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Consumer Value Store (CVS) is a well-known brand in the American health sector. It has been furnishing the US citizens with all kinds of pharmaceutical services for over five decades. CVS currently has walk-in clinics, local care teams, retail pharmacies, etc. stationed at appropriate spots throughout the country. In an attempt to tackle the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, CVS has opened over 1000 test centers across the States.

However, the company’s spectacular contributions to the healthcare industry are still unknown in a few other parts of the country. That is where you come in! Help them spread the word, by taking their survey at CVSHealthSurvey.com. Every survey taker will also stand a chance to win free purchase coupons worth up to $1000!

As you might know, CVS has been advancing the health industry since 1963. They have aided millions of people meet their pharmaceutical needs. It is time for you to give something back to their hard-working community. You don’t have to do much! Just take the CVSHealthSurvey, leave your honest and genuine feedback, and make any suggestions that come to mind. Thus, you will be helping them improve their services, if there is any improvement needed. In return, you can expect a gift coupon worth up to $1000! You can redeem this coupon at any of the CVS retail outlets in the country for a number of their products.

Why CVS Health Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Since there are quite a few survey opportunities out there with different benefits, you may wonder why you should take the CVS Health survey. The answer is simple. www.CVSHealthSurvey.com is the official survey website of the company. So, rest assured that your feedback will be perused by the proper authorities directly. Additionally, they won’t just look at your suggestions and throw them on the pile. They will carefully assess every portion of your feedback and try to implement it as best they can. Yes, you can be as detailed as possible in the survey to give the evaluators a better picture of your problem!

And to complete the package, CVS is offering gift vouchers worth $1000. Every survey taker has a chance to win a prize from $10 to $1000! The voucher will be dispensed immediately after you submit the CVS survey, and you can redeem it soon thereafter. Refill your existing prescriptions with it or buy new medicines – it’s your choice!

How To Win Gift in CVS Survey?

So how can you go about winning this gift voucher? There is a simple process that you need to follow, the main part of which consists of taking the CVSHealthSurvey itself. But please note that not everyone who visits a CVS outlet will be considered for the survey. There is a set of criteria that you need to meet in order to take the survey.


Survey Requirements

  • The most recent receipt from any CVS outlet is mandatory to take the survey at CVSHealthSurvey.com. You will need it for entering the 17-digit survey code.
  • Since the survey is only available online, you should have access to a PC, laptop, smartphone, etc. with a valid internet connection.
  • A minimum age of 18 is required to take the CVS Health survey. You also need to be a citizen of the US.
  • You should have a good grasp of the English or the Spanish language.

Survey Restrictions

  • Anyone below the age of 18 will not be allowed to participate.
  • Anyone who is not a legal resident of the US will be barred from entering the CVS survey.
  • Winners are prohibited from giving away their prize to someone else. Doing so is illegal.
  • Dishonest or biased feedback will be immediately rooted out from the directory, and the person who gave such feedback will be banned from taking the survey ever again.

Survey Participation Instructions

It is quite simple for anyone in the US to take the CVSHealthSurvey online. Here are the basic steps of doing just that,

  1. The website where you can find the survey is – www.CVSHealthSurvey.com. You can either click on the link directly or copy-paste the URL in your browser.
  2. After pressing Enter, you will be led to the homepage. Here, you can switch the language between English and Spanish.
  3. Then take a look at your most recent receipt and locate the 17-digit CVS survey code found at the bottom. Enter that code in the relevant box and click Next.
  4. The survey questions will be loaded. Answer them truthfully depending upon your experience at the CVS store.
  5. Post that, you will be asked to enter your personal details. Don’t worry, they will only be used for selecting the winners of the sweepstakes.
  6. Finally, submit the required details and finish the survey!

About CVS Health:

Consumer Value Stores (CVS) is a hugely popular corporation that was founded in 1963 by Stanley and Sidney Goldstein and Ralph Hoagland. It was initially a part of the retail giant, Melville Corporation, but after attaining great success in the ‘80s and ‘90s, CVS managed to become a standalone company in 1996.

