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Lowe’s has been serving generations of Americans since 1921, providing them with every bit of hardware and home improvement equipment whenever needed. Did you know that it is the second-largest hardware chain in the world? And that is saying something since Lowe’s has stores only in the US and Canada! Every Lowe’s store opens sharp at 6:00 AM and shuts late at around 10:00 PM. In fact, Lowe’s is one of the few hardware shops that have such long working hours.

Since they are so dedicated to serving their customers, Lowe’s management decided to give the customers a chance to help them out through the Lowes survey. All the customer needs to do is log on to their official website – Lowes.com/survey – and spend just a few minutes answering some simple questions.

There have been quite a few unofficial Lowe’s surveys in the past, some of which were plainly fake. At one point, the company used to ask for consumer opinions over a printed Lowes survey paper form as well. However, such endeavors did not prove to be very effective. 

Hence, they decided to take their questionnaire online at Lowes.com/survey. The entire process became several times simpler for both the management team and the consumers. The customers could now take the survey at their leisure, and the management could efficiently compile the list of complaints and suggestions. Thus, the decision-makers were better able to determine which suggestions to implement and which to discard.

It didn’t take long for the Lowe’s stores to improve their services after launching the Lowes survey. The customers registered their complaints, post which the management immediately put their plan into action. And this effective exchange of information between the two parties is working smoothly to this day!

Why Lowes.com/Survey Customer Satisfaction Survey:

But why should YOU take the survey? How would you, as an individual, benefit from answering the questions? The thing is the Lowes survey was created solely for the purpose of benefiting the customer. Don’t believe us? Allow us to explain. The survey provides a three-fold advantage to the customer.

  1. Whatever complaints or suggestions you have, they will be taken care of by the authorities at Lowe’s. You don’t need to spend a dime, just 5 minutes of your time!
  2. The website www.Lowes.com/survey is extremely secure and easy to access. It has been designed by experts, keeping all kinds of users in mind. Since the site is light and devoid of any pictures or videos, it gets loaded quickly on even a slow internet connection.
  3. As soon as you complete the https://www.Lowes.com survey, you will get exclusive entry into their weekly sweepstakes. Every person participating in this draw stands a chance to win gift vouchers worth up to $500!

Win $500 Rewards in Lowes Survey:

It’s tough to ignore such a huge giveaway, isn’t it? No matter how rich you may be, you could always use $500 worth of home improvement equipment and hardware tools. That is why you should not miss out on taking the Lowes survey. Here’s how you could qualify for it.


Survey Requirements

  • Only US and Canadian citizens are allowed to take the survey since most of Lowe’s shops are located in those areas.
  • You cannot expect an underage kid to give proper feedback of their visit. Hence, the minimum age of entry is set to 18.
  • You should have access to Wi-Fi or basic internet through digital devices like tablets, computers, smartphones, etc. You won’t need these if you are answering the Lowes survey questions via regular mail.
  • The survey is available in only two languages – English and Spanish.
  • You should have made a purchase at Lowe’s store recently. If you are taking part via regular mail, then you won’t need a receipt.

Survey Restrictions

  • You should not be an employee at a Lowe’s store. You should not be an investor or an associate of Lowe’s. Even the top-level management people are forbidden from entering the Lowes.com/survey.
  • The Lowe’s receipt that you are using to enter the survey should not be more than a week old. If it is, then we would recommend that you make another purchase before taking the survey.
  • You are not allowed to sell the $500 prize to someone else. If you do, then you may face incarceration.

You can find the entire list of restrictions here.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Head over to the official survey website of Lowe’s: www.Lowes.com/survey. It would be better if you are using a personal device, but a friend’s phone or a rental laptop would do as well.
  2. On the homepage, pick the language that you prefer to take the survey in, and click Next.
  3. The instructions are provided on this page. Locate the 18-digit Lowes survey code on your receipt and enter it in the empty box provided.
  4. The questions that get loaded on the page that follows are easy to understand and answer. Just refer to the memory of your visit to the Lowe’s outlet and answer them honestly.
  5. Finally, you will have to provide your personal details like name, address, phone number, etc. on the last page of the Lowes survey. Please note that those details will only be used for the purpose of the sweepstakes.

