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Factually speaking, the most populated and certainly the most competitive industry is the food industry. This is majorly because the food industry is always in business no matter how good or bad a country’s or the world’s economic situation is. Take, for instance, when the most recent global pandemic hit the world, every industry was affected, very much, if I may add, but not the food industry, never the food industry.

Taco Bueno is arguably the best in this industry, at least in the United States. Now to maximize customer satisfaction and remain at the top of their game, they have provided a platform for their loyal customers to give feedback on the quality of their services, the attitude of their staff, the atmosphere and environment of any of their stores and all other experiences each customer might encounter in Taco Bueno. Moreover, this move by owners of Taco Bueno shows that they realize that their customers’ satisfaction is a key to their company growth.

Also, they realize that if their services are not 100% or more, their company will be negatively scrutinized. In exchange for this service, Taco Bueno is offering every customer that participates in their survey a validation code which they would use to get a free taco price on their next visit to Taco Bueno. Let’s now discuss why you should take the Taco Bueno survey.

Why is it worth taking part in the Taco Bueno Survey?

The list would really be a long one. Asides from winning yourself a free gift on your next visit, you get to make inputs that matter in improving Taco Bueno services. This quick-service restaurant knows that a happy customer is a key to their business success, therefore, they have provided the Taco Bueno survey to make their customers happy. To ensure that your next dining service at Taco is top-notch, you are requested to carry out a very quick survey on their survey website at buenosurvey.com.

Another good thing about the Bueno survey is that every customer feedback is kept confidential. In other words, you don’t have to worry that any staff will embarrass you because you gave feedback on how he/she mistreated you on your last visit. Nonetheless, only honest feedback is required of every customer during BuenoSurvey. All you have to do is to fill in an online questionnaire in all honesty and get a validation code for a free taco on your next visit. Unlike other surveys where the participants are entered into a draw and only one winner emerges, the Taco Bueno survey gives every customer, that participates, a free taco gift.

How to Win Free Taco in BuenoSurvey?

Hold on, before you go rushing to take the survey, there are some requirements, restrictions, and also steps that you must follow to successfully complete the survey and get a free taco. 


Taco survey Requirements.

  • The four-digit access code on your receipt will be required for you to take part in the survey. In other words, before you take a Taco Bueno survey, you must purchase from Taco. Which another way would you have gotten your hands on a taco receipt?
  • You must be a legal resident of any state in the United States of America. 
  • You must be of legal age, that is, 18 years or above.
  • You must have a computer or smartphone with an adequate internet connection. This is because this survey would be taken online.
  • You must have adequate knowledge of the English language, this is because the survey would be taken in the English language. 

Survey Restrictions

  • Employees, promotion agents, subsidiaries, Taco Bueno staff, and/or their family members are not permitted to participate in the Taco survey.
  • Only one entry per survey code is permitted. So if you want to take the survey more than once, you have to get more than one receipt, which also means more than one purchase.
  • No cash replacement or option will be given for any free taco gift.

Survey Participation Instructions

Here is a step-by-step procedure to take a Taco Bueno survey.

  • Buy food from any Taco Bueno restaurant near you and don’t forget to keep the receipt carefully.
  • Type www.buenosurvey.com on your computer or smartphone browser.
  • Enter the survey access code: the four-digit number on your receipt.
  • Select the Taco store number, time of the visit, and your order.
  • A series of questions pertaining to your experience at Taco Bueno will be displayed. Remember, only your honest feedback is required to update their products and services. Don’t forget to type out suggestions and comments when it is requested of you.
  • After the survey, a validation code will be sent to you. This will be used to redeem a free gift from Taco on your next visit.

About Taco Bueno

Taco Bueno was first opened in 1967 by Bill Waugh in Abilene. It was bought by TPG Growth in 2015 and has more than 160 functioning restaurants in its name. Its headquarters is at Farmers Branch, Texas. It prides itself on being the only restaurant that provides every food from scratch without much delay and definitely no reheating. And true its mission statement: We take pride in making the best Mexican style food, providing fast, friendly and accurate service. They create the best Tex-Mex food with little to no inclusion of processed food ingredients. The food at Taco Bueno is delicious and also coming from a neat and well-mannered staff, the food only gets better. To maintain their overall best services, Taco Bueno heavily invested in improving its Tex-Mex style on their 52 years anniversary and has seen great reviews and customer loyalty.


Are you a Taco Bueno customer? Then you must not waste any further time to take a Taco survey and win the gift attached to it. However, if you aren’t a Taco Bueno customer, why don’t you walk into one of their stores, purchase an item, take their survey and tell the management what you like or dislike about their products, services or their staff.

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28 thoughts on “www.BuenoSurvey.com – Taco Bueno Survey”

  1. Bueno is my favorite place to eat. But it could be a little cheaper. I would eat there every day if I could. Matter of fact I want eat Mexican anywhere else. Thank you.

