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One of the finest general stores in the US that also deals in grocery and health supplies, Dollar General, has been in the market for over 65 years. Did you know that they have more than 16,000 outlets throughout the US? And you can find almost any product in the category of beauty, hair care, kids’ toys, clothing, pet supplies, cleaning equipment, home decor, grocery, and healthcare in a DG outlet located in even the remotest part of the country!

Dollar General has also started selling certain products in all the available categories online, which leads us to what this article is entirely about – the DGCustomerFirst com survey. If you are ever dissatisfied with the services or the ambiance of your favorite DG store, then there is no need to wait for the customer service to get in touch with you over the phone anymore! You can directly leave your feedback at the official www.DGCustomerFirst.com website, and your problems will be assessed and resolved by the proper authorities in no time!

Since Dollar General has taken the online route, they have added quite a few experienced internet personnel to their immense list of employees. As you can see, DGCustomerFirst.com isn’t an amateur website with minimal features and zero value. Its design is simple yet appealing, and the programming is meticulously accurate. As soon as you land on its homepage, you will realize that they mean business.

The website contains separate pages for listing all the DGCustomerFirst requirements. Thus, whatever grievances or appreciation you may have against or for the company, you can easily register them on the DG survey portal. For instance, you may have been offered a discount on a particular product, but the store’s system and your bill showed otherwise. You can either get that problem resolved then and there, or visit the https://www.DGCustomerFirst.com survey and lodge your complaint. You win either way!

Why DGCustomerFirst.com Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Why, for example, shouldn’t you participate in a third party Dollar General survey that offers better discounts for your trouble? First off, the DGCustomerFirst com survey is completely legit. But how can we be so sure of that, you may ask. That is because the initiative for developing this website and this survey was taken by the top authorities of Dollar General themselves. Go through their policy and rules here to know more.

Secondly, highly trained professionals have spent weeks building the DGCustomerFirst website and the survey questionnaire that it contains. Thus, you can rest easy knowing full well that they will spend several more hours to make their creation a success. This implies that whatever answers you give at DGCustomerFirst.com will be actually read and considered by the DG authorities!

Finally, the DG authorities won’t leave you high and dry after taking 10 minutes of your precious time spent on the survey. As soon as you submit the DGCustomerFirst com survey, you will be immediately entered into a draw with a chance to win a $100 DG gift card!

How to Win Prize $100 in DGCustomerFirst Survey?

Don’t pinch yourself too hard because this is not a dream! Allow us to make it better still. 10 winners are chosen during every DGCustomerFirst com survey entry period, thus increasing your odds of winning by a considerable margin! Go through the requirements below before signing up.


Dollar General Survey Rules

Survey Requirements

  • If you reside in any of the 50 states of the US or the District of Columbia, then you can participate in the DGCustomerFirst sweepstakes.
  • You must know how to speak or write in English or Spanish.
  • You are eligible for entry only if you are above 18 years of age.
  • You will need to own or borrow a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone along with a fast internet connection for accessing www.DGCustomerFirst.com. The survey cannot be answered via regular mail at this time.
  • You don’t need to make a recent visit to a Dollar General store because the survey can be taken with or without a receipt. However, you should have visited the outlet at least once in your life to give an honest opinion about your experience.

Survey Restrictions

  • If you are directly or indirectly associated with the work of DGCustomerFirst sweepstakes at the company, like a sweepstake manager or survey editor, then you or your family won’t be able to take the survey. Your extended family (indirect blood relatives) is allowed, however.
  • If the survey is prohibited in your state by law, then you are not supposed to take it.
  • If you win the $100 prize, then you cannot transfer it to anyone else. You also cannot redeem it for cash.

While you can enter the sweepstakes via email without a receipt, the DGCustomerFirst com survey option is the easiest, for which you will need to make a purchase at a Dollar General store.

Survey Participation Instructions

Here, we will list the steps only for purchase entry. To know more about the alternate method of entry, please visit the Sweepstakes Rules link on the DGCustomerFirst website.

  1. Enter this URL – www.DGCustomerFirst.com – in the address bar of your web browser.
  2. A number of entry boxes will be displayed on the homepage. Don’t get intimidated by those! Just glance at your Dollar General receipt and enter the time of your visit, the store number, and the 15-digit survey code (located at the bottom).
  3. The main DGCustomerFirst survey will be loaded. Answer the questions honestly. You only need to pick the right choice from 3-4 answers already present.
  4. After submitting the survey, enter your personal details for the purpose of the sweepstakes.

If you are lucky enough to win the $100 prize, then you may need to wait for about six to eight weeks for the voucher to be delivered.

About Dollar General

Dollar General, the brand, was born out of a small family-owned department store called J.L. Turner and Son. About 16 years later, the name was officially changed to Dollar General. Today, this discount store chain serves the contiguous United States (sans Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, and Idaho), with over 16,000 shops and counting! Help them expand their business further still by taking the DGCustomerFirst.com survey and stand a chance to win $100!

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7 thoughts on “www.DGCustomerFirst.com – The Official Dollar General Survey”

  1. This survey is a crock. I know my store manager. We talk every time i go in this store she tells me about the survey. Myself my neighbor & another friend all did this survey during the day all love the employees & manager. I called her later to see how she was rated it said 1 survey bad score. How is this when 3 of us gave her a good score?

  2. Hello all! Been a DG fan since 2008. One got built near my house in 2015 which I pop in, twice a week these days. Last year almost four times a week. Each and every single employee, male and or female has always been so kind and polite there. It’s one of the cleanest stores I’ve seen in a while. I’ve never had one bad experience in this store nor have I ever seen any type of rudeness here from any of the employees! They all are always so polite and kind. Which to me, is the only way to be. I had to pay in all pennies today which was my first time ever paying like that. I hadn’t ate a single morsel at all three days in a row(fixed income I get a check once a month, also the food banks here are extremely limited at the moment)Anyways she(young lady running the register)didn’t mind a bit when I approached the register and I said right off the bat, “please do forgive me, I have 60 cents in sliver but everything else I have is going to be pennies” she said “oh sweetie that’s ok seriously we get people in here that pay with pennies it’s no problem” I really appreciate each and every one of the employees at this store so deeply and so much. For people like me I could use the gift card but I also just don’t really care anymore. Today was the very last survey I will ever take on the DGCustomerFirst site. But I will always continue to go this DG. Thank you for the opportunity and stay blessed to each and every person out there reading this

  3. I filled out my survey at the end it would not let me submit any of the 3 emails I provided and I checked and rechecked them thanks and I’d like to know if my survey has been entered in the sweepstakes please

  4. Hi I love doller general,I go to the store practically everyday,the people that work there are great,but I entered the survey many times, never get lucky ,are they still in effect,it would make my day to win. Thank you lisa d.

  5. There was no place on the survey I just completed to comment on employees so will do it here. I asked a young male employee last Saturday what his name was and he replied “Seth”. He’s checked me out several times and I don’t know him, or his last name, but he is a great employee. He’s always helpful and keeps a calm kind demeanor even when the customer line is long. He’s very deserving to get some credit from a customer who appreciates him! Hope he stays here!