About Lowe’s:

Lucius Smith Lowe, the founder of Lowe’s (the company), built his first hardware store in 1921 called North Wilkesboro Hardware. After his death, his son, Jim Lowe, and son-in-law, Carl Buchan, successfully ran the company under the same name. It was mostly due to Buchan’s exceptional business instincts that the company saw a meteoric rise post WWII. However, the name of the company was officially changed to Lowe’s Companies Inc. after Buchan passed away.Thereafter, the Lowe’s management team tried to take its business global by setting up stores in Canada, Mexico, and Australia. The Australian and Mexican Lowe’s were eventually shut down, but the Canadian and US ones are still running strong. Help them expand further still fruitfully by taking their official survey at www.Lowes.com/survey. Win $500 in 5 minutes!

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166 thoughts on “Lowes.com Survey – The Official Lowes Survey”

  1. Visited store #2648 terminal 06/ 09/07/2022 09:55:26 time frame! Went into the store to purchase a bulk bolt for my lawn mower. Found the bolts, washers, and hex nuts Went up front to pay, and saw that there was only self checkout available. So I stopped a conversation of 3 associates at self checkout to ask if they new how to ring up the bulk screw and washers because they did not have any upc#s on them. The response from your cash register watcher, was this exact quote! ” You have to go back into the store and take a picture of the shelf where the label is, and bring it back up to me, this is the only way to ring them up!” I turned around and politely told her, I did not work here! Needless to say the line was getting longer, so I ran to the area snapped a picture and brought it up front, she put in the number for me, but forgot to put my washer in the bag. I went home with only part of my order. THIS IS NO WAY TO DO BUSINESS!!

  2. I was helped today by the two nicest and most helpful young men. Blayne and Mike Roberts. I needed to purchase stone and they took me to it, brought it to the register and loaded it into my car. I was at Lowes in Martinsville, VA

  3. I came into Wade Hampton Lowes location today to the Plumbing Dept. An older man in his 60s was very unhelpful and could not answer any of my questions, so I started to leave when I saw a young man named Liam, he answered every question I asked him fully! He knew his job! So he helped me find the appropriate faucet and I bought it. Mr. Randy William’s you have a great worker in Liam!!!

  4. On February 11th I visited the store in Wichita Falls, Tx. I needed some serious help finding the right thing I was looking for. After being sent back and forth by 2 other employees, I finally got Eric and he was so patient and helpful, I would still be walking all over the store now if he would not have come to my rescue. I just wanted to call attention to his awesome customer service and I will always ask for him by name! Thanks!

  5. Rosa, Lindsey and Tanner were more than helpful and should be commended for the knowledge and courtesy they provided!

  6. Our refrigerator quit working on 12/14 and we have guests coming for Christmas. We called around and went
    out looking and no one could get me a refrigerator until after the New Year. We almost gave up until we stopped at our Lowes hardware praying they could help us. We went in and we were greeted by everyone. We were greeted by a very pleasant man in the appliance department and he worked with us until he found the perfect match for us. The next surprise was that they could deliver and install the refrigerator on 12/23. The saved the day for us! Store: 1117 in Peoria, Az.

  7. We use you store at least 2 or3 a mouth, . We stopped to pick a few things up last evening. We where using the self check out , which i love, but for some reason the register would not take my military discount Did the whole online thing with a copy of DD-214 and have been using ever since. This was way last yea when i sign up and have used many times. I fact i used it last week. I under stand that at time software goes buggy.
    But the reason I am writing is the custom service we revived at that times some of he worst ever. She didn’t seen too want to hear the issue, snapped at us and just dimness’s any answers we gave her, keep trying t push us off on other Lowe’s customer service.,
    the way she treadled us as if we were interference. to her job and not the reason for her job.
    I my mind its poor customer service,
    In the past we have received great customer service from Lowe’s, but that woman last nigh was just rude..

    I may just state to drive out to Stones and ACE Hardware

    you can keep you prize

  8. I shop at Lowe’s 4times a week. Always fun to shop there.. I get such wonderful ideas just walking your aisles.,

  9. Employee Mike K. of the electrical department assigned to the plumbing section on this day 9/28/21 provided excellent customer service by assisting me in obtaining the correct products for my project of replacing a bathroom sink faucets with the proper replacements. It was a pleasure to shop at Lowes, and he even made it a better experience. Thanks, Jim

    Lowes Home Center, 1313 Fairview Blvd. Delran, NJ 08075

  10. The selection of merchandise is something to be recommended. I love the opportunity to compare “like” products to find the perfect product to purchase. Keep up the good work!!

  11. From 8-19 to 8-24, my wife and bought our flooring. Ibar, Adel, and Jeremy were a great help. They made sure we got all the parts, wood, and glue to get the job done. They spent time on what we were getting, and set up insulating for the floor. They helped to order the cabinet we needed.

