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El Pollo Loco (EPL), one of the few fast-food restaurant chains in the US that offer genuine Mexican cuisine, was founded over 46 years ago. The restaurant specializes in Mexican-style grilled chicken, which they claim is a healthier alternative to the overly popular deep-fried chicken. If it’s the first time that you are visiting EPL, then you should try their Original Pollo Bowl, a bright mix of avocado, rice, salsa, broccoli, black beans, and fire-grilled chicken. The relatively newer items on their menu, like the Shrimp Avocado Baja Tacos, are also a sheer delight to savor!

Feel free to dine-in at your nearest outlet or place an order on their website. Safety is of the utmost importance in these disastrous times, thanks to coronavirus. And EPL prepares your food in a healthy environment, delivering it safe and sound by taking the best precautions. So don’t forget to take the survey at EPLFeedback.com if you found the service to be unhealthy.

The business of El Pollo Loco thrives on customer feedback. Though they have strong management, without EPLfeedback, their services might as well completely break down! It doesn’t matter if EPL is your regular haunt or if it’s the first time that you visited it. Your feedback will always be welcome! Also, don’t hesitate to take the survey if your experience at their outlet was bad. That is exactly what the EPL authorities are on the lookout for – a chance to change negative customer feedback to a positive one!

It isn’t necessary for you to give your feedback at EPLFeedback.com. You can directly approach the manager of the outlet and leave your complaint there as well. However, leaving your feedback at the survey portal comes with a wide range of excellent benefits!

Why EPLFeedback.com Customer Satisfaction Survey:

The first benefit of taking the survey at their official web portal is its reach. Your feedback submitted at www.EPLFeedback.com won’t just be heard by the manager of the outlet that you visited. It will reach the ears of the highest authorities in the company headquarters too; people who can take direct action against the location based on your valid and honest feedback! Thus, you can expect ultra-quick implementation, making your experience better on your next visit itself.

Secondly, the EPLFeedback website gets loaded immediately even on your smartphone’s mediocre internet. It’s easy to navigate the portal, and it won’t take you longer than 10 minutes to complete the entire questionnaire! And the questions themselves are pretty general. Anyone can answer them as long as they are honest about their visit.

But the best part of taking the survey at EPLFeedback.com is the prize that you will win post submission! You will get a free coupon that can be redeemed at any participating EPL outlet. The prize in the coupon may range from a $1 discount to a sumptuous Original Pollo Bowl!

Win El Pollo Loco Coupons in EPLFeedback Survey:

Your feedback helps the company improve its services, and you get a free coupon in return; as simple as that! But to ensure the validity of your EPLFeedback, there are terms and conditions put in place.

ElPolloLoco Survey

Survey Requirements

  • Though EPL is present in Mexico and other countries, the survey is only available for US residents.
  • 18 is the minimum age for entering www.EPLFeedback.com.
  • The feedback can be delivered via regular mail or direct conversation with the manager too, but the online entry is restricted to only those people who have a computer or a smartphone to access it with.
  • A basic understanding of English or Spanish is required because the survey is available in only those two languages.
  • A receipt is mandatory for accessing the questionnaire over EPLFeedback.com.

Survey Restrictions

  • The survey cannot be taken by employees of El Pollo Loco or their immediate family. Investors, associates, marketing personnel, etc. of EPL also cannot participate in this promotion.
  • If your receipt is older than 3 days, then you won’t be allowed to submit your EPLFeedback.
  • If your free coupon is older than 30 days, then the EPL employee has the right to refuse the discount or freebie.
  • The EPL coupon cannot be transferred to anyone else. Only you are allowed to use it.
  • You cannot sell the coupon for cash.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Open the official EPL website in your browser by clicking on this link – www.EPLFeedback.com.
  2. Pick your language of choice from English and Spanish.
  3. Enter the 4-digit restaurant number located on your receipt. Also, type in the unique survey code (found near the bottom of your receipt).
  4. Once you hit Enter, you will be led to the main survey page. Here, you can answer the questions present after recollecting your experience at the EPL outlet. The comment boxes present therein are optional. Use them if you wish to elaborate on your experience.
  5. Submit the EPLFeedback survey after entering your personal details and wait for the free coupon code to be generated!

About El Pollo Loco:

Did you know that El Pollo Loco did not originate in the US? Its first location was established in Guasave, Sinaloa, deep in the heart of Mexico! Juan Francisco Ochoa, the founder, started the restaurant sometime in 1975, and in four immensely successful years, he established several such restaurants throughout northern Mexico.

It took Ochoa another year (1980) to finally build a restaurant in the US, a small outlet in Los Angeles. It’s resounding success prompted him to open 19 more outlets in the country, but they were taken over by Denny’s sometime in 1983.

Today, EPL (US) operates as an independent entity from EPL (Mexico), but its offerings are equally delicious, if not more! It has a healthy presence in several parts of the country, including Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Utah, etc. If you like its cuisine, then help the company expand further still by taking the survey at https://EPLFeedback.com. Your valuable time will be rewarded with a free EPL coupon!

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8 thoughts on “EPLFeedback.com – The Official El Pollo Loco Survey”

  1. My favorite my favorite Pollo loco restaurant in this area Great friendly service great food clean restaurant five star

  2. I’m very disappointment we this store 3598 758 s. Watson,because it’s the second time to try to enjoy my pollo bowl but for the second time I get a very old food special the green salsa for sure is spared Everything is very disgusting 🤮

  3. The second time I have ordered delivery from el pollo loco because I can’t pick up. Ordered tea with my Burrito and salsa on the side, got Burrito, a straw, and some chips, no drink and no salsa, I am not a happy customer, I guess I should have learned my lesson the first time. (Same thing, no salsa)

  4. Went to new store 3863 and gave a coupon which they said they could not honor. I tried the survey code 4369375054978 and your site said it was invalid.
    The tortillas were in pieces in the little bags and the chicken pieces kind of small.

  5. Got home to find my 10-piece thigh/drumstick meal has NO thighs, just some small drumsticks and VERY small pieces of backs, the boniest pieces of the chicken. The “salad” is just some dried up pieces of lettuce with a few soggy pieces of tortillas. Now, I noticed there was a line in the drive-thru so they were busy, but I’ve purchased from this same location over the years and NEVER received such a sub-par meal. The tortillas were good and the employee at the window was polite, but that’s about the only good feedback I can give. I tried calling but their phone line stays on FAX mode, probably because they’re busy. I gave my young neighbor some, but actually just gave her some of my nice romaine lettuce from my fridge and told her not to eat what is supposed to be “salad.” It may not be safe to eat.

  6. Very disappointed in the size of the chicken in my meal yesterday. Looked about the size of a parakeet. Flavor was still good, but not a good meal for the price.