Currently, CVS owns a range of pharmacies and other medical retail outlets throughout the United States. Sometime in 2017, it acquired one of the finest health insurance providers, Aetna. No wonder CVS was ranked 19th on the Fortune Global 500 list in terms of annual revenue in 2019!Over the years, the services of CVS have only gotten better. How, you may ask? The company has never hesitated to take feedback from customers and implement the suggestions. Back then, it was over pen and paper whereas today, there’s CVSHealthSurvey.com website! The survey covers every little aspect of the concerns and complaints that the customers may have, thus making the process easier still. All you need to do is log onto the CVS survey website, answer a few simple questions, and stand a chance to win a gift voucher!

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13 thoughts on “www.CVSHealthSurvey.com – CVS Survey”

  1. I made two purchases yesterday, and so had two receipts with different survey IDs. When I entered the first code, the message was that it was an invalid number. I double checked it and it was correct, but I re-entered it just to be sure. Same message. So I entered the code from my second receipt, and got the same message. It was not valid. So I’ve already spent 10 minutes on this 1-minute survey, to no avail. I’m really happy with my local CVS, and particularly several of the staff members, but apparently I can’t give them the credit they deserve.

  2. went to cvs in murray ky went to pharmancy window, wanted mucinex fast max, was told by the girl at the window to call ahead for this item. I told her that would be great. i called the night before & tried to order. The front store phone rang 50 times. THe girl at the pharmancy window said short han ded. That is not the customer fault, we should be able to get good service. I think you may need more people. We are have been customer for a long time.

  3. CVS. 305 w4 st. Bethlehem pa. Special comments “experienced” courtesy from well trained staff, store and pharmacy especially Mohammed Jobba, Amanda, Ronda, & “Tamia” , outstanding, thank you very much from the entire community.

  4. I’m a coupon clipper. You wouldnt believe the trouble i have in line at the register with coupons not being excepted. Just the last month 3 weeks in a row they would not take my rewards. Started buying online cause they offered 10 of 60 and 20 off 70. I’m not very good on computer. It took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to place an order looking for items to make large purchase. At check out was told I didnt have enough items which I did but redud order. Again trouble wouldnt take my coupons. Frusterated I called. Was told 3 items were not in stock thats why they werent taken off. Couldnt computer have told me that when ordering wasting my time and it was first day of sale. Was told manager was in meeting would call me back within 48 hours. how long is the meeting? Was told to go to store. I was going to go to store but this morning my $20 off 70 and $5 off 30 and $3 off 15 are gone. What a ripp off! Love the pharmacy but hate shopping there. And caremark is ripp too. You have to give $5 to get $10. Why not just give to loyal customers $5? Waiting to hear back

  5. Wow, used to be that you could depend on CVS. Not sure exactly what has changed but wow. Slow turn around on prescriptions. Service is terrible. Get emails that things are ready only to go there and asked to check back. Also, the instructions for the survey, are a joke. Cannot even enter in the Survey ID# on YOUR survey.

  6. I went to the CVS store located at the corner of University Dr. and McColl Rd to re-fill my prescription. I was the only customer in the store at 9:00 am. A store was there alone stocking the shelves. The store looked dirty, empty shelves, merchandise that had arrived on the floor in totes, the pharmacist, Jonathan arrived 6 minutes late to open the pharmacy, I was patient and let him open the pharmacy but I could hear him and the clerk talking about how late they had worked the previous day due to the COVID-19 injections. I could completely understand where he was coming from as I worked in the retail business for 19 years. I’m sorry to mention this but this store needs a lot of sales space attention. If the hours are tight due to the pandemic don’t let the store run down. This is completely the opposite of what should be done to retain your customers. It’s hard enough for customers to go buy there medicines and other essential items but they don’t want to shop at a dirty store that is not well stocked and appealing to them. This store is close to my home and it’s very convenient for me to shop here, plus I’m a county employee and Aetna is our Health Insurance provider. This store needs help and your giving Walgreens down the road to win this battle. Please invest some time and effort to bring it up to good appealing standards. Thanks

  7. Why are the employees behind the pharmacy not wearing masks? I do not care to ever get a prescription filled there again.

  8. This is the most difficult and confusing customer satisfaction survey I have ever seen. Very glad my experience at the CVS pharmacy was NOT like this.

    1. unable to enter 17 digit # . Dawn at store #295 would not give me a bag for $40 worth of merchandise.
      89868243426811622. post a sign to do your own bagging . Bring your own bag!!!!