  12. Leah in appliances at the Fort Wayne, IN Illinois Road Lowe’s was an exceptional sales person on August 2,2021. She listened to my needs, admired my drawings of the current appliances with sizes, then proceeded to search her site for the correct appliances. I ordered a range and refrigerator that I hope to love! She even walked me to another area to discuss doorbells. She should be employee of the year!!

  13. Teresa at Fort Wayne,IN, Illinois Road store in plant area went above and beyond to help my husband and I purchase 4 bags of garden soil. She showed us the choices, went to get a cart, loaded 4 bags, followed us to car and loaded the bags for us. We are seniors and really appreciated the kind service. August 7,2021

  14. why do you make it so difficult to get into survey, maybe you need someone else to manage this site, tried numerous links to no avail

  15. Had to wait in the heat for over 30 minutes waiting to have square stone pads loaded. Had already paid. Watched four employees standing around talking. One was already on the forklift. I went inside & asked the lady mgr to come get them to quit wasting my time.

  16. I was at the Lowe’s in Washington, Missouri and was looking for a ceiling light with fan. I found the one I wanted but could not find it on the floor. I asked a worker if he could help me and he went out of his way to get the item for me. Casper is an asset to the Washington, Missouri store. He climbed up a ladder to find the item I wanted and placed it in my cart. Thank you to such a polite and caring young man.

  17. My fire chief and I were at the Pittsboro NC store #2448 on 6/29/21. we were in need of help in the plumbing department. Michelle came over and gave us the help we needed in locating some hidden parts. She stayed with us until we had everything we needed. We also noticed her helping two other men as we were leaving the plumbing department. Just wanted to let you know what a great help she was. Thanks so much.
    Silk Hope Vol. Fire department.

  18. Lowe’s is the place I can always count on for materials, parts and appliances for my home projects. I also like their garden center. I have tools and equipment purchased from Lowe’s that are reliable and have served me for many years. Customer service is very helpful. I recommend them to friends and family all the time.

  19. I had the pleasure of being served by Ms. Virginia “Ginger” O’Cain at the Jacksonville Florida City Square Drive Lowes Location. She is a master of her craft and assisted me to understand the process and pick out a counter top that I was very pleased with and was on sale. She also helped with my plumbing needs and assisted with a referral. Lowes should know they have a pot of gold working in the kitchen countertop area known as Ginger. I will return to this store because of my experience with this knowledgeable and nice employee.
    Charmaine Myers Coates RN

  20. plumbing department Ray was a big help,he is the besr knows what you need

    store 66 id 125195 006691 662248

  21. I am a 85 year old Korean vet, this woman check out clerk was very rude, if this is the way you treat the vets i will go to HOME Depot, i have shopped Lowe’s many years!

  22. Store: 53
    Terminal: 0#7
    Sales#: S0###YRV 39##606
    Trans#: 79###15

    The young lady at the register was highly amicable, helpful, and efficient. I am very happy with my experience at this Lowe’s location.

  23. We had a problem checking out with a clerk, she didn’t enter our personal check correct and the register declined it. She didn’t
    Enter it manually, therefore my husband was humiliated and he left the merchandise sitting. We’ve never had a declined check . He left the merchandise and I went back for the buggy and went to another register
    this employee Justin retrieved our cart and entered the check manually without a hitch, we paid for our merchandise and left. The young lady at the first register was un professional and untrained. Justin at store 0494 terminal 35 on 6/12/21 @16:32:50 confirmed why we shop at Lowe’s with his excellent customer service.


  24. Very disappointed in flooring department… we spend a lot of money there and the employees and mangers in flooring really dropped the ball…. I went in 5/20/21 and paid for laminate and carpeting… was told carpet was in stock and the laminate would b coming in from other stores….I got an email several days later that I would get a call from installers to set a date…. well over 30 days later I have a date… glad we have a camper to live in since our home sold and home we waiting on flooring is not liveable w/ o flooring…. I called Dailey and got different stories

  25. made pruchase today would not give military discount said mininum retail applied to this item first time ive seen this no one else does this home depot does not next time i know where to go

  26. everytime I try to start the survey to win $500, I get to a webpage that says finish survey.

