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Burlington, previously called Burlington Coat Factory, is a discount department store chain primarily based in the US. A few of their stores are also located in Puerto Rico. It is not to be confused with the city of the same name in Vermont. Burlington mainly deals in clothing of all kinds, and it also stocks a variety of home decor products, pet goods, and gift items. Every Burlington store can be easily recognized from afar due to its well-known logo where the ‘B’ in Burlington is replaced with a heart.
The numerous restrictions and intermittent closures during the COVID pandemic hit Burlington’s business hard, so much so that a few of their stores even had to permanently shut down. But as the vaccination procedures are being implemented countrywide, their business has also slowly started picking up pace. And with an intent to boost their efficiency further, they have come up with an official survey at www.BurlingtonFeedback.com!

The Burlington survey was developed for one sole purpose – to ensure that their stores are running as efficiently as they were before the pandemic struck the globe. It aims to gather feedback from every customer that visits any of their outlets. But if you, as a customer, are worried about the survey being a waste of time, then don’t! It is a simple questionnaire that can be completed in and under 10 minutes.

Your answers to their questions in the Burlington feedback survey will help the authorities ascertain whether or not the store is following all their safety protocols. The questions will have multiple choices, so you don’t need to write long-winded essays there. But if you do wish to explain your choices, then you can use the feedback boxes for this purpose.

Why BurlingtonFeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey?

There are many reasons why you should take the survey, the primary one being that it is you who would benefit from it in the end. How? Imagine that you visited a Burlington store where many of their employees weren’t wearing masks. You complete your shopping and come back home to fill the survey. Mention the issue with masks that you found at the store in the questionnaire. On your next visit, you will most certainly behold every single employee with their masks properly tucked in place!

The second benefit of taking the survey at www.BurlingtonFeedback.com has to be the ease with which you can complete it. The survey website has been expertly developed by the most proficient programmers in the trade. It is very easy to navigate the portal, and we have made it easier still with the instructions in the next section. But before we head there, we would like to give you another major incentive to take the survey.

As soon as you submit the questionnaire, you will be entered into a draw that gives out a prize of $1000 to the winner. You can buy a year’s worth of clothing and apparel at Burlington’s with that money!

How to Win a $1000 Gift Card in www.BurlingtonFeedback.com Survey?

This survey requires you to fulfill a certain set of conditions before you can actually take it. Hence, let us take a look at those first.


Survey Requirements

  • The feedback survey can be accessed only by US citizens and Puerto Rico residents.
  • Your age should be no less than 18 to leave the Burlington feedback.
  • You don’t need to make a purchase at the outlet to participate in the sweepstakes, but having a recent Burlington receipt makes the process a whole lot easier.
  • For online participation, you need to own a computer, laptop, or smartphone with a strong internet connection to access the survey.
  • You should have your personal email ID to gain entry into the online sweepstakes.

Survey Restrictions

  • Employees of Burlington, including its owners and CEO, cannot participate in the survey sweepstakes. Their immediate relatives like a spouse, child, parents, etc. are barred entry as well.
  • You won’t be allowed to answer the BurlingtonFeedback online questionnaire if you don’t have a store receipt. You can still participate in the sweepstakes, however, by sending them your details via regular mail.
  • The Burlington receipt is ideally valid for only 7 days from the issue.
  • Once you win the $1000 gift card, you can only redeem it at Burlington’s outlet. It cannot be sold for cash.
  • Nobody apart from you can use that gift card, so don’t give it away to your friends or family.

You may need to wait for a week or two post the survey period for the winner to be announced. So don’t keep calling Burlington’s up to every day post-survey completion.


Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Visit their official website – www.BurlingtonFeedback.com – from your web browser or mobile phone.
  2. Pull out your Burlington’s receipt and type in the 18- or 19-digit code in the box provided.
  3. Click the ‘Start’ button to proceed to the survey.
  4. Rate the overall satisfaction of your visit on the page that follows.
  5. Answer the next questions as honestly as you can. Your valuable feedback will be recorded and implemented by Burlington’s authorities only if it is genuine.
  6. Once you finish with the questionnaire, you will be asked to enter your personal details for gaining entry into Burlington’s $1000 sweepstakes.

It’s alright if you only wish to leave your Burlington feedback without participating in the draw. But we would highly recommend participation; a $1000 gift is at stake after all!

About Burlington

Burlington Coat Factory was founded close to 50 years ago by Monroe Milstein in Burlington, NJ. The Milstein family already ran a successful retail business since 1946, but it was due to Monroe’s wife’s (Henrietta) insistence and investment that the first Burlington outlet came to be.

Today, Burlington has over 700 stores in 40 US states and Puerto Rico, and they have a dream to expand their business even further. If you like shopping at their stores, then help them in their expansion by taking the survey at BurlingtonFeedback.com and get a cool $1000 gift card in return!

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