  2. Claremore catoosa locations running toooooo short hand. Employee telling customers dm walked. Employees walking out. What are doing taco bueno!!!? I left after 19 minute wait on 2 roll ups. Waiting on drive thru on taking care of lobby. Got outta my car for what?

  3. handicap access is farthest from door Out of ice and small cups so they charged us for medium drinks Food was good


  5. Had lunch at store #8042
    Lady at the counter was great. Food was great Only one problem WE NEED A BUENO IN CALIFORNIA

  6. Ordered a beef burrito, it was not worth the money I paid for it it was more do than anything. I will not come back.

    1. Sorry to hear that. Bueno is the only corporate Mexican fast food that cooks there food fresh. Maybe you weren’t used to it. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. I visited the TB in Grapevine, TX yesterday to compare how the Big Freaking Taco and Big Freaking Burrito compared to the new one TB in Roanoke, TX. To my surprise both were very good and made the way they used to be @ the previous TB in Roanoke. BOTH were FULL. BOTH were HOT. BOTH were very good!!!
    Supposedly the new TB in Roanoke has new franchise owners and have instructed the store NOT to prepare them the old way. I even think the salsa is made different and isn’t near as good as the old recipe.
    Glad that SOME TBs are still living up to the high quality standards I have accustomed myself to!!!
    Thank you Grapevine TB!!!

  8. Refried beans the consistency of a mudpie. Guacomole was tasteless and seemed old. Mexidips and chips were awful as was the big freakin taco. So disappointed. 11.00 wasted.

  9. Mucho tostada was greasy and no lettuce to speak of a long with the cheese and 1 and I repeat 1tomato bit on top combo burrito was the size of a party burrito not happy spending money on this

  10. We went thru the drive thru at 8046 on 2-27-2021
    We ordered 1 combo w medium drink + 1 Taco, 1 bean burrito, 2 sm Queso. When started to pay we asked If chips go with the dip? The girl said no they go with the large but not the small. So we said give us the large. She added the large on but didn’t take the small off the ticket. We ended up with our order having a LG dip, 1 sm dip and 3 small bags of chips. But paid for 1 combo + drink, 1 taco, 1 burrito 2 3oz. Dip, 1 lg dip+ chips. $19.36.

  11. 2-22 at 12:20 pm went through the drive thru store #3035. Attendant repeated order back twice and it ended up completely wrong(hey mistakes happen) entered the store to fix it. Met by by the rudest general manager (Chris) who attempted to placate me by saying “Okay” in a high pitched nasal voice three separate times then preceded to get an attitude when I stayed there to check the order and asked for my receipt. Finally had enough asked for his name told him he would be hearing from corporate his response “ okay I love you too”! Wtf? How dies this company have people like that in management.

  12. All the three times I ordered and asked thru the drive for pico de gallo, I didn,t get it. The third time I ask if the pico de gallo was in there and she said yes, got home opened it up and no pico de gallo and no cheese sauce ,So she lied to me. Seems the portions are less and smaller also
    So nobody knows what this is at this location. They think it’s just sauce. One time I ordered chicken and got a beef enchilada. This is at the one on N Sante Fe in Moore OK .

  13. This place was a disaster I didn’t get the right food I give him a code where I could get $10 off my order they told me that wasn’t the code that from Muskogee so somebody needs to get it right

  14. Today I purchased 6 crispy tacos and from previous experiences have to remind them to please put meat in my tacos, I am not a vegetarian! During this visit to store # 3098, I reminded them to please put plenty of meat and after checking out at the drive thru noticed I was charged for extra meat. 6 tacos was 9.54 then 7.14 for extra meat coming to 16.68 plus tax for 6 tacos ! that’s 2.78 ea. The most I have ever paid in my life to a crispy taco..The tacos a have a great flavor but the quantity of meat has been an on going problem forcing my to cross the street to Taco Bell.

  15. Store 3003 has always been the worst in Tulsa. Unfortunately it’s the one by my house. Now they have an employee that can’t add. I couldn’t make her understand simply math.

  16. went to store 8051 for lunch we ordered 1 beef br burrito it was cold when we opened it .i ordered $5.00 bueno brisket meal, in picture it shows a drink but they charged me .99 cents for sm coca cola ticket # 174 on 10-25-2020

  17. I know what it’s like to fix good food. I was a manager at Dunkenville and at Euless back in the 80’s when Bill Wall owned Taco Bueno,
    Crystals and Casa Bonito. I eat at TB once or twice a week at
    store # 3189. Today my tick et # 196 at 2:11 ,the caso cup was only
    2/3 full; chips were greasy. It seems almost every time either something is
    missing or the food quality is sub par. This restaurant is in serious management problems. When John Miller was president things were much better. With better management things could be alot better. Thank you