  27. I was in Lowe’s at 777 west nine mile Rd. On 5/27/2022. Two of your employees went above and beyond to help me with my purchases. Hunter and Cheryl in the Lawn and garden area were Courteous, exceeded my expectations and made my shopping experience great !! They made me feel appreciated and I most certainly Appreciated their help. Hunter had to go get an Isle folk lift. The items , 2 glass tables, were on the very top shelf. He helped me with a smile and he and Cheryl really made my day. Outstanding Team Members !! I just appreciated the help‼️

  28. Sarah and Reyes were so attentive to me while I shopped in the Arlington, Tx Lowes today. When I was unable to reach some articles due to my inability to be self sufficient by having to ride on the handicapped shopping cart, they were wonderful assistants. They also helped me make purchasing decisions on outdoor patio equipment, ceiling fans and backyard remodeling.They assisted me all the way to the completion of my purchase and delivered the items to my car. I am so appreciative of them and they deserve recognition. Thank you, Loews for hiring such professional employees

  29. Lowe’s has always been great to me. The people are always ready to held. Lowe’s is my go to place for all of my needs.

  30. I love the customer service provided in the garden center. Cashier was patient with me while I searched for my gift card, also went out of her way letting me know the balance after my purchase.

  31. made a purchase at lowes in venice fl,. lost the receipt – went rounds with several employees who told me do this or that or it wasn’t possible to get a duplicate receipt. Then i called the service desk at lowes in venice fl. I got hold of the right lady, Mary. What a wonderful caring person who actually wanted to help me. After a few questions, she found the receipt, emailed it to me and even called to make sure i got the receipt. Now, that is customer care.. Now days we don’t get this kind of response from anyone, but MARY is truly an example of what makes a company successful. Please give her a pat on the back, she deserves it.

  32. I have always been satisfied with Lowes. We have bought a Refrigerator, washing machine, flowers and other things. Roberta helped me 4/23/2021 with gardening. she was very nice and helpful. I would give her and you all a 10.

  33. Today, I received my brand new Craftsman T240 riding lawnmower, delivered free by Lowes. The delivery man, named Scott, was very professional and helpful in the delivery of my new lawnmower. I am grateful to him and Lowes. I will recommend Lowes products and service to family and friends. 🙂 Thank you.

  34. I Opened my account in 205, and have been shopping at Loves for all my home and business needs. The associates in my Scarborough, Maine store #2407 are always friendly and will take the extra step to answer your questions and will explain the ins and outs of the products .I have never found product shortages in the building materials or in the plumbing and electrical departments. I no longer trade at Home Depot due to not having product availability and associates that seem you are bothering them when you ask them about products. Have purchase products from tape to appliances, and look forward to my next trip knowing that what I need will be there.

  35. You have made the Survey website hard to use. Why not just have dedicated website to collect feedback and enter your $500. contest. I have a good experience with my visit to Lowes. Your website Lowes.com is helpful to locate what is in stock and where to find what I want.

  36. I purchased a garbage disposal on March 19, 2021 at Lowe’s store number 1068. The Lowe’s associate was very helpful and I purchased an extra warranty plus the installation. I was very pleased with the help of the associate and the military discount when I signed the contract. They gave me a number to call to get a date for the installation. I called the number and they set it up for 3-34-21 and told me I would be called by Handy Installation. Handy texted me and confirmed they would come out on 3-24-31 sometime between 12:00 noon and 1:30pm. I waited that day to be there if they called earlier but they never called and didn’t show but I received a text later that day telling me they had rescheduled the installation for 3-26-21 for 12:00 to 1:30pm. then on the 26th they didn’t show and texted me to let me know they had rescheduled for 4-02-21 between 2:30 and 4:00pm. Well that was unacceptable to me and I called the Associate that had helped me initially and he said he would check into it and I would hear from him that day, Saturday 3-27-21. Later that day an Associate, Beverly, from Customer Service and asked me what was going on? She had heard form the Sales Associate where I purchased the item and installation contract and said it just didn’t sound right. After I explained to her what I have stated above, she asked could she put me on hold for a few minutes and see what she could do? I said yes but I also told her I didn’t want to have to deal with Handy Installation any more. When she came back on line she told me she had gotten it changed from Handy to Financial Installation and someone from there would call to make an appointment for the installation of the garbage disposal. Financial Installation called and we established the installation date for today, 3-30-21, tentatively 12:00 noon to 1:30 and told me someone would call me to let me know approximately what time the installer would arrive. Mean while Handy was still texting me wanting me to confirm what time they would be here on 4-02-21. I called their number yesterday after I had gotten another text and told the Handy Rep that they were no longer the Installation Company that I was using, it had been changed to Financial Installation. He said ok thank. Finally today at 7:32am the Installer from Financial Installation called and identified himself to see if it would be ok to come earlier than 12 to 1:30pm. I said yes and he told me he would be her between 9:00 and 10:00am. I just that’s great, he arrived about 9:40. Very Professional, I asked him if he needed a light, he said I have one, thanks. I was where I could evaluate his knowledge and knew immediately he knew what he was doing. Great JOB!! He cleaned up everything and carried it to the trash can. This afternoon at 12:46pm Handy Installation texted me again asking me to please confirm Handy booking has been completed by responding Y for yes and N for no. I haven’t responded! Now, I’d like to give Paul, the Associate that helped me when I purchased the disposal and installation contract 10, Bevery and Courtney in Customer Service, 10 each. Also the Installer from Financial Installation, 10. I would give Handy a -0 for all of the contacts I delt with. My advice to Lowe’s, get rid of Handy for installing anything!

