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Whenever you feel like having a burger, only about two or three fast-food brands come to mind. One of them has to be Burger King! The chain has been competing with the likes of McDonald’s for a long time now, with no one decidedly being victorious yet. The crown jewel of Burger King is their whopper, an ultra-large burger replete with salads and onions. The other items in their extra-long list include cheeseburgers, sandwiches, fries, onion rings, chicken nuggets, soft serves and so much more!

You can either dine-in or drive-thru or simply place an order at Your food will be delivered hot and fresh, taking all the necessary precautions during these pandemic times. Plus, your feedback is also valuable to them. So don’t hesitate to take the official survey at

As the name of the survey suggests, MyBKExperience will ask you to describe your experience at a Burger King outlet. But you don’t have to describe it word for word. In fact, you don’t need to write anything pertaining to your visit at all! You can simply click the answer from the options provided for every question. And the questions won’t be too specific, so you don’t need to remember every little aspect of your BK visit.

The Burger King survey will contain general questions like, ‘How would you rate your overall experience at the restaurant?’ All the BK authorities need from you is your honest feedback and rating. And unlike many other spam surveys where only positive feedback is collated, dumping all the negative stuff, the survey at collects both positive and negative feedback and forwards them to the authorities for further consideration. 

So don’t hesitate to say the truth even if your visit was abysmal. If you want, then you can also elaborate on your experience in the comment boxes provided in the questionnaire.

Why MyBKExperience Customer Satisfaction Survey:

The people who developed the BK survey created it in such a way that it would be able to collect proper feedback from the customers without taking much of their valuable time. We assessed the average time spent by quite a few customers at, and we found that it doesn’t take them more than 10 minutes to submit the entire survey! A few of the regular survey takers even managed to finish it in under 5 minutes!

The point we are trying to make is that though the Burger King survey comprehensively covers every kind of issue faced by the customers, you can finish it in a very short time. And since it’s the official survey, great care has been taken in the programming of every page on the website. Even the main questionnaire has been written by expert survey creators in the market.

Additionally, in exchange for the valuable time that you spend at describing your visit, you will be given a free whopper! So as soon as you submit the survey, you can head over to your nearest BK outlet and claim the reward!

Win Free Whopper in Survey:

Submitting the survey will gain you the free whopper, but are you eligible to enter Find it out below.

Survey Requirements

  • Though Burger King has its presence in over 100 different countries, this survey is only valid for the residents of its home country, the US, and for the citizens of the UK and Canada.
  • You will need to be more than 18 years of age to describe your MyBKExperience on the website.
  • You should have the most recent BK receipt to take the survey. 
  • For online entry, you will need to have a laptop or a smartphone with a good enough internet connection.
  • Basic knowledge of reading and writing in either English, Spanish, or French is mandatory.
  • A valid email is a must to get the free whopper since the unique whopper code will be sent to your inbox.

Survey Restrictions

  • The primary restriction to taking the Burger King survey is that you won’t be allowed to enter if you cannot fulfill even one of the aforementioned requirements.
  • Employees of BK, including its highest authorities like the board of directors or the CEO, cannot participate in the survey. Also, those who have invested in the franchise or in any of BK’s marketing campaigns are restricted.
  • Burger King has the right to refuse the free whopper if your validation code is more than 30 days old.
  • You cannot exchange this MyBKExperience code for cash.
  • The code cannot be redeemed by anyone other than you.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Enter the URL of BK’s official website – – in your web browser.
  2. The webpage will be in English by default. You can change the language by clicking on the options provided at the bottom.
  3. Enter the restaurant number of the outlet that you visited (located at the top of your receipt).
  4. Type in the survey code on the next page (found just below the restaurant number section on your receipt).
  5. Honestly select the answers to the survey questions. Your true story will be valued by the authorities.
  6. After submitting the MyBKExperience survey, you will receive the unique validation code for the free whopper in your email inbox.

The good news is that you can take the survey as many times as you want for the free whoppers, as long as you have that many BK receipts!

About Burger King:

Most of us know the general history of Burger King – how it began in 1953 under the name Insta-Burger King, how it was renamed a year later to Burger King, how it changed hands from the original owners to several other entrepreneurs over the next few decades. But did you know that Burger King had quite a few dealings with McDonald’s, its primary competitor, in the past? The original owners had visited and assessed an MCD outlet before launching the first BK restaurant. And BK approached a McDonald’s executive in the late ‘70s to help revamp their company!
Regardless of their on-again-off-again collaboration, MCD and BK remain two different fast-food chains, and the latter can finally move ahead of its competitors with your help. Take the survey at and contribute to their expansion. A free whopper awaits you!

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