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Kids Foot Locker (KFL), the parent company of which is Foot Locker, is an age-old company that deals in footwear of all kinds, especially for kids. Shoes of every variety from the typical somber school footwear to the outdoorsy casual sneakers can be found at every Kids Foot Locker store. They specialize in products for both girls and boys, right from toddlers to teenagers. They also stock clothing and accessories, formal and informal, for kids. And don’t get us started on the brands, for they have all the popular ones like Nike and Reebok and the lesser-known yet high-quality ones like Timberland and Jordan.

Many months ago, the ongoing pandemic had put a full stop to their retail services, but they have slowly started opening many of their stores in and around the country. They are eager to know whether their services at each store are as good as they were before the shutdown, due to which they have launched their official survey website,

So what is this KFL survey all about? Like any other business survey, this one aims to understand the services of the KFL outlets from the customer’s viewpoint. The management may have crafted every store according to what they think would be liked by the customer, but it’s not always necessary that the services will appeal to each customer that visits the store. And since Foot Locker has over 3000 stores worldwide with many of them catering to the kids, you can’t expect each of those stores to always follow the norms set by the management.

That is the reason why was developed. It enables the customer, that is you, to address the problems you face at the outlet, giving you the power to change the KFL services for the better. Your feedback on the website will ensure that the company could continue providing excellent service to its customers day in day out. You only need to answer a few simple questions, give their services the appropriate ratings, and rest easy knowing that you have made a valuable contribution to their team!

Why Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Foot Locker as a brand has several surveys in circulation, for they have many different businesses under their belt – Kids Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, Runner’s Point, Eastbay, Footaction, etc. Though all their businesses are running quite smoothly at the moment, they would never know at which business your feedback was targeted if they had an all-encompassing survey portal. Hence, they have formed individual feedback websites for each of their brands, including Kids Foot Locker!

The survey questionnaire present in the official KidsFootLockerSurvey mostly contains rating-based answers. So you simply need to select the right rating, depending upon the type of experience you had at the KFL outlet. Giving those ratings will only take about 5 minutes of your time; a maximum of 10 minutes. And you will receive a cool gift in return for your valuable feedback!

Every survey-taker will get a $10 off coupon that can be used at any participating KFL store for a discount on the bill! Thus, the next time that you visit the KFL outlet, you don’t have to worry about your budget!

How to Win $10 Off Coupon in Kids Foot Locker Survey?

So how easy or difficult is it to win this cool discount? Let’s find out.

KidsFootLockerSurvey Survey Requirements

  • Though there are several thousand Foot Locker stores all around the world, the KFL survey is reserved only for the residents of its home country, the US!
  • Though their products are aimed at kids, anyone below the age of 18 will need to ask an adult to leave the feedback for them, for the US laws don’t allow a kid below 18 to take paid surveys.
  • Since the survey is only available over the internet, access to it from a browser-based device is required.
  • A Kids Foot Locker receipt will be required to access the main questionnaire.
  • A personal email ID is mandatory to receive the KidsFootLockerSurvey $10-off prize.

KidsFootLockerSurvey Survey Restrictions

  • Anyone who is associated with KFL in a professional capacity is prone to leave biased feedback. Hence, the employees, investors, managers, CEOs, etc. of KFL are barred from entering the survey portal.
  • Their immediate family members may also share the same sentiment, so they aren’t allowed either.
  • Each KFL receipt contains a survey code used to access the portal, and no more than one person can use it.
  • The discount coupon is non-transferable.
  • It is illegal to sell the KFL coupon for cash.

And kids, if you wish to earn the discount yourselves, make sure that you are accompanied by an adult before taking the survey!

KidsFootLockerSurvey Survey Participation Instructions

  1. You can access the survey via this link –
  2. The language options available for this survey are English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin. Pick one that you are most comfortable with.
  3. Enter the unique 24-digit KFL survey code found at the bottom of your receipt.
  4. Other details from your receipt like the transaction number and date will need to be entered.
  5. The survey questions will need to be answered honestly based upon your experience at the outlet.
  6. Make sure that you provide your personal details, like name and email ID. You can even type in your kid’s name if he/she has their personal email.

The $10 discount coupon will be immediately sent to your inbox after completing the survey. Remember that it can only be used for purchases over $50.

About Kids Foot Locker

The origin of the Foot Locker stores can be traced back to the late 19th century when the F. W. Woolworth Company first laid its foundations in 1879. They changed their brand name quite a few times before all the Woolworth locations were converted to Foot Locker. Eventually, they began separating their businesses into individual locations, of which Kids Foot Locker was a part.
After going through another name change in the late ‘90s, Venator Group, the company rebranded it back to Foot Locker in 2001. However, the Kids Foot Locker services retain the charm of the past, and their products have been growing with the times. Help them grow beyond the existing 3300 stores by taking the survey at Leave your feedback right away to get $10-off on your next purchase!

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