    1. I want to commend Nancy Reese at Lowes in Orange City who was of great help to me today when she was attentive to me while I was searching for the proper fertilizer. Lowes was out of my brand and she recommended one that was equally as good and at a good price. She was very knowledgeable and took care of me from A to Z. Thank You and Nancy for the service. I enjoyed my shopping experience with her.

  37. I bought a Maytag washer and had some issues. A Lowes employee “Christina ” was extremely helpful and made sure that I left as a satisfied loyal Lowes customer!
    Thank You

  38. We purchased a washer and dryer last night and expecting delivery today. Some service can’t beat it. The Sales Man was extremely knowledgeable and made the purchase a very pleasant experience. We have been shopping at the store for some time and have no complaints at all just praise. The Sales Man Mr. Dorvak is the best!!

  39. I went into my neighborhood Lowe’s to look at the stock of lawn mowers. I decided to purchase the Craftsman battery powered mower. I was surprised. Not with just the mower, but with the customer service. I have told myself that I wouldn’t buy a “battery” lawn mower. I was politely asked by a lady at the front, if I can find everything that I’m looking for? I mentioned, looking at lawn mowers. I’m old; I can’t remember the lady’s name; I will try and remember her face for service whenever I shop at my Grand Strand Lowe’s, Myrtle Beach. This lady is very knowledgeable and she knows all about customer service; I give her a 10+. As far as the Craftsman mower, I was very surprised with this battery powered push mower. This mower mulches, bags, side discharges wonderfully and folds up taking practically no space in my garage. I give it a, 9+. I’m very pleased with how lite, easy to push and great for flat lawns. I also have a Husqvarna front wheel drive mower from Lowe’s. I prefer using no gas, quiet and walk at my own pace, pushing this very lite battery powered mower, than to struggle with controlling my self-propelled mower. Ratings: Customer service 10+ / Battery mower 9+

  40. I have shopped at Lowes in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. Most of my experiences have been between an 8 or a 10 rating. I like shopping at Lowes because I can see what I need and also find the prices. I live in Lyons and the Lowes is in Vidalia Georgia Store # 1787. A Lady named Marylin Coleman
    Associate # 110 has always been extremely knowledgeable and very helpful every time I check out at her register.

  41. Lowes always seem to have the products that I am looking for. Yesterday I needed a special paint for the outside brick. Thanks to Ronnie he found it. He went back to the warehouse area and found it becuase it was not on the shelf. This young man would be rated a 10plus. I do alot of shopping their and will continue to do so even driving 50 miles to the nearest Lowes. IT IS WELL WORTH THE TRIP. Thank you so much.

  42. When at Lowes today in North Charleston Northwood and , we had the best customer service we have ever had. the name of Manuel was very helpful in many several areas. She helped us with 3 different things.

  43. i love lowes go there every chance i get spend to much go in looking for some simple thing like cabninet henges come out with paint and 200.00 dollars worth of tools great store and nice helpful people

  44. Love the local LOWES but hate and I do mean hate the survey. I have seven receipts during the past week and I cannot enter any of them in the survey. Tried for about 1/2 hour twice this week and it keeps telling me that I have already completed the survey no matter which manner I try to get into the survey

    TO LOWES SURVEY PEOPLE – fix this and based on other comments I’m apparently not the only one who has had trouble getting in using the survey. Every kudo you receive is offset by a negative one about the survey.

  45. lowes needs to quit doing a survey when you try to do the survey an get started then the survey jumps from start to finish before you get started.
    the lowes in Decatur Ala.this is not the best lowes I have been in the lumber section they have to many people
    waiting in line to check out I started going to home depot for that reason.

  46. Linda has always been polite-clean- and very well mannered. She is a favorite cashier. I rate her at 10’s every where. Store 2535 terminal: 08 02/18/21 @ 12″45:09

  47. Lowe’s employee,Mark Perry went out of his way to help me today. Took my items to my car and loaded them. He told me if I ever needed help on another visit to look him up. I have bought many big ticket items at this store and this young man has been the best help. I am a 77 year old widow and this type of help is so appreciative for ladies like me.

