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Giant Eagle is one of the top American retail companies that serve only local areas. With a yearly turnover of close to a spectacular $10 billion, it enjoys a steady and loyal consumer base that has been built and preserved over several decades. It offers everything that a regular US supermarket should have, along with medicines, lottery tickets, money transfer portals, and gas stations.

Giant Eagle has been serving the northeastern region of the US for a little over a century. It’s time for you, as a regular or first-time customer, to give something back to them in the form of honest feedback. Open and fill in the survey questionnaire right away. It won’t take much of your time, and you will also stand a chance to win the grand prize!

Giant Eagle

The Giant Eagle company was founded in the early years of the 20th century. Right from day one, it has been ensuring that the customers were able to purchase all of their weekly/monthly household needs; and it continues to do so. However, the needs of customers have steadily evolved over the years, and the company is always open to change. Hence, your feedback at is so valuable to them.

Though the top-level executives at Giant Eagle are actively involved in the goings-on at their various different stores, they can’t be expected to heed every little suggestion or feedback of every customer face-to-face; hence the need for the GiantEagleListens survey. This survey makes it easier for the management to assess the feedback and for the customers to voice their complaints. Thus, it’s a win-win situation for both parties. And given that the entire process is online and majorly automated, the task becomes simpler still!

Why Customer Satisfaction Survey?

This question is bound to have crossed your mind. Your honest feedback will benefit only the Giant Eagle authorities. So what’s in it for you? Admittedly, your complaints and suggestions at will help them improve their services. But who is going to reap the benefits of those improvements? The customers, of course!

Let us assume that you didn’t appreciate the crumbling old décor of your nearest Giant Eagle supermarket. You visit their official survey portal and leave your complaint in the GiantEagleListens survey form. The authorities analyze your feedback and eventually dispatch the relevant workers to fix the décor. Thus, the supermarket management is spending money to keep you, the customer, happy. What more could you ask for! You don’t need to ask, however. Just read on!

Every survey taker will be immediately entered into the Giant Eagle monthly sweepstakes. The lucky winner will get gifts worth $2000!

Win $2000 in Survey:

It’s not every day that you get a chance to win $2000 without spending a dime. Even the weekly lottery requires you to shell out a few bucks. At Giant Eagle, you only need to visit the supermarket, make your regular purchases, come back home, log on to, and rate your experience at the store. Entry to the sweepstakes is a given. And to absolutely guarantee your place in the draw, heed the following requirements.

Survey Requirements

  • Being a citizen of the United States is mandatory.
  • The minimum age of entry to the GiantEagleListens survey sweepstakes is 18.
  • You should know either English or Spanish very well in order to understand the questions and pick the right answers.
  • The most basic requirement is a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a good internet reception since the survey is available online.
  • A purchase, no matter small or big, is mandatory at a Giant Eagle store. You need to have the receipt with the unique GiantEagleListens survey code on it.

Survey Restrictions

  • The survey taker should not be associated with Giant Eagle in any way. For example, he or she must not be an employee at any of the outlets. Also, if you are an investor, partner, or associate of Giant Eagle, then you too are not allowed to take the survey.
  • If the Giant Eagle receipt is more than 5 days old, then the survey code will be rejected by
  • If you get lucky and win the $2000 gift card, then you cannot exchange it for cash. It is illegal to sell the coupon to someone else.
  • After winning the grand prize, you need to fill the winner’s form. Failure to do so will make your winnings null and void.

Survey Participation Instructions

It is critical that you follow the steps below to ensure proper GiantEagleListens procedure. Failure to heed even one instruction may result in disqualification.

  1. This is the Giant Eagle’s official survey website: Click that link or copy-paste it in the browser.
  2. The homepage contains a box that will request a unique survey code. Check out your most recent (less than 5 days old) Giant Eagle receipt and locate the code. Enter it into the box provided and submit.
  3. Rate your overall experience at the Giant Eagle supermarket. Choose from the options provided.
  4. Then answer the main survey questions as honestly as you can.
  5. After submitting the survey, you will be requested to enter your personal details like name, email ID, Advantage card number, etc. These details will be used purely for the purpose of determining the winner of the GiantEagleListens survey sweepstakes.

Post that, all you need to do is wait for the results.

About Giant Eagle

The humble beginnings of Giant Eagle can be traced back to the end of WWI in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Initially, the store was simply named Eagle Grocery. By 1931, two other major grocery chains came into the fold, namely Kroger and OK Grocery, to form the supermarket store that we love and adore today – Giant Eagle!As of this moment, there are 216 supermarkets, 202 GetGo stores, and 56 Ricker’s stores, all falling under the Giant Eagle banner. Help them grow even more in the coming years by taking the survey at Visit the website right away to win the grand prize of $2000!

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11 thoughts on “ – The Official Giant Eagle Survey”

  1. Giant Eagle store #86 Oil City,Pa. 16301 Highly dissatisfied with the store. shopping on Friday October 14 2022…looking for both the Mini Gobs and the Pumpkin drop cookies with the orange icing as advertised in the latest Giant Eagle flyer. Neither item was in stock. Asked the individual at the Bakery as was told..”the warehouse is out of stock of the cookies” I asked, you don’t bake them here, no they come from the warehouse. Where are the Mini Gobs.. we don’t have any they did not come in. Sitting on top of the glas enclosed counter was a cardboard sign advertising the Min Gobs! Take down the sign if you do not have the item! This particular store is getting worse!

  2. Just read about no more plastic bags in Ohio. Giant Eagle is such a great store. In my opinion it is the most customer focused grocery store I have ever shopped at. Please continue to keep up the good work.

  3. I love Cashier Susan at the giant eagle store on Cochran road. She is always so personable and willing to help customers out.

  4. I went to Giant Eagle today 5/30 to get my first annual supply of Bing cherries. While I was there, of course, I bought a few other items. During the pandemic, I did my grocery shopping using the “no contact” delivery to my car. That was such a great perk to be able to use during that time. I greatly appreciate the convenience which allowed for my personal safety. The young shoppers did a fantastic job. Thank you, all
    Also thanks to Rich Gillion (or is it, Dillion?) for my Bonus perks card.

  5. Everytime I shop and have DebbieL. as cashier, it is a pleasant experience. Shes positive and friendly and veryhelpful..

  6. I was at the Giant Eagle today 10/31,I have never had a problem.but I would like to compliment Seth C who was an exceptionally nice young man.