Customer Satisfaction Survey:

There are many reasons for you to take the official MyCFAVisit survey, a few of which are mentioned below.

  1. It’s the official survey!
  2. It’s easy to access.
  3. It offers freebies in return!

An official survey means that you will have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to interact with the superiors at Chick-fil-A. They will consider your feedback and, if it is found to be genuine, will act on it. Their terms and conditions are simple: fill in the entire survey honestly as per your experience at the outlet, and submit your email ID for the freebie validation code!

Secondly, the MyCFAVisit survey isn’t a hardcore business survey that requires you to elaborate on your answers at every turn. It consists of easy-to-understand, multiple-choice questions along with an optional feedback box at the end. Thus, you can write about your experience only if you want. Otherwise, just tick the appropriate choices and submit the survey. We found the web interface to be quite appealing, and the questions are as easy as they could get!

Finally, we come to the point that most of you are here for – the freebie! Once you submit the MyCFAVisit survey, you will receive a unique validation code in your email inbox within 24 hours. You can redeem this code at any Chick-fil-A outlet to get one of their lip-smacking chicken sandwiches free of cost!

Win Free Food in Survey:

Getting a free Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich is worth every minute you spent on filling the MyCFAVisit experience. But let’s first figure out whether or not you are eligible to take the survey.


Survey Requirements

  • The age of 18 is considered to be a minimum in order to take the survey at
  • The survey is only available for participants who reside in areas where a Chick-fil-A outlet is present.
  • Only online entries are considered for winning the free sandwich. So, you need to have a computer or smartphone with good enough internet speeds to take the survey.
  • The basic prerequisite for entering the MyCFAVisit survey is the unique survey code which can only be found on a recent Chick-fil-A receipt. So make sure that you have made a purchase at your nearest outlet in the past few days.

Survey Restrictions

  • Any employee or investor of Chick-fil-A, someone who benefits from a good review, won’t be allowed to enter Their family and close friends are also restricted entry.
  • If your friend who has the invitation doesn’t know English or Spanish, then he cannot take the survey since it is available only in these two languages. However, you are allowed to enter on their behalf.
  • The free chicken sandwich can only be redeemed by the person who has filled in their MyCFAVisit experience. The prize is non-transferable, and you are not allowed to sell the validation code for cash.

Please note that there is a set validity for the invitation code, so we recommend that you take the MyCFAVisit survey soon after you’ve visited the outlet. Additionally, you can only redeem the free sandwich within a month of taking the survey.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Pull out your laptop or tablet and type in this web address on the browser –
  2. The homepage is primarily in English, but at the bottom, you will find the option to switch to Spanish if you want.
  3. Enter the invitation code from your Chick-fil-A receipt in the box provided.
  4. You will be immediately led to the main questionnaire if the code is correct. Answer the questions based on your experience at the outlet. Whether it was good or bad, answer honestly!
  5. Finally, type in your email ID to receive the unique validation code. Rest assured that you will get the code within 24 hours of submitting your MyCFAVisit experience.

About Chick-fil-A:

Like many other businesses, Chick-fil-A began soon after WWII ended, on May 23, 1946, to be more precise. However, unlike most of the businesses, it went on to become a huge success! Did you know that the first Chick-fil-A restaurant was called Dwarf Grill? The name was changed to Dwarf House later before finally settling for Chick-fil-A in 1967, a play on the pronunciation of fillet!
Every Chick-fil-A outlet is usually closed on Sundays except on rare occasions, like the time when there was a major power breakdown at the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson international airport in 2017. This shows that the company cares for its customers and is ready to go the extra mile for satisfying their taste buds. The survey is your chance to show your care for Chick-fil-A, and to get a free chicken sandwich in return!

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