  48. My shopping experience in the plant department was made very pleasant with Sean’s help. He helped me carry things, due to my bad back, and he even helped load the items in the car! The cashier, Jon, was as friendly as always! I truly enjoy shopping at Lowe’s with such helpful and friendly employees!

  49. Your survey website is not easy to do business with. It takes you around the world to access the survey. Then once you get to it you’re not able to complete. This happens often when taking Lowe’s surveys. Horrible!

    1. I am in complete agreement with Nicholas T. Trying to access the survey is like pulling teeth, ends up being frustrating and a waste of time.

  50. charlie Enck was very helpful in our purchase of a white electric stove and helped us through checkout and putting our purchase in our truck . we would like to thank him again. another young man was also very pleasant like charlie was.

  51. I have been shopping for Lowes for over 2 decades, Now almost every day I purchase something I get a receipt , I try to enter the information for the survey, and it does not work it tell me I have already done it.
    I have been trying for 20 mins to take your survey, the website kicks me off and tells me to mail it in! What the heck?????? This is why your company can’t get people tp participate in the surveys. I’ve tried multiple company surveys and they are all too hard and make you jump through too many hoops. I don’t even get a chance to “hoop jump” with http://www.lowes.com/survey…..very frustrating.
    I was able to enter 2 surveys, now every receipt is just better to throw away, because you can’t enter the information.

    1. Yes, same here, I am done trying. They want your feedback but make it way to difficult to enter the information.

  52. Recommend Roy who works at the Hempstead Rd. site. He went beyond the call of duty by helping me solve a problem for finding pulls for odd sized spacing holes. He showed me how I could us knobs and fill the extra hole by using a dowel and filler. Then he searched to find matching 24 knobs needed. In previous stores looking for these pulls the employee just said bluntly, “we don’t carry that size.”

    Roy could have done the same but he pursued it by asking questions and suggesting the solution. I so appreciated his help and his willingness to spend the extra time explaining how to fix it and even assisting me in another department. It’s unusual to find a salesperson who is knowledgeable and takes the time to thoroughly explain how to do it.

    In remodeling our house, I’ve purchased thousands of dollars worth of supplies at several Lowe’s location. Most customer service people are polite and helpful, but Roy is outstanding from my perspective. Please reward him.

  53. I live close to the Lowe’s store #1136. I frequent this store for obvious reasons. It is the worst operated store I visited. The inventory is hard to find. It is VERY hard to find polite, competent employees to help find the things you need. The reorganization of stock was terrible. Your store manager is failing at his job. Therefore your reginal is not doing his job. Unless I am in a hurry I will not got to 1136 but will go to the Waldorf Store.

  54. We we were at Lowes today looking for a new washer. My husband & I were at another Appliance store before checking out what Lowes had. Right away a washer caught my eye and it is a great washer and brand at a very reasonable price. Service Rep Dallas came over to us and was so nice and helpful, informing us of the product and Lowes delivery and availability. Well, there is no delivery charge, product was in stock and would be delivered the very next day! Needless to say we bought the dryer too! This all happened in 15 minutes. Thank you Dallas for your help and professionalism. You made our day! Tom & Lola Olsen



  57. I visit our local Lowes often. Today I was in need to look at the radios. A nice gentleman showed me what was available and I decided that was not what I was looking for. I would sure give him and the store a 10 today. 3/1/2021!!

  58. I went to Lowes to find something I really needed, and I’ve been going to the same Lowes for 21 years. I looked everywhere for it, and then when I found the area, I couldn’t find the product. I asked an associate who was there helping someone else. When they were finished I asked the associate where a certain product was….he wasn’t sure, and I took him to where it should have been. He said he didn’t know anything about it, nor did he know if they had any of them. He just kinda shrugged his shoulders and sluffed me off, and meandered away. As he walked away, he told me to go online and find it on a website and order it from there. I did what he said, and I found it on a different website, ordered it, and it’s on it’s way…..Lowes associate gave my sale to another company!!! Can you believe that?

  59. I think this is a scam!!!! Been to site 4 or 5 times. Nothing there to fill out. You don’t want to know what I think right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. I’m always certain that Lowe’s will have just the right item I need. Whether it was the right type of tile, carpet or any project big or small, Lowe’s was able to install or deliver. They are my go to box of materials.

  61. My experience at Lowe’s has always been great. I prefer Lowe’s over Home Depot because the store is more organized. At Lowe’s you can fine things without run all over the store. plus the staff is always there if you need help. Another thing I like about Lowe’s is the prices, you can always go there and fine a good sale in the appliance department I bought all my appliane there at a very good price. If you need to bring things back there’s never a hassle.

