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One of the fastest-growing theme-based food chains in the US, Firehouse Subs has carved a niche for itself since it was first established in 1994. Every outlet features an artistic decor of real-world firehouse departments, complete with authentic firefighting equipment and genuine mementos. As you admire the artwork and gorge on their tasty cuisine, you will feel like you are a part of the daring, courageous world of firefighting! 

Feel free to try out Firehouse Subs’ most popular items, like the Hook & Ladder, or go for their healthier options like the Spicy Cajun Chicken. The taste of either of those sandwiches is simply spectacular! And don’t forget to make your contribution to improving their services via, the official feedback portal of the company. They will reward you ten-fold, rather than 500-fold, for the time that you spend on the survey!

Firehouse Subs began this promotion in the first week of January 2021 itself, not only to help battle the ongoing pandemic but also to mutually benefit from the survey. It will last through the year with there being some really exciting prizes each month! However, let us go over the survey itself first. This survey can be taken by anyone who has visited a Firehouse outlet, and everyone has an equal chance of winning the prize offered.

The Firehouse Listens survey can be taken whenever you have an issue with the services of the outlet, like if you faced a bad employee attitude or received a sub that was nothing like the one you ordered. However, you can also leave your feedback on the portal if you found the services and the food to be stellar! And it doesn’t matter how detailed your feedback is, as long as it is genuine; your name will still be entered into the sweepstakes.

Why Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Though the sweepstakes are an integral part of why you should take the survey, let us get back to it later. Here are a few more advantages of leaving your feedback on their official online portal,

  1. Since FirehouseListens carries the official tag, it is guaranteed that your feedback will be taken into careful consideration by the authorities. And once it would be approved by their experts, you can expect a changed, more prosperous environment at the outlet on your next visit! Positive feedback will be distributed to their employees and a negative one will be carefully explained to the personnel so that the bad event doesn’t happen again.
  2. You can complete and submit the survey sooner than you can prepare a cup of coffee! It is easy to navigate through the website and easier still to answer multiple-choice questions. You only need to rate a particular service, and giving a justification for your rating in the comment boxes is entirely optional.

And now, let us get back to the important part of the Firehouse Listens survey – the well-rewarding sweepstakes! Every person who has taken the survey will be entered into the draw with an equal chance to win $500. And there will be 12 lucky winners each month, which increases your chances all the more!

How to Win a $500 Prize in Survey?

So will anyone who strides inside a Firehouse outlet be able to win the $500 prize? No! There are certain rules and restrictions put in place.

Firehouse Survey Requirements

  • Residents of the US, Canada and Puerto Rico only are allowed to take the survey. The regions in these countries where ‘survey-taking’ is forbidden, like Quebec, won’t be permissible.
  • FirehouseListens is reserved only for 16-year olds and people older than that.
  • The survey questionnaire is defined only in English and Spanish. So those who don’t understand either of these languages won’t be able to participate.
  • You can enter the sweepstakes through the direct mail-in option or the online survey. For the second one, you will need to own a personal computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It doesn’t matter where you access the internet from (like in-house broadband or public Wi-Fi) as long as it is legal.
  • A Firehouse Subs receipt is required to access the main survey questionnaire.

Firehouse Subs Survey Restrictions

  • Restrictions are placed upon the employees of Firehouse Subs and those of the survey sponsors, Firehouse Restaurant Group. The immediate family members of these employees also cannot take the Firehouse Listens survey.
  • Entering without a valid Firehouse receipt can be done only via regular mail. For the online survey, you will need the unique code found on the receipt.
  • You can leave your feedback every month, but no more than once per month.
  • The validity of the survey code on your Firehouse Subs receipt will be mentioned on the receipt itself. It may vary, but it’s generally set at a week from purchase.
  • The $500 that you win will be for your use alone. They are non-transferable.

FirehouseListens Survey Participation Instruction

  1. Click
  2. Type in the survey code from your receipt on the homepage.
  3. You can change the language to Spanish if you want.
  4. Rate your overall experience at the Firehouse outlet.
  5. Start answering the questions of the survey honestly.
  6. Enter your details to participate in the draw.
  7. Wait for about a week for the sweepstake results to be announced. You could be one of the 12 lucky entrants to win the FirehouseListens $500 prize check!

About Firehouse Subs

Chris and Robin Sorensen, two brothers whose father was a veteran firefighter, took inspiration from his field and decided to launch the first Firehouse Subs restaurant in Jacksonville, FL, in 1994. It was an instant hit in the city and its suburbs! After a few failed attempts at franchising, the Sorensen brothers finally decided to hire consultants for the purpose. And then the growth of their business was phenomenal!

Today, Firehouse Subs has more than 1100 outlets throughout the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Most of those are concentrated in their home country, so you can visit their location from anywhere to leave your feedback at One of the 12 $500 prizes is yet to be claimed this month!

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