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LongHorn Steakhouse, a name that has almost become synonymous with the finest steaks in the country, was founded over 39 years ago! Their prime ribs and steak sandwiches are an absolute treat for our vastly evolved taste buds. And if you haven’t tried out their Flo’s Filet with Lobster Tail yet, then you are missing out on one of the most delicious steak combos ever! LongHorn Steakhouse may be a wholly-owned subsidiary today, but the quality of their ribs hasn’t dropped one bit.

The company is in a constant state of improvement. Thus, if you found their food really good the first time that you visited the outlet, you will find it even better right now! That is because they always welcome feedback from their customers via the LongHornSurvey, an online portal that contains the official questionnaire of LongHorn Steakhouse.

LongHorn Steakhouse
LongHorn Steakhouse

Does your nearest outlet refuse to follow LongHorn’s age-old tradition? Which is to say, is its steak quality reducing instead of increasing with time? Visit the LongHorn survey and leave your feedback. Was the staff rude to you during your last visit? Take the survey at LongHornSurvey.com. Was the outlet littered with waste when you arrived? Answer the LongHornSurvey questionnaire. Was everything spick and span at the resto, the staff were polite and friendly, and the food was sumptuous? Still, fill in the LongHorn Steakhouse survey!

Basically, you can take their official survey if you have visited their outlet at least once; regardless of the kind of service, you experienced! Thus, if your experience was really good, then the staff and the management can take heart from your feedback and continue excelling at their services. And if you received really bad service, then the LongHornSurvey personnel can take the necessary action to improve your experience the next time around.

Why LongHornSurvey Customer Satisfaction Survey:

LongHorn Steakhouse is one of the few restaurant chains in the US that serves only premium steaks at affordable prices. So there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t take the LongHorn survey. Firstly, it’s the official survey of the company, so you know that someone of authority will be reading your feedback. And they won’t just read it and pile it away in some remote corner of their storeroom, but they will take definitive action to improve their services or to implement your suggestions.

Secondly, the survey at www.LongHornSurvey.com isn’t crafted by some amateur. The sweat and toil of some of the best survey developing experts in the industry have gone into preparing the questionnaire. Thus, you will have before you not only a comprehensive survey that addresses all your qualms, but also an easy-to-answer questionnaire that can be filled in about 10 minutes!

But here’s the primary reason why everyone is looking forward to taking the LongHorn Steakhouse survey. Every entrant will have a chance to win a $100 gift card that can be redeemed for any number of items at any of the participating LongHorn outlets!

Win $100 Gift Card in LongHornSurvey.com Survey:

$100 is a pretty hefty amount to be giving away so easily. Hence, the LongHornSurvey personnel came up with a few requirements for taking the survey.


Survey Requirements

  • You should be a resident of either the US, Canada (sans Quebec), Puerto Rico, and Guam.
  • The minimum age of entry is the legal maturity age considered for that particular region. Thus, if you are based in the US, then you should be at least 18 years of age to enter LongHornSurvey.com.
  • Having a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone will make it easier to take the survey. You can send your feedback via regular mail as well, however, but it is a far tedious process.
  • It’s not necessary to make a purchase at a LongHorn outlet, but you must have visited the resto before taking the LongHorn survey. Dishonesty in the survey answers won’t be appreciated.

Survey Restrictions

  • Residents of those regions where participation in online surveys is illegal won’t be allowed to enter the LongHorn Steakhouse survey portal.
  • Employees, associates, promoters, etc. of the survey sponsors (GMRI) or their immediate relatives are forbidden from taking the survey. Even those people about which the survey pertains (LongHorn employees and management) won’t be allowed.
  • The survey code that you enter in the relevant field should be recent (ideally less than 3 days old).
  • You cannot sell the gift card or transfer it to someone else.

During each entry period, 5 participants are eligible to win the $100 gift card, and over 100 entrants can win $50 in cash! Additionally, you can take as many surveys as you like within an entry period, but each of your entry should contain a unique LongHorn Survey code.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Open www.LongHornSurvey.com in your web browser.
  2. Enter the survey ID found on your receipt.
  3. Answer the official survey questions honestly.
  4. Add your personal details to the form so that they could conclusively determine the winner of the draw.
  5. Submit the LongHornSurvey and wait for the results!

