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JCPenney is without a doubt one of the finest department store chains in the US, selling products ranging from clothing and footwear to toys and electronics. Whenever an average US consumer thinks of buying either of those things, the first place that he/she goes to is JCPenney! However, did you know that the company sells fine jewelry and beauty products as well? These exclusive businesses operate within selective JCPenney outlets, and sometimes, you may even find a posh salon there (sponsored by InStyle)!

Furthermore, JCPenney is battling the ongoing COVID-19 crisis with elan. They have put top-notch virus preventive measures in each of their stores, and they are also offering free, safe delivery for online orders. Need to let them know your opinion about their services? Just take the survey and stand a chance to win the grand prize!

The purpose of the survey is like any other survey. However, unlike most other surveys, JCPenney actually cares about the views and opinions of their customers. Thus, if you have any kind of issues regarding their products or services, just let them know via 

Was your desired brand of cosmetics not available at the outlet? Was it present in some remote corner of the store and the associate you interacted with wasn’t able to find it? Were there empty boxes just lying around in the aisles? Were the products not placed in a set order? Whatever problems you experienced during the visit, just put them down in the JCPenny survey. 

And the feedback need not be all bad. You can even write about the good stuff, or leave your suggestions for improvement. Even if you have any strong opinions regarding the behavior of the staff, just pen them down at the survey!

Why Customer Satisfaction Survey:

If we were to list all the important reasons why you should take the official JCPenny survey here, then the article would span a number of pages! So let’s just sum up the really critical ones.

Being an official survey, it carries with it the perks of having your opinions heard by the right people. But how do you know it is official? Should you take our word for it? No! Check out the URL of the survey – The survey page lies within the official website of the store itself. You can’t ask for a proof better than that one!

And the survey is so easy to complete that even kids (though they are not allowed) could answer it. Imagine trying to give the simplest examination back in high school. The survey is easier than that one, and it takes only about 10 minutes to finish!

But the best part of the survey comes after you submit the JCPenny survey questionnaire. You get a direct entry into the official monthly sweepstakes, the prizes of which range from a simple 10% discount to a whopping $500 gift card!

Win $500 in Survey:

Gaining entry into the sweepstakes once you are eligible to take the survey is easy. The difficult part is being eligible in the first place.

Survey Requirements

  • Since JCPenny outlets are only established in the US so far, only US citizens can take the survey.
  • You should be more than 18 years of age to fill in the questionnaire.
  • You should have visited a JCPenny outlet recently and purchased something there. The receipt is important to take the online survey.
  • Since it’s an ONLINE survey, you are expected to have a computer or a tablet with a good, smooth internet connection.
  • The JCPenny survey is available in only two languages – English and Spanish. If you don’t know either of these two, then you can ask a friend to help you out. However, if you win the prize, then only you are allowed to use it.

Survey Restrictions

  • The survey cannot be taken by someone who stays outside the US but has visited the outlet.
  • Whoever is employed by JCPenny or their survey sponsors, or is an associate of the company or has invested in their stocks, cannot participate in the survey for obvious reasons of biased reviews.
  • The receipt that you will use to enter the portal should be very recent (ideally, not more than 3 days old). It ensures that the experience is fresh in your mind, and thus you can honestly respond to the questions.
  • The discount voucher that you receive can be redeemed within a month of taking the survey.
  • The grand prize of $500 that you win cannot be sold for cash. It can only be redeemed at any participating JCPenney outlet in your vicinity or beyond. You are also not allowed to transfer it to anyone else.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Click the link for the official website – – and wait for it to get completely loaded.
  2. You will find the option to change the default language from English to Spanish. Click it if you are more comfortable with the latter.
  3. Check out your recent JCPenny receipt for the access code. It will be of 22 digits. Enter it in the box provided.
  4. The survey will start with some general questions, like rating your experience from 1 to 10. Then, it will get more specific, like rating the services and the ambiance of the store. Answer each question with utmost honesty.
  5. At the end of the JCPenney survey, you will be asked for your email ID and other personal details, to be used solely for the purpose of identifying the sweepstake winner!

About JCPenney:

JCPenney is an outstanding department store chain that has its headquarters in Plano, Texas. However, the plans for the very first department store were developed in Kemmerer, WY, in 1902 by James Cash Penney. And in about 10 years, he already had over 34 different stores in the Rocky Mountain States. It was in 1913 that the name was officially changed to the J.C. Penney Company. Much later, for commercial purposes, the name was shortened to JCPenney.

These days, you can find a JCPenney store in almost every US state; they have over 840 locations and counting! However, they have suffered quite a few losses due to the ongoing pandemic, so why not help them out by taking the survey at They are giving discounts and the possibility of winning $500 for your time after all!

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8 thoughts on “ – The Official JCPenney Survey”

  1. Randi in the bra department was OUTSTANDING!! She went well out of her way to help me get a bra for breast cancer recovery. She was kind and helpful beyond measure! Thank you so much Randi, you are the best!

    Muriel Anderson

  2. Lucia Kari @ JC Penney in Thousand Oaks is very helpful ad friendly. During the time that she’s helping me with my items, she told me that there’ll be discounts when I used my JC Penney card. Thanks to her I saved with my purchase.

  3. I was in JC penny 12-21 -20 shopping for jewerly I purchased a ring ,and was looking around when i was approached by a young man who asked if I needed help I told him I was just looking ,and he asked me if I would like to see what was on sales I said yes I purchased a sweater he helped me find the size encouraged me to buy another one at the price . Then he showed me some necklaces for my grand baby which I purchased asked me if he could show me anything else and also asked if I wanted a gift receipt. He was very polite I really was well pleased with him although I only came to purchase a ring .