  62. we were very impressed with abbey and the two delivery people. She was very helpful and knowledgeable about the freezer that we purchased. We had shopped at the two other stores in the area and not happy. Also the fact that we got the military discount meant more than you know. Home Depot person was very indignant about it and will not have our business again. Thank you and we appreciate you.

  63. We usually shop at Lowes in Waynesville NC, and it has very nice and polite workers there that volunteer to help you find .

  64. today, we returned a dishwasher, which didn’t work, right out of the box! After numerous attempts to reach the manufacturer and being told “we are not currently taking any calls due to COVID,” We explained our situation to Robbie, at Store 0318 Hwy 50 in Pueblo, customer service representative, and he was able to resolve our dilemma. (This situation had been going on since the end of December with the manufacturer.) Robbie was able to cut to the chase and we came away today with a smile on our faces and a new dishwasher in the back of the truck. Thanks to Robbie. Mike, in the garden center, took us directly to a product we had been looking for with no luck. He explained the different types of this product and we were able to make a good choice. Thanks to these 2 GREAT Lowe’s employees.

  65. Hello, today I went into Lowes to buy paint for my tub. The young girl that I spoke with was very nasty. I will be going back but I will not be asking that person for help of any kind.

    1. I have being shopping at lowes in Lancaster for many years and never had a complaint. They are always helpful and friendley.

  66. Sue @ checkout in the Lowes in Matthews NC was friendly and polite, she needs to be a trainer in new employee customer service training! Thanks Sue!

        1. Went to Lowes today and found everything I needed they guy in the paint department was very helpful and got me what I needed.
          When I went to check out the young man whom checked me out his name was Paul at the Preston st area in Louisville Ky was very kind and smiled . Can’t say anything bad about this store or the employees

  67. I had a tree to fall down across my chain link fence back in July of 2020. I had a fence company give me an estimate on repairing my fence but they were too high, so i decided to try and repair my fence myself. I went to Lowes and was able to purchase all the necessary items to do the repair.
    Thanks Lowes.

  68. My experience with Lowes today is great. I put in an order that ended up getting placed in Maine, I wanted Auburn, New York. Well I got there to pick-up my order in Auburn, NY and nobody knows where it is. Well Rebecca in Store # 561 was a credit to the Lowes name. She got it all straightened out. THANKS REBECCA!

  69. Bought bathroom vanity and faucets from Christian.
    He was very helpful, patient, and professional.
    Checked out with Cortia and she was
    very pleasant.
    Columbia MD location

  70. I went to the paint department at the Avon Lowes and needed a can of High coverage primer. I couldn’t remember which primer I had previously bought. I told Gabe that and he brought not one but three differnet brands of primer out for me to see and said it wouldn’t be a problem to look at more. I made a call home to read the label on one of the paint cans and confirmed that I had the right one. Gabe was very helpful in my delema and I was a happy camper. I’m soo glad the Avon Lowes is hirering such wonderful, helpful people!! Please let him know he is doing a great job! Thanks again for making my shopping experience a pleasure! Steve

  71. Just came from Lowes,4040 Oldfield Crossing, Jacksonville FL 32223 and bought rust remover for tile. Gentleman named Mel helped me. Second time I had him help me. He did an excellent job He needs to be recognized and applauded. George Lytle, 3730 Aladdin Acres Drive, 32223 Jacksonville, FL

  72. Ms. Jennifer Faulkner has made my time at Lowes a wonderful experience. She was so understanding polite and knew her job. I walked out of Lowes with a smile on my face that’s how good Ms. Faulkner was. Lowes please let her knew that she is doing a great job!!!!

  73. I had a pleasant trip to Lowe’s . I was able to fine what I was looking for with the help of Christine who also check me out .

  74. For some reason I am being asked to repeat my original reply. I like the store the associates, I’m done thank you.

  75. I like Lowes as a Veteran I get 10% off there already reasonable prices, they have a great selection in North Conway New Hampshire, The store in Windham Maine is larger and better stocked so I shop both. Some or there store associates are retired contractors and are very helpful when doing a project. Very glad that they came with in 20 miles of home.

  76. I was very pleasantly surprised when Missy at Lowe’s in Bellbrook, OH told me I could return the paint I had bought that was the wrong color, and for no extra charge she gave me a better color and a better kind of paint — because she had no more of the one I had bought. I hope she gets recognition for her kind and thoughtful and efficient service.