About LongHorn Steakhouse:

Did you know that the first LongHorn Steakhouse was once an antique store? It gets more interesting – the antique store was later converted to an adult entertainment business before finally settling for a restaurant! Sometime in 1981, two best friends, George McKerrow and Brian, decided to sell steaks at reasonable prices, which gave rise to the LongHorn Steaks Restaurant & Saloon. It eventually became a popular hangout of the local Atlanta residents, thus prompting the owners to expand it into other regions. The name was officially shortened to LongHorn Steakhouse much later.
Currently, the company is owned by Darden Restaurants, Inc. and it had over 490 outlets as of 2017. A majority of their outlets are based in the US, but LongHorn has a popular presence in Canada, Saudi Arabia, El Salvador, Guam, and Qatar as well. Their further growth depends upon your feedback now! If you like the restaurant’s cuisine, then fill in the questionnaire at www.LongHornSurvey.com and let them know what you feel about their products. Gain a free entry into the $100 sweepstakes in the process!

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60 thoughts on “www.LongHornSurvey.com – The Official LongHorn Steakhouse Survey”

  1. I understand things happen but Got over it and apologize . Waited 15 minutes then ask for manager, he was friendly and helpful, the manager took our order, we had to stop another waiter for refills on drinks. Service was a big zero ! Waiter never apologize just said manager ask me to check on us.

    And it’s real funny about 100% eat there we usually got a survey with our ticket but not today.
    We didn’t have cash on us so payed with card , was a little worried !

  2. service by victor was amazing. He is such a friendly waiter and always make us feel special and that he is glad to see us.

  3. Longhorn great restaurant, especially chicken sandwich and fries. Service great and so is decor. Eat there every cha c’è we get. Cross County Yonkers, NY

  4. This was the best mail we have eaten in a very long time.The shrimp were perfect, and your service great as usual.

  5. Doors upon entering are dirty and greasy as well as the windows. Had to wait at least five minutes for a hostess.
    Menus are horribly greasy, fingerprinted, and crayoned all over.
    Entree came about two minutes after getting our salads.

  6. We had a great Easter dining experience with Leza at noon.
    She was very friendly and great at her job. A wonderful employee🌷

  7. Visited Huntersville Saturday night 4/1. VERY happy with the food EVERY time we visit!!!
    The highlight of the evening was having Sharon N as our server!! Freindly, courteous, professional and a real joy to talk with! In fact we also spoke with Mary as Sharon told her we come from NY as does Mary. Very Pleasant experience. Look forward to doing it again!!
    William Beattie
    Lynn Witt

  8. Great service at Springfield, Illinois Longhorn Steakhouse . Kristin B.
    The order came out perfect had lots of filled tables and looked like everyone was happy with their service. Even small children were pretty quiet as parents were paying attention to them happy to see that .
    This is our go to restaurant in Springfield friendly staff and servers always respectful and show they like their jobs think many have bee there quite awhile. Thanks for caring !

  9. We had a terrible experience at your restaurant in South Jordan, Ut. We went there for my birthday party. We had twenty one of us. I called and talked to the manger Mike two days before arriving at the restaurant. We wanted to eat at 6pm. He said go there at five o’clock, let them know and you should be able to eat at six pm. That didn’t happen. We got to the table at 7:15. When we did our orders there we 2 waiters working our table one on one side and another on the other side. We waited forever to get the food. I was a least 45 minutes. We were told later that the waiter on one side never put the order in the computer. We left the restaurant at 9:30 pm. We waited over two hours to get to a table and another two hours get get and finish our food. It was a terrible experience. I got Flo’s filet which was very tasty, but the lobster I ordered with it had a fishy taste. This was the worst dining experience in my whole life of eighty three years. This experience upset our whole family.

  10. The T bone steak was excellent, had the cheese potatoe soup that was wonderful with a steak burger with Swiss cheese this meal was the best meal I’ve had in a long time

  11. I and 3 others visited Longhorn Steakhouse and we were very disappointed. After a 30 minute wait, which we were told upon arrival, we were seated. here was another 20 minute wait before the waitress took our drink order and said that she would bring us bread. After another 15-20 minutes, we received our drinks without the bread. The waitress took our order and brought our salads to the table, still no bread or silverware to eat our salads. We asked for extra napkins and was given napkins with visible food spots on them. After another 25 minutes or so, we received our food. We had to get steak sauce and salt from another table because we didn’t want to wait another 15-20 minutes to get it. Two of us ordered the 20oz bone in ribeye steak, it had absolutely no seasoning on it at all. Another party ordered the pork chops and they were too tough to chew, she stopped the manager and he sent the waitress over to take the pork chops back. The other party ordered the parmesean chicken and said that it was just okay. I never use salt or steak sauce, but I had to use something to make up for the lack of flavor. We were asked if we wanted refills on the drinks when we got the bill. Everyone agreed that the sides and salad were delicious but the entrees were not up to Longhorn standards. I will probably visit Longhorn again, I just hope that I’ll have a better experience.

