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It’s not every day that a feedback opportunity from a well-known business comes knocking at your door. But HEB truly cares about the experience of its customers at even their remotest outlet. And the HEB.com/survey is proof of that! All they want to know is how your experience was at their store. And you don’t need to explain it in depth. They already have questions lined up with elaborate answer choices. You just need to pick the answer that best describes your visit!

Your experience may have been good or bad, the HEB authorities care about both kinds of feedback. But what if you experienced absolutely dismal service? Will the HEB.com survey still consider your feedback? In such cases, they won’t just carefully go through your survey, but also make sure that the proper action is taken against that particular store. And your next visit there will be more than satisfactory!

Why HEB.com/Survey Customer Satisfaction Survey:

As mentioned earlier, your feedback at www.HEB.com/survey won’t just be taken into consideration, but will also be implemented. And since it is the official survey portal of the company, you can expect quick action from their end. But how do we know it is the official survey portal? Just look over the URL again. It is an extension of their official website, www.HEB.com!

And being the official www.HEB.com survey, it comes with its own set of benefits for the consumers. For instance, unlike other survey websites that take too long to load regardless of the speed of your internet, the HEB portal will get loaded in seconds! Every page has been designed by experts, so you can find what you are looking for in a jiffy.

Furthermore, the HEB.com survey will reward you for spending time to answer the questions. You will be enlisted in the draw to win a $100 gift card soon after you submit the survey!

Win $100 Gift Card in www.HEB.com Survey:

It’s a good deal, isn’t it? Spending just a few minutes to win the $100 prize! However, not everyone is eligible to take the HEB.com/survey.

www.HEB.com Survey
www.HEB.com Survey

Survey Requirements

  • This survey is only open to legal residents of Texas, US. Residents of other states won’t be eligible since HEB outlets aren’t present anywhere but Texas in the country.
  • The minimum age of 18 is required to participate in www.HEB.com/Survey.
  • You must have visited an HEB store recently and should own a receipt that contains the invitation code to take part in the survey.
  • The survey can be taken via regular mail too, but for online entry, you should have a laptop or a smartphone with a strong internet connection.
  • Only those who speak, read and write in English or Spanish fluently can understand the questions and pick the right answers in the HEB.com survey.

Survey Restrictions

  • Though HEB is present in Mexico, people of that nationality won’t be allowed to enter. Being a Texas resident is mandatory.
  • Persons who are employed by HEB or its associate companies in any capacity cannot take the survey at HEB.com/survey. Their immediate family (parents, kids, wife, etc.) is banned from taking the survey as well.
  • Customers carrying those receipts that do not contain the certificate (invitation) code cannot enter the portal, since that code is mandatory to access the main questionnaire.
  • If you win the $100 prize, you are not allowed to sell it for cash. It is to be redeemed at a participating HEB store in Texas only.
  • No more than one person per certificate code will be allowed to access the survey.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Access the website – www.HEB.com/Survey – via your tablet or computer.
  2. Select the language of your choice between English and Spanish.
  3. Click on the ‘Official Rules’ link found at the bottom of the page and read through the instructions before proceeding with the survey.
  4. Enter the unique certificate code found at the bottom of your most recent HEB receipt and press Enter.
  5. Answer the survey questionnaire with utmost sincerity. Don’t leave anything out.
  6. Finally, type in your personal details to participate in the sweepstakes, and submit the www.HEB.com survey.

And there won’t be just one but 60 such winners of the $100 gift card. Excellent odds given that only Texans will be participating!

About HEB:

One of America’s largest privately-held businesses, H-E-B has been in the market for over 115 years! Its humble beginnings can be traced back to 1905 when Florence Butt established the first grocery store in Kerrville, TX, then called C.C. Butt Grocery. And after serving in WWI, Howard E. Butt, her youngest son, took over the reins of her business and expanded it beyond their small town. Its name was officially changed to H-E-B sometime in 1927.
These days, HEB boasts of over 340 locations throughout Texas and Mexico, with plans to expand even further! That is why they have called upon you, the customer, to help them out by taking the www.HEB.com/Survey. A $100 gift card is at stake!

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19 thoughts on “www.HEB.com/Survey – The Official HEB Survey”

  1. I really enjoyed reading about the history of H.E.B. It is really nice to have a grocery store that has just about everything that your looking for as far as groceries and miscellaneous things. I have enjoyed shopping there for many years and will continue to shop there where I always am treated with dignity and respect and if I need help someone is always available.

  2. We shop HEB at the Leander Plus store at twice a week were we usually spend eighty dollars are more. The store has such friendly help staff and will show you were to find things if you are unable to locate what you are looking for. We usually find what we need and even things we don’t need like in the bakery section which is very tempting. The store is always clean and things are in a proper location. The cashiers are really friendly and we really enjoy coming back to this store time after time. Barbara S. Is such a friendly personable person and really enjoy shopping at this store. We love HEB and plan on spending all our time look at all the new things this store has to offer.

  3. I shop at HEB in Conroe on higher105. I spend $100s there monthly. The last time I shopped there the cashier didn’t welcome me / speak to me nor thank me for my buissness its not a big thing but when I spend my money I expect to be acnolaged

  4. I am so glad that HEB is finally in Lubbock, Texas! We were needing this store here. HEB store personnel treat us like family. They are very helpful, professional, courteous, and go all out to make sure we leave happy! This will be my store from now on. I tell all my friends about all the savings and the nice people that work there. I get feedback from them, thanking me for referring them there. Thank you, HEB!!

  5. Dear HEB can you explain why you don’t open up the food promotion sites and let them hand out food and wine samples! You allow people to get their own donuts! People go to restaurants everyday where someone else cooks the food and someone else brings it to the table! It’s to same concept with the food and wine promotion people! Just my opinion!!!

  6. My shopping experience was exactly what I was expecting. All the items I on my list were easy to find. I was greeted by at least two HEB employees beside the cashier and checkout was quick and easy. My items were bagged professionally by another friendly employee and I was able to easily exit the parking lot.

  7. using the bulverde store is a good experience, all the shelves are well stocked and items are easy to find,
    almost a daily user of HEB, a great selection veggies and fruits.

  8. We always enjoy shopping at HEB as a family. Very clean enviroment and friendly employees.
    Always find what we are looking for and more.

    Thanks HEB for coming to Lubbock.

  9. I will no longer be going to HEB because it is not requiring people to ware masks while in the store. CDC and other scientist tell us to do so. The governor needs to get the virus to see how it affects the 500,000 people that have died

  10. Like the freshness of vegetables and fruits, Milk and eggs. The meat section of my HEB is a little too small and you can only find some things at the bigger HEB in Waco or Belton.

  11. The young lady at the self service kisko was very helpful when I was having issues scanning a product item. Great service as always 306/HEB☺

  12. I have went to the new Heb since it opened and will not go any where else the people are friendly and help full always willing to show you where things are at The cashers and the baggers are willing to push your cart to your car Thank you very much