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Cub retailer stores, popularly known for “no-frills; bag your own groceries…” and also classified as the best grocery store in the United States by many, have created an avenue for its customers to take part in an all-time survey with intentions to improve their services. Therefore, their valuable customers are encouraged to take part in this survey not only because CubListens helps to analyze and improve the Cub services but also so they can give those customers an opportunity to win a weekly sweepstake of $100 gift card. You heard me right, the lucky winner takes all, let’s see why it is important to take part in this survey. 

Cub Foods

Why CubListens Customers Satisfaction Survey.

Like the title implies, the major reason for this survey is to increase and improve their services for maximum customer satisfaction. This supermarket chain acknowledges that the customer is their priority, this is seen in their mission statement: we view consumers as the driving force behind our business goals and strategies. Moreover, the general perfect services at Cub stores were obtained through the only sure means of customers-client communication, which is through surveys. Not only is this opportunity easy to participate in, but it also helps the store to grow and improve its services nationwide.

Furthermore, Cub stores are giving their customers a chance to air their opinions, complaints, suggestions, and most importantly an assurance that all their problems related to Cub stores will be fixed. This survey is an excellent and well-thought-out platform to cement Cub’s relationship with its customers and also an assurance that Cub should be the first store you visit for all your groceries. Let’s not forget the prize attached to this activity.

Win $100 Gift Card in CubListens Survey

Each customer gets a free entry into a draw where just one person will take home a $100 gift card. Now, let’s take a look at the requirements, restrictions, and a guide on how to qualify for this free entry and survey. 

Survey Requirements

  • It is required that each customer pledges to give his/her completely honest answers to the questions that will be asked during the survey.
  • Every customer that has intentions to participate in Cub’s survey must have adequate knowledge of either English or Spanish language. This is because the survey would be taken in either of the languages, in accordance with the customers’ choice. 
  • Every Cub survey participant must have a laptop, computer, or smartphone with an internet connection. This is because the survey will be carried out online, also the gadget to be used must be cookies or JavaScript enabled. 
  • To participate in Cub’s customers’ satisfaction survey, the customer must have a receipt, a proof of purchase from any of Cub’s stores nationwide.
  • To qualify for the lucky draw and fortunately become its winner, each survey participant must enter his/her contact information. Besides, that’s the only way to contact you if you win. 
  • Only customers with receipts that show that they visited a Cub store within a week of the survey will be allowed to participate.

Survey Restrictions

  • Customers that are below 18 years of age are not allowed to participate in the survey.
  • Residents of other countries and states except for Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are restricted from taking this survey for now.
  • The prize of a $100 gift card when won cannot be transferred by the winner. 
  • All official employees, including ad-hoc staff of Cub’s stores, are not permitted to take this survey.
  • Family and relatives of a Cub stores’ staff are restricted from taking this survey. Surely you understand the justice in this rule.

Survey Participation Instructions

Now is the time to give a step-by-step explanation of how Cub’s survey goes.

  • Buy an item from any Cub store near you and don’t forget to keep the receipt. Who knows, it might win you a $100 gift card. 
  • Type www.cublistens.com on your browser. Remember, your gadget must be cookies and JavaScript enabled. If it is not, don’t worry, search “how to enable JavaScript and cookies on my phone” on your browser and carry out the instructions displayed.
  • Type in the access code on your receipt inside the highlighted box and click enter.
  • Select the language that most suits you for the survey; either English or Spanish, click next.
  • Answer the questions displayed on your screen. Remember that only honest feedback is expected from you, any feedback that is perceived as dishonest will be disqualified.
  • Enter your personal details, this may include your name, email, phone number, address, and all other details that will be used to contact you if you win.

About Cub Foods

Did you know that Cub means Customers United for Buying? Now you know. Also, this popular grocery retailer that deals on all imaginable household items including free-from foods has over 80 stores across the United States after over 50 years of its existence. Additionally, services like grocery delivery and store pickup have been added to further satisfy their customers’ needs. Cub stores was founded by Charles and Jack Hooley (the Hooley brothers), Robert Thueson (their brother-in-law), and Culver Davis (a friend) in 1968. It is now owned by SuperValu Inc. Cub stores have been widely known for being the first total discount store chain in the US and since then it is one of the most patronized grocery stores. Their mission statement reiterates their “customer first” priority, this has also propelled them to create a customer survey to ensure that every one of their customers is satisfied with their services. 


If you are a regular customer of Cub stores, you just have to utilize this opportunity and tell those that matter in Cub foods how good or how bad your experience at Cub was. Don’t forget you might be the lucky winner of this week’s $100 gift card. Check out their official survey website at www.cublistens.com for more details.

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  1. I think that it is unfair to people that can not down load digital to their cub card. I missed out on think that I was going to buy and couldn’t. If this is the new for you, I’m not going to be able to shop there.

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