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Church’s Chicken has been a renowned and extremely adored fried chicken chain of restaurants for over 68 years, serving some really delectable fast food cuisine at amazingly affordable prices! We must say that you are missing out on some of the best non-veg foods if you haven’t tried out their hand-battered fried chicken yet. And don’t get us started with their honey-buttered chicken tenders and scratch-made biscuits. Simply heavenly!

These days, they also deliver their first-rate cuisine, safely wrapped taking the utmost precautions, at your house. Feel free to visit their outlet or place an order over the phone or their website. Plus, after you have enjoyed your meal, you can also leave your feedback online at, their official survey website!

Church’s Chicken
Church’s Chicken

Like the Church of God listens to your prayers, so does Church’s Chicken via the official ChurchsListens website! Do you wish that the cleanliness level of your nearest Church’s outlet was of a higher standard? Did you think that the food served was not up to the mark? Do you simply wish to let Church’s Chicken know how much you enjoyed their offerings? Whatever your complaint or suggestion, you can put that in words at

The standard of service provided and the quality of cuisine served are exceptionally high at Church’s Chicken. Every regular would know this fact. Thus, if you see that the quality of either of those two drops even a little bit, don’t hesitate to take ChurchsListens survey and let the CEO know about that.

Why ChurchsListens Customer Satisfaction Survey:

The answer to this simple question lies in the simplicity of the website itself. is one of the finest survey sites in the market! It was programmed by some of the best developers that the country has to offer, and it is constantly updated for security every step of the way. The feedback and personal details that you enter on the website will be completely secure, to be used only for internal clarification purposes.

And then we come to the main ChurchsListens questionnaire itself. Every question is carefully crafted to address all problems faced by the customers. The categories would range from the overall ambiance of the outlet down to its cleanliness. There are multiple answers already provided. You just need to tick the right one based on your experience. Additionally, the survey contains comment boxes for you to elaborate on your answers. They are optional but helpful for the evaluators.

Furthermore, you don’t need to take the ChurchsListen survey for free. At the end of the survey, you will receive a validation code that can be redeemed for a discount on your next purchase. The discount amount may differ every month, but it is usually somewhere around $1.

Win Validation Code in Survey:

Did you think that you could just enter on your computer’s browser and take the survey without any requirements? No! You will need to be eligible to take the survey first. Kindly go through the criteria below to know whether you qualify for sure.

Survey Requirements

  • Church’s Chicken has outlets all over the world, but the discount offer is only available for residents of North America (US, Canada) and the UK.
  • The good news is that you can take the ChurchsListens survey even if you are 13 years old, but not below that.
  • Since in these trying times the feedback is only taken online, you should have a computer or a smartphone with a strong internet connection to access the portal.
  • Proof of visit (receipt) is mandatory to access the ChurchsListens questionnaire. They need to know that your feedback is genuine and not some made-up fantasy. You will be asked to enter the restaurant number found only on your most recent receipt.
  • The survey is only available in two languages: English and Spanish since these two are popularly spoken in the US, UK, and Canada. You can ask someone else to take the ChurchsListens survey for you if you cannot understand either of those languages.

Survey Restrictions

  • Church’s Chicken sponsors, employees, or associates, along with their immediate families are forbidden to take the survey. If found that they have participated, then their coupon won’t be accepted and they might even be fired from the job.
  • may be open to all, but only those who qualify can answer the main questionnaire.
  • The validation code received after survey completion cannot be redeemed post 30 days. So make sure that you avail of the offer as soon as possible.
  • The code is non-transferable, which implies that it cannot be sold for cash or any other prize without express consent from the proper authorities within the company.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Boot up your PC or open the browser on your smartphone, and type this URL – – in the web address panel.
  2. Change your language to Spanish if you want, or proceed with the default English.
  3. Enter the restaurant number found on the receipt, along with the date of your visit in the relevant boxes.
  4. Once you click the Start button, the survey should get loaded. There will be a number of questions for you to browse through, along with a set of answers for you to choose from. Read those carefully before selecting the answer that you feel is right.
  5. If you received a really bad service at the outlet, then don’t hesitate to give a poor rating on the ChurchsListens survey. They value honesty.
  6. Finally, your exclusive validation code will be generated after you have submitted your personal details.

About Church’s Chicken:

Church’s Chicken was established by George W. Church Sr. under a different name in 1952. In its earliest years, it was called Church’s Fried Chicken To Go, which was later changed simply to Church’s Chicken. They already had over 4 outlets in four years, and they started franchising soon thereafter. But their biggest merger to date was with Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits which made them the second-largest chicken resto in the US.
Today, they have over 1000 outlets in various locations around the world. So if you love their food, don’t forget to leave your feedback at and get a discount on one of your future visits.

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  1. get service , I love the chicken, only flaw is the breading is a little to thick,but other than that it great

  2. This is not the first time my order is always missing something and who wants to get home and then have to go back because someone forgot to put the correct order get home to cold food