  12. My husband and I went on a lunch date at the Longhorn Steakhouse at 320 North Green River Rd. Evansville, IN 47715.
    The food was delicious and the service was OUTSTANDING! Adasha was friendly, attentive, and prompt. We will definitely come back and ask for her!! 🥳

  13. Matthew M, server at Longhorn Steakhouse at 2400 Tyrone Blvd North St Petersburg FL 33710 is the most attentive, kind and outstanding server we have ever had at any restaurant. He needs to be awarded and recognized. He is the main reason we go to Longhorn Steakhouse. The food is also excellent. Thank you!

  14. the ribeye steak is my favorite along with the appetizer: cheezy stuffed mushrooms . superb!
    Amber, our server is great!

  15. I enjoy eating at longhorn steakhouse in Cherry hill , NJ at least one a month . Server are all so polite and friendly. Never had a bad meal, the food comes out hot. See ya’ll in November.

  16. Our Server Morgan, from Owensboro KY was the best server And very understanding, nice polite, knows the menu well. The Food was Excellent and awesome. Owensboro KY is the best Long Horn. I will always becoming back. Sincerely Lonnie Clark.

  17. Food was excellent & the service as well are server was very attentive Stephanie thanks for the great service.

  18. Allen waz perfect he always checking to see if we were alright ND our drinks were always full service waz good ND his appearance was perfect always with a smile Allen keep up tha good work ( Amarillo Tx,) even thou it didn’t take myID#6754. 27340 6671

  19. Very good dinner 22oz longhorn steak and salmon dinner. The server Jordan was very nice and attentive. We’ll be back.

  20. Was very dissatisfied tonight with my visit. After being seated right away which was awesome, we were greeted and drink order was taken and our waitress said she would be right back with bread and took our order. We ordered a appetizer (soup) we did not see her or bread or even appetizer for almost 30 minutes we did however see her standing in the back talking with another employee. We are not the type to complain but when you are spending 50$ for dinner you expect more!

  21. we celabrated our daughter and granddaughter birthday at longhorn tonight january 3 . The food and service was awsome ,we will be going back this was at Lavonia Georgia .

  22. My son and I really enjoyed your steak and baked potato, we always do! It was really tender and delicious. We’re never disappointed. My best friend and I are planning on celebrating our December birthdays at Longhorns sometime this month. We always have a great meal and enjoy ourselves at your restaurant!

  23. As always the service and food was great last night. My husband loves steak and it is always cooked to his preference. I enjoy the food and atmosphere. It wasn’t real busy and we were made welcome to stay and visit with friends after our meal.

  24. The new longhorn in Harrisonburg has the nicest people working for them. Had drinks and dinner at the bar. Food was awesome. Steak just melted in my mouth. Cooked perfect. Will go back.

  25. I was not satisfied with my visit on 7/25/2021. My server took missing an had to wait 15~20min for something to drink every time. Had to ask another server for everything and something to eat with. Very poor service and wasn’t satisfied

  26. Had the 9 oz filet and great. The only thing that would have made it better would be creamy horseradish sauce and some ausju sauce.

  27. Short wait time for seating. Cordial staffers from greeters to wait staff. Quick service and hot, tasty food. Met our expectations for this repeat visit.

  28. Very dissatisfied with the service at longhorn 5033 on April 29, 2021. The waitress Janita, didn’t give us any complimentary bread, when asked about it at the end of our meal, she stated only upon customer request. Will not promote this business again.

  29. I had dinner at LongHorn Johns Creek location, it was right around 7 p.m. Friday eve. I was very hungry I immediately was sat down, my server Amanda D came cordially and greeted me. Food in that location is usually good I enjoy a late lunch or early dinner at that location. Amanda was very pleasant, attentive and friendly took care of my order right away. I enjoyed having her as my server all in all the service was impeccable!

  30. I went to Longhorn here in Gadsden, Alabama for a nice meal. The table they sat me at was close to the front door. My feet were so cold that I could hardly sit there. Then a couple came in with four girls that were 7 to 8 years old and they couldn’t sit down they were running back and fourth from their seats I guess to their parents and back and they squeeled out the whole time until they got food. My steak was Luke warm and I only ate a part of it and three bites of my baked potato. My visit there this time wasn’t very good. Some parents don’t make their children behave in public places. I was in a hurry to leave because of the children.

  31. I tried to enter your $100 chance to win and it would not accept my guest numbes. I do like Longhorn food.,