  77. We went to Lowe’s to pick up a very heavy saw from the hardware department. My husband spotted a young man in a Lowe’s vest, and thinking he worked in hardware, asked him to help load it on the cart. The employee immediately assisted my husband and was of great help. We found out, in talking to him, that he was a cashier and had just been on his way to clock in….he DID NOT work in hardware and certainly had not been under any obligation to assist us. This employee’s name was Joshua, Store #0318, Department: Front End, Pueblo, Colorado. He definitely deserves a pat on the back for his customer service skills and friendliness.

  78. Went to Lowes today to pick up a few items. My husband and i had a great experience shopping at Lowes today they have an associate named Gary he helped us in the isle with light bulbs. Gary was very informative and helpful about what we needed. Great associate! the store # 2852 is the Lowes Gary works at. He needs to be recognized.

  79. when i returned front loder it take complete two hour for lady clark to refund my washer.she has no clue for extended protection plan refund.all she got to tell me or give phone no. after two hour waiting.why?????.i don”t have to wait for this.if it is long line i understand.

  80. I bought some lumber for a home project . Lowe’s has been my store to go lately and have had good assistance.
    But this time for this lumber purchase , the gentleman that assisted me , Eric , helped me to select the lumber , helped me load it on the store cart , reviewed the charges with the cashier to make sure I received credit for some damaged lumber , then helped to load the lumber on to the truck !! Totally pleasant , respectful and so very helpful !!
    Not only do I needed the purchase , with personnel like Eric , makes me go back to the store with the assurance that whatever assistance I need I will be fully satisfied !!

  81. I have been shopping for years at the Surfside Beach Lowes store and have a Veterans discount which I appreciate very much. Thanks for having a nice store and great products.

  82. Couldn’t take the survey – as soon as I click on the link to start the survey it takes me to a page with “Finish” as the only option, clicking on it takes me to the Lowe’s regular shopping site.

  83. the store is a good place to shop has a large variety of items a one stop shopping store i have many items there large and small -like the military discount

    1. the store is a good place to shop has a large variety of items a one stop shopping store i have bough many items there lumber -fef tools and more -i like the military discount a way of thanking our troops

  84. Just like to say job well done to Doug, the appliances manager. I bought a dehumidifier, an electric hedger and a leaf blower. Being female we don’t know too much about these items but he took the time to explain everything, even taking me directly to the items where normally I’m just told the aisle numbers. He was great!! Thank you Doug from Middletown Ohio store.

  85. After many hours trying to find assistance re a new GE dishwasher from which a roller had fallen off and melted, learning there are no available GE repair people in the Lehigh Valley, being asked to send a picture of the original receipt while speaking to a parts person – something I didn’t know how to do, I went to the local Lowe’s dept from which 3 kitchen appliances had been purchased two months ago.. TJ Dean was the only person in the department, was due to go home in a few minutes, but very kindly helped me by taking a picture of the receipt and sending it to a GE Parts person he reached on his phone. I planned to enter this information on a survey – praising him for his kindness, but cannot find an 18 digit number on the bottom of my original receipt – have only a confirmation number for what he accomplished for me. I hope he is helped by these words since I am unable to complete the customer satisfaction survey without 18 digits.

  86. When at Lowes today , we had the best customer service we have ever had. A young lady by the name of Melissa was very helpful in many several areas. She helped us with 3 outside lighting fixtures for our home ,along with faucets for our kitchen.

  87. your employees at the appliance department were so extra nice considering it was early on sat. morning they have a great attitude !!!! love lowes

  88. I have been trying for 20 mins to take your survey, the website kicks me off and tells me to mail it in! What the heck?????? This is why your company can’t get people tp participate in the surveys. I’ve tried multiple company surveys and they are all too hard and make you jump through too many hoops. I don’t even get a chance to “hoop jump” with http://www.lowes.com/survey…..very frustrating.

  89. I have been shopping at Lowes for many years and usually find the items I need. I especially like the fact they have veterans’ parking and honor veterans by discounts.

  90. great organized stores, in the new orleans la. area.
    the amount of personnel to help is getting better, and more knowledgable.
    great prices, especially the sales promotions.
    clean, most of personnel want to help.

  91. I just wanted t o pass on the Bianca is one your premeire associates. Thank you for her. She is customer oriented and does a great job. Thank you for her.

  92. I have been shopping Lowes for years and been able to find most everything I need, and if not Lowes can and will spical order what I am looking for. The people there are just as nice as can be and will help you with what you are looking for, most times they can tell you where to look and what side to look on. Most call me by my name and that makes me fell good.